Anti-free Speech Boston Leftists Riot As Usual, Insane Media Says This Is Peaceful

Protesters clash with police after “free speech” rally in Boston – YouTube CBS news has to lie about simple matters as per usual.

The obnoxious leftists in Boston scared off people like me who wanted to protest Google destroying free speech. 30,000 leftists showed up and when they saw no one else to beat up or terrorize, decided to terrorize the cops instead. So there was a riot. The ‘peaceful’ march wasn’t peaceful at all.

Protesters and police clash in Boston – YouTube


The government wanted to ‘prevent violence’ but no matter what they do, ANTIFA and other leftists want to be violent…duh.  There were virtually no ‘rightwing’ protestors.  There were only crazy leftists who of course, attacked the cops.



The few conservatives gathered at the park and were totally surrounded by leftists many of whom wear masks which puzzles me no end.  The Democrats think this activism attacking any citizens who dare to dispute anything the ANTIFA wants, will make them stronger and they will ride on the back of this leftist suppression of any dissent is turning off regular people.  True, Boston will remain BSSR and not BUSA but the hinterlands are very upset at these leftists using muscle to force everyone to follow their rules which happen to coincide with the Bilderberg desires.


Leftists think they have this ability to do the impossible: women’s rights joining with radical anti-female Muslims is the most glaring.  Gays are told, Muslims love them when Muslims kill gays…LEGALLY…in Muslim countries.  Fanatics can’t argue anything, they simply have sealed and delivered ‘solutions’ which involves them being criminals and using force.  The far right is the same.  The ends justify the means is what ALL radicals believe.

News » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


The Boston march for Google to censor and abuse users was a success.  That is, no one would dare dispute the marchers who want no dialogue they want to bark orders.  What is funniest is, the cities hosting this censorious cancer are dying.  So far, the cancer is only beginning in the ‘tech savvy’ cities in California, the West Coast and New York City/Boston matrix.


The mainstream media is trying to pretend the march in Boston was ‘peaceful’ when it wasn’t.  The radicals battled the cops who were merely directing traffic.  So…if one is going to lie about things, it is best to lie all the time because one peek of reality kills the entire business.  Because it is basically bankrupt.


Islamist Ordered To Pay $3 Million For Destroying Historic Landmarks Right now, DNC politicians in DNC run states are now attacking many ‘Confederate’ statues and the push is on to destroy all statues and such of the founding fathers, etc.  It won’t stop there, once vandalism is encouraged…ask the Chinese about Madame Mao…it goes to the bitter, ugly end.


Here is the head of the police in Boston talking about how he doesn’t want to arrest anyone even if they are violent, he just wants them to go away.  He looks and talks like a weakling.  When NYC was burning down during the 1977 riots, the mayor boasted that he didn’t arrest ANYONE.  I was enraged and made my first appearance in NYC media savagely going after Mayor Beame for doing nothing.


This led to my political career in NYC.  Look, someone with strength, with focus has to stand up to the mobs.  Yielding to them leads to endless riots, I have seen this first hand more than once.


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35 responses to “Anti-free Speech Boston Leftists Riot As Usual, Insane Media Says This Is Peaceful

  1. Lisa

    It seems like only a matter of time before antifa starts burning books and libraries. After all, different ideas are bad and must be destroyed.

  2. Shawntoh

    Good points, Elaine and Lisa.

    Antifa seems typical like any zealots/fanatics with the highest intentions in the infinite universe for our own collective good– paving the way to you-know-where!

    Folks, please note how quickly antifa has become the very evil that they preach against by resorting in frustration to violence “in the name of peace”!

    I certainly don’t see any IRONY deficiency here!


    Pax Antifa? HA!

    Nope. It’s more like “Let’s have a civil war(cultural revolution) so you can go die!”–that is the growing menace of antifa towards anyone who dares to question their methodology and actions.

    Meanwhile, on the notorious west coast in Portland, Oregon–

    Just look at some of the photos–

    The group psychopathy of these Unintentional Neo-Maoists (UNM) proves that just opposing the Alt-Right/White Supremacy/Neo-Nazis doesn’t mean that anyone is the “freedom fighter”– or what ever anyone calls “in the name of ‘good'”– as they understand what “good” is according to what they rationalize after committing their violence.

    The unfortunate lunatic state of being for “true believers” like antifa is that “justice” is an accursed mirage that they will chase and that will lead them. and maybe all of us, out deep into a desolate desert of doom in all respects.

    Take a look at the Rose City Antifa FAQ link below. I’ve never seen more deluded statements with contradictions and so on. Take a look here–


  3. Shawntoh


    Stop the presses!

    In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Noam Chomsky has spoken out AGAINST antifa! Check this out–

    “Noam Chomsky: Antifa is a ‘major gift to the Right'”….

    “…. what they do is often wrong in principle – like blocking talks – and [the movement] is generally self-destructive….”

    –Noam Chomsky, August 17, 2017, Washington Examiner.


    ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

    Here’s someone’s response to say that Chomsky’s remarks are “ill-timed” and “ill-informed”.

    Say what?

    IMHO, this is a creepy Neo-Maoist style delusional reasoning in this rebuttal to Chomsky….

    “6 reasons why Chomsky is wrong about antifa”….

    [I shall list them here in title summary format as mentioned in the rebuttal to Chomsky]

    1) Antifa’s ‘predecessors’ are more significant than Chomsky thinks.
    2) Antifa are ‘a major gift to the Right, including the militant Right, who are exuberant’?
    3) Denying fascists a platform is not ‘wrong in principle’.
    4) Street confrontations are not always won by ‘the toughest and most brutal’.
    5) … and the far-right aren’t always ‘the toughest and most brutal’ anyway.
    6) Physical opposition to fascism does not negate ‘constructive activism’


    ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

    I disagree with the six points of the rebuttal and I agree with Noam Chomsky as his reasoning and logic make better sense. In closing–

    Many thanks to Elaine.

    She is literally a voice crying in the wilderness. She’s a 20th/21st century Cassandra warning a pack of pretentious primates such as us to change our ways while we still can do so. Please let’s follow her sane advice.

    Peace be with all of you.

  4. That list is dead wrong. What we are seeing is a collapse of the police working for the State. This was deliberately rigged by the DNC/GOP BILDERBERG GANG. Why?

    This turns citizens against citizens and then the gang will claim they are saving everyone when they finally give the police/military a green light to KILL ALL THE ANTIFA RIOTERS.

    The people will cheer and praise the police and the police state. All the radical leftists left in Congress will be arrested all at once. See? It is obvious to me.

    The State can’t let the ANTIFA take power. ANTIFA is all Maoist radicals. No, they are funding and encouraging and protecting ANTIFA to crush the right wing conservatives who are ‘freedom lovers’ and then with rampant wild eyed radicals attacking citizens, will destroy ANTIFA in a bloody surge.

    You will see, I have seen this in the past, first hand, close up. I was nearly killed by the raging Maoists way back in 1969 when I rose up to give a speech about how fighting in the streets only strengthens the State. I was literally standing on a chair while they screamed and shook fists at me and chanted stupid junk phrases they memorize.

  5. Nixon crushed them. He won one of the most popular vote elections in US history even AFTER the Watergate event began. He was destroyed because he tangled with the CIA. He attacked my father and tried to use government agencies to harass my father which caused Barry Goldwater to visit him (my father was friends with Barry) and ask, ‘What the hell are you doing?’

    Much of ‘history’ is dark and hidden and no one has to believe a word I say. But just remember, if I am lying, this is still how things operate. The anti-Trump stuff is coming straight from the Bilderberg gang twisting arms, making threats, if anyone refuses to cooperate with this coup, they are punished in public as a warning.

    We are in a coup right now. Trump is the target. They want his own supporters to turn on him over every little itty bitty thing. They may get their ugly wish but this means the counter reaction will be hard and worse.

    That is, there are many millions of very angry voters out there who voted for Republicans while holding their noses and who hate the leftists with a burning passion now.

  6. floridasandy

    it isn’t an accident that the mayor of Charlottesville went to Berkeley.

    They have an agenda, and they think the people are dumb enough to vote for it.

    I noticed the leftist media stated that Bannon was “at war” with Trump )to cause chaos, I guess) when Bannon said no such thing. The tiny brains of our leftist media are underdeveloped, and having a hard time getting anything to stick.. It must be very frustrating, so the beatings will continue until morale improves.

    I salute all those who support FREEDOM, including some ACLU members. Some of them are under attack from the leftists, as well.

    Trump’s supporters aren’t going anywhere, especially aftter the shooting of 6 policeman and the death of 2 in our area-which the media has barely covered. Note that the shooter changed his name to Malik Mohammed Ali, but the media isn’t touching that. They still grab the low hanging fruit, sadly.

  7. Christian W

    Where does this “leftist media” bullshit come from?

    Do you not remember the early mid 2000’s when the last resistance to the Deep State/neocons in the media was vanquished once and for all? How was it done? Simple, the media was accused of having a “leftist” (Democratic) bias. The New Media was supposed to be “Fair and Balanced” (meaning no examination of the criminal power plays of the elites). Free Media (pitiful as it was) died under Dubya Bush.

    Why do you guys fall for this simple trick every… single… time?

    As for the ACLU, they are on the payroll of the Koch brothers. There is no major NGO in the US that is not controlled by Oligarch money.

  8. ziff

    ”Look, someone with strength, with focus has to stand up to the mobs”

    Like Trump ,,, hmmm, well the plain folk who voted for him are not as organized ie from marxist profs outwards, so they don’t have the numbers to counter the mobs. Fade into the woodwork and let the left self-destruct .

  9. Hello, I have been online since Day One. What happened in 2001 was…9/11. This on the heels of the ‘failed election’ which the Supreme Court cheated on declaring a winner and then refusing to let me use it to reform the voting systems…

    Look, NO ONE can discuss nearly ANYTHING online without armies of lunatics attacking. Why is this? People have this crazy beliefs planted in their brains by the CIA as ‘triggers’..

    Very anxious to cover up all the CIA connections to the 9/11 assassins, they launched the ‘bombs in the building’ garbage to mislead people and inside that is planted this ‘attack anyone who disputes this’ mental trick which cause people to be triggered and this, in turn, has silenced all discussion about 9/11. That event is the biggest coup by the CIA so far with the ‘kill/impeach Trump’ mental illness planted in millions of minds of foolish people.

    Who hates Trump the most? CIA OPERATIVES!!! DUH.

    People can’t believe they are manipulated. They like to think they think clearly and are smart. The CIA loves people who think they are smarter than the CIA.

    I grew up inside the CIA. I know how they think and operate due to close proximity.

  10. The left is totally infiltrated by operatives who plant ‘triggers’ which is why none of the leftists want to debate anything. When anyone asks questions, they stop and howl with rage. ‘Don’t look/don’t ask’ they scream. This is another CIA mental plant deliberately inserted in them during their sessions with each other.

    During the Vietnam war, agents would attend meetings and work hard to egg people into being more violent and egg them into conspiring and then being arrested. It was all so very pathetic.

  11. The Deep State revolt was killed on 9/11. And I was there, watching online the destruction of everything we built up back then. This is also when 90% of the mainstream websites ceased allowing any comments. The few that did heavily censored this after 9/11. Now, the Web is ripped to shreds and people can’t talk with each other at all at any time anywhere because of the army of people who exist to cause crashes and who can’t write well so they throw poo.

  12. Christian W

    @ 9

    9/11 garbage is not garbage just because you say so. Simple, basic physics proves your assertion wrong. The next time you hammer a nail you’d do well to ponder Newton’s Third law of Motion.

    The Third Law of Motion states that for any action there is an opposite and equal force. In this case for each part of the top building pushing/falling down, the equal amount of resistance is in place. This was not the case, since there was no resistance.

    It is an undisputed fact, even by NIST, that the towers collapsed at basically free fall speed, a fact that is not possible if there had been resistance in place. No matter how loud you shout down any opposition you still will have to explain how the Third Law of Motion (etc) does not apply in your universe.

    Your personal belief is not proof… 9/11 is not about belief, it is about examining the evidence and following the Scientific principle, something you certainly are not prepared to do for whatever reason. Could it be you don’t want your preconceived opinion (dogma) challenged?

    That is why all you have to come with is CIA disinformation (the fallacious NIST report, accusations that people who challenge the CIA story are “conspiracy theorists”), logical fallacies (disqualifying you from factual discussions) such as distortions of arguments, deflections, obfuscations, accusations, red herrings and on and on.

    In fact, you are guilty of exactly the crime you accuse others on the internet of.

    – You proclaim, without presenting evidence, that only you know the truth.
    – You poison and destroy debate
    – You put yourself as the arbiter of reality… based on your opinion.

    It is you who are protecting the CIA, by supporting it’s story despite it’s absurdity. The only thing the CIA has done is pour a flood of fake 9/11 “truthers” out there to distort the argument (space weapons, holographic planes and what not). Why did the CIA do that when they already had it all wrapped up with the NIST report? Because the NIST report was challenged by the Third Law of Motion and other evidence left out of the NIST report so examination had to be shut down.

    The truth is in the pudding. Did the American people go after the CIA after 9/11? No they did not. Did the American people murder innocent people who had nothing to do with 9/11? A million+ and counting.

    Here we are nearly two decades later, and Americans are still murdering Muslims on a daily basis, and giving up their Constitution and freedoms, because they believe the NIST report, ie the CIA story. That is the mindfuck here.

  13. Yes, and this is why NO ONE talks about 9/11 any more. The fury of the True Believer can’t be endured except I find it all rather funny. As for the CIA: the salient fact here is, if one has brains, is why did a good number of the hijackers train right next to the Bush/retired CIA compound, Jupiter Island, in Florida, which was run by Jeb Bush? Interesting coincidence.

    But believing in phantom bombs is so much fun! Makes one think, one is a superior being understanding this while pros look at you like you are a green horn.

  14. You realize you all let the Bush gang slip the lead and run off. This is annoying but then, seldom do criminal operations like the Bilderberg gang get stopped due to the aura of ‘mystery’ surrounding them. Magic bombs are ‘mysterious’ and only the high priests get to be in on the information that reveals…garbage.

    See? What point is there in clinging to that story? Note that the training of the terrorists were in the Bush family front yard! That, alone, is enough to demand they be examined and cross examined!

    And they were NOT. Not at all. Letting all the Saudis flee was another clue! All this was kept top secret until recently because the Bushes knew this information made them look complicit (and they were complicit) but the revelations, once it was released, went dead on arrival because an army of people ran around screaming there were bombs in the buildings so everyone else just said, ‘What the hell, I give up, this is STUPID.’ Not, ‘Boy, these people are so smart.’ Got it?

  15. PS: I am the arbiter of reality here on my blog. If you hang out at the ‘bombs in the building’ sites they will treat you kindly and pet you and not argue, you will all sing the same song…to a brick wall.

    I failed to get the Bushes arrested. You all failed, massively. I have called for their arrest for years now. And everyone has given up on this, no one mentions it anymore. It is a dead issue and thank you for killing it. You think you are keeping it alive…NOT.

    You guys killed it. And that is so sad. I suppose, the next generation will be even more confused. Many issues get layered with junk like this. It is COMMON, not rare. Magical thinking is fun, I do it, after all.

    But it has a downside if one is hooked to it all. I, on the other hand, know that all things are dealt with at the Gates of Death. The Bush guys will be closely examined by the Watchers. It won’t be fun for them all, since Geronimo has something to say, too.

  16. Christian W

    How did Feynman solve the challenger crash? By applying the Scientific method or Dogma?

    You are the one using logical fallacies (disqualifying you from rational discourse), distortions of arguments, obfuscations, accusations, unsupported opinions etc etc and so on rather than simple sound scientific principles to support your argument. You are the one appealing to your Dogma (religion) here.

    You are the one not using Science.

    You are doing what the CIA does to stop examination of the NIST report, screaming “Conspiracy theorists” on top of your lungs and refusing to refute sound scientific arguments.

    If the NIST report is discredit the CIA has nothing. If the NIST report is written off as the falsification it is, Americans will finally have to deal with the corruption in their government in real terms, not only talk about it.

  17. IF all you guys had real proof, no one would doubt you all. But all you have is suppositions. Got it? Good. Or you can continue to be angry with people who don’t fall for this sort of ‘grandiose thinking’. I can suppose many things, I never expect anyone to believe me, I just toss it out. Note I don’t go nuts when people think I am wrong.

    Your inability to see where you might be wrong is…a sign of brain washing. Beware of brain washing. It is insidious. Ask the CIA about how people are brainwashed.

  18. Christian W

    You don’t have any proof either. Got it?

    What we do have, unlike you, is the Laws of Physics.

    All you got is ignoring evidence of the first responders, torturing science to fit the conclusion and covering up crimes.

    The official NIST/CIA story is that WTC 1, 2 and 7 came down due to fire and fire alone (ie not your theory of debris or cement dust or crummy buildings or other such nonsense causing structural colllapse). They remain the only steel buildings in the world, ever, to come down to fire (supposedly).

    Out of thousands of high rise steel building frame fires, many completely burnt to husks, only these three buildings have collapsed in their own foot print at free fall speeds. WTC 7 was hardly even on fire compared to many other steel frame buildings.

    (The steel frame building in Iran came down due to… explosions, not fire. The firefighters had the fire contained and were going to take out the last few small fires when suddenly explosions started to go off across the building.)

    Moreover. WTC 7 was known to come down before it did, as confirmed by Larry Silverstein, Rudy Guliani, the BBC, MSNBC, Fox News (ie the MSM), police officers on the scene and other media on the scene. Who was the “Fire department chief” who knew this building was collapsing before it did (as the first steel frame building in the world) yet refused to pull out firefighters who were inside as it collapsed?

    So, it is not nuts to call for a real investigation that does not have a foregone conclusion and explains the cause of events in a scientifically satisfactory way, in order to uncover possible crimes.

    If you were honest you could admit that you do not know, but you are not honest, so you cling to made up stories and accuse others who want to know what happened of being conspiracy theorists and shouting down debate. It is nuts to prevent an investigation of a murder scene just to save your personal pride and to protect the CIA story (why?).

  19. Christian W

    The fact that you are using the trick of calling me a “conspiracy theorist” makes me doubt you Elaine. It is just a variation of calling people who criticize Israel “anti-Semites” simply in order to shut down any investigation of their crimes.

    Shame on you.

  20. No, you just think all the elaborate stuff you have been told by others is real and yet cannot understand the concept of ‘hard proof’. Why should anyone believe all your stuff?

    I am baffled about ‘hard proof’ and why it is impossible for many people. Not all things can be proved due to lack of hard proof thus the idea of ‘conjecture’. But you and your buddies believe in a faith, not proof, and get mad when people think your ‘information’ lacks much reality. We can say, ‘We are puzzled’ by events.

    This is different from ‘we know what happened but have zero hard proof.’ So you can’t win a debate with me or anyone else based on belief. See? This is edging into ‘street preacher’ territory with you waving a book and yelling that you know all of the secrets of the universe.

  21. You see, as a lifetime building of buildings and knowing the WTC buildings inside and out…I know what probably happened. And there was zero, nada, not the slightest thing resembling ‘bombs’ involved on 9/11. My skills and past knowledge lets me know, it didn’t happen. That is the end of it.

    You can’t override my knowledge and my abilities. I know you don’t believe me because you are emotional. See? No matter how hard you cry and rage, you won’t get me to believe in something utterly stupid. Period.

    It has nothing to do with the government or the 9/11 commission, it is my own knowledge based on knowing directly a great deal about the WTC complex. I know it like the palm of my hand. It is isn’t this fantasy idea, it is raw, hard won knowledge. Deep inside, not something created by outsiders. It is mine, alone.

    And no one has to believe or understand me…I know what I know. And this is hard knowledge not ‘what I learned on the internet’ stuff.

  22. And it is OK to believe stuff. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, whatever pleases you is fine. Just, when I talk about dentists or daddy is buying you gifts, don’t get mad at me.

    I don’t believe in a magical Jesus. Millions do. I don’t bother trying to make them change their minds but if THEY demand I do it, too, then I make fun of them or I explain patiently that Jesus isn’t the only human to go in and out of the Gates of Death, I have done it more than once, many humans actually have done this it is no big deal!

    Oh, no. Christians get really mad when one says this and they have endless proof which is all hearsay to prove themselves right and no one can stop them, change their minds, nothing. It is called ‘faith’. People need desperately to believe in magic, it is one of the most powerful things in people’s minds. We love it. We need it.

    But…DON’T DEMAND OTHERS COPY YOUR OWN STUFF. It is yours, alone. When you do that, it is a violation of ‘being a human’ what people who do this want is mirror/slaves who obey them.

    I talk about 9/11 when appropriate. It is necessary. It is part of history. The deranged feelings surrounding this event are emotions, not history. All of history is seething with emotions which is why people do horrible things to twist or change or dictate history instead of exploring it.

    History is dangerous which is why a book called ‘1984’ was written by Orwell. It is all about Big Brother rewriting history constantly and demanding everyone ignore reality and follow the history imposed on them from the OUTSIDE. Remember: my memories of 9/11 are totally my own based on my own experience which is considerable. Not something made on top of me. Not at all.

  23. Christian W

    Hard proof.

    FACT. There have been nano carbon particles found in the lungs of the first repsonders, Elaine. That is high tech thermite. (This was ignored, or unknown, to NIST. Ignored by Elaine)

    FACT. Iron-rich spheres and other traces of thermite were found and recorded by FEMA. (Ignored by NIST. Ignored by Elaine)

    FACT. Explosions were heard by the first responders, and recorded. (Ignored by NIST. Ignored by Elaine)

    FACT. Molten steel was described by first responders, and caught on film and reported by FEMA and other agencies after the collapse. (Not only ignored, but denied by NIST. Ignored by Elaine)

    FACT. The official explanation of the collapse of WTC 1, WTC 2 and WTC 3 is that it was a… Miracle! (NIST, Elaine).

    The official NIST explanation of events does NOT explain the collapse of any of the WTC buildings. Not WTC 1, not WTC 2 and certainly not WTC 7. All their explanation models stop at the initiation of the break up of the buldings. (NIST admitted to being unable to explain the collapses. They did say the “pancake” theory is impossible.)

    So it is a hard reality that the official version cannot and does not explain the collapse of WTC 1, WTC 2, WTC 7 with Newton’s Laws of Physics.

    So there you have it.

    FACT. There is NO OFFICIAL EXPLANATION for what took place on 9/11, because none is possible using the officially allowed facts.

    – The “official” pancake theory does not work (even NIST admits this).
    – The “official” push down push up theory does not work (ignores Newton’s Law of Motion). (Ignored by Elaine)
    – The “official” NIST report simply stops short of explaining the collapses, they simply say fires caused “inevitable” collapses but don’t go further and explain why they were “inevitable” because they can’t get past Newton (see the problem with the push down/push up theory).

    FACT. All you are doing is regurgitate CIA/Fake News stories and point to personal experience. None of these paint an accurate picture of what happened on 9/11. It is not the people who want a scientific explanation that adds up with the facts that are emotional and dogmatic. It is you because you believe your personal opinion overrides science. Your admitted emotional conviction is no substitute for science.

  24. Christian W

    Well, I guess I can’t get past Elaine’s narcissism. Elaine can’t be wrong because she is Elaine and Elaine can’t be wrong. Never mind the Scientifc method because Elaine knows best.

    Why don’t you tell NIST what they know so they can get their story straight, Elaine? Or doesn’t your story hold up to scrutiny either?

  25. Christian W

    should read: what they *need to* know

  26. Yes, men who accuse me of being ‘narcissistic’ tend to be very proud of their secret information that we can’t see. And yes, I am often quite right about reality. This is my business, after all: to see reality.

  27. Christian W

    I didn’t accuse of you of anything. It was your argument that you Narcissism knows best and only you, out of all people, knows the truth even in the face of all evidence…

    At least you finally admitted that Trump is a fraud.

  28. Well, I DO know a great deal more about how to build stuff! Big time. I know you don’t respect me for this which I think means you are anti-woman. I don’t know why you can’t understand that I have ‘men’s knowledge’.

    To be frank, I think people who fell for the bombs in the buildings scam are…ahem…you guess. ‘Smart’ isn’t the correct word here.

  29. Christian W

    No. I am not anti-woman. Every time you lose an argument you use the trick of making yourself look like a victim. It’s cheap.

    I respect YOU, but I don’t respect that you bring “I am ELAINE THE MIGTHY therefore I am right” to a scientfic argument. We got rid of that kind of crap during the Enlightenment.

    The fact is NIST, the CIAs best and brightest physicists, tried for TWO YEARS to build a model to support your claim but FAILED proves me right, and you wrong. Not even they could twist reality to fit your story.

    Your position is scientifically, intellectually and morally bankrupt because it is not supported by Science.

    The fact that you cannot accept Science because it contradicts your narcissism is what is frustrating.

  30. Christian W

    Anyway, you can lead a horse to water…. and all that. As I said, I can’t defeat Elaine’s narcissism, and it’s not my job, so with the above comment I am done here.

  31. Christian W

    According to a 2012 scientific study 25% of Americans believe the sun orbits the earth…

    Elaine argues like a flat-earther. Conviction alone is not argument you have to have the science on your side.

  32. If you get more insulting, I will start deleting your ravings. You can’t win an argument with me via being vile. That is a fail. Big time. This is your last warning.

  33. Christian W

    I already won this argument with facts so now you can accept this or come with facts that are more relevant. But don’t come with opinions based on your conviction. Everybody can have convictions.

    The flat-earth reference was an example to show that someone being convinced of something is not the same thing as the scientific truth.

    Thank you.

  34. Christian W

    Can’t believe I have to explain basic school physics to you.

    Look at the balls, here. They STOP/JOLT when they hit each other, they LOOSE MOMENTUM and SLOW DOWN.

    The WTC buildings when they collapsed did not slow down, they accelerated.

    Do you see acceleration in these balls? No you don’t.

    Why not? Because they HIT each other and are SLOWED DOWN.

    This means: The top of the buildings that accelerated to reach free fall on the way down hit NOTHING. They were in FREE FALL.

    Now explain this. How come the support, the solid, cold, non burning metal support and concrete EXPLODED OUTWARDS when NOTHING HIT THEM? Nothing hit them because what supposedly hit them met no resistance, ie was not jolted, not slowed down, no it ACCELERATED.

    This is impossible because it violates fundamental laws of physcis, such as Newton’s Third Law of Motion (For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, none present because the top did not meet the structure below therefore there was no action equal reaction) and Conversation of Momentum.
    Conversation of Momentum (why the balls in the video stops) is the Law that says Momentum is always conserved – Do you see Momentum conserved?

    No you don’t. No momentum was conserved because the top of the buildings accelerated without resistance.

    What was the force that exploded the buildings outwards when nothing hit them from above? You have to explain this mystery force.

    What caused WTC 7 to implode at free fall? Same observation there. Uniform collapse is not possible unless an outside force (such as explosives) is added to the equation.

    If you were honest you would figure this out in less than 60 seconds. But you refuse to look at it with an open mind.

    And that is why you and NIST (official story) are wrong. Both of you refuse to deal with this fact because you know it proves you wrong. NIST at least admitted their conclusion did not meet the basic principles of physics.

    You, on the other hand, rather drive away good people than admit to basic scientific facts and principles in the matter. And if is so easy to disprove these observations, please go ahead. No one has managed yet.

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