Trump Allows TEMPORARY Funding, Explains Congress Must Fund Wall Or He Won’t Sign Budget

The Senate couldn’t quite get enough votes to pass a budget with 60% of the vote and the House failed to pass anything at all due to the ongoing divisions so the DNC is celebrating Trump paying Federal workers…for one month.  These idiots don’t realize, no bill will be signed by Trump unless they fund the wall.  So they have to play ball with him in the end.


Mainstream media will play this as if it is all Trump’s fault.  Who needs border protections?  Nobody, according to them.


The DNC gains power via importing illegal aliens.  European leftists do the same.  They are too stupid to figure out that all these border jumpers hate Jews, for example.  Why Jews in power in DC and media can’t see the obvious coming down the train tracks amazes me.


But then, this happens over and over again with Jewish people.  They can’t see the obvious end results for some blind reason.  The border issue is a huge issue.  It is a budgetary issue as well as a cultural issue.


The most shortsighted thing on earth is to ignore the obvious dangers.  Eastern Europe knows what invasion looks like and are fighting the Bilderberg gang but here in the US, the Bilderberg gang is nearly totally hidden from view.


For the time being!  Pelosi and Schumer both came back from their annual Bilderberg meeting in Europe and are determined to destroy the US.  How this helps Jews baffles me.  Um…hello!  It is so obvious to me, it is like a huge warning sign yet these clowns ignore it for some reason.


They have a giant wall around Israel, their home base!  For the time being!


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7 responses to “Trump Allows TEMPORARY Funding, Explains Congress Must Fund Wall Or He Won’t Sign Budget

  1. AT

    Right after Davos as predicted.

    That way he got to skip Davos with a fig leaf while whistling to his base.

    And, he stays out of the family reunion picture book of all those who broke the world.

  2. KHS71

    I feel this is a win for Trump. He gets to show the country that he has compassion for the workers by allowing them to be paid and gives the Rats another 3 weeks to try to try to work out their differences. I doubt the Rats will give in on anything which will show them for what they really are, non caring. They want complete total open borders, every person that comes to the border is given immediate citizenship, and is registered to vote in the next election. They can then flood California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas with new voters then proceed northwards to turn all states blue. If they don’t give in on anything and Trump declares a National Emergency to build the wall, I am sure the Rats have their favored Federal judge already picked out ready to declare the National Emergency unconstitutional and void it.

  3. AT

    I hate to break it, but if Trump gave a rat’s ass about illegal immigration he’d have the DOJ jail a few illegal employers in retail and agriculture, and then 99% of the illegals would go home without jobs to stay for. Managing a wal-mart is just not worth going to jail for harboring illegals.

    Fact is Trump is a hotelier. Hotels employ illegals. Put those together.

    This “wall” is all showbiz now, part of the kayfabe WWF two-party charade.

    Are you not entertained?

  4. All our elites hire illegal aliens. Duh. Including Trump. So…why are the elites howling like banshees at Trump now? I hope everyone understands this little tid bit of brain work.

  5. Moe

    IMO this is a loss for Trump. And I would go further: I believe he’s lost the imitative and the game. It’s going to be all downhill from here.

  6. Zeke

    Most of the border doesn’t require a Wall. With hundreds of miles of desert on either side of the border – a couple of geo-static surveillance satellites and rapid response teams with helicopters, Ospreys and dune buggies would provide security.
    (My vehicle GPS acquires data from multiple satellites!)
    All of a sudden it’s an emergency. He had two years of Repub controlled govt. He prioritized tax cuts for the rich.
    In his speech he said illegal aliens are coming here for jobs (in the great economy he created). I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, i.e. him saying how he would fix that. Never happened.
    He COULD fix that with strict enforcement against hiring illegal aliens, e.g., 1st offence = $10k fine; 2nd offence = $100k fine; and 3rd offence (3 strikes, you’re out) = civil forfeiture of the illegal alien employing enterprise.
    He COULD do that but he WONT because it’s not THAT important TO HIM and his rich buddies.
    You’re being played; you’re being ‘had’, bamboozled. Wake up, people.

  7. Wrong. He did fight for better border controls. A big chunk of the GOP especially McCain, lead the fight of the oligarchs to keep the borders open so they can keep wages down for Americans.

    This fight is at the very core of the battles wracking Europe right now, the same gang has open borders for Europe and it is destroying everything there.

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