Bilderberg Gang Claims Russia ‘Stifling Critical Voices’ As The Gang Stifles US And EU Critics


This has to be the funniest news on earth from the New York Times: the US corporations are working day and night to prevent Russian news from appearing in the US.  This censorship is totally illicit and unconstitutional!  It makes me very pissed off because the news they are really censoring is real news about the EU countries and the USA!!!  Not news about Russia!  They do not want us to see the Russians reporting news the Bilderberg gang wants buried.  Often, this is videos of people demonstrating against EU governments or Canada or US governments, etc.


Google and other ‘search engines’ (sic) censor non-mainstream news by making it nearly impossible to find alternative news or Russian news in searches, for example.  All you get are Bilderberg media fake news many times!  This is absurd.  The deterioration in Google search engines is vast and hideous.  It is also totally communist in nature.


They say they do this to save us, of course, while openly plotting to force us to eat insects instead of our present diets!  They tell us we are causing the climate to change while utterly ignoring what they are doing is what they are planning to forbid us from doing like say, traveling anywhere at all.


Here is the CIA screed about how Russia is no longer a ‘democracy’ even as thousands of US patriots sit and rot in DC prisons put there by vengeful communist Democrat leaders:



We still have a sort-of ‘free press’ here but do note how undesirable media people are shoved around and accessing them by the public severely limited or in the case of Trump, annihilated by media services run in California by liberal lunatic communist kids who hate America.  Slowly, the Bilderberg run online media systems like Facebook are letting Trump back on but only if he obeys their dictates and not say the wrong words!


Canada’s dictator, Trudeau, is working behind the scenes with mainstream fake news to eliminate Rebel News Media, for example:



They are now trying to outlaw Rebel News!  How dare anyone revolt against any Bilderberg master!  We must obey, of course.  Canada, according to these lunatics, is roasting to death and has to stop modern farming or using fuels of various sorts in order to MAKE IT COLDER:



The coldest weather is right over the Hudson Bay landmasses.  It is -30F and will be even colder tomorrow. The first of February in upstate NY will see it drop to near zero F, too.  We are not hot nor roasting to death.  Even the global warming idiots at the Washington Post noticed how cold it now is:



Last time I looked, Siberia was on planet Earth and not Mars.  How can we have ‘record cold’ when it is too hot?  Siberia isn’t small, either.  It is gigantic.  Canada isn’t small either, it too is gigantic.  How insane is it that the WP can write an entire story about how a quarter of the earth is freezing to death and then blissfully continues to claim this is one of the ‘hottest years, ever’.


This is the definition of ‘insane’.  I will note the stupid newspaper forgot to report the identical news coming out of Trudeau’s Canada, freezing nearly all of Canadians with super cold climate conditions that can kill everyone, easily.



As usual, Heller hits the nails on the head.  These clowns want to kill us.  They want to kill Russians.  They hate half of the earth or more and want to kill us.


Professor Jordan Peterson in Canada is being threatened by Trudeau and his thugs with being kicked out of his work as a doctor:



This is being done to punish him for talking too much.  How dare he dispute the Bilderberg propaganda!  He lives in Canada, doesn’t he notice he, too, is roasting to death this year?  Anyone denying global warming has to be re-educated, now.  The Washington Post notes:


Computer models suggested a few spots may have been even colder — or as low as minus-81 (minus-62.8 Celsius).  Such cold has become uncommon in recent decades because of human-caused climate change. Global warming decreases the frequency and intensity of cold air outbreaks, but it does not eliminate them.


Note how utterly insane this is.  The reason the Washington Pest won’t mention that Canada, too, is freezing to death just like Siberia, instead, they claim falsely that this is ‘a few spots’ that are cold.  Canada is nearly 4 MILLION square miles.  Siberia is 5 MILLION square miles, too.


So, nearly 10 MILLION square miles is not just freezing cold but super freezing cold.  OUCH.  Now Africa is also around 11 million square miles but during all the Ice Ages, didn’t freeze up at all.  Nor did South America.  Or Australia.  Hell, even half of ALASKA and part of Siberia didn’t have glaciers, either!


Criminals are trying desperately to drive the entire world off the cliff in order to get rid of most of us the usual communist way: starvation and freezing us all to death.


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4 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Claims Russia ‘Stifling Critical Voices’ As The Gang Stifles US And EU Critics

  1. Jim R

    Russia ‘stifles’ — now, that’s funny! After the same clowns banned the sitting president of the USA.

  2. qbutnoa

    Anti Russian ideas, LGBTQ propaganda to be banned, the Russian states opposition to the so called collective West and mobilizing public opinion in favor of supporting the war in Ukraine is blamed.

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