Animal Farm: EU Pigs Demand Hungary Take In Millions Of Illegal Aliens

Cutting Through Hungary’s Razor Wire Fence: Breaking Borders (Dispatch 6) – YouTube


Across the planet, populations who don’t use any birth controls are invading those which do use birth controls except where governments like Japan prevent this.  The globalists are encouraging this mass global invasion.  After years and years of propaganda about having small families, they are now replacing entire populations with foreigners who are reproducing at a much rapider rate.  This suicidal policy is embraced for very stupid reasons. The Rulers figure, they can run Hispanic and Muslim and African populations because they were easily enslaved in the past.  They forget how Rulers fare when these populations run riot.


The DNC gang thinks their hold on power will continue forever not realizing what happens next.  They wish to have these foreign populations invade the US illegally and then hand out goodies to them, concentrating them in dying cities that used to be centers of production and use them as a perpetual voting base to wrest power from the bourgeoisie living in the suburbs.


Allowing mobs of foreigners seeking welfare money to invade entire countries by the millions is the last remaining key to power for the Bilderberg gang who are losing power and status at an increasing rate.  They still can defy the mass of citizens who are being abused but this window of power is rapidly closing as alarmed citizens realize the depths of depravity of the Real Rulers shows up in crime statistics, job stagnation wages and other red flags.


EU Court Rules Against Hungary, Slovakia ‘Refugee Resettlement’ Challenge:


Hungary issued a scathing comeback, calling the ruling “appalling and irresponsible.”


And forcing nations to take in millions and millions of foreign illegal aliens who are totally at odds with the home population’s religions and beliefs is…a cause for revolt.  It is the red line being crossed. Replacing populations with foreigners who hate the culture and society of the state being invaded is obvious here.


“This decision jeopardizes the security and future of all of Europe,” said Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. “Politics has raped European law and European values. This decision practically and openly legitimates the power of the EU above the member states.”


I remember when the EU was created.  Everyone was going to be ‘equal’.  Then, due to not reading ‘Animal Farm or seeing the cartoon, the populations of Europe greeted this with joy.  They get to move legally from state to state with no effort, no borders.  Then the Real Rulers unleashed a flood of illegal aliens from all over the planet and encouraged them to invade, using liberal fools as the tool for bringing over people who hate Europe’s culture and who lust to seize the wealth for themselves.


“The real fight starts now,” he vowed.  Slovakia’s response has been slightly cooler, but confirms that they will continue to oppose the quotas.


The EU masters will heavily punish Hungary.  And Poland!  ‘Set an example’ is the game here.


“Our position on quotas does not change,” said Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico, who has firmly opposed the scheme since its inception. “We will continue to work on having solidarity expressed in different ways other than forcing (on us) migrants from other countries that don’t want to be here anyway.”


See? The Hungarians don’t understand, some pigs are more equal than other pigs.  And they are pigs to be butchered.  They still think the Big Pigs will allow them to feed at the EU trough forever.  No, there is a price to be paid if one wishes to be a very fat piggy: the wolves eat you!


Nigel Farage, Brexit architect and staunch opponent of increasing overreach by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, also weighed in.  “What a surprise – EU court undermines national sovereignty once again,” he said. “It should be a decision of nation states who it allows inside its borders. This won’t end well as national security is at stake.”


Brexit was supposed to destroy Britain but Britain is thriving now.  Hungary should open negotiations with Russia and do this quickly.  Time is running out.  But they want to stay in the EU pig sty a while longer.


The EU indicates it now intends to push for stiff penalties against all countries who refuse to accept their ‘fair share’ of ‘refugees’ – including Poland and the Czech Republic, who have openly supported Slovakia and Hungary in this latest battle.


The invasion is created by and encouraged by and assisted by liberals who think population replacement is funny.


“If the member states that have not relocated at all or not for a long time do not change their approach in the coming weeks, we should then consider to take the last step in the infringement procedure, taking Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic to the European Court of Justice,” said Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos.


Time to check out this clown who comes from the bankrupt nation of Greece which is dying rapidly and being heavily invaded by foreign illegal aliens:  Dimitris Avramopoulos – Wikipedia


From the outset of his political career, Avramopoulos served for twenty years as Honorary President of the Athens’ International Prize for Democracy for UNESCOin Paris (until 2013). He has also been Chairman of the Steering Committee on Cities´ Diplomacy, established by the Global Forum (Rome) and the World Bank Institute (Washington D.C.). He was elected President of the “World Institute of Global and Cities’ Diplomacy”, an independent NGO based in Rome as well as Executive President of the “World Union of Olympic Cities”, an Olympic Games NGO.

The Olympic Games bankrupted Greece.  Note that this clown who brought down financial destruction on his ‘home state’ ran off to Brussels to collect more awards and then menace all of Europe with his insane program of assisting a massive invasion of Europe which is rapidly destroying civilization there.


Avramopoulos has a friendly relation with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan since they were Mayors of Athens and Istanbul respectively.[10] He is deemed one of the main proponents of Greek-Turkish reunion with Turkey joining the EU and imposing its Ottoman Imperial rules on Eastern Europe:

Note how the Bilderberg gang which includes ALL the royals in Europe…every one of them…backs this idiot and rains awards on him as he systematically destroys Europe’s democracies.  Even dying Venezuela gave him an award!  HAHAHA.  Greece went bankrupt then Venezuela went bankrupt.


I notice above that Hungary is the only major EU country to NOT give this clown an award.  HAHAHA.  Now I go to the Bilderberg’s offical newspaper in the US: the odious New York Times!

This is Obama’s secret war.  Trump is new in the office and I bet the people he is doomed to work with are not telling him what is really going on.  When Kennedy pried into CIA affairs he was shot dead.

The NYT is worried about why all attempts at teaching black children who live in DNC-run cities ends up a total failure.  They won’t look into why this is happening because this is their policy: to make black people stupid, dependent on the government for food and housing and then voting for the Bilderberg gang so they can run riot all over the earth.  They are the little pigs in this Animal Farm being run by the big piggies.

The anti-Russian narrative continues effortlessly.  As each storyline sputters and dies, a new one is created.  This won’t stop.  Massive hurricanes can assail our nation and citizens die and cities destroyed but no matter, the Russian collusion story has to continue to the bitter end.  Capitalist Russia menaces the Socialist regimes in Europe and the US.


And the NYT wants illegal aliens to invade.  To hell with these piggies from Animal Farm.


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14 responses to “Animal Farm: EU Pigs Demand Hungary Take In Millions Of Illegal Aliens

  1. Jim R

    Anyone with a name ending in ‘-ski’ will be used by the New York Slimes to sell their “Booga-Booga! Russians are comiing!” stories.

    And, if you’re a middle class more-or-less white person, just try moving to anywhere in Europe! Hahahahaha!

  2. timothy carroll

    What’s happening is a war crime. Ethnically cleansing a country and erasing its history, culture, and heritage are all war crimes. There is no where for white people to go. Of course, fifty percent of whites are “down with the cause” because, you know, “racism”.

    The Nazis tried to ethnically cleanse the Jews from Europe. The allies then tried to ethnically cleanse the Germans from Germany. Now all whites are being ethnically cleansed. This has been going on in America since 1965 and LBJ’s evil immigration plan. In twenty years, if current trends continued, there will be no record of white people existing on this continent or any other Western country. Once the discerning population (whites) have vanished, then the real purging of world population gets started. To quote Chucky Shumer, “They have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.” Forewarned is forearmed black and brown people! Enjoy the “free” goodies why you can!

    P.S. It be duh white folk who been payin’ fo it all dese yeahs. When dey goan, the cupboard be bare. Gnome sane?

  3. csurge

    The Hungarians have some options. They’re already on good terms with the Russians compared to most other EU countries. They can stall a while longer. The EU despots don’t have the military muscle to enforce their diktats. The muscle is the US, and Trump made it clear when he visited Poland that he are pursuing a Visegrad centered policy in Europe. The Brussels brats can’t rely on the US to pressure the Eastern bloc

  4. Lou

    2..yes. race replacement followed by depopulation. Robots will do much of the work.

  5. timothy carroll

    A lot of us, back in the day, thought Leslie Gore was a tranny. She died recently, so we’ll never know. What do you think, Mel?

  6. KHS71

    “taking Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic to the European Court of Justice” Is this like being in double trouble and possibly taking away their magic decoder rings? Maybe Poland, Hungary, and the Czech will triple dog dare them.

  7. Eastern Europe will beg Russia to protect them in the near future. It is now inevitable. The rest of Europe will be systematically destroyed in the next three decades.

  8. Melponeme_k

    The diversity in Italy was so wonderful, George Clooney had to leave.

    Obviously Hungary should aim for the same enrichment.

  9. Lou

    Brexit was supposed to destroy Britain but Britain is thriving now.

    —-No. Britain is ruined and will be Muslim. Londons mayor is , who?

  10. Yes, I just saw that story today. It is disgusting and with You Tube censoring people for ‘wrong think’ they let this sort of evil trash to be viewed by millions.

  11. Lou

    I believe he is making money from his youtube channel.

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