Trump Has Rosenstein By Balls, DNC Leaders In For Big Surprise

Proof that the FBI Democrats lied about source of ‘Trump/Putin’ story was from the DNC gang BEFORE the FISA court lies.  There is now proof of collusion between top FBI people put in position by Obama and Clinton.  This means it is a conspiracy to frame the President of the USA on false charges.  This is probably why Rosenstein met with President Trump, I figured it was a deal to save his own skin after the GOP found out exactly how this conspiracy first began.

The above video is a good rant about what is going on now.  The New York Times has fallen off a cliff now, now only do they refuse to report important real news anymore, their editorial board is now full blown SJW leftists screeching nonstop.


Note how one of these creatures is hollering about how women who don’t support lynch mobs are ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ robots!  Note how these fake feminists smear and abuse women who disagree with them on any SJW issue.  Indeed, these leftists will go out and literally beat up any women who disagree with the SJW agenda.


Brute force is now being used by desperate leftists as they steadily lose power.  This DNC Titanic is beginning to really sink now.  Trump probably has scored a major victory now if Rosenstein has ditched his fellow conspirators and is now perhaps refocusing his investigations on Clinton and her gang.


Did they do the ‘Russia’ scheme?  Did they blackmail Trump?  I wonder if this will be prosecuted.  I should warn Trump, you have to put them all in prison.  I did.  Giuliani is now in charge of all this and he has lots of experience in this sort of business.


I said before, here, that when Giuliani and I were setting up the DNC for a big fat surprise, not a whiff of this escaped so it came as a huge sudden shock to the NY City DNC gang.  Giuliani didn’t reveal to me all the delicious stuff he was gathering via telephone taps.  I got to find out the hour of the arrests because one of the criminal politicians called me in hysterics screaming he wanted me to save him.


This is why all the anger about ‘why hasn’t Trump and others stopped the DNC’ sound stupid to me.  It takes time to lay out a good, solid case.  And it has to be done quietly so the conspirators can’t eliminate information and hide proof of crimes.  Note how under Obama and his gang, they were allowed to destroy electronic systems to hide their secret, treasonous activities.


Now, they can’t do this, everything is being watched very closely.  Bit by bit, stuff is being found by the FBI and the Special Prosecutor and is no longer about Trump but about the conspiracy against Trump.


THIS IS WHY THE DNC IS TERRIFIED.  They are terribly desperate to do two things: prevent a GOP majority in the Supreme Court and take over Congress so they can stop Rosenstein and remove the President based on zero real facts or protocols, etc.  That is, they are intent on having a coup.


This won’t happen.  Power grows out of the barrel of a gun, wrote Mao many years ago.  And the DNC doesn’t control the guns even in cities they run.  And the DNC is on a cliff: the only voting districts they control are in various cities.  They have very little power outside of these select cities.  Even in my DNC state of New York, the voting map is mostly red, the only exceptions are the cities with large welfare rolls.


This development of ‘red suburbs/rural vs blue cities’ has grown greater and greater since 1990.  Flooding cities with illegal aliens and then letting them vote has kept the DNC in power in places like NY and California.  And the DNC is terrified that this scheme will now collapse for it is utterly illegal.


This next election will be very interesting.  If the DNC fails to gain power, they will riot.  And that will increase GOP power as citizens get angry about our cities burning over and over again as welfare/illegal aliens run riot.  The DNC is too stupid to understand this.  They want riots, they will get riots but only where they have power.  Then they will demand we rebuild their hell hole cities.


Won’t happen this time.  People are getting fed up with this dystopian cycle of destruction.





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4 responses to “Trump Has Rosenstein By Balls, DNC Leaders In For Big Surprise

  1. Petruchio

    ” Trump probably has scored a major victory now if Rosenstein has ditched his fellow conspirators and is now perhaps refocusing his investigations on Clinton and her gang.” Rosenstein is a complete snake; NOBODY should EVER trust him!! Rosenstein has no loyalty except to himself. Even if I were a criminal, I wouldn’t deal with Ken Rosenstein. And, how trustworthy is Rosenstein’s testimony/commentary now? He’s an obvious turncoat no matter how you feel about his former allies.

  2. Petruchio

    ” They want riots, they will get riots but only where they have power.” Chicago is a good example. It is so bad in Chicago, the Black Community–a large part of them–are looking to Trump for help. These people used to be Trump Haters. Look at them now.

  3. JeffreyWolenski

    Remember this? How times and attitudes have changed for many of us.
    “Since I am 100% against letting the Republicans run things any more, I am happy that Obama is probably going to win this election. It is time the US got beyond our own dark roots which is all about slavery and racism.”

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