Ebola Nurse Goes To Maine And Defies Any Attempts At Any Quarantine

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The news about ebola is an endless stream and often, it is astonishingly stupid like this story:  In Liberia, a Good or Very Bad Sign: Empty Hospital Beds – NYTimes.com.  Obviously, the Times editors didn’t read yesterday’s Washington Post story about how ebola victims are hiding from the hospitals and their families are refusing to send them so the hospitals are empty while thousands are dying at home, spreading it further since the most dangerous transmission point is at death when the germs easily migrate to new victims.

Then there is this news about the nurse who is living with a university student and who intends to roam around her community nonstop:  Kaci Hickox: I’ll Go To Court If Maine Quarantines Me Over Ebola as it appears that Ebola nurse Kaci Hickox won’t be following Maine’s quarantine, says lawyer which is infuriating and shows the contempt and self-worship of these ‘heroe’s who go to Africa, pick up deadly diseases and then run back home to spread these to us.


Another interesting headline showing how irresponsible this nurse is:  ‘I’m not going to… be bullied by politicians’: Nurse held under forced isolation in N.J. faces ARREST after vowing to break Maine Ebola quarantine which means she intends to be a criminal rather than sit at home for a few days.


Now some are asking, rhetorically, What is the point of the Ebola czar? Obama’s man to sort out crisis is invisible.  What incompetence!  What a joke.  This is infuriating.  Here is the NY headlines:  White House says Ebola czar is working hard, in lots of meetings after Daily News questions his absence from NYC virus case.  What work, we may legitimately ask?


Seems his labors are all about legally threatening anyone in position of authority to NOT do any quarantines whatsoever.


President Barack Obama hits back over Chris Christie’s calls for Ebola quarantine and he says he will meet face to face returning health workers from Africa…but ONLY after they are announced to be cleared of the disease!


I would like him to meet and greet them all as they come back at the airports so he can share the germs with them.


And the truth is now out about the Doctors Without Brains geniuses:  New York Ebola doctor ‘LIED to police about his travel’ claiming to them that he self-quarantined and never left his apartment.  So, doctors are doing the worst things, we are supposed to trust ‘self-quarantines’?


Obviously, no.  It is an utter and total failure.  The NY police used his Metro card to track where he really went and confronted the jerk about this information which he then said was correct.


The addled idiots running the Huffington Post have endless editorials telling us this dangerous disease is no big deal.  Today, it is Stephen Inrig, professor of health policy, lying about ebola!  “Ebola: Choosing Wisdom Over Worry” is his Mad Magazine editorial.


Back in NYC which has been left bereft by our governor, Cuomo, who backed down when Obama called, demanding ebola carriers be free to roam our streets, the doctors at Bellevue Hospital are so overwhelmed taking care of the Doctors Without Brains patient, they had to close the entire ICU of this major hospital to care for this one jerk.


And then, utterly ignored by liberals, much of the media and the UN and our government and anyone who should be more responsible:  Radiation levels have surged at Fukushima plant — 100,000% of previous record high — TV: “Officials say they don’t know the cause… Typhoon may be to blame” (VIDEO).  Totally ignored while these same entities scream about how global warming will kill everyone, you’ll see!


And just as a reminder, since we are in the coldest cycles the planet has seen, ever:


\Screen shot 2014-10-29 at 10.53.25 AM

It will take a lot of heat to get us back to normal warmth pre-Miocene.


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19 responses to “Ebola Nurse Goes To Maine And Defies Any Attempts At Any Quarantine

  1. melponeme_k

    Have you heard of this incident in WOW?


    Virtual plague in a game. All the same problems from plague tourists trying to watch the action up close, people spreading the disease on purpose, massive panic stricken border runs and ignoring quarantine. All of this had a dry run inside a game. Now we are seeing it play out in real time.

  2. ziff

    Suzuki had a program about’ zombie viruses ‘, anyway there is one that is known to influence behavior, it makes people more prone to risk taking.

  3. kenogami

    This shows the dishonesty and insanity of the Obama crowd on Ebola:


  4. emsnews

    You can’t bring in ANY animals without a quarantine!!!! Duh!

  5. melponeme_k

    If this story is true, I guess we are going to have to pay for ebola treatment for the WHOLE world.


  6. DeVaul

    “…Empty Hospital Beds – NYTimes.com.”

    The hospital beds in the Dallas hospital where Duncan died are also empty.

  7. Luke

    ‘we are in the coldest cycles the planet has seen, ever:’? How so? What does the chart mean?

  8. Jim R

    This is not the coldest ever. Elaine likes to exaggerate.

    It was a complete iceball 650 mya.

  9. emsnews

    The complete ice ball theory is not entirely proven. It is a guess at this point. The recent ice ages are quite proven.

  10. aashild

    Maine nurse defies Ebola quarantine, goes for bike ride


  11. emsnews

    Yup, she will do her very worse.

  12. Luke

    maybe an assassin will kill her.

  13. DeVaul


    Luke is a very “conservative” pro-republican commenter, who often posts comments based on this, but he is no troll.

    You are the troll.

  14. Alaskan Ice


    You are among a select few who have wasted me time. Reply to me if you desire a confrontation.


    ELAINE: Major warning here: You will be banned if you pick fights. DeVaul has been here many years and quite polite. DO NOT ATTACK HIM PERSONALLY ANYMORE.

  15. Floridasandy

    Since this nurse is a trained CDC EIS officer, I wonder why obama didn’t give her a hug when he came up there ?

  16. emsnews

    Her roommate in Africa has ebola now. Wish she did visit the White House.

  17. emsnews

    Dear readers: please do not do what so many ‘liberal’ (sic) and ‘conservative'(duh) sites do: call each other ‘trolls’.

    Trolls live under bridges and have dwelling rights due to being magical creatures who have to be respected. Just like any storm god or forest being.

  18. DeVaul

    “You are among a select few who have wasted me time. ”

    What an honor! Do I get a medal for it?

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