Japan’s Noda Wants One Way Trade With US

I watch Japan with increasing nervousness. This is because, unlike Italy, Spain, Greece, Libya, etc., the troubles in Japan are happening to what used to be until last year, the world’s second biggest economy.  It is still the third biggest after the US and China.  But its decline and fall is accelerating, not slowing down.  Far from ZIRP borrowing saving Japan, it is sinking it like a rock.  This is the fatal flaw in free credit when it is on top of the floundering floating fiat currency and free trade systems.  Higher interest rates actually saves countries from collapse if they are truly trying to make the floating fiat currency/free trade system work properly.  That is, all countries must balance their trade, not run huge deficits or surpluses!


This concept was at the core of the launch of this insane system that never operated correctly from day one.  When Nixon cut the US dollar peg from gold, the reasoning given to us for this noxious move was, it would cause the economy to expand and we would pay for inflation via export trade, that is, when the dollar drops in value against trade partners running surpluses with us, this would automatically stop the trade from occurring and we would resume neutrality in trade.  This never worked due to the discovery of dumping US trade dollars into FOREX reserves of various central banks.


Now, all of our trade partners do this and the US dollar has been artificially strong for a long time due to FOREX holding schemes and instead of retreating from the free trade/floating fiat currency system, the US expanded this with the blessings of everyone trading with us.  This, in turn, destroyed US jobs, eliminated much of our industrial base and now is wrecking our entire economy in many, many fatal ways.  Obama is sparing with the GOP to address Congress (Netanyahu can get both Houses to show up and salute him repeatedly without even lifting his little finger to gesture to our Knesset) about the job issue and neither Obama nor the GOP leaders  have the slightest intention of fixing what is wrong because they are all getting vastly richer and their buddies, much, amazingly richer, running the US into the ground with free trade.

The contempt with which Congress treats our President is a sign that it is a body that has little regard for this nation itself since we know for a fact, a foreign leader whose ethnic group lavishes tons of money on Congress, is treated far better…even by the Democrats…than their own leader who was not chosen by them but by the American voters, overwhelmingly.
Voters are unhappy with the leader we chose since he cannot get Congress to do anything except if this pleases the very rich and very connected owners of Congress.  This shows us the futility of voting for a leader if we have a corrupt Congress.  In Japan, the Diet is equally corrupt and ingrown and incapable of coping with reality.  The scary things happening to Japan including the collapse of the Japanese family, the despair of the young who are retreating from reality at warp speed and the  degradation of the country to the point it may become uninhabitable: Japan’s troubles mirror our own.  Like a mirror, it has some opposite polar orientations.
One obvious one is, Japan usually runs trade surpluses and we virtually never do this.  The other is, Japan is very xenophobic and openly racist so there are virtually no immigrants and if labor is brought in, it is, like in racist Israel, forbidden to integrate and it is nearly impossible, even with marriage, to become a full citizen of Japan whereas the US is the exact opposite, passively letting millions of illegal aliens to come in and take jobs or drive down wages.
The new prime minister is the same guy who, a year after screaming about China ‘manipulating the currency’ via the FOREX holding and other schemes, did exactly the same thing to save Japan and to keep the spigots flowing to the US open as wide as possible via an artificially weak yen:  Noda’s likening himself to loach in speech helped endear him to DPJ | The Japan Times Online


A humorous speech by Yoshihiko Noda, in which he compares himself to a “dojo” loach, apparently resonated with his Democratic Party of Japan colleagues who voted him in as DPJ president Monday and ensured the following day he would be the next prime minister. Native to Asia, the eel-like freshwater fish prefers dark habitats and burrows into mud and sand to conceal itself.


Slimy and duplicitous: what a charmer!  And who finds this guy funny?  Why are the Japanese pleased by this description?  Is this what they need to lead them out of the morass?  I remember when the Soviet Union was imploding.  One leader after another in quick succession.  Most were slimy toads who kow towed to the Party in the past and who were good at concealing themselves.  One disaster after another hammered the Soviet Union and finally, it all simply came crashing down.


This story shows how insane things are.  No one is marching in the streets, demanding higher pay, better jobs, better infrastructure, better services for children, better school system.  No, people passively wait for someone to notice the lights are literally turning off.  The entire system needs a revolutionary change and no one in the system is capable of doing this.  It has to come from the outside.  New PM Noda urged to put government functions back on track – The Mainichi Daily News


Yoshihiko Noda has become the sixth prime minister of Japan in the past five years. It is an abnormal situation for the prime minister of a country to change so often...”The route of supplying human resources to the political world has been limited. One in five members of the Diet is a second-generation legislator,” Noda wrote in a book on proposals on politics that the Matsushita Institute of Government and Management published in 1985. At the time, Noda was aspiring to be a politician as a member of the inaugural class at the institute.


The ruling elites of Japan backed down from openly running the system in 1985 to lurking in the mud and dark and thus, controlling tax policies and trade deals with no accountability.  Since the rich control wages and taxes, note please, how the government began running bigger and bigger budget deficits while Japan became the world’s #1 market for upscale, top quality foreign goods mainly from Europe.  The rich use gold-plated toilets and the poor live on the streets in Japan.


Pay has been relentlessly reduced for the last 20 years while profits at the top soared.  Japan’s markets grew greatly during this depression, overseas, and shrank at home.  US, EU and other Asian corporations have folded their tents after trying to open stores or do business in Japan because it is very hostile on every level and the worst level is the consumer level: people can’t buy much of anything except for the top 10% of the population which only wants luxury items!


Here is Noda’s first speech:  HIGHLIGHTS 2-Japan PM says must be realistic on fiscal reform | Reuters


“I cannot but feel that Japan is facing an unprecedented crisis in that its industry is hollowing out from a historically strong yen. As finance minister, I took the stance that Tokyo will not hesitate on intervening in the currency market if necessary. I will continue to cooperate with other countries…Security environment in the Asia-Pacific region is changing greatly. We need to press ahead with solid diplomacy and security policy suited to present times.


“And key to that are our ties with the United States. We need to keep developing that relationship.

.“On China, our basic stance is to develop a mutually-beneficial relationship. I will do my utmost to build friendly ties with not only China but with other neighbours such as South Korea and Russia.”


Here is naked aggression: Japan’s new leader admits that a strong currency leads to industrial destruction!  He will do anything to insure Japan is artificially weak vis a vis the dollar and on top of this, he is going to expand Japan’s reliance on the US military to bankroll and die for Japanese imperialists who are planning to fight China over ownership of various islands and offshore oil reserves and such.  This is FATAL for the US and we should be very,very angry.


Instead, our goofy Zionist leaders are happy that Japan wants us to die in a confrontation with China!  They think it is a good idea to artificially weaken the yen to make Japan stronger so we can then defy China as if this will save us!  We won’t be saved, of course, Japan is devouring us and all nations are imitating Japan including China.  We can’t stop China if we enable Japan.  China knows this and will go to international trade groups which run our economy (we don’t run it at all anymore!) and complain.  And will win because all other nations want to keep this totally whacky system going with most trade flowing to the US and most jobs leaving the US.


Here is more proof the elites of Japan are fixing to shaft the US, big time:  One-third of big makers fear sharp profit fall on yen’s rise: survey – The Mainichi Daily News


The survey also showed that 28 of the 61 polled big manufacturers plan to shift production and research facilities abroad, should the dollar stay at 76 yen for more than six months, suggesting the risk of a hollowing out of Japanese industry…On the yen’s advance against the euro, five of the big manufacturers said they expect their operating profits to fall more than 20 percent due to the euro’s recent decline to 110 yen.


They show little to no concern over the health or welfare of the Japanese people.  The plunging birthrate doesn’t bother them, much, so far.  The collapse of Japanese educational systems with the other Asians beating Japan in nearly all education statistics, the collapse in consumerism in Japan doesn’t keep these creeps awake at night.  No, they worry about their currency-derived profit margin!  The cheaper the yen, the bigger the profits!  So, the government will make oil much more expensive, for example, in order to increase the profit margins of international businesses headquartered in Japan.


The challenge from China which controls Japan’s rare earth using manufacturing businesses is leading to a historic attempt at creating a Japanese monopoly:  Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi To Merge LCD Panel Businesses.  The US should forbid this but it seems we have less and less control over events as our country goes bankrupt on nearly every level.  The Japanese need a government-protected monopoly pricing system in order to compete with the Chinese who are communists, not running a system like in the US whereby Congress and international bankers and exporters run things into the ground so they can be richer.


Here is an interesting graph that illustrates the victory of free trade and how it is now hammering us in the job creation areas:  Understanding the Second Great Contraction: Percent Off the Previous Peak

In all previous recessions, most of which were either oil price spikes or war-related, today we not only have more and more wars, these are oil wars nearly always except for maybe, Afghanistan.  Each recession, job losses were less than real GDP per capita losses.  All the way until the Bush tax cuts and the total collapse of our trade system whereby we now run immense, gargantuan trade deficits even during very bad recessions.


That is, job losses are greater than all the other stats plus the losses last much longer and look at today: the real GDP is nearly back to normal while job losses are greater than ever before with barely any recovery.  This cannot continue.  But Obama’s speech will be a mealy-mouthed mess at best and the GOP solution is more wage cuts, fewer unions and more exports which means they are not even slightly serious about this.


Like in Japan, the rich evade paying taxes on every possible level which makes everything much worse:  Where Pay for Chief Executives Tops the Company Tax Burden – NYTimes.com


The chief executives of those companies were paid an average of more than $16 million a year, the study found, a figure substantially higher than the $10.8 million average for all companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index.


Will the US public wake up?  Will worries about gays getting their full civil rights lead many to vote to slit their own throats?  Will the Democrats continue to place illegal aliens above US citizens who need jobs?  Both parties seem determined to not give US workers what they need.  Things are deteriorating for US borrowers as lenders are making more subprime car loans.  I appears that 40% of all car loans are usury.  That is, people pay a very high interest rate to buy a car.


Just as subprime loans suddenly proliferated in real estate, so it is with cars.  I remember when I used to save a bit and then buy a car.  Now, it is too expensive even as we import 50% of our cars in order to cut prices so US workers can mass consume while not producing but this isn’t working so hot anymore.  We have to go deep into debt at a high interest rate to buy these foreign-made cars.


The UK is not a mirror image of the US, it is an exact reproduction.  Here is one troubling story in light of the increasing number of riots there:  UK immigration: 9 out of 10 jobs created last year went to foreign nationals | Mail Online


The figures, produced by the Office for National Statistics, reveal that employment among working age people rose by 181,000 in the Coalition’s first year. Yet employment levels among British nationals rose by just 14,000, or less than 8 per cent of the total.


Employment among non-UK nationals rose by 163,000 during the period – equal to more than 90 per cent of the total.


90%?  Wow!  That is insane!  And the government is complaining that welfare is too easy and too generous.  Not that wages are too low.  So the solution will be to flood the country with aliens from Eastern Europe and other remote places while cutting services to citizens who then have to compete with this flood of economic refugees and fight for crumbs off of the corporate table.  While bankrolling the bankers via the government using everyone as collateral for creating ZIRP loans for the very rich who then use it to bid up the value of assets and commodities worldwide.


Whew.  See how the system works?  Virtually no one in the US or UK went to prison for destroying our banking systems and our economy but contrast the US with China when it comes to corruption:  U.S. investigating Oracle over possible bribery  whereby the prosecutors will ask for some money in some sort of punishment whereas in China, a Chinese Telecom Executive Sentenced to Death for Bribery.  Imagine that here!


We have open treason at nearly every level and no one can stop it since it is done by very rich people whose eyes are on foreign prizes.  Oh, they are celebrating the invasion of Libya and the bombing and killing of many thousands as services there collapse and civilization falls and tribal warfare takes over.  But the oil fields will not be run by the Chinese!  No, the EU and US will run them…for internationalists, not for us.


These same governments screamed for several years about taxing us for burning oil because we are all going to roast to death. Well, they seem utterly unshy about killing civilians in order to steal oil profits.  They celebrate this!  Tells us a lot about how propaganda works: they took what could have been some reasonable fears and used this as a means of shifting the tax burden onto us while allowing them to do as they please, that is, burn oil like crazy with their private flotillas and jets and mansions.  And whenever they can create lots of death and smoke and pollute the planet fighting wars over oil profits, that is OK with them while we are supposed to be very careful  about using oil for fear that we will all die.


Seems like the best way to die these days is to live near an oil well some rich guy in Europe or the US wants to own!  And to live in the US near any energy source!  They don’t care about anything except their own private wealth.  sunset borger

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11 responses to “Japan’s Noda Wants One Way Trade With US

  1. JT

    “The rebel group known as the Transitional National Council released a statement last week announcing that they have designated the Central Bank of Benghazi as a monetary authority competent in monetary policies in Libya, and that they have appointed a governor to the Central Bank of Libya, with a temporary headquarters in Benghazi, according to Bloomberg.”

    Tip of the hat to the rebels that they had time to start a central bank.
    Apparently they have great finance and legal skills in addition to Kalashnikov and rocket handling abilites.

    I would not have any idea which permits and forms to fill in order to start a one.

    I wait anxiously if they will sell oil in euros and yuan also.

    We’re all going to die.

  2. DeVaul

    Wow! Already got the central bank set up. You would think it was more important than an oil refinery.

    I work in a law library. The walls are covered with hundreds of books on banking, corporations, corporate and banking forms, etc. I can assure you that not one of those street fighters would know how to start a central bank, much less a local bank.

    You have to admire a gang of street fighters who can pummel a “compound” with a .50 calibre machine gun while also video conferencing with other street fighters on how to seamlessly integrate the new central bank with the world’s international monetary system.

    How DO they do it?

    I believe the blatant military assault on Libya will go down in history as the moment in time when the new Dark Age began.

  3. JT

    General W. Clark (ret.) in 2007…

    In an interview with Amy Goodman on March 2, 2007, U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.), explains that the Bush Administration planned to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, Iran

  4. Dupree

    Funny thing about General Clark. He was one of the prosecution witnesses against Serbia’s Milosevic at the Hague. Shortly after Clark’s testimony, Milosevic was found dead in his cell–heart attack, the NATO hangmen claim– and the US refused Russian requests for an autoposy.

    Oh, yes, and in order for Clark to appear before the Tribunal, the ICC-Y prosecutors had to grant Clark immunity from prosecution.

    The US is not a member of the ICC. The US only acts as an international bounty hunter, tracking down and arresting those charged by prosecutors. And when necessary, providing suborned testimony and fabricated evidence for the prosecution.

    Witnesses in the Lockerbie bombing were paid $4,000,000 to testify against the Libyans.

  5. Dupree

    Democracy Now! interview on the conduct of General Clark in giving testimony at the Hague.

    LJILJANA SMAJLOVIC: Well, first of all, I want to say that Wesley Clark is not like any other witness this trial has seen. Usually the judge admonishes the witness, and if the witness needs to return the next day, the judge always says make sure that you do not speak about your testimony to anyone or about this trial. Well, Mr. Clark has been speaking about both his testimony and the trial. He has made comments outside of the courtroom both days as soon as he would leave the witness stand. He would come out of the building and address reporters. Last night he made a speech about the new Atlantic Charter here at the Institute of International Relations in the Hague, but he also spoke about the trial again. So, in a sense, Mr. Clark has not acted like other witnesses, and obviously, the conditions set upon his testimony are different than the — those for any other witness, which also makes it clear that some countries’ national security is more important than other countries’ national security here in the Hague. What seems to have transpired here from what Mr. Clark told us after his testimony is that the judge had severely restricted Mr. Milosevic’s ability to cross-examine Mr. Clark on anything pertaining to the NATO bombing of Serbia and the Kosovo war in 1999. The judge limited Milosevic to Mr. Clark’s testimony about the events in Sri Banitza and the genocide that took place there in 1995….


  6. Dupree

    NATO terror bombing of civilian passenger train at Grdelica. General Clark claims that it was a “troop train.”

    First Strike followed by a second coup de gras strike.

  7. payAttention

    ‘Higher interest rates actually saves countries from collapse if they are truly trying to make the floating fiat currency/free trade system work properly. That is, all countries must balance their trade, not run huge deficits or surpluses!’

    You do not know what you are talking about. People like you, latch onto the PPP – purchasing power parity ‘theorem’ like a shibboleth. Again, ‘theorem.’ If you want to push that onto sophomore econ students in high school, then let me explaing to you something about yield. Our friends here from the antipodes were gloating about their fx inflows and their newly found wealth from the shanty 30km outside of Sydney. Sure, Stevensplayed the fx wealth game and got his fake votes, but now you can kiss the last of Australia’s steel production goodebye. You think they would learn. And contrary to bold statements otherwise, manufacturing in Oz is done, thanks to the big fat 5.75% yield that every ‘dividen’ hog has suckled into. You are not ever never ever going to cure inflation by raising interest, as long as convertible clownbucks are breeding like rabbits in the outback. Convertible clownbucks don’t pay interest, but they can be converted into aussie dollars that do. And then leveraged fifty times over. So please, don’t talk about purchasing power parity anymore.

  8. emsnews

    Asset bubbles grow when there is cheap loans for the banks who don’t need capital. Period. Australia had US/Japan banking systems set up and both the US and Japan had EPIC bubbles which EPICALLY popped. I predicted this would happen to Australia and lo and behold…it happens! Duh.

  9. emsnews

    As for your steel production: it moved to China and India due to them both having cheap labor and governments that wanted this industry. Communist nations in particular have great steel making capacity. They also make a lot of cement. Have done this since WWI.

  10. In an interview with Amy Goodman on March 2, 2007, U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.), explains that the Bush Administration planned to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, Iran..

    And under a Leftist ‘the wars drag on’

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