Trump Predicted In 2013, AG Eric Schneiderman Would Be Arrested For ‘Worse Then Spitzer or Weiner’

Eric Schneiderman resignation puts anti-Trump legal agenda in jeopardy – Washington Times…

So, Trump correctly pointed out that Schneiderman (who also lives near Trump’s Tower in Manhattan) calling him a ‘crook’ and worse than Weiner of child porn fame.  Spitzer, too, who I knew back when I was in NYC politics.  I helped, via a Giuliani tap on my home phone, to get a bunch of crooks locked up or dead in the 1980’s.  And here it is, all over again, the usual crummy, stupid things happening due to mainly Jewish guys getting too smart for their own good.


This problem is a huge problem for DNC black politicians, too.  The Jewish and black guys think they have a ‘get out of jail free’ card like in the Monopoly game.  The media giants put them in power and keep them there but there is now other players in this game who are not DNC supporters like the Fox team and others.


 Both parties have watched their share of politicos felled in the last year by allegations of sexual misconduct, but while Republicans are seen as easy targets, Democrats have for years enjoyed a degree of immunity as a result of their feminist bona fides, dating back to Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts.


It all began with the Kennedy family.  They were given carte blanche by the mainstream media way back when I was a child.  You see, my father was a good friend of Barry Goldwater back in the 1950’s, we even lived nearly next door to the Goldwater ranch in Scottdale when I was very little.


My father supported Goldwater in the Kennedy/Goldwater election and was, unlike with Eisenhower who got to know my father during WWII, my father was locked out of DC for a while.  Until the Cuban Missile Crisis when the President learned that the camera used to photograph the ships with the rockets on board was designed and installed by my father (during the end of the Eisenhower years) and so he flew my dad to the White House in a military faster than sound jet and they became very friendly after that.


The thing here is, we knew that the Kennedy males were all big on female attention.  So my father didn’t want his elder daughters (over age 16 back then…I was only 13) to not meet any Kennedy males!


So he never took us to the White House.  The US media hid all the Kennedy stuff for years and often openly sided with the family even when one of them crashed his car into the bay and killed a young, unmarried female he was carousing with earlier.


He got off scot free from an obvious ‘leaving someone to die and not informing anyone of the accident’ crime conviction.  The media then bellowed at us to pay no attention to the female corpse and all went on as if nothing was admiss.


The machine that covers up DNC crimes in New York is run by the Attorney General and in general, the DNC insures that the person running this office is as corrupt as possible.  I have witnesssed this corrupt system from very VERY close up, highly close up!


This is why they were utterly enraged with me when they learned that I was cooperating with the FEDERAL prosecutor, not the local one.  We slipped in from behind!  The DNC is all about being illegal.


This is why they love illegal aliens.  They love forcing us to call these invaders ‘undocumented workers’ even though many are ‘criminals’ and not ‘workers’ at all.  We don’t ever, ever see media calling these people ‘illegal criminals’, do we?  HAHAHA.


NY AG Who Investigated President Donald Trump Quits In Scandal | The Last Word | MSNBC – YouTube

The liberal MSNBC gang mentions that Schneiderman and Mueller are close co-conspiritors in trying to frame the President on sex charges…of course, MSNBC staff want more investigation of Trump for sex stuff…they never learn.


I find it totally hilarious that the female MSNBC talks only about the power of Schneiderman and not a peep from Maddow the Mad Cow about the rape/sex charges.  This fake female doesn’t give a hoot about women being sexually abused.


And no one dares mention the fact that Schneiderman is a Jew who did this to minority women.  The leftist hypocrites are like conservatives who talk about ‘virtue’ and then visit prostitutes, being a figurehead means getting permission to do as one pleases.


This is why all dictators are horrible people in private.  Utterly horrible, the more power, the worse they behave in private.  This goes for kings, popes, all sorts of leaders.  Humans being treated like gods always ends with humans acting like devils.


Maddow’s refusal to talk about or loudly condemn sexual predation by pro-women’s right leaders is not a surprise.  She keeps all her ire for Trump who never beat a single female in his life.


Worse, the stupid leftist females in this video talk about ‘healing’ the abuser, not throwing the book at him.  The ‘Metoo’ movement is all about ‘let me, too, abuse women!’ and proof of this is easy to find: even today, the mainstream media continues to mercilessly attack the First Lady for everything, all the time.
April Ryan: Melania Trump is “Not Culturally American” – YouTube

CNN’s April Ryan Says Melania Trump ‘not culturally American’


“This is a First Lady who is not culturally American, but she is learning the ways,” Ryan said, before correcting herself to clarify cyber-bullying isn’t confined solely to America.


“This is not just an American issue. These are not just American issues. These are international issues. Cyber-bullying is an international issue. Social media is international and also the opioid addiction issue, so it’s not just here.”


So, CNN is pissed off at Melanie Trump struggling to speak English. This, from the people who demand illegal aliens be allowed to come into the country!  Liberals have created a dual language country, too.  Everything has to be in Spanish, now.


Catering to aliens is the biggest aspect of the DNC.  They want aliens because they vote to more welfare/crime.  All the DNC cities have high crime rates.  When these rates go down, it usually is due to the GOP taking over the mayor’s office.


One of the longest-running DNC cities is dead Detroit.  The Democrats managed to turn America’s Finest Factory City into a howling wasteland.


All the rest of the You Tube mainstream DNC news systems are about attacking Trump over this little detail or that detail.  All of it is utterly negative and all of it screams that Trump should be removed from office.  They cannot stop, they will not stop.

Where on earth have the pussy hat hate gang gone?  Where are the howling women screaming for Schneiderman’s scalp?  Why aren’t they demanding all the DNC males resign?  HAHAHA.


That fake movement is dying.  They don’t know it yet, right now, they are suggesting a black woman run the AG office.  Then we can have total crime as black males will be allowed to run riot.


Way back when Mayor Beame ran NYC, my black neigbhors rioted for months after a thunderstorm broke the electrical grid.  After lights were turned on again, the looting and burning simply raged onwards while the mayor boasted about how the cops didn’t arrest or shoot anyone.


Good lord, that was utter hell!  The good part was, once the looters and rioters finished utterly destroying entire neighborhoods, we could move in on these places and rebuild them.  Isn’t that strange!

Ingraham: When #MeToo becomes #HeToo – YouTube Schneiderman threw 1,000 lawsuits against anything Trump did or seeking anti-Trump scandals so he could force Trump out of office.


The mainstream media has gone way out on a limb.  By constantly attacking the President, they are beginning to appear as unpatriotic and this is no surprise to me: they hate America!  They want armies of illegal aliens who hate Americans to invade just like in Europe.


This destructive behavior is not puzzling.  The leaders of the left intend to continue living in private estates guarded by dogs and armed men.


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19 responses to “Trump Predicted In 2013, AG Eric Schneiderman Would Be Arrested For ‘Worse Then Spitzer or Weiner’

  1. Petruchio

    “The US media hid all the Kennedy stuff for years and often openly sided with the family even when one of them crashed his car into the bay and killed a young, unmarried female he was carousing with earlier.” Wasn’t Kopechne pregnant at the time of her death? Or was that just a rumor?

  2. Petruchio

    “Maddow’s refusal to talk about or loudly condemn sexual predation by pro-women’s right leaders is not a surprise. She keeps all her ire for Trump who never beat a single female in his life.” This is because Rachel Maddow is a lesbian. First off, women having sex with men is repulsive to Maddow. That’s lesbians for you. Lesbians HATE Heterosexual women. They keep this fact secret because they are vastly outnumbered and they know it. Everybody talks about heteros hating gays and lesbians, but the hatred goes both ways. And Rachel Maddow is a Whore’s whore of the MSM; she say and do whatever her Media bosses want her to say/do.

  3. Vengeur

    Sunger’s hero, Eric Schneiderman, revealed himself to be a be a KKK racist to boot!!!! “You are my Brown Slave! Call me Master!! “, Schneiderman demeaned his woman of color girlfriend. Sick Sick Sick.

  4. Melponeme_k


    I had an acquaintance way back in college who was accepted into SUNY Purchase. She was roommates with a Lesbian girl who started to come on to her. It moved into inappropriate touching. My friend complained to the school. She tried to get her dorm room switched but to no avail. Finally, this Lesbian got into her bed at night and assaulted her. The College did nothing and my friend left the school.

    I wasn’t surprised by this story. I had been accepted into the music program and offered full tuition scholarship as well. I refused. The school looked like a Penitentiary, not to mention the students were actually smoking pot in the hall in front of visiting parents. My mother told them this was one of the reasons why I refused their offer. The music department director just said, oh well, that happens at every school.

    I sometimes wonder if I had attended if I would have had a better chance for a career in music. But then I remember that only bloodlines are promoted in the industry whether or not they can sing. I know I made the right decision.

  5. dank

    I’m listening to Gould’s recordings of Bach’s English Suites while reading these comments. Apparently he had some issues with the record companies, even at that level.

    Does anyone know why the Goldberg Variations are more highly esteemed in the media than the English Suites?

  6. mistah charley, ph.d.

    i read the new yorker article about schneiderman he was abusing alcohol as well as beating up his girlfriends

  7. Melponeme_k


    Gould was bloodlines. He was related to composer Grieg who was a Christie on his mother’s side. Lots of Christie’s under peerage. The Christie relative in particular was scrubbed and you can’t look further into her relatives (suspicious).

    Gould knew the record companies were fronts for the CIA and other spook agencies. This could account for the reason why he was so particular in where he was recorded and how. All performers are spooks in one way or another. It looks as if Gould didn’t want to play that game, so he turned himself into a recluse. He was very handsome and could be very charming so I’m sure the pressure on him to be a good little spy was fierce.

    I believe it was the Goldberg Variations that really pushed Gould into the public eye. It was his orchestrated introduction as a mass icon. No other reason really.

  8. dank

    As a string player, I would place the English Suites at the top along with Passacaglia and Fugue in c minor and the Chaconne in d minor. Although I have not listened to them recently, the Goldberg Variations I would place in the vicinity of the Brandenberg Concertos, also overrated.

    Your scrubbing comment is interesting, I think there was some on the Jewish side of my ancestry. I was not aware this occurs, although not surprised.

    Some time ago Jeff Steinberg of LaRouche PAC did an interesting video where he discussed the use of music as a method of social control by the ruling elite or whatever you want to call them. I believe he mentioned the role of the role of the villian Bertrand Russell. Absolutely incredible stuff. Whatever you may want to believe, they have made how to rule over us into a science.

  9. Oguy

    Not all lesbians have a chip on their shoulder– some women are simply attracted to other women and don’t sacrifice their humanity to that part of themselves. Now political lesbians, that’s another thing entirely. But then, stridency, resentment and hypocrisy can also come from a lot of other quarters.

  10. Petruchio

    @#9 Oguy: Yeah, that’s true.Some lesbians are just not interested in Men romantically or sexually. They prefer a romantic relationship with women. I was speaking in general terms. I’ve known a few lesbians in my day. Some fit the stereotype and have some anger/rage issues towards men–to varying degrees. Some alot of issues with men, some just a mild case of rage towards men–and anywhere in between.

  11. Christian W

    Israel has started attacking the Syrian Arab Army directly in Damascus and elsewhere. Israel has taken over where ISIS and Al Qaeda failed.

  12. Petruchio

    As for Elliot Spitzer, I fail to see what business that is of the Public. If someone wants to voluntarily spend $5,000 per night for a Hooker, who is voluntarily having sex with him, it is none of yours a–or my–business. So what? What does that have to do with what kind of Public Servant Elliot Spitzer is? Joe Biden can grope underage girls REPEATEDLY and there is no scandal. As an aside, I don’t know if ANY woman’s body is worth renting out for a night, but it isn’t my money. Now if guys like Elliot Spitzer want to spend THEIR money that way, fine. Each to his own. And Anthony Weiner must have pissed of the Elites somehow. Nobody in D.C. really cares if Weiner sent out some naughty pics from his phone.

  13. Floridasandy

    When did everybody get so concerned with other people’s sex lives? If they are doing something wrong, go to the police. We put up with blackmailing women -with husbands trying to spare their wives finding out-and many other illegal activities- because it was done through alawyer – which makes it lef. WTF?
    Pretty soon, nobody will want to have sex. Maybe that’s the point. We will all be replaced by robots doing it

  14. Fretting about sex is FUN. We are all basically monkeys. Interesting comments about Glenn Gould…my father loved his performances. I played the piano, organ and cello (and various medieval instruments) when going to school and was interested in how Glenn played the piano.

    Like my father, two brothers in my own family, I also had ‘perfect pitch’. This is a curse in a way. Anyone playing out of tune drives me NUTS.

    When I was called up on (while in high school and college) to tune up orchestra instruments of younger people when performing for big events, I loved doing this. I would take on entire string sections and make certain they were all in harmony.

    I didn’t even need tools to find the right pitch, I could hear it in my ‘inner ear’ that is, my brain. My father was very concerned about things being ‘in tune’ so I was filled with that concept from birth.

    My mother was church organist and when I was a teen, I was her replacement when she couldn’t play the organ. I love big organs! They are fun to play, I got to tour Germany and play some epic church organs there, it was so much fun!

    Then…couldn’t make enough money doing this thus, going into construction instead. So many of us have dropped music due to pop music suffocating everything. Now, singing has degraded to the point of being animal sounds and everything is out of tune even with ‘autotune’ which is not correct, I can hear the ‘fuzz’ it creates. Ouch.

    Hurts my ears!!!! I avoid ‘pop’ music as much as possible but then they pipe this in stores and I have to cuss silently as people sing out of tune there.

  15. Melponeme_k

    “Like my father, two brothers in my own family, I also had ‘perfect pitch’.”

    I was told I had perfect pitch but I never thought so. I have the scale in my head but I still like to test my pitch against a tuning fork. I was never the person to call out the name of the tone when played. But if you asked me to sing an A, A sharp or flat, I could do it. Yes, I can definitely tell when musicians are off with their notes and even if they are behind or ahead of tempo. It is like torture. This happens a lot now. Probably because the nepotism has gotten so bad, talent isn’t even taken into account now. I will say that most of the Russian and Asian artists are still top drawer. But the rot has started to spread to them as well.

    Pop music is run by the CIA, MI6 etc. Since none of them were ever known for their music skills, is it any wonder that pop music stinks? They are too busy encoding the terrible music with psychotronic sound frequency attacks on the listener then determining if the melodies and performers are in tune.

  16. dank

    Thanks for the comments about music. I always wanted to have perfect pitch, but my pitch is good enough to play violin and viola.

    Right now I am trying to improve my pitch by tuning my chakras. There is a lot of confusing information on the web regarding this. Most of what I have read equates the first chakra to C, but a recent study done in India equates it to A# I believe.

  17. Petruchio

    Latest news: Trump bimbo Stormy Daniels’ lawyer is facing the good possibility of being disbarred because of his shady past. I wonder how the MSM will handle this one.

  18. Lou

    not sure if this posted,

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