Huge Cold Weather Storms From Pacific Ocean Create Tornadoes When It Hits Gulf of Mexico States

It is a late spring so only now, right before May, we are finally seeing tornadoes.  May is the peak month for tornadoes due to warm air clashing with cold air.  Like the cherry blossoms, tornadoes are coming a bit later than normal due to the cold weather dominating.


75 million Americans under threat of severe weather – wind, rain, BLIZZARDS, tornadoes, hail.  So far, this storm system has killed dozens of people.


Here on my mountain in Upstate NY, the wild cherry trees still haven’t bloomed and some trees show only small budding of any sort.  And it is still snowing, blizzard level snowing, in the upper Midwest and Canada.



The present storm which blew out of the Pacific Ocean and rocketed across the US, is very strong and very large, going from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to Canada:  Intellicast – Current Surface Analysis in United States

huge storm spring end April 2014


Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 8.50.29 AM

Here is a photo of the planet showing the wind, more storms are forming over the North Pacific and are heading towards North America:  earth :: an animated map of global wind and weather

more big storms forming in north pacific ocean late april 2014

The season change in Antarctica is for winter.  The winds down under are ferocious this April.  Today’s winds are the worst I have seen so far this month.  These storms are epic.

ferocious winter storms rage around and over Antactica


And this is all about cooling, not heating.  Cooling creates blizzards, Ice Age conditions and freezing cold.  Warming creates heat waves and evaporation events.  Mixing up the two in ‘climate change’ is childish.  They are polar opposites.  And take turns reigning the earth.


We are short warm spells and long, long cold spells.  So when we have cold spells today, we have to be energetic about what this means.  It can always means more cold spells.  We can’t tell but history is clear: eventually cold will reign again.  As it did frequently in the past 3  million years.

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