Tories Put Tommy Robinson Into 70% Muslim Prison To Kill Him

Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) | Twitter


I have a lot of personal experience with violent prisons and taking people out of prisons or putting them into prisons.  Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner taken in by the Bilderberg gang who want him to die.  They had a fake ‘trial’ with no lawyers and then tried to prevent any news of his arrest to be reported and then, when forced to tell the truth, suddenly moved him into a mainly Muslim prison wing where he will be probably killed.


This sort of political crimes is nothing new in the NATO countries which have done this back when I was a teenager.  Despots love doing this.  It is particularly ugly when ‘liberals’ are despots for they are hypocrites, too.  This is worse for they should know better.


Killing Tommy won’t stop his followers, it will motivate them.  This is always true.  The Romans thought, killing Jesus would stop the Jews in Jerusalem from fighting but then…they fought even harder and eventually, Christians took over the entire Roman Empire.


Iran does the same thing as the Tories running Britain:  The Daily Mail in London.


In Russian news: ‘Gender stereotypes’ & ‘sexual objectification’ banned from Stockholm billboards


All ads will have to show women wearing sharia garb in Sweden.  I am not joking, I predicted this some time ago, last year.


I grew up on a ranch here in Arizona:

The Obama gang tried their best to make it impossible to protect property rights.  Here in NY, I have many signs posted warning trespassers.  When I was a child, we could shoot trespassers…not any more!  Now, hostile invaders openly shoot officers, too, in Southern Arizona.


My great grandaddy is rolling in his grave!  He was sent there by the President way back in the Civil War years to patrol southern Arizona!


And my father risked life and limb to deal with Nazis during WWII:

The ‘far right’ are mere conservatives.  The present government is far left run by East German operatives like Merkel.  She is destroying Germany and wants no disputes about how to run Germany…into the ground like her beloved East Germany.







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5 responses to “Tories Put Tommy Robinson Into 70% Muslim Prison To Kill Him

  1. Moe

    Perhaps all British prisons are 70% Muslim. And did you ever hear of protective custody?

    I think your prognosis is extreme, though I fully credit the British government’s hostility and desire for Robinson’s ‘unfortunate’ demise. Robinson’s death while imprisoned would fully expose to the world the British government’s fascism, and unless the Tories are perfectly willing to drop the facade of ‘democratic government’, that’s not going to happen.

    We’ll soon see.

  2. Lou

    1–UK, is most crime from non Whites?

  3. Lou

    WheneverTheWhether said…

    41% of black African, 36% of Bangladeshi and 35% of Indian people feel they have a say in decisions affecting Britain, compared to 19% of white people.
    Whites Are The Majority of Victims of Racism from Blacks

    72% of murder suspects in London are non-white.
    Three Quarters of of Murder Suspects are Non-White

    1. Black people are heavily overrepresented in all riots but one (Salford, 1.7% of arrests)
    2. Over 50% arrested are black in all London riots (up to 82% black, 10% white in Lambeth)
    3. All but two London areas (both central) with above average black population rioted
    4. Poor and uneducated non-black areas did not riot or had small riots
    5. Older black people are more likely to riot than whites of any age, incl. youths
    6. Whites aged 10-17 are not overrepresented, blacks aged 10-17 are – heavily
    7. Black Londoners are 2.87 times as unemployed as whites, but 9.65 times more likely to riot
    2011 England Riots: New Police Statistics and Ethnicity

    200 Foreign Nationals Arrested in London Every Day

    Anti-White Racial Crime Statistics In Britain


    Figures show that white people are racism victims

    Third of rapists and killers ‘are foreign’

    1 in 5 native French have been victims of racist insults/attacks

    ‘Immigrant crimewave’ warning: Foreign nationals were accused of a QUARTER of all crimes in London

    London is home to the UK’s ten most violent places to live

    85% of hate crime victims in Europe are Christians

    And I leave you with one stat that you may get from the jewish counterjihad false opposition that distorts the facts to serve only jewish interests, one that ignores the fact the most recent wave of immigrants are muslims, due to all the wars USA/isreal have created in the Middle East since 9/11, thus all the youngest criminals are majority muslim.
    This ignores the crimewave of all non-whites created by jews that has run rampant and never publicised in the jewish press and precisely why the counter jihad isn’t a helpful first step (as claimed by dishonest jews promoting Tommy Goy Robinstein) but a jewish deception, where the only result will be zionist jewish power cemented even further and whites will continue to be marginalised until their extinction.

    1/5 of prisoners in youth jails are Muslims.

  4. Moe

    Fake image of ‘Tommy Robinson rally in London’ sparks angry social media reaction

  5. Yes, Moe, anyone can post anything online. Naturally, this is blamed on the victim of Bilderberg police state actions even though Tommy had nothing to do with it at all.

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