UK Daily Mail Story Prince Salman Torturing Family Members

World’s Top Drug Trafficking Drug Lord was Prince Nayef Al-Shaalan.


The investigation and the flight of this Saudi prince happened a year ago and is connected to the ongoing family coup in Saudi Arabia that continues today and is growing increasingly violent.  As I predicted, this is going to rip apart Saudi Arabia at the same time Syria, Iran, Iraq and Turkey are hammering together a new alliance aimed at Israel, NATO and Saudi Arabia.  This was caused by the attempted coup in Turkey and the illegal NATO invasion of Iraq under Bush Jr. and the destruction of Libya engineered by Hillary and Obama.


The family messes in Saudi Arabia are finally causing total collapse of the moral right to rule which the young son of Prince Salman becoming increasingly desperate to figure out how to deal with the mess he launched.  About the drug dealing royal:


He is a maternal grandson of the founding monarch, King Abdulaziz. Nayef’s older brother, Nawaf, is married to a daughter of King Abdullah. Nayef is the twin brother of Saud.[1]


This family is very inbred.  Everyone has to marry each other’s cousins.  This drove European politics, this style of marriage, during the Middle Ages with especially the French, Low Countries and English royals marrying each other over and over again until their genetic output was in great distress leading to insanity, birth defects and conflicts of loyalty.


This led to the 100 Years Wars and the War of the Roses.  WWI was royals who were utterly related to each other over and over again until their offspring were literally dying from genetic defects at an increasing rate…this killed many millions of innocent bystanders!  The Saudi madness will end up killing many people in the end, too.


Nayef’s deceased father-in-law is Abdul Rahman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Saudi Arabia’s former deputy minister of defense and aviation who is a member of the powerful Sudairi Seven.[1] Nayef’s twin brother Saud is also son-in-law of Prince Abdul Rahman.[1]


Abdul-Rahman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud – Wikipedia


The prince was reportedly the only son of Ibn Saud to oppose the 2007 formation of the Allegiance Council, despite support from nearly all sons of the king. The apparent reason for his protests was the fact that he was next in age, after Crown Prince Sultan; the new succession arrangement is based on merit, rather than age. Prince Salman, his younger brother and the referee in family disputes, reportedly met with Abdul-Rahman and told him to “shut up and get back to work”.[11]


Salman’s young son has broken the system utterly and totally.  Now, it is all about who has the raw power.  This leads to fratricidal warfare.  When Faisal of Saudi Arabia was assassinated by his nephew, the system almost collapsed but the many sons of the monarch agreed to have all take the throne one by one and NOT pass this on to their own sons.


This ongoing coup breaks the deal.  The literal opening shot in this coup was the attack on Saudi palace in Jeddah killed two royal guards September 20th.  This event is the possible driving factor in the ongoing family feud there.


The attack on the royals took them very much by surprise.  When I read about it, I figured the assassin was Shi’a, not Sunni.


The ministry identified the attacker as Mansour bin Hassan bin Ali bin Al Fahid al-Amri, a 28-year-old Saudi national, the report said, adding that he was carrying Kalashnikov rifles and three Molotov cocktails. It said the investigation is ongoing.


Finding actual facts about this attack is very difficult but I did find confirmation of my belief it was a Shi’ite assassin based on his name which includes a famous Shia cleric, al Fahid.


Terror attack on Kings palace in Jeddah and two guards killed in Saudi Arabia


The attacker has been identified and his name is Mansour bin Hassan bin Ali bin Al Fahid al-Amri and was a 28 year old Saudi national. The police have not commented on the motive of the killer and no further details are available. All they have said is that an investigation is on.


#Saudi Arabia is in the grip of a movement against the king spearheaded by the ISIL. This terror group which is fairly active has been targeting security forces and the Shia minority. The majority of the population of Saudi Arabia is Sunni. Tens of Shia’s have been killed in the northern province where the ISIL is active.


This ties into the Yemen war the Saudi Royals are waging so unsuccessfully.  Basically, the attack on the palace was by a supporter of the Yemen Shia people.


The British have much more Saudi news than the US.  My own family has had direct relations with the Saudi royals in the past so I have a fairly good idea what is going on there in the past, but have no access to direct information in the last 40 years, I base my analysis on what I have known previously.


Now, on to the news from England today:  ‘American mercenaries’ are torturing Saudi princes | Daily Mail Online reports rumors.  Yes, rumors.  And I doubt the Saudi royals doing this coup would hire Americans to carry out these delicate operations.  The Saudis keep all this sort of business tightly inside their own family for obvious reasons.


ANY outsider would have to be silenced forever via death and so they would never, ever use foreigners who can leave that nasty dictatorship and spill the beans! can disclose that the arrests have been followed by ‘interrogations’ which a source said were being carried out by ‘American mercenaries’ brought in to work for the 32-year-old crown prince, who is now the kingdom’s most powerful figure.


‘They are beating them, torturing them, slapping them, insulting them. They want to break them down,’ the source told


‘Blackwater’ has been named by’s source as the firm involved, and the claim of its presence in Saudi Arabia has also been made on Arabic social media, and by Lebanon’s president.


The firm’s successor, Academi, strongly denies even being in Saudi Arabia and says it does not engage in torture, which it is illegal for any U.S. citizen to commit anywhere in the world.


It is illogical to use Academi staff for this purpose.  On top of this, it would lead infidels touching Saudi royals and treating them like slaves!  No way would they allow this.


Here is who is doing the torture:  Saudi Royal Guard Regiment – Wikipedia


The Royal Guards report directly to the king and for security reasons maintain a separate communications network from the regular Army.


I cannot imagine the strict religious police are doing the torture. Why is obvious to me: the upstart prince who is engineering this coup has attacked the religious police (who got mad at my mother back in 1974) and he has removed their power to enforce strict religious rules on the population!


There is no way there is any cooperation between the upstart and these experts at torture and murder!  Instead, they are now eyeing him as someone to eliminate!


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14 responses to “UK Daily Mail Story Prince Salman Torturing Family Members

  1. These four princesses were locked into their palace when they spoke to the press and not given any FOOD for several weeks! They contacted the media and explained how they are being slowly starved to death.

    I looked for more news about them but no one has any in the last six months so I am assuming they are dead. This is our ‘ally’, Saudi Arabia.

  2. KHS71

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family. Have a splendiferous day.

  3. Christian W

    Blackwater/Academi, the mercenary company torturing for MbS in Saudi Arabia in this case, is owned by Eric Prince who is brother of Betsy DeVos who in turn is Secretary of Education in Trump’s administration.

    Nice people. Prince Alaweed Bin Talal must have REALLY insulted Trump at some point.

  4. Christian W

    I believe Blackwater/Academi when they say they do no illegal stuff I really do, honest.

  5. Christian W

    The Houthis in Yemen are NOT Shia despite what US/Saudi propaganda says. Saudi Arabia has a large Shia minority that has been under direct attack for many months now. You don’t have to go outside SA to find motivation for discontent with the Wahhabi rulers.

    “Why is Saudi Arabia bombing its own people?”

  6. As I pointed out before: the Saudi ROYALS would NEVER farm out torture or killing of each other. They have plenty of experience and ability and practice with torture and killing people.

  7. Christian W

    So how did ALL of the experienced royals get caught blindsided? MbS did the unexpected, as you say obviously no Saudi would “ever” hire infidel help, and hired foreign infidel help. The spies in the security systems had no idea so they never were able to warn their various masters a coup was in the works. This coup was long planned and expertly executed for sure, but it did not come from within Riyadh only.

  8. Christian W

    According to Lebanese officials it was American Blackwater/Academi mercenaries that arrested the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri when he arrived in Riyadh.

    The old Saudi security apparatus is clearly defunct. Many Saudi generals have also been arrested.

    Mohammed Bin Salman’s personal guard is now Blackwater/Academi, not Saudi.

  9. All your ‘news’ quoted here is just suppositions, not real.

    Sorry about that.

  10. Christian W

    Saudi royals bombing their Shia population is fact. Houthis not being Shia is fact etc. Many Saudi generals caught up in the coup is a fact etc.

    The ‘suppositions’ I put forward make much more sense than Saudi royals not being informed by some of their relatives and paid informers they have everywhere within the system. The Saudi system was set up to prevent exactly what happened now by splitting the power between three different arms, the military, the national guard and the internal security services with each full inbred brothers/cousins/tribesmen as you say. MBS simply bypassed all of that which is why he was successful.

  11. Christian W

    Saudi general admits on Saudi TV the Houthis are using old rockets they modify:

    “In an old interview with Al Arabiya TV, Gen. Asiri said: “The Yemeni missiles are not Iranian; they are from the Soviet Union, China and North Korea.”

  12. TCH

    Elaine, I agree with you. The acrimony is not going away quietly. Those arrested are not going to do nothing when released, especially when there have been a few deaths already. One can expect an unending chain of reactions and violence. The country is going to blow up.

  13. The dangers of letting ‘lesser people’ to torture or kill ‘royalty’ should be obvious to anyone. True, executioners were always minions of rulers but they are exceptional people who are kept separate from the general population and are well-protected by the rulers. These executions are witnessed by the rulers, of course.

    You see, letting lower people to go about killing kings is highly dangerous as many a royal family discovered to their horror.

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