US Leaders And Media Giants Slow To Mention Nemtsov Assassin Arrests

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Most US top media have tried very hard to avoid telling Americans the news that Putin had nothing to do with the assassination of Nemtsov.  Two minutes after I began writing about how the Washington Post was hiding the news, up pops this story: March 8 at 12:37 PM—Russia holds five men from North Caucasus in Nemtsov killing – The Washington Post.  The Post story fixes this embarrassing mess by claiming that Putin created a bad atmosphere and thus, was still responsible.


Evidently, one of the terrorists who conspired to kill Putin opponents and then have NATO blame Putin, blew himself up with a hand grenade when the cops surrounded his house.


I took a screen shot of the WP stories in their archives showing they refused to report the arrests in Russia and we see above how these stories went totally after Putin calling him ‘Stalin’ and then assuming the Russian police would not investigate this assassination properly.  Here is Google’s stories today:

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The NYT still won’t mention the arrests.  I am certain they are very flustered by this.  The CIA has many assets in Chechnya.  These go way back in time to the 1950’s.  Former CIA Official Lied in Boston Bombing Cover-Up


In his interview, Graham Fuller admitted that a second bombshell disclosure in an exclusive Apr 26, 2013, report headlined Boston bombers’ uncle married daughter of top CIA official also was true: The Tsarnaev Brothers’ uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, was his former son-in-law.


Tsarni was married to Graham Fuller’s daughter Samantha between 1994 and sometime near the dawn of the millenium, Fuller grudgingly admitted. Still, he insisted,without explanation, that suggestions that law enforcement should be checking to see if Ruslan Tsarni had “hooked up” with the CIA through Fuller were “absurd.” , also was true: The Tsarnaev Brothers’ uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, was his former son-in-law.


It was an odd assertion. At the very moment he was making it, investigators with the FBI—who remained convinced the Tsarnaev Brothers had outside help and support—were in an intensive manhunt to find foreign connections to the case. Asking questions about links between Ruslan, the CIA, and the bombers would not be seen as out of bounds. Or would they?


Of course, statements by former top CIA officials should be taken with a large grain of salt. Double the salt allowance if the “former” official is still engaged in intrigue in Central Asia.


Read the entire article at Mad Cow News.  The drug runners in foreign lands, in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Eurasia all have CIA contact points all over the place.  This happened during the Vietnam War, for example.  It makes money for the Company in DC and it spreads fear and chaos and destroys societies, too.


The Mafia/CIA deep water connections have been noticed more than once and is a good way to get snuffed (assassinated).  One of the Boston Bombers worked for US Aid in Chechnya before being brought over here to live and die violently.


Looks like the NYT has put the assassin arrests in Russia deep in the back pages which I can now find if I search their site with the proper words!  Amazing.  Front page blasts at Putin blaming him falsely and whispers in the back room when he is totally exonerated.  Now if only we can really see a real investigation of the Malaysian jet shot down in Ukraine!  That will be a real miracle.


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11 responses to “US Leaders And Media Giants Slow To Mention Nemtsov Assassin Arrests

  1. ziff

    Isn’t it odd that the one?] country where the opposition gets murdered on a regular basis is putins russia,, hmmm,,,,,?

  2. emsnews


    Aside from the killing of political people (especially fringe parties) goes on all the time in Europe, the US, South America, Africa and Asia. Sheesh.

    Furthermore: the leaders of ‘opposition parties’ are anything but that. The majority of them belong to the Bilderberg Gang are are very united against their own voters which is why nothing much changes when parties rise and fall.

    They are Corsican Twins so why kill anyone? They are buddies! The Bushes and the Clintons are VERY friendly, for example.

  3. Jim R

    They don’t really need any new information, because they solved it within minutes of the crime:

  4. JT

    Checnya is where Putin has his reserves of genocidal murderers and rapists.
    This one was a police officer?

    And Kadyrov already announced the motive too.
    Charlie Hedbo cartoons and western liberalism.

    What kind of an idiot do you have to be to believe any of this FSB bullshit?

    That man may or may not be the shooter.
    But he was sent by someone else.

    The murder was a theatrical show and a message to all critics.
    Location was carefully selected too

    Elaine sure gobbles up any FSB bullshit thrown her way.
    She is much more critical of US bullshit, maybe because she knows something about that.

    The proof on FSB being behind Moscow bombings lies in the pile of bodies of journalists and critics investigating it.

    Nemtsov was to release proof of Russian troops in Ukraine in less than 24 hours. He ended up dead.

    Or then Putin just is the luckiest man alive.

  5. emsnews

    Great way to be stupid.

    You never ask WHY??? It is obvious: there is zero reason for Putin to kill this guy. The last thing he wanted, when he has a popularity rating over 70%, to knock off a fringe party leader who isn’t wildly popular.

    As for killing off or destroying reporters: GOOD LORD! This happens in the US all the time. You just don’t see it in your news due to the fact that NATO news media says nothing, there is no bellowing about it!!!!

  6. emsnews

    Mainstream reporters aren’t killed because they are mouthpieces of the Bilderberg gang, by the way.

  7. Jim R

    Sometimes with quite a bit of drama, such as Michael Hastings.

  8. emsnews

    You report about the Bilderberg gang and you never get a reporting job again. Write the word ‘Bilderberg’ in any online forum run by this gang, you are banned for life. Like say, at the NY Times.

    The NYT used to print my letters in the past, by the way, about once every six months and mainstream TV interviewed me on say, CNN or ABC news or local channels in New York City.

    I was even dubbed ‘The Housewife from Hell’ by the NYC Daily News way back in 1982, for example.

    Now? You will never see me in the news, no matter what, even when I do huge things that irritate our rulers and which normally would be big news.

    Whining about Russian censorship is stupid when we have very strict censorship here.

    Former US President Jimmy Carter is NEVER in the news due to him going after the Bilderberg gang. He is totally invisible now!

  9. Lou

    What is the connection from The Bilderbergers to Israel?

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