More Pit Bull Kill Stories: During BBC Pit Bull Interview, Dog Kills Owner


In England, a pit bull killed his owner when the BBC was filming them.  HAHAHA.  I bet it was supposed to be a story about how loving and kind and loyal these killer dogs really are?  If it was to illustrate how dangerous pit bull dogs are, then why isn’t the BBC showing us the dog attack?  I would watch it for amusement.


A pit bull killed its owner while he was talking to BBC reporters about how sweet his dog was.


A 41-year-old man died after being bitten on the neck at his home in Wood Green, North London, police said.  Last night it was claimed BBC staff were present at the time as the man was taking part in a documentary.


A BBC spokesman told Sky: “We are aware of an incident but we cannot comment any further as it’s an ongoing investigation.”


Nothing prevents the BBC from admitting they witnessed this attack!  But of course, they have to lie.  For some very bizarre reason, these deadly dogs are proliferating like crazy and at the same time, many lie about what these dogs really do.  Even a very friendly, loving pit bull can kill.


All they need is to be feeling badly for some reason like pain somewhere, or feeling paranoid, or being irritated about something: once they go into attack mode, they cannot be stopped except violently. They are extremely dangerous dogs.

A pit bull dog at the airport in Hawaii broke free and tried to attack an airport guard who was ordering the owners of the dog to move out of where they illegally parked their car and dog.  The family wants to sue the airport and I hope a judge throws the book at the owners of this dangerous dog which tried to attack an employee there.


This isn’t the first pit bull dog to run riot at that airport:  Pit bull dog runs loose at airport but is finally caught by ‘volunteers’…the dog didn’t kill any of the rescuers.

Evidently, according to the above website, there are lots and lots of pit bull dogs running loose in Hawaii. This crazy website has a story about how homeless men with pit bull dogs were forced to give them up when they were camping illegally on the beaches there.

Last year, Big Island police say an officer shot and killed a man and a pit bull. They identified the man as 25-year-old Kalyp Allen Rapoza of Hilo. The man had a knife and an attack dog.  Two creatures went nuts at the same time.  A refusal to see reality is a characteristic of all pit bull dog owners.  One never knows when a pit bull will attack and when they do, they don’t stop.






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12 responses to “More Pit Bull Kill Stories: During BBC Pit Bull Interview, Dog Kills Owner

  1. Hi Elaine,

    As always I love you but must confess I still love my pit bull. He’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned in my long lifetime of many, many dogs and years. He has never hurt anyone.


  2. Lou

    And OJ ‘loved’ Nicole. Then she was dead.

    DAVE–PIt bulls are dual purpose dogs.
    Protective and attack dogs.
    They are loyal and calm, until the other side emerges, that of the charging Rhino.

    On a side note, I know a brit ex pat who has a show Staff [he told me Staffs are pits that are show able and AKC registered]. he just spent thousands of dollars on an orthopedic surgery for it.
    I saw someone in the park w a small bull dog. We chatted.
    The dog is my 10k dog. 2 knee surgeries.

  3. Lou

    I clicked the link. That rescue site is disgusting. Pits should not be around children. They are dangerous around adults as well.

  4. turk151

    What if we we created a pit bull shelter by the Capital. Then if they accidentally got loose, every other day or so, we could claim they are really sweet and adorable, and never imagined they would hurt anyone.

    We could call the shelter, “Give pit bulls a chance,”

  5. Jim R

    You could put it right next to the ‘military-age-male ‘Syrian’ refugee camp!

  6. Petruchio

    With their reputation Pit Bull dogs have, is it really any surprise that so many Black people, especially black males, just LOVE Pit Bulls? No. Actually, Pit Bulls are the perfect dog for the typical black male. I saw yet another Black male walking his Pit Bull dog as yours truly was leaving Casa Petruchio. Pit Bulls fit in with the music Black Males tend to listen to, their attitude towards women and the way they with their fellow black males. The leading cause of death among Black Males is homicide. Violent people, violent dogs.

  7. Moe

    My oldest son loves these dogs. I recall a couple of them he had about 15 years ago. One was large even for a Pit Bull, named Tazz. I called him ‘Junkyard’ because he was ‘crazy as a junkyard dog’.

    Whenever someone walked by on the sidewalk, some 30 feet away, he would go nuts and hammer his head against the window attempting to get at them. The mailman would throw the mail in the front yard, refusing to open the gate and enter the property. Tazz actually had an insane expression: if ever one could typify a dog as paranoid, he was paranoid. I told my son that if the dog even looked at me sideways I would kill right on the spot. He laughed, but knew I meant it and always kept the dog well away from me.

    I shudder to imagine this mutt around people in general, let alone children.

  8. Melponeme_k

    Its always the small children that pay the price for this breed’s inherent violence.

  9. Petruchio

    I don’t know if I have shared this story before, but here goes. A neighbor in Mr. Petruchio’s neighborhood had a dog (Pit bull mix type) who attacked and killed another neighbors small dog, like a Pomeranian. Cops make the Killer Dog’s owner destroy the dog. What does this neighbor do? Gets ANOTHER dog just like the dog that had to be destroyed. There it is. The REAL problem with Pit Bull dogs.

  10. Lou

    2 ‘kills’ by pit and other large dog.
    In going to scene of womans death, dog is it.
    THE ATTACK DOG IS BEING TREATED. WTH? Let it die or kill it.

  11. Lou

    In the ‘Duh’ category—-

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