Congress Hearings Today: FBI DNC Gangsters Under The Gun!

Jordan to Rosenstein: Why are you keeping info from us? – YouTube


The Jewish lawyer Rosenstein who is one of the many conspirators who tried to engineer a coup after the attempt at rigging elections in favor of Bilderberg Hillary is being quizzed by Congress and above is a very. heated exchange.  The infestation of our legal systems with people who think the Constitution is just a piece of paper as Bilderberg Bush Jr once admitted.  The FBI gang put in place by the DNC are fighting hard to keep the lid on their many crimes.  IT WON’T WORK.  The GOP is demanding information with no censorship by criminals who run our systems so far…


The GOP is very angry at the foot-dragging for two years while still hiding information from Congress.  We know a number of talking points thanks to DNC leaks that were leaked in order to smear Trump and his appointees.  Now, we need the hard facts and this is what is taking forever, the Bilderberg gang is dragging things out so it will be after the next election hoping that the hysteria about illegal aliens invading will give the DNC Bilderberg gang a big boost only this is deflating rapidly, as citizens learn much of the news during last week about ‘refugees’ was FAKE NEWS deliberately fake.

Gowdy to Rosenstein on Russia probe: ‘Finish it the hell up’ – YouTube
Gowdy grills the FBI head about how within three days of Mueller being appointed Special Council, the top FBI gang were openly talking with each other about how best to impeach Trump before any information was examined.


This comes from the hidden communications of various FBI top Obama agents which Congress has demanded and the FBI kept hidden from view all the way until this recent removal of some of the FBI criminals. Now, Congress has the real information and Rosenstein sits there like a chicken on an egg, unable to do more than squawk.

Jim Jordan: Why did DOJ hide Strzok’s link to federal judge? – YouTube


Rosenstein tells Gowdy that everyone is being smeared (HAHAHA) and he is unhappy with stuff…and HE is the one hiding information from Congress and from the American Voters who are Real Citizens.  Just like with Watergate, WE have a ‘need to know’ beyond Congress, we are the PEOPLE.  I wrote this back during Watergate when I used to write for underground newspapers we published in various cheap ways and I write this again today…having flashbacks like crazy now.


Rosenstein and his conspiratorial buddies are seeing the writing on the Wailing Wall in DC.  They can see the anger of the GOP Congress but the DNC gang is pushing hard to cover up these many crimes for this conspiracy to trick the US public in an election and then frame the winner so he would be attacked and removed based on totally fake information cooked up by crooked CIA and FBI GOP agents.  We know now that they openly conspired to frame Trump and this is TREASON.


They did this so they could hand over our nation to ALIENS.  To put us in the grip of the foreign Bilderberg gang who are looting our nation and don’t want us protected.  I want these people arrested and this includes the top conspirators just like previous conspirators who tried to rig an election: Nixon who didn’t go to prison.


I was furious when he was not put on trial.  The claim was, no one would ever conspire to cheat in an election ever again but I am very cynical even back in the 1970’s and today we see that yes, people can and will conspire to rig elections, this recent one was the most naked example.


Here is a few days ago, Gowdy grilling the Justice Department Inspector General, another Jewish chap, Horowitz, about the Hillary email investigation which was a complete farce.  Many voters thought the GOP was dragging their feet in Congress. I kept saying, all things take time.


Well, it is now cooking hard boil, from this month forwards, events will speed up more and more.  Attempts at stalling are failing.  The last broohaha was the mainstream Bilderberg media howling about illegal aliens demanding we let all foreigners including terrorists from the Middle East and Central America, be let in without examination.  This reminded citizens that the DNC intends to kill us or terrorize us, deliberately.  And that the Bilderberg gang inside the GOP is also evil in intentions.


I noticed during this last two years and with today’s LIVE: Deputy AG Rosenstein & FBI Director Wray testify on 2016 election – YouTube that all the conspirators working for Hillary and Obama are very smug.  They won’t be smug in six months, they hopefully will be in prison.


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6 responses to “Congress Hearings Today: FBI DNC Gangsters Under The Gun!

  1. Jim R

    Congress today is so much weaker and less effective than in the 1950s. Back then, they could call people in and rake them over the coals and really do some damage.

    Not that I’m saying the McCarthy hearings were ‘the good old days’, it was awful.

    But it seems Congress today can’t even manage to censure anyone a tiny little bit. “You didn’t want to testify today? Well that’s okay, hunny. You just go back to your office and keep doing whatever it was…”

  2. Lou

    600 arrests in DC.

  3. Ken

    Lou @ 2

    The arrests in DC (actually 575, not 600) were at a protest rally opposing enforcement of immigration laws. I wonder how many of the 575 are in the US illegally. I also wonder if anyone will check to see if they are illegal immigrants. If so, will the illegals be deported? Expect an uproar if they are.

  4. Yes, the protestors were nearly all white college age SJW females. Virtually no males and not one black person. This is very funny.

  5. Lou

    4–Thanks. Maybe Blacks that vote [1 in 4 adult BMs is a felon] will STOP voting for open border Democrats.

  6. The entire DNC leadership has suddenly decided to be ‘no more borders, no more cops’ which is INSANE and Trump will laugh to death because this means the DNC is dead.

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