Texas 11 Year Old Boy Killed During 2nd Amendment School Walk-out

Parkland Middle School Moving the Right Way – YouTube


The liberal tempertantrums continue nonstop now.  Every week, they are marching or demonstrating against someone or something.  This is particularly true in schools run by SJW staff.  On Friday, a clever school in Texas allowed students to run riot in protest of the 2nd Amendment. One of the students under school staff supervision decided to run off and get killed crossing a highway illegally.


Parkland Middle School student killed in Loop 375 after leaving campus: this school district will probably be sued since the staff let the child run off.


El Paso police spokesman Sgt. Robert Gomez talks about the death of a student who left school during the walkout. Daniel Borunda/El Paso Times.


A Parkland Middle School sixth-grader who left campus during the National Student Walkout was killed when he was struck by a vehicle Friday morning on Loop 375 in Northeast El Paso, school district officials said.


These are children. When parents send them off to school, there is a transfer of custody from parents to school staff.  Did the mother or father give written permission for their child to ditch classes?  If not, the staff is definitely in serious legal jeopardy.


The boy, who was 11 years old, was hit by a Ford F-150, which was traveling north on the loop, at 10:27 a.m., police and school district officials said.  He was taken to an area hospital, where he died at about 11:30 a.m., officials said.


However, a news release from University Medical Center of El Paso identified him as Jonathan Benko and said a memorial fund has been set up by the UMC Foundation for his family.


The school is a good school which specializes in STEM classes. Parkland Middle School:


Formerly named Parkland Junior High School, the campus opened in August 1969 with seventh and eighth graders. It was formally dedicated on November 10, 1969, during the campus’s first Open House Night. The school originally had only sixteen teachers and consisted of the main office, a cafeteria, and only one hallway. Currently, we have over ninety teachers and our campus consists of the main office, library, music wing, with over 60 classrooms, two gyms, a new cafeteria, two theater stages, and we now have three grade levels: 6th, 7th, and 8th. This brings our campus population to approximately 1200 students.


Our students have many activities to choose from at Parkland Middle School.  Join a club like the Science Club, T-STEM Club, Rachel’s All-Stars, Student Council, NJHS, Art club, or Anime/SciFi Club.


When I was young, I would have loved to attended this school!  It sounds like a very good school.  Unfortunately, it is also a DNC territory school and the lunacy that has gripped that party since the last election has led a fine school to do something very, very stupid.


The fact that this lawless, out of control constant hysteria is now killing children…the stupidity of having a march about saving children in schools and stopping people from the outside or inside from killing students is an important issue…the marches are not good, they sow the seeds of chaos and death, not stop chaos and death.


Going to board meetings, running candidates for office, meeting with officials, educating people on issues, writing letters, all these actions can happen and should happen, breaking rules, doing stuff that endangers students further is totally wrong.


Our schools are sliding off this cliff now due to Maoists from radicalized universities now supervising children in the lower grades and encouraging them to be Young Red Guards instead of teaching them life skills: this is the real problem.


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17 responses to “Texas 11 Year Old Boy Killed During 2nd Amendment School Walk-out

  1. Lou

    You had it figured out when you noted ‘like Maos cultural revolution’ or something like that.
    Revolution or social meltdown.

  2. KHS71

    I am sure the NRA will be blamed in some way. Maybe the truck was a member or maybe there was a gun rack in the back window with a rifle.

  3. Petruchio

    Once again, we have Bill Clinton to thank for all this; this is his legacy. When Clinton sold out the Dems traditional working class base, the Dem Party had to come up with a substitute. At this point, this is when the Dem Party started pushing for equal rights for gays (gays in the military) and things like equal pay for women. The groups were mostly single issue. Easily bought off. Then, the Dems stole an idea from Ronald Reagan (may he NOT RIP) by aligning the Dem Party with Illegals. And that’s what they continue to do today. The Republicans also align themselves with Illegals, so that makes two peas in a pod–or as I would better put it: two pieces of shit lying side by side. If BOTH Parties can’t be arrested, the only solution is to boot them out of Power.

  4. Christian W

    It is political Kabuki theater. The DNC is completely fake and corrupt, but so is the GOP.

    BOTH parties are essentially the same. They support:

    – Total Support for Israel, ZIONISM
    – Follow WALL STREET orders
    – Unlimited Military spending
    – Full Spectrum Dominance
    – Hostility to Russia, China, Iran etc
    – Regime change and Color Revolutions
    – Money rule Politics =>
    – Kleptocratic Oligarcy
    – SPY on everyone
    – Screw the Poor and Elderly
    – NO 3rd parties to break the “duo”monopoly
    – Destroy the LEFT
    – NATO
    – The War on Drugs
    – Police State
    – PATRIOT Act

    Differences; these are mostly about social issues.


    – Illegals are cool (see Petruchio above)
    – LBTG
    – Pussy Riot Feminism
    – ANTIFA
    – Pro-Abortion


    – MAGA
    – NRA
    – White Supremacy (now with some Hispanics allowed)
    – the WALL
    – Police State
    – anti-Abortion

    What we see are two setups designed to feed primitive emotions, Hate and Fear, to trigger Flight and Fight reflexive behaviour. This is the reason we see so many people being AGAINST this or that, but very few interesting or developed political ideas are being put forward.

    The political COMMON GROUND (the long list above) goes unchallenged. This area requires higher brain function access to fix. So what we get is a constant stream of Fear mongering and Hate mongering to keep the US electorate dumbed down.

    This setup is working splendidly.

  5. Christian W

    Throw the Clintons, Obamas and some token FBI and CIA operators in jail and…


    The total dominance of the Permanent State will continue just as before. Wall Street, the Pentagon, the CIA, Congress, Zionism, Neoliberalism, Full Spectrum Dominance etc etc etc will go on just like before.

    As Pet said, both parties need to be booted out of power before anything significant can change.

  6. Lou

    Christian is in Europe, if I recall.
    Does he see it being destroyed by ‘open borders’ and abortion [aborting a White future].?

    His view of USA,
    – White Supremacy–why not? Whites built these lands.
    Do you think Pakis could have gotten in boats, arrived and killed the natives and forged a Republic?
    – Destroy the LEFT—before it destroys your land, ‘Christian’.

  7. Christian W

    What is ‘destroying my land’ are crappy American policies of Empire such as Full Spectrum Dominance (NATO & MSM), Neoliberal economic policies and Zionism, all of which are the driving the refugee streams in the first place…

    There is no LEFT in America, at least none with any political impact whatsoever. The DNC is a sick joke, but so is the GOP. The DNC and the GOP are Neocon Zionists, including Trump.

  8. 2Stoopud

    Darwin Award Winner! Junior Division

  9. Christian W

    The Trump regime officially endorses the Israeli genocide in Palestine.

    Trump’s State Department no longer calls West Bank ‘occupied’ in annual report

    In first, document on human rights abuses refers simply to ‘Israel, Golan Heights, West Bank and Gaza,’ with no comment on the status of the territories


  10. Christian W

    The Spectator Index
    ‏ @spectatorindex
    7h7 hours ago

    Believe their country is heading in the right direction, March.

    China: 94%
    Saudi: 67%
    S Korea: 66%
    India: 65%
    Russia: 60%
    S Africa: 52%
    Argentina: 48%
    Japan: 46%
    US: 43%
    Turkey: 36%
    France: 35%
    UK: 35%
    Germany: 30%
    Italy: 20%
    Brazil: 12% <— Run by a self confessed US agent…
    Mexico: 11%


    As we can see the nations run by the AngloZionists are chafing under the misrule.

  11. mistah charley, ph.d.

    the change of name from ‘junior high school’ to ‘middle school’ is one i at first disagreed with but now see as accurate and positive

  12. I went to an Arizona High School and while there, we became the school with the most MURDERS in the entire USA.

    Well, now that is common! I still marvel about this.

  13. Lou

    7— ‘destroying my land’ –You note Zionists. Yes, (((they))) are destroying you very race [assuming that you are White].
    Huge immigration of non Whites to all White lands, except Israel.

  14. Christian W

    It is an orchestrated attack on Europe itself yes. I’ve never said anything else. Germany is to be destroyed to solve the problem that has haunted the AngloZionist strategic thinkers for over a century, and has led to two world wars + more.

    Germany must not be strong, independent and allied with Russia, and now China, in OBOR. This is THE imperative in US strategic thinking. Therefore Germany is now being overrun, with Bilderberg Merkel doing nothing.

    There is a reason the CIA taps Merkel’s phone. This became public information during Obama. The CIA runs most of European media, if not directly then through the news agencies (AFP, Reuters etc) that write all the Ziospam nonsense flooding every major news outlet. But in many cases they do so directly, as the German journalist Dr. Udo Ulfkotte testified.

    Europe’s problem is that it is not allowed to find independent policies outside of US control. By enforcing NATO (thank you Trump…!) the US only strengthens this control.

    Of course Russia and Iran are doing their best to find common ground with Europe, which is only natural. Case in point. Iran is going to trade with the EU using the €, dumping the $, (a preemptive move made just now in anticipation of Trump negating the deal with Iran).

    To keep Germany under the US Boot we have:

    a. the putsch in Ukraine
    b. sanctions against Iran
    c. promotion of Russophobe leaders in the Baltic States, Poland and Eastern Europe as part of the New Iron Curtain to build up NATO and cut off Germany.


    The US is going to put a tap directly on the satellites of it’s allies (read vassals):

    US Air Force to Put Sensors on Allies’ Satellites


  15. Christian W

    In short. For Europe to find a defence against the “Muslim Battering Ram” the CIA and the Pentagon needs to be kicked out first. Here we need a bit of help from the US public. The critters in EU Brussels are all spawns of NATO sucking the teats of Wall Street and City banks and Kleptocrats like Soros.

    a. Any real reform in Europe can only come as part of a reform in the US
    b. This reform in the US is not going to happen under any Zionist leader, such as Trump
    c. the CIA and Pentagon, the Permanent State, we can include the Bureaucracy behind Congress here, needs to be broken up.

    d. Anything else than reform and we are looking at a Hot WWIII. The US cannot keep running deeper into dept at ALL levels, Government, Federal, Local, indefinitely. Reality will put a stop to this sooner rather than later.

    e. US (and vassal states such as the UK & France) are now openly going for Neocolonialism as an answer to their money problems. Loot everything in sight and bomb the natives to hell. Tried and tested. The problem is this never works in the long run. ALL EMPIRES COLLAPSE. Therefore we are back at square one, the need for reforms.

  16. Christian W

    Meanwhile the US Murder INC. is building a huge new $110 million airbase for it’s murder drones in Africa:

    A Shadowy War’s Newest Front: A Drone Base Rising From Saharan Dust

    APRIL 22, 2018

    AIR BASE 201, Niger — Rising from a barren stretch of African scrubland, a half-finished drone base represents the newest front line in America’s global shadow war.

    At its center, hundreds of Air Force personnel are feverishly working to complete a $110 million airfield that, when finished in the coming months, will be used to stalk or strike extremists deep into West and North Africa, a region where most Americans have no idea the country is fighting.


  17. The EU plans to isolate Russia are collapsing. Right now, the Bilderberg gang is DEMANDING and now are beginning to impose FINES and TRADE RESTRICTIONS on Hungary and Poland, etc.

    This attack on these states is in the name of forcing them to take in millions of angry Muslim males!!! And Putin can read the tea leaves: the EU is going to collapse now, for certain.

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