DeSantis Creates Alliance To Fight DNC ESG Laws

This Environment/Social/Government Bill that allowed  corporations to do crazy leftist schemes with no oversight so retirement fund managers can funnel money to leftist causes was attacked yesterday by the Senate Republicans.  The Republicans are against the ESG scam.  Most leftist schemes lose money so they will latch onto union/worker money to suck it out like vampires.  They also demand little children go to dirty cabaret cross dress shows and learn about sexual confusion in kindergarten and to be cut up and sterilized at age 6 or even earlier.  This is all very insane.


One Democrat in the Senate voted with the Republicans.  This forced Biden into vetoing this bill that ends the ESG scam.  This is infuriating leftists but is firing up Republicans.  Taking union money and putting into various leftist schemes that end up bankrupt is a huge problem for US workers who rely on these funds for retirement money.


Now on to the idea that if a little tiny boy plays with a doll, he should immediately be surgically altered and removed from the gene pool.  Good lord.  Talk about insane.  There is a lot of insanity now and hard to keep track of all of this insanity.



They should ask old Hillary to strip for toddlers and do a pelvis jerk in their faces while sneering.  She can’t do this, though, because she is too scary looking even when fully clothed.  Meanwhile, the walls are closing in on the Biden crime family:



This is obvious.  Biden and his leeches in his family have been soliciting foreign bribes for many years.  They depend on these to pay for nearly everything now.  Meanwhile, the war between DeSantis and Trump is heating up:


I was very happy to see DeSantis mention Soros when he was asked about Trump.  Trump now finally is talking about Soros.  About time!  Trump’s team has decided to do to DeSantis what Biden’s team is doing to Trump: ​


Former President Donald Trump took his attacks on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to a new level Wednesday, as a super PAC linked to the 76-year-old accused his would-be rival of ethics violations tied to what it calls DeSantis’ “shadow presidential campaign.”


ANYONE can ‘run for President’.  Normally, they get things prepared before declaring their runs.  TRUMP DID THIS TOO.


A draft of the 15-page letter by Make America Great Again Inc. calls on the Florida Commission on Ethics to investigate DeSantis, alleging that the 44-year-old has violated a slew of state statutes as well as federal campaign finance laws.


This is utterly ridiculous.  The charges against Trump are ridiculous.  Doing this means it is OK to do this so why is Trump whining about others doing what he is doing?  I am absolutely furious about this ridiculous ‘let’s copy the communists’ game going on now!


The complaint refers to DeSantis as a “de facto candidate for president” and claims that ​the governor is “leveraging his elected office and breaching his associated duties in a coordinated effort to develop his national profile, enrich himself and his political allies, and influence the national electorate.”​


Accusing one of the most ACTIVIST governors in the entire USA of ‘neglecting his duties’ is insane. It is also desperation.  NEVER show desperation when running for office!


“Governor DeSantis’ ham-handed maneuverings,” the complaint added, “have rendered him irreparably conflicted and have left the statehouse vacant.”


The man doing daily press conferences in his capital or various Florida cities of being ‘vacant’ is beyond insane.  It is STUPID.


The letter asks that the commission impose one or more penalties including impeachment, removal from office, public censure, ballot disqualification and fines.


Since I read this news this very morning my feelings about Trump has utterly changed.  So, his minions want to impeach/fine/remove from office one of the most pro-active governors of any state in the Union is pure insanity!  It is outrageous, EVIL and ridiculous.



Trump and DeSantis should be allies.  They should not mirror DNC tactics.  All DeSantis did was criticized Trump he didn’t demand Trump be impeached and arrested.  TRUMP’s gang is doing this, not DeSantis.


And George Soros is laughing about all this:



I agree, for once, with Ben Shapiro and I know Shapiro hates Trump but he is also correct about this matter:


Trump has to play the VICTIM not the AGGRESSOR.  I know him from the far past when we both lived in New Jersey and crossed paths back then.  I was a political troublemaker and made trouble for him, of course.


I supported him for the last six years.  But not in the first primaries, I supported the Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz.  Trump lives in Florida now and he should have courted DeSantis.  He is very vulnerable in Florida since the Feds already shown that they will violate the Constitution in order to stop him even in Florida!


Traitors who opened our borders for invaders while fighting Russia in Europe over border problems is utterly insane and totally destructive and will kill our nation, I oppose 100% as does DeSantis and Trump as well as Ted Cruz. I support all three when it comes to this life and death issue!



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26 responses to “DeSantis Creates Alliance To Fight DNC ESG Laws

  1. lou

    ‘This is all very insane.’ is evil.

  2. shawntoh


    This isn’t funny anymore and is INSANE… Another FIFTY banks are in danger of going bankrupt (in the USA)! That’s not a good development, is it? Financially speaking, correct? Well…

    A former vice-president at Lehman Brothers, Mr. Lawrence McDonald has said in an interview… that “….the banking crisis could swallow another 50 regional lenders in the US if the country’s authorities don’t take appropriate steps to resolve structural issues(!)”…

    Look everyone… We could be facing financial COLLAPSE like 2008… Never mind… Nothing to see here… Let’s move on quietly… Thanks in advance… Later gatorz…

  3. qbutnoa

    Holland, Democrats 66 (green party) = “The nitrogen emission restrictions will not be up for discussion” + “We have to abide by European rules”.

  4. shawntoh

    Folks… This doesn’t sound good at all here at the final frontier of Culture of Life by EMS… But I do feel less depressed watching this type of news on a new moon… The news is in the Hindi language… Thus, I cannot understand anything at all at what the newscaster is saying!*

    I know what your thinkin’ but look at it this way… I am still well informed but just in another and better language than USA English! Hindi! Which is descended from Sanskrit!

    Everybody knows that Sanskrit is the BEST language in the world! Because it’s the MOST ancient and a tried and true tested BRAND, too!

    Why… They tell it’s the language of “the gods” and ya just can’t go wrong there! Can you? It’s better than LATIN! That’s what those EVIL and ancient white supremists Romans spoke and those folks were “rednecks” BEFORE the term was invented! Besides…

    Who wants to do long division using ROMAN numerals like…?

    IV / I (IX * III) = ? […don’t answer this it’s too dangerous!]

    I was NEVER great at math but I don’t advise going back to the decline of the ROMAN way in this regard!

    SO remember…
    Next time…

    Speak SANSKRIT…**
    …and… you’ll speaking the language of…




  5. nclaughlin

    There is a controversy in the internet over whether deSantis is a neocon and a Ukraine supporter. However, he hasn’t really clarified his position.

  6. shawntoh

    @ #6 “nclaughlin”…

    सर्वे जानन्ति यत् संस्कृतभाषा एव विश्वे सर्वोत्तमा भाषा अस्ति!*

    * सभी जानते हैं कि संस्कृत दुनिया की सबसे अच्छी भाषा है!
    sabhee jaanate hain ki sanskrt duniya kee sabase achchhee bhaasha hai!

    साधु बिन्दु!
    परन्तु अहं सादरं असहमतः अस्मि
    देस्तातिः महान् नेता अस्ति
    सः मम नेता सदा
    सः मां एतेषु फ्लोरिडा-देशेषु विजयाय नेष्यति!

    Look… “nclaughlin” you’re suppose to complain, “Shawntoh”, ‘what you’re say to me is just SANSKRIT’! A ha, ha, HAH! Get the joke? Hee, hee!

    Beyond that… there’s nothing controversial in what I say in Sanskrit here because, like they tell me, it is, after all, the language “…Of the G_ds” and that is that! No questions asked.

    Family friendly, all the way… like in the backseat of a 1960s hippie van loaded with intense and bothered teenagers on a hot and spicy summer night in 1969! I didn’t say, either! No…

    They said it. I believe it. That’s the end of converstion! FIN…

    Listen to this guy sing! Now this is NOT an endorsement of him, EMS, Trump, DeSantis, or anyone living, dead, or resembling anyone that has every existed, will exist, in philosophy, theory, practice and so on, to be invented in the past, present of the future in any media that you or anybody can imagine! No. No. It’s…

    It’s just a coincidence! Trust me! Thanks!
    Nothing to see here… Move on… Thanks again…

    I thought those Ravi Shankar records would fix my problems, EMS… Now what do I do? Spin all my DOORS records backwards and hope for the best like Jimi Page of Lead Zepplin Blitzbop! I’ll try something else…

  7. Nina

    Kentucky has highest U.S. child abuse victim rate: report

    Kentucky’s rate of child abuse victims in 2021 was 14.7 per 1,000 children, according to an article published Tuesday by, which cited the “Child Maltreatment 2021” report recently released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Children’s Bureau.

    That means about 15 children out of every 1,000 in Kentucky experienced some form of maltreatment during 2021, said the report on the website.

    Kentucky’s child abuse victim rate was about twice as high as the U.S. average rate of 8.1 victims per 1,000 children and slightly more than the U.S. state Indiana’s rate of 13.6 victims, according to the report.

    *cough*.. red states.. gop *cough*

  8. snoosebomb

    people complain about Trump , some bitterly like karl denninger . martin armstrong thinks Desantis will get eaten alive in Wash.
    But thats the point , it matters not who his president the office really has no power against a massive bureaucracy and established global economic elite

  9. snoosebomb

    correction, above , its in between , Trump was way better than bidn

  10. TinaB

    @Nina Yup and let’s guess which states allow underage girls to marry adult men.

    “Between 2000 and 2018, some 300,000 minors were legally married in the United States. The vast majority of child marriages (reliable sources vary between 78% and 95%) were between a minor girl and an adult man.

    In many cases, minors in the U.S. may be married when they are under the age of sexual consent, which varies from 16 to 18 depending on the state. In some states, minors cannot legally divorce or leave their spouse, and domestic violence shelters typically do not accept minors.

    The highest rates of child marriages are in West Virginia, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Arkansas, California, Tennessee, and North Carolina

    According to a Frontline report by Anjali Tsui, Dan Nolan and Chris Amico, the states with the highest rates of child marriage in 2010 were: Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, West Virginia and Missouri.

    The states with the lowest rates were Delaware, New Jersey, Montana, Indiana, North Dakota, Ohio, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

    Unchained At Last found that the ten states with the highest rate of child marriage per capita between 2000 and 2018 were:

    Nevada (0.671%)
    Idaho (0.338%)
    Arkansas (0.295%)
    Kentucky (0.262%)
    Oklahoma (0.229%)
    Wyoming (0.227%)
    Utah (0.208%)
    Alabama (0.195%)
    West Virginia (0.193%)
    Mississippi (0.182%)”

    9 out of 10 are GOP! Imagine that! But they “care” so much about the children!

  11. Zeek

    Why are Republicans condoning child rape …….
    ….. under the guise of liberty and freedom of choice?

  12. qbutnoa

    “…it matters not”
    Agreed, it is the same here in Europe, possibly even worse.

  13. qbutnoa

    Lebanon, Beirut, 4th year of a deep economic crisis, retired members of the security forces + others protest.

  14. shawntoh

    Oh yeah? You love the Biden adminstration, all right… So much for YOUR summer of love… So what has the Biden adminstration DONE at the federal level to address YOUR concerns? Nothing. Not at all. Instead…

    Yellen just notched up usury ratez, uh, I mean INTEREST rates and isn’t that interesting, but stupid to do, for now, if your business dies… Well, it will NOT come back and if you invested in “T-bills”–Ouch! You have my condolences! But this ISN’T any financial advice in any way, shape or form… Nope… Use life at your own risk and when all else fails, then “head for the hills” like EMS has done…!

    Hillcountry is beautiful but beware! There are bears there! Everywhere! So be AWARE of not only the RUSSIAN bear that lurks in Europe but be “loaded for ‘bear'”!…

    EMS has many fights with the BEAR nation on HER mountain… Just ask those bears but beware of those said bears ’cause you won’t be able to bear it! Ha! Then… Remember what the…?

    Like the late John Mayall, who EMS partied with a long time ago when she least expects to remember the ’60s into the ’70s…

    Because if you remember the ’60s… YOU were NOT there! Correct, EMS? Furthermore… EMS would agree… Why? Well, it’s simple…

    Because if you remember the ’70s… Again, you probably weren’t there…! But I don’t recall either… Silly me, I wonder why!? Anyway…

    And now, we present, as a tribute to EMS and the sadly, late “Bear”, of the Grateful Dead… John Mayall… singing/playing that obscure JM blues classic, “The Bear”… featuring Mick Taylor who EMS s**** with and partied with at ALTAMONT {…remember “the Altamont” like the “Ala-moe”! Remember “the Al la Mode!”}, California, if she could remember to this day, correct, EMS? Ha! Yeah!

    Namaste? Never mind…? Or as the Raven said… “NeverMORE!”… Hmmm… You tell me!

    Or the Clapton era JM!

  15. qbutnoa

    UK, Party Gate, former PM Boris Johnson swears on the bible that he did not lie to the House of Commons (a very serious offence), there were no parties, it was “essential work events”, so there.

  16. qbutnoa

    Britain + Russia = The Great Game.

  17. Nina

    “9 out of 10 are GOP! Imagine that! But they “care” so much about the children!”

    Sure, and those dangerous drag queens.

    Seriously Dragged: Proud Boys Go Home

    “When the choice is between love and hate, between joy and venom, New Yorkers will always choose love (and) will always choose joy.”

  18. Pete


    Exactly, Crimea war 1853
    Russia’s only warm water port
    Easter Europe is key to
    Control the heartland

    Look… Elaine is on TV!

  19. I love how the DNC has stupidly decided that yelling about YOUNG MARRIAGES…this is so insane.

    For example, the black voter base of the DNC NEVER GETS MARRIED AT ALL. Huh? Eh??? HAHAHA.

    Good lord. The ‘out of wedlock’ birthrate is 77% of all black females voting for Biden and his gangster buddies.

    It never ceases to amaze me how stupid leftists are, sneering at Republicans whose kids marry still. Arrest all Democrat mouthpieces and politicians!

  20. About crime statistics: DNC cities and states legalized many many crimes and put fewer and fewer criminals in prisons. This isn’t because these dying cities and states are safe!

    It is the polar opposite. These states that legalized many crimes are becoming intolerable to live in and around! This is why many middle class people are fleeing California and New York and moving to FLORIDA which is run by the ‘evil’ DeSantis! Even Trump fled to FLORIDA for the same reasons: DeSantis!

  21. shawntoh

    Look I fleed to FLA, too, from WOKIE-DOKIE-STAN but I didn’t expect this! The woke-o-doke-OHs “nation” have taken over the West Coast! Now they want YOU & I! So watch out for “Them” and that’s it, Clem!

    The OLD NYC was the MEAN streets! Mayor G., who EMS worked with like a super herione to fight all those there Heroin, crack dealers & gangstas in the NYC nite! NOT for the faint of heartz!

    EMS was THE diary of a SHOWGIRL! She KNEW the FORTY-Deuce in the biblical way, too! But look, speaking for myself… A gentleman NEVER tells and yesterday’s echoes of cheers don’t last long bouncing off those ancient walls of NYC Manhattan[sic] for the encore…

    EMS knows and understands SHOW BIZ!
    Her name can be in lights on Broadway and by next week?
    The Bowery! Where the men drink daily, live nightly, and Malcolm Lowry died playing the ukelee! SRO only! {single room occupancy} NOT “Standing Room Only”!

    SO “break” a “leg” on Broadway and beware THE Bowery of the TECHNO-sphere ghetto mind to enslave youse all!

    There’s a RED house over yonder, baby… NOT a blue state like DNC, either! Ha!

    EMS knew Jimi! But she’s a GENTLE-woman, she NEVER tells! Correct?

    What happened on the FORTY-deuce stays on the FORTY-deuce! Ain’t that right, EMS? Don’t answer that! We already know from your past blogs or we be dogs![sic]

    Later gatorz!

  22. qbutnoa

    “I fleed to FLA, too, from WOKIE-DOKIE-STAN”
    I didn’t know you were from London-England shawntoh.

  23. Nina


    Coming from a small country like Norway to a global metropolis like London is truly a thrilling experience. One of the things that i like the most about London is its incredible diversity, with people from every corner of the world living there. It is a global city in every sence of the word. What’s not to love about it?

  24. lou

    O T
    6 children dead in crash..we know the race of teen driver.
    You didn’t even need to see the pictures!

    “Siblings” with different last names? Check.
    Driving w/o a license? Check.
    Driving underage after midnight? Check.
    Kid in the cargo hold? Check.
    Rented car that no one cares about? Check.
    8, 9, & 11 year old out at midnight instead of home in bed? Check.
    Driver’s dad *told* him not to drive, but didn’t impose any actual penalties for doing so?? Hella check!

    another fake hate crime to make YT [whitey] look bad,
    A school in Sacramento, California, suspended two black students after fake money containing racist imagery against black people circulated throughout the campus last week, the Sacramento Bee reported.
    What are the details?
    Sacramento City Unified School District officials told KOVR-TV the fake money handed out Tuesday at Kit Carson International Academy was for buying fried chicken and alcohol and contained the N-word as well as a derogatory image of an African-American.

  25. Zeek

    Arrest EMS non-stop!

    Toss her in the pokey and throw away the key!

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