Pentagon Continues To Redo Computer-generated Uniforms That Look Increasingly Stupid

Screen shot 2014-06-10 at 8.10.45 AM

Tanks, troops, jets: NATO countries launch full-scale war games in Baltic — RT News: Russia is also having war games because NATO wants a Cold War again.  Sadly.  And we will get what we demand.  The above picture is a bunch of troops on parade.  They look pathetic.  The obsession with camo pajamas has virtually destroyed military pride.  Who can be proud dressed in this ugly fashion?  This is the ‘look like a mud wall or pile of trash’ military philosophy which is why occupying countries is a failure.  Who respects someone who looks like garbage?  No one, of course.


End The War in Iraq more soldiers shows a typical scene from Iraq, a massive failure.  Today, in Iraq, Al-Qaeda in Iraq Seizes Government HQ in Mosul thanks to the US arming al Qaeda all over again in Syria and Libya.  Three Iraqi Kurd Party Offices Bombed in Two Days, 63 Killed and typically, Northern Iraq Under Siege: 123 Killed, 261 Wounded as hundreds die daily there.  Syria Rebel General: US Arms Creating Warlords which is 100% true.  Pakistanis Fear Worst Is Yet to Come After Airport Attack by Taliban destroys planes and buildings.


The US patrol of Iraq was a howling failure and this photo shows one element of this failure: the ridiculous way our troops looked.

Screen shot 2014-06-10 at 8.51.08 AM

Yes, they have lethal weapons.  But they are way overburdened with junk and look sad sack to boot.  Lucas Films has this right:

Screen shot 2014-06-10 at 8.59.01 AM

If these Jedi Knights showed up wearing camo pajamas, no one would be amazed, they would laugh at them.  I would also suggest this should have been the uniforms worn by our Afghan troops.  Then, the Taliban would at least felt they were honorable fighters and not mud walls.

The US military spends billions on mud uniforms and are never happy with any of these and keeps tinkering with the artistic rendition of mud and twigs hoping to find the perfect pajama look:  US Army Selects Scorpion Camouflage Pattern – UPDATED – Soldier Systems Daily


 Prion says:
May 23, 2014 at 13:18
Is this standard Scorpion, or a pixelated version? And will there be woodland/desert variations?

SSD says:
May 23, 2014 at 14:10
Standard. No variants.


U.S. Army Scorpion Camouflage shows these pathetic uniforms.  I will note above that the sad sacks of NATO on parade are not even wearing belts which makes them look more like bag ladies than soldiers on parade.  And they don’t look proud, either.  Here are some Russian troops on parade last month:

Screen shot 2014-06-10 at 9.03.57 AM

They are wearing common camo, not the weird computer-generated designs the US is addicted to so it doesn’t look so ‘sloppy’ and the design isn’t a pajamas style, it has better tailoring of the collar, sleeves, pockets, etc.  and they get to wear belts, damn it!  Looks much spiffier.  And the soldiers know this.  Our troops look increasingly bedraggled and the history of military uniforms is clear: you look like crap, you are viewed as crappy.  Especially when trying to impress people.


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14 responses to “Pentagon Continues To Redo Computer-generated Uniforms That Look Increasingly Stupid

  1. melponeme_k

    The elites: military, political and cultural are so intent on avoiding any NAZI parallels that they are going in the messy look direction. But that doesn’t stop them from being fascists. They are now just funny looking fascists.

  2. e sutton

    I would argue that the U.S and NATO military look is reflective of the U.S. “consumerist” style of “fashion”. Contrast modern Americans and how they outfit themselves with the elegant, debonair fashions of men and women circa 1935. Slender silhouettes, sharply pointed hats for the men and ladies, pressed collars, buttoned sleeves, fitted and belted waists. Back to a time when people took pride in their appearance and didn’t strive to look like bundled up Hefty bags. Today’s American look would put Soviet era gulag refugees in a positive light. And don’t even get me started on men who, after 1965, decided it was a grand idea to look, dress, and act like women, and women who decided to abandon all sense of fashion, wearing pants and lopping off all of their hair. We’ve created a grand society. Our military simply reflects that.

  3. melponeme_k

    @e sutton

    I challenge you to grow your hair very long with the requisite hours to clean it, brush it, style it, dye it and keep it up with visits to the stylist every 3 weeks. That is ALOT OF MONEY AND TIME. So if you are willing to do it then you can criticize women who want short hair. Instead keep your criticism to the male side you know better.

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  5. e sutton

    LOL! If only I had hair!

  6. Petruchio

    I can’t help but note the above picture of the three soldiers and the small woman in a veil walking past. Is it just me or do the soldiers look MASSIVELY over protected, what with all the body armor and kevlar they are wearing? I have always thought it was telling that troops facing barefoot “towelheads” feel the need to wear this much protection. It’s probably just me, but it strikes me as overkill 10 times over.. And the Humvees they drive around in. These vehicles are so ‘uparmored’ they can withstand very powerfull direct hits and leave the occupants with no or minor injuries. What is going to happen if/when these guys have to square off against fully trained, equipped and well led military forces, like the Russkies or the Chinese–who will massively outnumber them? Imho, these are worthwhile questions to ask because the Warmongers running the US government may actually be stupid/arrogant enough to start WW3. Yes, WW3 may go nuclear, but I would think the war will start using conventional fighting–a shooting war. Just my .02.

  7. vengeur

    And the boots! They don’t even have to shine their boots. Also, when did this hands behind the back shit start? Hands behind the back is a very submissive posture. Great post Elaine and great comments.

  8. Joseppi

    It appears that “look like you feel” military fashions do not ensure success. Possibly a dress for success change to Glam-rock Centurion, or peasant ninja minimalist would win the hearts and minds of the populus.

  9. luc

    ‘The US patrol of Iraq was a howling failure ‘..I did not read the Yahoo news but headlines today…..

  10. vengeur

    Those three soldiers in front of the muslim passerby look like camo-clad Michelin Men. What a joke.

  11. emsnews

    Rulers knew eons ago you have to LOOK the role.

    I used to fight medieval style in the SCA years ago. I would enter the battlefield with full pomp, ceremony and wearing classy armor, shield painted with my standard arms, gold leaf details on the edges of the armor, etc.

    The sun shone on me and I was brave!

    I cannot fathom the horror of being press into appearing in public looking like a bag of cement. How depressing.

  12. emsnews

    Thanks for the comment about the hands behind the back stuff, too, Vengeur.

    Yes, it is submissive. Books have been written by historians talking about ‘slave soldiers’ and since the military in the West is now mercenaries, they are the same status as slaves, not citizens fighting for a cause.

    This is why they are treated so badly later in hospitals.

  13. Seraphim

    Oh, but in older times the martial appearance was a winner with the fair sex!

  14. DeVaul

    The hands behind the back look means they are standing “at ease”. I was required to stand like this during PE in Junior High in Louisiana after the class coach had walked in and given us permission to stand “at ease”. Prior to his appearance, we had to stand at attention in the hot sun — no matter how long he took getting into the gym or out onto the playground.

    The NATO soldiers almost look like camoflaged Jr. High school PE students. The Russian troops are obviously quite proud of their growing power and influence, and it shows on their faces. I bet the NATO troops standing in the photo above are wondering to themselves: “What the hell are we doing here?”

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