Conservatives Kill People And Liberals Kill People: Both Point Fingers

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Unhappy Japanese orphans pose with foreign ladies showing gifts for Xmas.  None will ever be adopted.


Here is an example of conservatives not caring if people die:End Obamacare, and people could die. That’s okay. – The Washington Post


In a world of scarce resources, a slightly higher mortality rate is an acceptable price to pay for certain goals — including more cash for other programs, such as those that help the poor; less government coercion and more individual liberty; more health-care choice for consumers, allowing them to find plans that better fit their needs; more money for taxpayers to spend themselves; and less federal health-care spending. This opinion is not immoral. Such choices are inevitable. They are made all the time.

Yes, all the time indeed.  Each political faction has someone who has to die to save someone else.  Equally cruel is the push  for CO2 energy taxes and cutting back on energy production so that prices rise rapidly and the poor go cold. Mortuaries overflowing as freezing weather causes rise in deaths – Telegraph: Liberals want high energy prices so that the planet will get much colder and they tell us, this won’t kill us:


The cold snap currently gripping Britain has led to a higher number of deaths across the country, leaving hospital morgues overstretched.
Earlier this month, the charity Age UK warned one older person could die every seven minutes from the cold this winter.


This was predicted by people objecting to the CO2 tax which isn’t harmless.  Back in 2012:  George Osborne’s CO2 tax will double UK electricity bills so they knew this would happen.


CO2 taxes are very regressive.  The only way a poor person can evade this tax is to go without any energy use in their huts.  Here is an example how the new CO2 tax replaced an income tax which is not regressive:  Where Carbon Is Taxed


BC inaugurated its carbon tax on July 1, 2008 at a rate of $10 (Canadian) per metric ton (“tonne”) of carbon dioxide. The tax incremented by $5/tonne annually, reaching its current level of $30 per tonne of CO2 in July 2012. At the U.S.-Canadian dollar exchange rate (1.00/0.93) in July 2014, and converting from tonnes to short tons, the B.C. tax now equates to around $25 (U.S.) per ton of CO2.


All carbon tax revenues are being returned to taxpayers through personal income and business income tax cuts, as well as a low-income tax credit, fulfilling the 2008 promise of revenue-neutrality by Carole Taylor, who as BC finance minister shepherded the tax to implementation.


Poor people who pay no taxes (especially the elderly) get no real benefit.  The entire point of this tax is to make energy too expensive for the poor so use drops.  As the poor die off, of course.  Liberals make no bones about this: it is their plan!  They will accuse the rich of killing the poor while doing this, too.


A year ago, Japan Introduces New Tax on Carbon Emissions which is a lot less than the Canadian tax.  On a side note, 98% of Canada was under a mile of ice during all the Ice Ages and of all the places on earth, it is the one most vulnerable to being totally glaciated.  It has the most to fear Ice Age conditions and is presently covered with snow except for the West Coast sliver.


Back to Japan: No. of long-term orphanage residents on the rise.  Japan has been mired in a long, long depression even while its reserve funds has risen to one of the highest on earth thanks to their trade surplus with Europe and the US, it is run like North Korea in various brutal ways. The middle class is being squeezed mercilessly while the lower classes are being killed off and the population of Japan is falling rapidly.


One would think in this super low birth rate nation, adoptions would be fantastic.  Instead, it looks more like the Ukraine orphanage nightmare except no foreigners are allowed to enter Japan and adopt these poor children:


In February 2013, the ministry conducted a survey of the approximately 48,000 children who live with either foster families or in orphanages, in an effort to learn about the current state of the welfare, TBS reported. According to the results, the number of children living in orphanages was 29,979. Of this group, 12,414, or approximately 41%, had been living there for five years or longer, while the number of children that had been living there 12 years and longer was 12,414 or 7%.


In both categories, the ministry reported increased percentages when compared to a previous study conducted in 2008.


Furthermore, the survey highlighted that although the percentage of young infants who return to their guardians is 23, the number of children who actually get adopted or remain in foster care is only 9%. Overall, the percentage of children who have remained and will likely continue to remain in orphanages has risen to 62%, TBS reported.


This is the world’s #3 economy!  Japan is NOT poor.  The people are poor but the nation isn’t poor.  There is zero excuse for this strange, horrible mess.  These children are highly adoptable, globally, many people would adore adopting Japanese orphans.  But no, they are left homeless and lonely and unprotected when they are 18 and kicked to the curb.


The vast majority don’t go to college, for example.  They usually end up in the underworld economy in Japan living on the dark fringes.  Here one of the readers talks about this terrible, invisible situation:


These orphanages are a form of child abuse. Children raised in orphanages show lower IQ scores, higher rates of mental problems and a host of other social and physical problems than children who are raised in foster care or adopted.
And if you’re a bottom line type of person then consider that it costs about 10 times more to put a child in an orphanage than to pay a foster family. Foster families aren’t ideal, but they’re considerably better for the child than orphanages, cheaper for the taxpayer and everyone wins.
… but orphanages persist, an outmoded anachronism that hurts children and costs the taxpayer more than is necessary.
In Japan, with its “guarantor” system things are even worse. Young adults who come out of these institutions can’t get credit cards, can’t get student loans (the percentage of orphans who go to university is 300% lower than in the general population), and often can’t even get jobs because many Japanese companies still place a lot of emphasis on family.

There is no organization representing these children.  Obviously, politically connected orphanages are making money from the government by warehousing these poor children so no one wants to change it.  Indeed, they are making is grow WORSE. There are more and more children in these orphanages.


From this year:  Witness: Lack of Support in Japanese Orphanages | Human Rights asks questions… two years earlier: Disaster Highlights Plight of Japanese Orphans – TIME which is an American publication.  After Japan’s Tsunami: Where Will the Orphans Go? was asked and the answer was simple: to these horrible orphanages.


Your Christmas Gifts Arrived at the Japanese Orphanage! – Rachel Belle | these happy liberal women flies to Japan creating CO2 pollution to deliver presents to orphans.  The Americans and the Japanese guy making his living on caring for children who will never, ever be adopted by anyone, are all smiling hugely.


I see virtually no smiles on the children’s faces.  Some of them look very depressed.


 Each kid asked for one special gift, but because of your generosity they ended up with a whole lot more.


“I would say every kid got at least three to four gifts,” said Gemini from her home on the military base in Misawa, Japan. “The things that they want are really, ‘I want a pillow.’ ‘I want some socks.’ ‘I’d like some makeup.’ You know, these really little things. They got everything on their list but I think the spirit of generosity overtook them because I did not see kids getting any less than four gifts each.”


WHAT THE HELL????  Rich Japan’s orphans have to beg foreign ladies for SOCKS????  Why on earth are they begging for these ‘little things’?  A PILLOW?????????  Good lord.  Next, they might ask for another bowl of porridge.  Where is Dickens?


It turns out these various orphanages are run by religious organizations who go overseas for money since the Abe gang cut funding by 40%.  No one seems to be working hard to change the heartless Abe laws or force Japan to change.  Those poor children!  Everyone’s toy and no one’s responsibility when they grow up.


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5 responses to “Conservatives Kill People And Liberals Kill People: Both Point Fingers

  1. LOU

    Japan is a land where Koreans who have lived there for decades are still seen as foreign.
    I dont know how much charity exists among Japanese.
    I do know that Whites should save their charity for other Whites, preferably Christian Whites.

    EMS has posted ‘all charities are scams’.

    Heres a jewish scam,‘A few years ago I used to hear persistent and annoying radio ads for some group called “Kars 4 Kids”– it sounded like some homespun midwestern charity group, but it never quite told you whom the charity benefited. The commercials drove me nuts with the kids singing off-key.
    Basically, you do a little digging and see that it’s a racket that funnels money to “Jewish children and their families”– yeah, because they’re SO destitute they need other people to pay for their good times.[are half of American Jewish families millionaires?]
    And a few years ago they were being investigated for blowing 5 million dollars on shady real estate investments.
    Using “kids” to bring in the dollars…nice.’

  2. e sutton

    A common thread in Japan as well as America is that the governing elite have no compassion for the ones who are poor and cannot provide for themselves. This is evident in America as well. Children, despite being born in a rich country, often do without. The percent who qualify for free and reduced lunch due to poverty is at a fifty year high. Females are sexualized at an early age and used to sell sex. Girls as young as five wear makeup and scanty clothes. The message is clear: You are here to serve the needs of men. They are your overlords. You have no value if you do not please a man.

    Obamacare is a racket that forces people to buy “insurance” at extremely high rates while literally getting nothing in return. The plan is to bankrupt the middle class who pay into it as well as to weed out the ranks of the lower class. Everything flows upward to the ruling class and as an added goody, they get the pleasure of watching the poor writhe in pain and misery before they ultimately die. These are some extremely sick people in power today. Any true sense of responsibility, compassion, or fairness is completely missing. Unlike Japan, there is no status in being a citizen of the U.S. Obama tells those Americans lucky enough to have jobs that they must pay for foreigners who invade our shores and use up what’s left of our remaining, threadbare social services. The Bilderburgers want one world government and anyone outside of the 1 – 3% are deemed dispensable and unimportant.

  3. Floridasandy

    Obamacare is 1600 pages of insurance and regulations which nobody got though before they signed it. If that same effort and cost was pumped into actual health care how much better off would we all be? The connected get richer, and everybody else is forced to pay for it. Mandatory insurance is anti-American.
    I can also can pretty much see where this new “Cuba thing”will end, and we won’t be on the receiving end– as usual. Interesting how a new passenger (read freight) line is trying to be pushed on us here in florida. How many more jobs can Americans lose?
    Right now Ben Carson is looking pretty good to me for saying that we have to close our borders first before anything else. There isn’t much protectionism in America anymore with our current batch of politicians, and they should be the ones out there trying to find a job that can feed their families —without just sucking it out of the private sector workers.
    They have had it too easy for too long.

  4. e sutton


    Ben Carson is just another negro who bows to the Zionist Bilderberg agenda. The only thing that will stop their insanity is the complete dismantling and rebuilding of America and the world as we now know it. It’s a frightening prospect, but what’s even more terrifying is the Zionists moving forward with their evil plans. Prepare accordingly.

  5. Petruchio

    Floridasandy: I have been meaning you welcome back to this website, so welcome back. I don’t agree with most of what you say, but it’s good to have all points of view presented here.

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