Bilderberg Gang Goes Ape: North Korea Kim Unwavering Trust Trump

HAHAHA.  So, the gang running our media and Hollywood, etc. will go nuts after claiming Kim hated Trump and was rearming North Korea, Kim does a classic Trump slap down!  Now that he is working with Trump, this will mean Trump is even more evil by stopping WWIII in Asia.  The more ‘dangerous rivals’ make peace with Trump, the angrier the DNC and the elites grow in rage.  Also, Japan gets another earthquake on top of a typhoon this week.

Smart German politicians are now siding with Trump and others who oppose letting millions of Muslims invade and then destroy Europe or other non-Muslim nations.


Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Plunge to New Post-1969 Record | Breitbart: actually, this was expected.  Bring home the jobs is working wonders! The regime that exported jobs and imported goods is very angry now.


Because he is now so effective, Trump is the eternal evil for the leftists and their bosses.  It is truly sad, they want Venezuela type rule here with the very rich protected by a dictator while the masses starve and become poor peons, pawns of the rich and powerful.


Speaking of the devil, the ruler of Chicago is leaving his service after wrecking that city pretty thoroughly.  I find it rather ironic that leftist black leaders play the same stupid game: demanding the bosses stop crime!  Only not stop blacks from committing crimes!

They do want black men disarmed which is OK with me but these shooters are often criminals so this won’t solve anything.  They steal stuff!  The civil rights protestors created the black criminal class.


This is because these liberals don’t want black criminals arrested or put in prison.  They created this chaos, they destroyed black schools by killing discipline, all this mess has been caused by liberals, it is continued by liberals and the only way to turn it around is to vote for conservatives.


There are black conservatives but mainstream media like the odious NY Times hates black conservatives even more than they hate Alex Jones.


Talking about places collapsing:

Powerful 6.7 magnitude earthquake rocks northern Japan | Daily Mail Online: the heavy rains followed by a fairly big earthquake caused mountainsides all over northern Japan to slide very badly and this caused most of the casualties.

Back in the US, tropical storm Gordon rolls up the Mississippi River and will drench the Midwest and then mosey on to where I live, we need the rain here.


HURRICANE FLORENCE is going to be a major hurricane, we don’t know if it will come here, too.  Some major hurricanes create their own environment and can even stall out cold fronts on rare occasions.  This one may curve out to sea and then hit England or it can barrel into North Carolina/Virginia or turn sharply to New York Harbor.  Too early to tell.




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9 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Goes Ape: North Korea Kim Unwavering Trust Trump

  1. Petruchio

    “… Kim does a classic Trump slap down!” I always kind of suspected that North Korea’s leader Kim, while he might be crazier than a Loon, is actually a pretty intelligent leader. Jong-un would have to be to survive the assaults he faces constantly.

  2. Well, he isn’t totally stupid, that is certain. Crafty: yes. But Trump is crafty, too. He, like me, uses his emotions a lot but then, that is why I tangled with him for fun in the past, we are birds of a feather.

  3. ziff

    Meanwhile our CDN news media is desperate everyday to convince cdns NOT to vote for any republicans ! I think i will anyway. ,,,

  4. Jim R

    Just saw the headline on ZH, Twitter has perma-banned Alex Jones. I was not a fan of his, but it seems unfair. They want him to go away and be an un-person and stop embarrassing the bosspeople…

  5. KHS71

    I heard that Jones basically accosted him at the hearing. If true, then Twitter may have a legitimate reason. Supposedly not about content. Not a fan and do not go to his website but am middle of the road right winger. Don’t do Twitter or Facebook. Voted for Trump and will support him again. Trump’s the best thing to happen to the US in the last 20 years or so.

  6. Arguing with someone in the halls of Congress are no grounds for lifetime bans! But then, people seem OK with censorship all over the place. I have been heavily censored nearly all my life.

  7. That same twitter clown, by the way, along with the other techie creeps, demands that Trump NEVER ban ANYONE attacking him on their websites. And as I keep saying, these are mere websites, nothing more.

    They can be easily avoided and millions are migrating to better hosts. I am, too. I hate these lunatics in California. I used to live there, in the Bay Area.

  8. Lou

    Alex Jones is a Zionist. Why are they now unhappy with him?

  9. Lou

    Headline, ‘Goes Ape,’ that is ‘species ist.

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