Chaos Engulfs Europe, EU Leaders Apply Tiny Bandaid To Million Male March

I am just amazed at how paralyzed Germany’s leader, Merkel, has been lately with the flood of Muslim males pouring into Germany.  This is now a major disaster which will breed very nasty internal disasters across Germany and into France, England and the other upper class EU countries as these men seek somewhere to plant themselves.  In the news is this ‘solution which is way too little, way too late: Balkan, EU leaders agree to coordinate on migrants | Reuters


After talks throughout Sunday evening that began with what officials described as a round of leaders “venting” at each other’s conduct, the 11 governments issued a pledge to work together, along with a 17-point action plan that includes United Nations-aided accommodation for 100,000 people, half of them in Greece.


“Unilateral action may trigger a chain reaction,” the joint statement read – reflecting what is already fact, as states have variously sealed off borders or moved and deposited busloads of undocumented migrants at their neighbors’ frontiers.


“Countries affected should therefore talk to each other. Neighbors should work together along the route,” the statement said.


Meeting host Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Union executive, said: “We have made very clear that the policy of simply waving people through must be stopped.”


Germany is promising Slovenia money for an extra 400 border police, for example.  How they can stop the absolute army of mainly fighting age men is a marvel to me.  Impossible, of course, they will simply stand aside and herd them towards Germany.


Merkel is rapidly becoming toxic to German voters who only just this week are waking up to the mess she created.  This 100,000 accommodation which doesn’t exist right now is about 10% of the number of people pouring into Europe this last three months.  Namely, it is a bandaid designed to fool increasingly upset voters.  I think Germans can do basic math, I recall going to school there and we had advanced math courses in the high schools back then.


They can add, subtract and MULTIPLY.  Ahem.  Eurosceptics claim victory in landmark Poland election as all of Europe will go very hard right wing in future and present elections.  Uproar over German fireman who set asylum shelter ablaze as people take action.  Germany says fence along Austrian border wouldn’t stop migrants which is silly.


Of all people, Merkel should understand how this works, she grew up on the East German side of the Soviet fences.  I was arrested after giving a speech in West Germany about how I was going to enter East Germany in 1968 via Prague…that summer (a short while later, the Soviet army crushed the revolt there!).


More insane news: Death toll from US Kunduz hospital bombing rises to 23, as MSF confirms another staffer dead as the US continues to deny responsibility for this war crime, so typical of similar crimes during the Vietnam War.Pentagon to Delay Report on Afghan MSF Hospital Attack because rewriting history takes time and trouble.


But here is their excuse, it seems:  US Army intelligence system said down during hospital attack.


 Oct. 3, 2015 AFGHANISTAN: Hospital bombing death toll at 16, 3 children THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP)—The international charity Doctors Without Borders said at least 16 people including nine local staffers were killed when its clinic came under “sustained bombing” Saturday in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz, where Afghan officials said helicopter gunships had returned fire from Taliban fighters sheltering in the facility.


AFGHANISTAN: Hospital bombing death toll at 16, 3 children – Press Enterprise

OCTOBER 23, 2015 U.S. Claims $5 Billion Intelligence System “Offline” At Time Of Afghan Hospital Bombing


Apparently any time something happens that calls into question the nobility of the U.S. mission to protect the planet, you can chalk it up to a coincidental intelligence “systems failure” … 9/11, no WMDs in Iraq, ISIS appearing out of nowhere…. It’s an old tactic that dates back much further, but continues to be recycled nonetheless.


NYT Big Lie Claims Russia Bombing Syrian Hospitals: since we are doing this right now, our government desperately needs to pretend Russia is doing this, too.  Zero proof, of course.


Baghdad Allows Russia to Bomb ISIL Terrorists Running From Syria Into Iraq as Putin continues to change US/Israeli plans.  Meanwhile, For US Troops in Afghanistan, a Dangerous Mission Continues on and on and on and on.


Tony Blair takes blame for Iraq War and admits conflict caused ISIS | Daily Mail Online


‘I’m sorry’: Historic moment Tony Blair FINALLY apologises for Iraq War and admits in TV interview the conflict caused the rise of ISIS
Former PM makes the confession after 12 years of refusing to apologise
Blair says he is sorry for his conduct which has now led to ‘hell’ in Iraq
Says there is an element of truth that the war caused the rise of ISIS
Comes after Lord Blunkett revealed he had challenged Blair about the war


Perhaps we can do this to Blair and Bush:  New ISIS video shows yet another sick method of execution as it crushes 19-year-old captive under the tracks of a battle tank.  Blair doesn’t consider himself a war criminal which is why we need a trial of his activities and NOT in the EU.  But in Iraq.


This just came in:  Russian submarine and spy ship operations near vital undersea internet cables gives U.S. cause for concern.  HAHAHA.  Too funny.


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16 responses to “Chaos Engulfs Europe, EU Leaders Apply Tiny Bandaid To Million Male March

  1. Jim R

    Gee I wonder what gave the US the idea that submarines might tinker with undersea cables?

    Meanwhile back in the Ukraine, they have discovered ‘irregularities’ in the counting, but only in those oblasts where opposition (to ‘maidan’) candidates won. Funny how that works. A lot of them want their old crook back. Yanukovych.

  2. Melponeme_k

    All of Europe is going to turn into a Brazil Favela or an outtake from “Assault on Precinct 13”. And the Elites have NO PROBLEM with this because they will be able to afford to wall themselves in and live in luxury. In fact it gives them a thrill to do so. Being rich is that much richer when you see beggars outside your walled compounds.

    Of course being kidnapped is no fun, but that doesn’t stop them.

  3. Jim R

    Perhaps we can do this to Blair and Bush: New ISIS video shows yet another sick method of execution as it crushes 19-year-old captive under the tracks of a battle tank.

    As satisfying as that thought might be, I wish for Bush and Blair and Cheney and the rest of the “neocons”, “neoliberal” war criminals to stay healthy and live long lives. I wish for them to live long enough to face trials for what they have done. Public trials. If it takes fifty years.

    I wish for future generations to be told about them living long life sentences in prison. When I was little, there was a Nazi still in prison in Berlin. Albert Speer, he was convicted in the Nuremberg trials… I don’t remember what he did, but he was there for a very long time after WWII.

  4. Jim R

    Couple twitter remarks on the Ukraine “democratic process”…

  5. Malcolms x

    from comments at,

    She comes from Communist nobility and could well be a secret Jew.

    She obviously has zero loyalty to Germany or the West. Isn’t there such a thing in Parliamentary System as a vote of no confidence and emergency elections?

  6. Christian W

    I am just amazed at how paralyzed Germany’s leader, Merkel, has been lately with the flood of Muslim males pouring into Germany.

    Europe has lost it’s sovereignty.

    Europe are vassal states to Mordor, run by Ring Wraiths like Merkel (and Blair. Obama is another btw). Ring Wraiths are leaders of no substance or integrity, incapable of independent action, mere tools in the service of their Master.

    Merkel is, very deliberately, paving the road to turn Germany (read Europe) into Ukraine, a failed state fit for economic looting and only useful as a platform for NATO. Soon, within a decade or two) Germany/Europe will see some CIA run Maidan square show (or similar false flag event) install a totalitarian government.

  7. Ken

    Where did all of these Middle Eastern and African people get brand new winter weather gear? I don’t have a winter coat this warm and nice. And who is feeding them to give them the energy to endure these long treks in cold weather?

    The liberals strike again!

  8. Malcolms x

    They are organized. Who organized them? How did they get from Africa and Syria? This is a planned invasion.

  9. Christian W


    Liberals? Yes, let them starve, freeze and drown. That will teach them.


    The Horde Invasion (it’s not only Africa and Syria, it’s Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine too) is very definitely organized. Some of the refugees are second or third generation refugees from the Palestinan refugee camps in SYRIA fleeing ISIS… So they are being bounced from Palestine, to Syria, to wherever.

    Thanks a lot, Oh Zionist Masters of Chaos.

    The Norwegian Prime Minister just came out to talk about “limits” to how many refugees Norway can accept.

    It’s actually sort of funny. Some tiny half empty places out in the dark boonies are suddenly 25% Syrian or something, practically overnight.

  10. Christian W


    Saudi Royal caught in Jordan smuggling 2 tons of drugs to ISIS in his private jet.

  11. Petruchio

    The elites are fully aware of how disruptive and damaging and unpopular this mass migration of foreigners is in the affected countries. THEY DON”T CARE! Actually, his Is exactly what they want, because this accomplishes two things that are desirable to the elites. One, it creates a flood of immigrants to countries thereby swamping each nation’s Social Services. The elites have a DEEP hatred of spending money on anyone or anything other than themselves. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you overrun a Social Safety Net with too many (NONTAXPAYING) individuals, the system goes broke. That’s objective one. Second objective: it is no coincidence that these million migrants are mostly young males. The elites, imho, see this issue as having two options. One, if these military age males stay in Syria (or Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) stay in their native countries, a good percentage of them will pick up AK-47’s and start (finish?) learning about making and using IUD’s. Watch a video sometime of an IED blasting a Abrams tank to smithereens sometime. A tank! An IED can blast a HEAVILY armored vehicle as if it were a can of tomato soup. The warmonger will talk warmongering all day, but they also know that their wars in the Middle East have not gone well at all. So the elites have decided to do as much damage as they can before they finally tap out. Disgusting.

  12. Christian W

    Indeed, Petruchio.

    Also add the fact that these unemployed males will serve the same function ‘illegal aliens’ (what a ridiculous term) are doing in the US, namely Union busting, WHICH DESTROYS THE POLITICAL SYSTEM.

    Nice one two punch, kick Volkswagen in the nuts (ie deindustrialize Germany) and flood Germany with ‘illegal aliens’ drawing huge welfare checks.

    Then once the political system is undermined it’s time for the Knock Out blow – the Oligarchs move in and take over the political system once and for all, US style, or Ukraine style if needed. Ukraine is a dress rehearsal for the destruction of Europe. Maybe there will be a need for a little ‘false flag massage’ 9/11 style or Maidan style first, but that is the expertise of the CIA and US State Department and a minor matter.

    Some other comments:

    in Norway the Norwegian Prime Minister actually said she wants Norway to avoid having a ‘Swedish situation’. That is actually funny in a twisted way.


    (I see I got the info on the Saudi Prince caught drug smuggling wrong, sorry about that. They were smuggling drugs (speed) out of Lebanon to Saudi Arabia. Guess it is for the Saudi forces at war in Yemen since there was so much of it).

  13. emsnews

    This is deja vu all over again.

    I was in Europe when everything erupted in 1968 and I was also dead center in this eruption and was deported because of my involvement in this eruption when I gave a speech about how I was going to enter East Germany via Prague (remember the Prague spring of 1968???) and…was chased down and captured by the German State Police and hauled off to their headquarters where they had this huge Olympic swimming pool and while LBJ and the German government argued about how to deport me without revealing anything, I got to swim by myself while my guards got to watch so I had fun teasing them by singing the Rhine maiden music from Wagner’s Der Ring Der Nibelungen while plunging in and out of the water and waving my arms or legs at them…had plenty of guards…heh.

    Sigh. Today, another story, ain’t 16 years old no more, no more. Older than 61, even. Yikes.

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