Hollywood Always ‘Rapes’ and ‘Seduces’ Child Actors On Stage, Film and Real Life

Kevin Spacey accused of ‘sexual advance’ by Anthony Rapp ‘He laid on top of me’: Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp claims Kevin Spacey tried to seduce him when he was 14, as House of Cards star apologizes but says he ‘can’t remember drunken’ encounter and comes out as gay in rambling response.| Daily Mail Online reports.


The sex scandals in Hollywood roll onwards.  The fact is, Hollywood has always been a child molester/child rape system!!!  Nothing has been cleaned up or changed since the dawn of film making.  And this is because it existed long ago and continuously since Theater was invented by the ancient Greeks who thought man/boy sex was OK.  Actors do ‘sex stuff’ on stage.  They mimic life with a huge focus on sex and death.  It is inherent in the system.  Child actors are exposed to all this at a young age and adults are drawn to have sex with them in real life for the child is already corrupted by exposure to adult stuff while acting and this definitely is true in horror movies and plays that feature child victims/criminals who attack adults.


Rapp told to BuzzFeed News that he met Spacey in 1986 while they both appeared in different Broadway shows. At the time, Rapp was in Precious Sons and Spacey was in Long Day’s Journey Into Night.


Spacey, who was aged 26 at the time, allegedly invited Rapp to his Manhattan apartment for a party.


Several things here: why did the parents of Rapp not supervise him?  And why did a young child think it was OK to go to an adult party?  I have some answers to this riddle due to my own sister who was a Star Trek character and who also started having sex with adults when only 14 years old.  I, on the other hand, was raped at age 5.


Rapp told BuzzFeed News that he became bored and went to watch television in Spacey’s bedroom until after midnight before realizing he was the only one left in the property with Spacey.


Rapp alleged that Spacey then appeared and ‘sort of stood in the doorway, kind of swaying. My impression when he came in the room was that he was drunk.’


He told BuzzFeed News that Spacey then ‘picked me up like a groom picks up the bride over the threshold. But I don’t, like, squirm away initially, because I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ And then he lays down on top of me.’


I wonder why Rapp didn’t run off.  I was unable to run from my rapist, but this kid could have run.


‘He was trying to seduce me,’ Rapp told BuzzFeed News. ‘I don’t know if I would have used that language. But I was aware that he was trying to get with me sexually.’ 


It was very inappropriate but not rape.  I was really raped and had to have surgery to fix it and the doctors told my parent I couldn’t have children but thanks to a further operation, I was able to have children but it was quite dangerous so I needed lots and lots of medical care to have two children.


Where were the guardians of this young actor?  He claims he ran off…but only to the molester’s bathroom.  And there, he was ‘confused’.


‘I was like, ‘What is happening?” he told BuzzFeed News. ‘I saw on the counter next to the sink a picture of him having his arm around a man.


‘So I think on some level I was like, ‘Oh. He’s gay. I guess.’ Then I opened the door, and I was like, ‘OK, I’m going to go home now.’ He followed me to the front door of the apartment, and as I opened the door to leave, he was leaning on the front door[frame]. And he was like, ‘Are you sure you wanna go?’ I said, ‘Yes, good night,’ and then I did leave.’


This is full of weird stuff.  A 14 year old in 1986 wouldn’t know much about ‘being gay’ which was still very much in the closet.  In NYC, the adult gay community was just coming out of the closet back then.  I had gay high school friends in the 1960’s but none of them thought of themselves as ‘gay’ back then, for example.


By 2000, kids talked openly about what ‘being gay’ means but not back in the old days, it was a closet issue.  I befriended gay men frequently while living in California and NYC.  I lived where gay people lived back when I was fairly young.


The entire story of drunken seduction I find quite believable.  Rapp’s story forced Kevin Spacey out of the closet.  Yes, he was in the gay closet even today!!!  Now on to sex and acting: the two have been twins since inception.  For over 2,000 years, the two ran in total harness.  Actors were assumed to be prostitutes during much of the history of acting.

Amazon.com:Theodora: Actress, Empress, Saint (Women in Antiquity)  This is a typical example…and she married an emperor who ruled Byzantium!  Beginning in the Hollywood publicity machine, to stop Congress from controlling Hollywood, they cleaned up the movies a tad and pretended to care for child actors.  But the rape and seduction of children ran deep underground and has run all the years of Hollywood’s existence.


Child molestation/rape is inherent in the system.  Note the photo of the play the victim, Rapp, is in.  A smiling strong male is carrying him nightly on stage, since the young boy was being ‘carried like a bride’ in the description of the seduction in the hotel, I look at that photo and see why he remembers this so vividly: it wasn’t in the hotel this happened, IT WAS ON STAGE.


Yes, the two memories are bonded together.  He was being ‘seduced’ nightly on stage.  All actors do seduction/rape scenes in the theater and movies!  They also do murder and other horrible things and this bleeds directly into their lives.  No group has had more divorces and even love murders than actors and other people in this machine producing sex and death.


The rate of divorce in Hollywood was ferocious way back in the 1930’s when it was totally scandalous and yet, when Reagan got the support of ‘conservatives’ they forgave him doing the sex/divorce thing.  My own sister who became a Star Trek alien who had no hair ended up losing her virginity at a young age and had a rather messy love life.  I had a messy love life.


Rapp, who is now 46 years old, said he decided to come forward following the dozens of sexual harassment and misconduct claims against Harvey Weinstein and others in the industry.


Yes, this can of worms has been opened…again and again.  But the real issue about using children as ‘actors’ and tossing them into this pot of seething sex, that is not being really addressed.  All Hollywood kids have horrible lives afterwards as adults (why did Harry Potter…the kid actor…want to play a dead body that farts as an adult???) or they just bury this early adult sexual interactions and pretend it never happened which leads to poor life choices later because burying this is highly dangerous psychological stewing!


‘Not to simply air a grievance, but to try to shine another light on the decades of behavior that have been allowed to continue because many people, including myself, being silent… I’m feeling really awake to the moment that we’re living in, and I’m hopeful that this can make a difference,’ Rapp told BuzzFeed News.


No one dared talk about this in the past, there was this adult conspiracy to silence child actors.  Everyone participated in this suppression of criminal activities inflicted on child actors.  Again: where were the parents and guardians of Rapp when he was so young and so near to being raped like I was raped as a much younger child?


It looks like Spacey will now be punished as if he stands alone in this.  That is disgusting for it pretends he is singular and that they don’t all do this.  Look at pop music!!!!  The young actor/singers who start at a young age like Michael Jackson, all turn into sex monsters as adults with very twisted lives and they go on stage and prance around sexually and openly depraved and…this is ‘entertainment’.


The price they pay at home is hideous.  All the actor/singer ‘tell all’ books by children raised by these sexual predators who were hunted down for sex, themselves, when way too young, are testimony to what is fundamentally wrong with the acting/pop music world.  That is a can of worms few want to open all the way and examine.



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18 responses to “Hollywood Always ‘Rapes’ and ‘Seduces’ Child Actors On Stage, Film and Real Life

  1. I forgot to mention that just yesterday, the mainstream media machine was making fun of Corey who said he wants to raise $10 million to make a show about adult pedophilia in Hollywood. They said he was making it all up and was out to gyp people.

    And then fellow former young actor, Rapp, suddenly blurts out he was sexually predated when he was just 14. Even now, most media giants played up the fact that his molester is finally admitting he is gay while putting the more important story down deep in the text of the articles!

    This is part of the eternal ‘bury that kid!’ machine which the Bilderberg gang controls.

  2. Tim E.

    I hope all of this is the start of something big and doesn’t get “nipped in the bud”.

    This looks like it could be a bigger swamp cleaner then “voting them out”.

    In my mind the financial scandals pale in comparison to this.

  3. Lou

    I am in LA. Spacey is gay and came on to a male friend of a friend.
    Trade sex for a chance to get famous.
    casting couch routine,

  4. melponeme_k

    Spacey was an open secret practically. I did the rounds as a child and a young adult. Heard a story from an actor friend that someone she knew was being pursued by Spacey, made all kind of sexy calls to him and stuff. However this guy was well over 18.

    My parents watched over me like a hawk in auditions. I was never alone with strangers. Hence I was never bothered.

    Where I was bothered was in normal life. At 12, I looked about 18. The amount of adult men coming on to me was truly mind boggling. It opened my eyes to adult behavior that I probably shouldn’t have been dealing with at that age. No one tried to touch me. But double entrendres? Yeah, and pretty disgusting too.


    The female shown in your picture is an MTF. Check out Judith Ivey. Big man neck and in some photos you can see the Adam’s apple. Big shoulders that are three head widths across. Deep set eyes. Big brow ridge which “she” shaved down so “her” forehead in photos looks a bit concave when in profile. Her features exploded in old age just like all men’s faces do. They try to pass this off to all of us as women just getting old. NO. MEN’S faces get old in their 30s NOT WOMEN.

    These things are never paired with regular people. So take a look at Harris. Is that a man?

  5. Ken

    Hollywood is so very disappointing. I hate to think of supposedly “sweet” actresses like Doris Day, Mary Tyler Moore and Amy Adams having to engage in this sort of behavior, and then present such an innocent persona to us young, impressionable males.

  6. I did stripping when young. I hung out with much older strippers. The really nice ones were professionals over the age of 40, they had a sense of humor and were also very kindly towards a newcomer who respected them. The worse were young ladies who were very vain. They all had thug boyfriends, too. And were nasty to the customers.

    About the three ring circus in Hollywood: I wrote ‘Hollywork’ HAHAHA. So…sex sells and child sex is the most expensive! And all systems are going down due to them lecturing us all about morals!!!

    This is quite an interesting circus of hypocrites in the Hippodrome.

  7. melponeme_k


    Poor SWEET Amy ADAMs. Go get that Tranny Ken!


    Your sister didn’t make it in Hollyfreak because she was a real lady. They HATE real ladies. These people worship the Hermaphrodite Goddess. They think being both sexes is Godly.

    People have to see this, it is the heart of the beast. This is the elite sacred touchstone to everything.

  8. Kevin Spacy was in a Family Guy cartoon, showing Stewie naked running from him…YEARS AGO. McFarlane knew.

  9. Kevin Spacey, in May this year, was on the evil Colbert show where they whined about Trump being a sex fiend. Glass houses!

  10. Petruchio

    “The sex scandals in Hollywood roll onwards.  The fact is, Hollywood has always been a child molester/child rape system!!! ” James Dean–the Rebel Without A Cause–had a thing for 10 year old boys. It’s pretty striking how many actors have been Gay. Speaking of Gay Actors, John Travolta made a comment that appeared on the Internet the other day that said Hollywood is run by a small group of Gay Jewish men. Travolta is Gay himself so it isn’t really the fact that these Gay Jewish movie moguls are gay. The issue is their warped views on sexuality are shaping Hollywood moviemaking. What these Jewish Gay guys running the Film Industry is–regardless of your opinions about homosexuality–well off the Mainstream in terms of sexual mores. The evidence is right before everyone’s eyes in the movies these people crank out.

  11. Petruchio

    Corey Feldman, a well known child actor now of adult age, has said he is going to “rip the lid” off of the Hollywood pedophiles infesting the Industry. Best of luck to him.

  12. Lou

    11–see Vigilant Citizen.com. He wants 10 million dollars.

  13. Floridasandy

    Brian peck

  14. good catch on the “carry like a bride” picture

    seth mcfarland’s shows are too crude for my taste, but he i enjoyed his cosmos remake

  15. I poke all over the internet when news happens and sometimes find really odd things.

  16. Lou

    Irish Savant blog,
    The spin begins and the narrative resumes. Gotta hand it to the hosenoses — they’ll extract a benefit (to them) out of any situation …


    EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Spacey’s father was ‘Nazi child rapist’ who hated the Jews and sexually abused his own son for years – and their mother knew, claims actor’s brother

    Kevin Spacey’s older brother Randall Fowler has spoken out about their abusive father, exclusively to DailyMail.com
    Spacey, 58, is facing allegations of trying to seduce actor Anthony Rapp when he was 14 years old and sexually assaulting a relative of Heather Unruh.

    Fowler, 62, claims that their father Thomas Geoffrey Fowler was a Nazi and would rape Fowler throughout his adolescence and that his mother knew of the abuse
    Fowler said: ‘There was so much darkness in our home … It was absolutely miserable. Kevin tried to avoid what was going on’

    The Rod Stewart impersonator and limo driver claims that he personally didn’t have children so they wouldn’t inherit ‘the sexual predator gene’ from his father
    The older brother to the famed actor claims that Spacey ‘had no feelings’ and retreated into acting as an ‘escape’ from the problems at home.

    Spacey has claimed not to recall the incident with Rapp and has issued an apology of sorts for ‘what would have been inappropriate drunken behavior’
    The Oscar winner has said he will need to to ‘address other things’ about his life and announced his choice to now live openly ‘as a gay man’

    and the icing on the cake …

    Their father, Thomas Geoffrey Fowler, joined the American Nazi Party when Spacey and his brother were just boys. He trimmed his mustache to resemble Adolf Hitler and he regularly whipped and raped his eldest son, Randall Fowler.

    … Fowler was briefly a Scout but his white supremacist father made him quit when he discovered that the scoutmaster was Jewish, Fowler said. Spacey was never allowed to join.

    … and now we get to the point of the hit piece. Not only does the article desperately flail about, trying to show that the Goyim are just as bad as any Harveyesque pervert …

    Fowler (pictured) said he was briefly a Scout but his father made him quit when he discovered that the scoutmaster was Jewish. He said his father would lecture them on white supremacy, claimed that the Holocaust was a lie and said that Jews ran banks and Hollywood **

    ** Your point being …?

    Wow, not just a rapist but a Nazi child rapist. Push every button. Tick every box.

    One has to wonder, though … Why Spacey? After all we have paedo’s (Polansky) by the number, faggots by the score — that could be outed with a bit more honesty.

    Well he is a Goy and therefore expendable … Could this be a bit of pre-emptive misdirection and blame-shifting timed to take the sting out of the big, forthcoming Corey Feldman revelation?


    We’ll see, shall we?

  17. Jim R

    I thought y’all might like this Brit’s commentary…

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