White Students Riot At New Hampshire Pumpkin Decorating Festival

 Riots over nothing are nothing new.  College students, in particular, think it is fine to run riot for fun and destroy neighborhoods trash and loot when festivals or sports events are held.  This happened the other night in white-bread states up north, in New Hampshire.

This was supposed to be a street party for families decorating pumpkins.  Instead, it was invaded by drunk students who then went crazy:  Arrests after Keene pumpkin festival turns to mayhem | Local News – WCVB Home

“People were just throwing everything they could find — rocks, skateboards, buckets, pumpkins,” she said. “People just got too drunk.”


Keene State students who cleaned up the mess Sunday say visitors from out of town were largely to blame.


Eammon Flynn, who was among about 30 students visiting for the weekend from Castleton College in Vermont, said he didn’t participate in any destruction but “went out and joined the mayhem.”


“The parties ended up being boring and the riot ended up being wild,” he said. “It was fun to be around.”


Blaming it on Vermont students is ridiculous.  Hundreds of students rioted.  Or milled about.  Everyone wanted the cops to do what?  Stand aside while the kiddies trashed the neighborhood?
This happened in my home town three years ago:  KEGS AND EGGS RIOT ALBANY 2011 ST. PATRICK’S DAY MADNESS …
The students attacked their neighbor’s homes, smashed their cars by jumping up and down on the roofs, littered the streets and did considerable damage.  Since then there has been no crazy party riots and students who were identified were kicked out of school.
White youth is every bit as irresponsible as black youths when it comes to wild mobs looking for excuses to be disgusting and antisocial:  New Jersey elite party it up at the Far Hills horse race | Daily Mail Online

The 94th Annual Far Hills horse race saw a swarm of 32,000 young and liquor-craving wealthy young adults hit the track for traditional boozing.
The well-heeled revelers paid upwards of $200 to mix and mingle with old friends who brought the party in car trunks filled with pricey booze.
Organizers prepared for debauchery with 100 cops, though public urination remained as popular as the liquor luge.


Many a social occasion has been ruined by childish behavior.  The police are necessary to society otherwise you have chaos.  Keeping the police honest runs alongside a population that wants to behave, not run riot all the time.  Alas, in the black community, this lawlessness is nearly total and extreme force has to be used to keep even the slightest order there.


We are learning now from leaks of Grand Jury material that yes, Michael Brown’s blood found in officer’s car, on gun which doesn’t surprise me.  The story of the ‘gentle giant’ going to his knees and surrendering BEFORE attacking the cop is crazy.


It was made up entirely so that blacks living there could feel like victims.  This ‘victim building’ system is a reflexive action due to knowing the truth that cooperation in the black community with anyone including EACH OTHER is collapsing.


The same thing is happening to ‘white’ communities where entitlement and a refusal to follow rules but instead, do as one pleases, is the new social norm. Very rich people definitely feel they are above the law except when suing each other and everyone under the sun.


The poor feel entitled due to past sins of the rich and the rich feel entitled due to being rulers and thus, despots.


Everyone and their foreign brother is joining in the fun:  Dr Arun Gandhi condemns ‘racist’ Michael Brown shooting in emotional speech.  Boo hoo.  Why was the shooting racist?  Blacks shoot not only each other but murder a striking number of whites, too.  And no one cries racism when blacks do this.

Screen shot 2014-10-18 at 9.00.48 PM

Sergeant credits ‘divine intervention’ with leading him to ‘Hannah Graham’s body’ in woods just a few miles from where kidnapping suspect grew up: a black dude went around for years murdering white women.  Far, far more white women are raped and murdered by black suspects than the reverse.


Ferguson Walmarts pulls ammunition from shelves amid clashes over Michael Brown because everyone is going to spray bullets due to emotional immaturity.


Here is a story showing clearly how black authority figures are attacked by black youths:  Baltimore teacher attacks student yelling ‘I’ll kill you’: the black student threw a chair and other things at the teacher before the teacher fought back and the teacher is black, too.  Both went for the ‘pull the weave out’ gambit often seen on Jerry Springer show battles.


Then there is this black on black crime story showing how black men are killing black children and babies every day with not one Gandhi relative saying a peep:  Facebook Fight Led To Fatal Shooting Of 3-Year-Old Amiracle Williams, Detroit Police Say as her father first shot at two women fighting in the streets and then the males attached to one of the fighting females came back with guns and sprayed the neighborhood with bullets.


But then there is this story: white father who got violent with his wife who filed for divorces does the typical white dude with gun facing divorce thing:  Florida father murders children and critically injures third before turning gun on himself.  Most white women killed by white males are victims of domestic battles.


More white males commit successful suicide with guns than blacks who don’t bother with this suicide thing since all they have to do if they have a death wish is to go outdoors for a few hours in the wrong neighborhoods and that, when there are no cops around to frisk anyone or stop anything.


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8 responses to “White Students Riot At New Hampshire Pumpkin Decorating Festival

  1. Peter C.

    Detroit Facebook male came back with a TEK-9 MACHINE GUN!!!!!Holy crap.

  2. DeVaul

    Hey Luke,

    It’s happened!

    The cruise ship plague bearer was a white women.

    Who do we avoid now?

  3. DeVaul

    I really don’t understand the shooting of children by parents in a custody dispute. I really don’t. I have seen cases of both men and women doing this. The men shoot or stab, the women suffocate, drown, or poison the children. Often, both parents are left alive while all the children are dead.

    I just don’t understand this at all. If the parents were shooting at each other or trying to kill each other, that I could understand, but the children? What wrong did they do?

    There is something extremely demented by this kind of behavior.

  4. vengeur

    OT: Good article on ebola from LA times:http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-ebola-questions-20141007-story.html#page=1 Don’t know if you’ve seen this.

  5. DeVaul

    Wow vengeur. Thanks for posting that. It was way more informative than anything Alaskan Ice or the government has been saying.

  6. e sutton

    OT: What happens when a Bilderberger oversteps the line by talking about ending the petrodollar scheme?


  7. emsnews

    There was a thick fog. It was an accident.

    Don’t turn every event into a conspiracy.

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