Ring of Corruption In International FIFA Soccer: Former Children Games Cause Massive Bribery Schemes

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FIFA’s Sepp Blatter expected to be interviewed by Swiss authorities ‘in days’: Sepp looks remarkably like Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings when he tries to get the Ring back from Frodo and momentarily reveals his greed/lust for power created by the Ring.  Sepp Blatter let corruption thrive in the FIFA.  A number of crooks who feathered their nests are now under inditement.  The Swiss raided their bolt holes in five star hotels this week.  These crooks pocketed over $130 million.  The corruption and bribes also thrive in the Olympic Committee which is why they are holding the Olympics in Fukushima, Japan.

This is all very much like how the Catholic Church is run or other massive international organizations that are beholden to no one in particular and which write their own rules.  Naturally, the big shot Bilderberg gangsters who are forcing liberal leftists in the US to back their campaign to regain even more power, are entangled in all this:  Clinton Foundation took $1.25m from FIFA, Qatar and World Cup committee.


You can bet, these bribes were for ‘speeches’ about really boring stuff.  There is virtually no speeches by other Clinton that is memorable unlike say, Kennedy or Eisenhower’s last speech or even Nixon!  They are real snoozers.  I suspect the money is paid to shut them up.  The Clinton crooks also tell delusional leftists that we are going to roast to death and they will save the planet while pocketing millions in bribes from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  They also fly all over the earth, have carbon footprints the size of Godzilla.


The foundation’s website praises the Qatari World Cup committee for being ‘committed to utilizing its research and development for sustainable infrastructure at the 2022 FIFA World Cup to improve food security in Qatar, the Middle East, and other arid and water-stressed regions throughout the world.’


And Bill Clinton himself was reportedly livid beyond words when the U.S. lost the bid for the 2022 tournament.


The Sydney Morning Herald reported then that he was so angry after the announcement that Qatar had won that he closed the door to his hotel suite and hurled an object at a mirror, shattering the glass.


Australia and Japan were seen as likely rivals who might have won soccer’s ultimate quadrennial event, but not Qatar. The country at the time lacked the basic requirements, including a large enough soccer stadium.


The ‘sustainable development’ initiative linked to the Clinton Foundation includes a plan to use carbon neutral solar power to fuel air conditions in five stadiums yet to be built.


So, Japan wanted this, too, and you can bet, would plant a number of the events in Fukushima.  Note also the tripe about making this jet set event ‘sustainable’.  IT IS NOT.  If the idiot ideology of global warming made any sense at all, it would end all these international games.  No more Olympics which eat resources and energy like mad.  No more centralized global games.  All should end, today.  Leftists should be demanding termination of all these games and an end to all international global warming meetings including the one in Paris.  Shut it all down if we are going to roast to death while freezing!


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19 responses to “Ring of Corruption In International FIFA Soccer: Former Children Games Cause Massive Bribery Schemes

  1. charlottemom

    Of course FIFA is corrupt, politically-motivated and money-driven. No dispute there, has been for years just as the Olympics as you note. However the timing is curious as is the fact that it is the FBI not Interpol driving this. Could this have something to do with Russia hosting the 2018 World Cup and that offenders are primarily from BRIC nations that are pulling away from the West? Us to world: All your bribes are ours!
    The US is a bit player in the soccer world. I’m very cynical that US pursuit of this is truly driven by love of the game to appease American soccer mom disenchantment with FiFA.
    I would love global sport orgs to be disbanded but that’s not the US angle here.

  2. Peter C.

    The timing of the FIFA arrests has been questioned as they were just about to vote on censuring Israel for their treatment of Palestine soccer players.

  3. Maddie's Mom

    “Shut it all down”…
    I couldn’t agree more but wake me up when they throw some banksters in jail.

  4. JimmyJ

    Yup the Israel expulsion vote timing doesn’t pass the stench test as neither does the timing re the Russian hosting of the world cup. This is political not criminal.

  5. Narciso Lopez

    Silly Elaine jumping to false assumptions. International sports committees are always corrupt but you never hear of the US raiding the offices of the IMF, World Bank, etc.

    The Fifa arrests was nothing but a US attempt at a coup d’etat. The US wanted to strip Russia of the 2018 world cup and to award itself the world cup that “should have” been awarded to them. Blatter said the world cup was going no where and that boycotts had nothing to do with sports. The US has no real clout in Fifa so with the Europeans decided to attempt a coup with someone more admendable to their wishes.

    Blatter was going to win the election that was held today and the US and Europe wanted to install the Jordanian puppet that would hand power back to them instead of those third worlders with all those votes (Vote was 133-73).

    Not to say fifa isn’t corrupt but blatter has been spreading the wealth to the smaller voting members while stripping the Europeans of world cup berths little by little and redistributing them more equally (Europe has 13 out of 32 slots and rumblings that those spots are on the chopping block; other confederations have .5-5 spots each).

    Its a coup against blatter’s redistribution (corruption if you want to call it that) from the bigger nations to the smaller ones.

  6. DM

    :). Agree with #’s 1,2,3,4, and 5

  7. Dick

    LOL Elaine for the pictures of bilbo baggins….hilarious AND true…

    What a scumbag

  8. When you cut all the crap away it is all about getting control of FIFA. yes it is purely political. As corruption is the what runs governments. The US tolerates any amount of corruption as long as fealty to the US is sworn by the corrupt.

    I do wonder if the Olympics Games should legalise drug cheating and be re named the Pharmaceutical Olympics. The pole vault could be sponsored by Pfizer and Viagra. The sprint racing could be sponsored by a crystal meth lab >:)

    The possibilities are endless.

    Clean up Ice Hockey by getting the players to smoke marijuana sponsored by the local medical marijuana co. Lets see them try and fight when stoned.

  9. Elaine Supkis

    As I pointed out the obvious: the bribery/corruption crap is ALL OVER THE PLACE. It is insidious, constant and international. Everyone does it just like everyone is faking the money game in banking and finance.

    The world is flooded with bribes and with fake money which pays these bribes. The ‘morality’ here is nonexistent.

    By the way, I am rather tired and annoyed with all international sports especially the now out of control Olympics. It is all quite destructive.

    Furthermore, all this crap involves encouraging and doing tons and tons of CO2-stuff with jets, private jets, yachts and other carbon footprint junk which is very infuriating since the same internationalists doing all this, encouraging all this are also the exact same assholes screaming about how CO2 from flying, etc. is causing GLOBAL WARMING and we are all going to die if we don’t move into Tiny Houses and cease traveling all over the planet.

    The shit storms created by these corrupt crooks is accompanied by a scream fest about CO2 and bribery which is ironic as crazy hell.

  10. Elaine Supkis

    Also note that this bribery news, in Europe at least, shows the Clintons have their fingers in that pie, too. Every pie, in fact. Another point overlooked by many here in the US due to ignorance.

  11. Maddie's Mom

    Amen!, Elaine.

  12. Jim R

    It’s a good thing US law enforcement has caught everyone who stuck chewing gum to the bottom of their theater seats, and has nothing else to do.

    That must be why they are arresting people in Switzerland, right?

  13. Elaine Supkis

    It does seem that the US is interested in arresting the commissioners due to the Palestine vote which has been dropped.

    This doesn’t change the fact that corruption did run rampant. But again: this is how ALL ‘charities’ and ‘sports organizations’ and other entities are run today. Exploitation machines.

    This is old news, too: the Catholic Church taxed everyone in Europe not for CO2 but for tithing to ‘share the wealth with the poor’ which turned out to be the Popes and the crew servicing the Church who hogged everything which led to the Reformation which shattered their grip on power.

    The Papal Palace is a monument to this rampant theft.

  14. Jim R

    The Popes were poor — they took a vow of poverty, you know. Heh, heh.

    Those gold-threaded robes didn’t belong to them, they belonged to the Church.

  15. Petruchio

    @#14Jim: Jim if what you say is true, how are the male prostitutes paid for and who pays them? HaHa….

  16. Elaine Supkis

    The same way the Queen of England is ‘poor’. 🙂

  17. Jim R

    Yup. Those eighty bazzilion acre estates in the countryside with 250 bedroom castles and staffs of hundreds, belong to the “Crown”.

  18. Lou

    This is worth a listen,

  19. Lou

    see the link above—-

    ‘Also note that this bribery news, in Europe at least, shows the Clintons have their fingers in that pie, too. Every pie, in fact. Another point overlooked by many here in the US due to ignorance.’

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