Insane Arrest Of Roger Stone: SJWs Rejoice In Police State Tactics

The ridiculous paramilitary arrest of an elderly man who expected to be arrested due to him being close to Alex Jones, is a police state tactic similar to how Tommy Robinson was handled by the British government that tried to cover up his arrest and sudden imprisonment.

In this case, CNN was told when the raid would happen and happened to be there before dawn to record it.  This is also a fine example of collusion between the Special Prosecutor and those he is hounding mercilessly.


CNN was illegally allowed to stalk Stone at his home.  This is a clear sign of government collapse due to conspirators inside the DNC and government employees deliberately breaking the laws to persecute Trump supporters.  The entire indictment of Roger Stone should be thrown out due to this conspiracy to humiliate an elderly man, treating him like he was a bank robber holded up with guns in a pre-dawn paramilitary raid.

This sexual assault wish by a top CNN clown, wishing an elderly white man be raped physically is exactly how ‘liberals’ really think about rape.  It is of course, very disgusting, this monster won’t be fired or forced to apologize.

All this last two years, media figures have been acting like KKK clowns, talking openly about murdering and raping men, women and children just because of political differences.

John the Pod Person is a Zionist ‘conservative’ who is one of the Bilderberg gang’s speech writers:

People are being trained to howl at Trump for not doing what he wanted with the budget business, no wall of course.  Blaming him entirely when it was he who is being stabbed in the back by the Bush/Clinton/Obama gangsters.  Note how Podhoretz uses sexual rape as a joke here.


Meanwhile, as the DNC media howls with joy over all this illicit junk, they are being fired by their owners who are going bankrupt.  Here are some tweets from creeps who are now losing jobs.  Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post are shutting down bit by bit, just like the mainstream comics book business and other entertainment systems are losing more and more money due to PC political pushing:

So, this pathetic: just after posting a silly story about taxing NY citizens even more due to it supposedly getting too warm (it is near below zero tonight yet again!), this clown discovered that he has been fired.  Good riddance to bad brains.

Boasting about unionizing the workers in an increasingly bankrupt business, this poor leftist begs people to hire him so he can…destroy them, too.  I wonder if he can figure this out?


Now on to the fury aimed at Trump for backing down on the wall thingie: the failure was in Congress.  Both Houses were unable to get votes for the budget, Trump can’t just do as he pleases.  This is how democracy works.  This is why the DNC wants no walls at all, they are importing aliens and using them as their voter base, after all.


The GOP top dawgs like illegal aliens, they are cheap labor and can replace citizens.  All the money and all the political power is pro-importing labor.  The only power against this are citizen voters who see their condition deteriorate due to all this.


Trump has carefully explained all this but the top ‘conservatives’ are all pissed off at him as if they have any better ideas.  Trump knows that he can do more…IF HE HAD SUPPORT but he doesn’t have this from GOP leaders who betray their base over and over again.  Note how chummy Bush Jr. is with Obama and the Clintons, all fellow Bilderberg gangsters.


Trump isn’t a Bilderberg man.  This is obvious.  Roughly 95,000 individuals identified as non-U.S. citizens by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) are registered to vote and, 58,000 of those, 61 percent, voted at least once, says Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.


There is at least a million illegal aliens voting in NY, too.  NY and California are the twin towers of DNC control of the US.  Both places are where the entertainment/news headquarters are and these people are destroying both states.  They hate the citizens and wish us ill.


The AG underscored his office has “obtained a number of successful noncitizen voter fraud convictions,” including Rosa Ortega in Tarrant County, Laura Garza in Montgomery County, and Marites Curry in Navarro County.


In 2017, Texas tried Ortega, a Mexican national, for voting illegally in elections over a decade. She falsely claimed U.S. citizenship and voted as a Republican at least five times in Dallas County. This included the November 2012 general election and a May 2014 primary run-off. During her trial, Ortega said she thought she was an American citizen when she was only a U.S. legal permanent resident, which rendered her ineligible to vote. A judge sentenced her to eight years in prison for “illegal voting” under Texas law.


No one knows who she voted for, she probably said she voted for the GOP in order to avoid prison, thinking this would make the judge sympathetic to her.


In response to Paxton’s announcement, the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a national election integrity law firm, tweeted, “The 95,000 noncitizens are registered to vote in Texas — 61 percent cast ballots. The Left pushed overly aggressive policies that exposed noncitizens to voter registration. Are their deportation risks worth it?”


The nonprofit is currently suing Harris County, the largest in the state, for noncitizen voter registration records which are being withheld from public inspection. The group’s president, J. Christian Adams, responded to the day’s news by adding, “This shows why Harris county must release the alien voting records we have sought for a year.”


It is an uphill battle to stop this fraud.  Ever since the government changed the rules and allowed illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses, illegal aliens all over the country have been voting in our elections and voting for open borders.  This has to stop.



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5 responses to “Insane Arrest Of Roger Stone: SJWs Rejoice In Police State Tactics

  1. Ziff

    Stone is a big boy i think he can handle it. and you need a dictator ,no , a national will

  2. Tom W Harris

    He was raided to prevent document destruction. Not that he would ever resort to that, haw haw haw.

  3. He spoke often about the impending arrest for quite a few days now. No, he wasn’t destroying anything, HILLARY and her gang do that.

  4. Tom W Harris

    ” No, he wasn’t destroying anything”

    I guess Mueller should’ve asked your opinion, haw haw haw.

  5. Tis sad watching people believe mainstream media.

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