Black Magic Elites Double Down On Lies, Deception, Cruelty And Fake News

No one from the national news carried the above story.  Citizens in Kentucky are hopping mad about the racist abuse of their children and neighbors by mainstream media, Hollywood and the DNC.  Meanwhile, Roger Stone, an elderly man my age, is under sustained attack for, get this, talking to Wikileaks and Assange in London!!!  WTH.  This is political persecution, big time.  Meanwhile, the US and Brit press doubles down on attacking anyone associated with Trump and Trump himself, revealing a very ugly side of ‘liberalism’ which used to support Occupy Wall Street protesters but now the left is pro-Wall Street like Bloomberg, Mr. Wall Street himself!  This is so insane.


Liberals lost contact with the planet earth a while ago.  Despite obvious reality of extreme cold descending on our planet, they harp on ‘global warming’ which they now have to call ‘climate change’.  This level of insanity is ridiculous but then the entire DNC voter base has gone mad at this point.  Here is a selection of the abuse and vicious, very racist junk churned out of the cesspool of Hollywood and NYC:

All Pelosi and Schumer had to do was fund the border wall.  This is why there was a shut down.  They refused, both the House and the Senate GOP couldn’t force this to end so Trump ended it, himself.  Naturally, he is being blamed by the Bilderberg gang for all this, their media systems are in full howl about this while simultaneously studiously ignoring what is going on for the last three months in France.


Yesterday, the Yellow Jackets marched again.  The police this time did little to bother them until night fell and then as marchers went home, the radicals took to the streets and there was quite a battle, as per usual.  I saw all this, I kept the RUPTY feed going on my computer all day, like before, saw the entire event unfold.  Total silence about this in US media, nearly none in next door England!  And there were sister demonstrations in England supporting the French Yellow Jackets and zero reporting of that, too.

The SJW gang has been attacking Tucker Carlson, trying to twist arms so advertisers boycott him.  BOYCOTT GILLETTE!  These clowns making fun of Carlson are clowns.  Steve Martin is a filthy drunkard who abuses women.  So naturally, the left loves him, they love all these creepy white men.  It amazes me how thoroughly widdershins this all is.  Below is a photo of the priest who was with the Covington School boys who just stood aside from the kids and watched the radical leftist adults and the black power lunatics attack the kids and use obscenities and physical close confrontation:

I am guessing why he is just standing there, silently: he approves of this situation.  He doesn’t care about the children in his care, perhaps he is enjoying watching them being called filthy sexual names?  I don’t know but I do fear this may be possible.  If I were there, I would have run up to the fake Vietnam Indian and told him to stand back!  I would not have stood there.  This priest didn’t stand up to the Cardinal when he attacked the children along with the Satanic mob running our media.


All black magic is ‘widdershins’ of reality, it is the key factor driving this negative force of energy.  The black magic people like the Skull and Bones at Yale (and a number of Presidents who belonged to this nasty cult) use negative power to kill millions of people.  I vividly remember when I openly tangled with this force of evil at the University of Kansas back in 1967 when I was 16 years old: after I finished the exorcism, a Catholic priest and then a Jewish rabbi visited my dorm room to chat with me.


I suddenly saw ‘evil’ in their eyes and told them nothing, I went home, met my own Lutheran minister in the driveway of his house and saw it again, and never talked to him afterwards even though his daughter was my friend.  I saw evil.  It turned out he was ‘evil’ and was defrocked.  The Catholic Church is home base to endless rapists and other criminals.  Religion is closely connected to dark forces and our elites are submerged in open dark magic junk they believe in.


You are what you believe!  They love being evil.  The key to evil is simple: DECEPTION.  The lies about Trump, the lies about innocent young school boys (raping young boys is a big turn on for evil men as we see over and over again) the fake liberal media has spewed this week is BLACK MAGIC at work.  The fact that the Cardinal in charge of the innocent boys, joined the satanic attack on them, means he should be defrocked.


He ‘apologized’ but he didn’t really mean it, he is just scared that he has been unmasked.  This whole story of the Catholic lads irked me greatly and disturbed my sleep due to its connections to the Outer Darkness.   They are the ‘sacrificial lambs’ and the hope is that the youth at the center of this black magic attempt should be so annihilated, he will kill himself.  They drool with anticipation and I hope the good people around this child close ranks and protect him from the slavering monsters surrounding him.


Look at the video of the NBC interview: that females made ‘oogly big’ eyes at him every time she attacked him with a false charge.  Her eyes would double in size and glow with glee as she attacked him.  It was disgusting and I figured a chat with the Watchers has been called for.  I want her arrested but can’t arrest her for casting evil, we just have to wait till she goes through the Gates of Death for a proper grilling.

It is seriously creepy to watch this interview.  The boy looks terrified of this witch as he should…she is using all her dark arts to lure him into darkness.  The bulging of the eyes every time this snake female laid her traps is amazing, do watch this several times and you can see her eyes literally double in size.  The boy’s eyes narrow each time she does this little hypnotic trick.  Women use these ‘googley eyes’ when snaring men.  It is very sexual.


Meanwhile, the media hounds from hell are attacking the elderly Roger Stone whose crime is to talk to Assange!

We all tell silly jokes.  This is an obvious example of a silly joke if it even has any reality.  The article does mention that Stone has the same breed of dog, too.  This is insane and a sign that the Special Prosecutor has hired satanic worshippers to go after Stone.  This is exactly the sort of gunk these people cook up.

Bloomberg is a globalist Bilderberg big shot.  He rode into NYC after Giuliani cleaned up the joint.  The city is now run by a lunatic, De Blasio.  The city is heading off a fiscal and social cliff now.  It will revert to the mess it was in when I arrived back in 1976.  The political persecution of anyone defying the Bilderberg gang is why I write news here.  I sometimes go into the deep end whenever these clowns toy with the Outer Darkness which they doing this year, big time.


It is as if lightning is always going to strike me, I feel the static on my skin, my hair.  It is unnerving.  I have written in the past that if these monsters can’t stop Trump legally, they will simply kill him and his entire family.  We are seeing them slavering with desire to destroy him and also the entire concept of ‘United States’ itself.


Note how after just 18 years after 9/11, the media giants are united with our Real Rulers to hate America.  The attack on the boys wearing MAGA hats was in order to stop patriotism, kill it utterly.  The importation of illegal aliens is all about destroying sovereignty.  Europe’s people have zero sovereignty now and no nationalism which is why the many demonstrations these months are all about…nationalism!  Yes, the people don’t want no borders, far from it!


And this is the real battle: sovereign people or a mob of disconnected people who hate each other, ruled by distant elites who hate everyone?  Hello!!!! There is no doubt in my mind where people really want to go and it isn’t into hell like say, Venezuela or South Africa.



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11 responses to “Black Magic Elites Double Down On Lies, Deception, Cruelty And Fake News

  1. Melponeme_k

    “after I finished the exorcism, a Catholic priest and then a Jewish rabbi visited my dorm room to chat with me.”

    Gnostic Luciferians believe they must unite light and dark, good and evil, gender and all other opposites to create balance. This is what they think gives them power.

    They believe the tree of life has a light side and a dark side (Qliphoth). It is said they use the tree imagery in mind control and use magic to infuse the victim with angelic influence and demonic influence.

    John Dee’s Celestial City/4 WatchTowers works on the same basis. On one side is the city of God and the other the City of Satan. This is also used as a framework to brainwash people and interlay entities into them.

    “The boy looks terrified of this witch as he should…she is using all her dark arts to lure him into darkness.”

    He wasn’t being interviewed by a witch. It was a WARLOCK! Look at the huge skull. It shouldn’t be as large as a teenage boy’s skull. The mandible bone is huge. The eyes wide and large. The trachea is large in the neck. The shoulders fit 3 head widths. The hips smaller than the shoulders. The “pregnancy” photos were a typical joke. This person didn’t gain any weight, no swelling and it was tottering around in high heels!

    I refuse to call these people the gender they are pretending to be. They are transgendered males. End of story.

    And the boy was terrified of the male energy coming off this person. It isn’t pleasant being a younger smaller person being menaced by a huge male. His brain was also reading the male threat display but his eyes see female, so it threw him into a slightly disassociated state as his brain tried to solve the opposing information.

  2. lou

    The Catholic Church is home base to endless rapists and other criminals….And the Jewish ‘coven’ isnt full of the same?
    400 whore houses in Tel Aviv. Importing young Ukrainian sex slaves.
    Read the Talmud.

    The new expose on Michael jackson is no surprise.
    He had a thing for 7 year olds.
    Despite Elaines dismissal of pizzagate, Micauly Caulkin [one of MJs friends]
    has a band called Pizza Underground.

    Here, my dear,

  3. lou

    Elaine, remember when Imam Barry let someone w Ebola into USA?


  4. Petruchio

    “Look at the video of the NBC interview:…” I hope this young Man’s parents taped everything. From the time this witch entered the room to the time she left it and stopped talking. This will help stop the media from “creative” editing. It won’t stop the MSM from lying because that is what they do, but you will have the video ammunition to refute ant false claims they make.

  5. Jim R

    @Mel, I still feel that you are mistaken about this. Of course, I don’t have proof, but …
    People come in all shapes and sizes. And yes, the networks and Hollywood have been favoring very gender-incorrect looking people for the last several decades. But I think the NBC person is really a woman, even if she is an ugly one.

  6. Jim R

    And, Snopes is spreading disinformation again, still:

    Snopes Refuses To Correct Nathan Phillips “Stolen Valor” Fact Check; Google, Facebook Promote Disinfo

    by Tyler Durden
    Sat, 01/26/2019 – 23:45

    Phillips, who turned out to be the Maytag Man instead of a “Recon Ranger,” has stolen valor for years – falsely claiming in interviews to have been deployed to Vietnam – before carefully changing his wording to clarify that he was a “Vietnam-times” veteran.

  7. Melponeme_k


    After all this time, did you EVER study the basic skeletal differences between men and women? At least JUST to say NO, I don’t see the evidence? No, YOU HAVEN’T. FEELING is not proof.

    This isn’t just masculine looking women. Just look into artist guide “Female Morphology” by Dr. Paul Richer. He even mentions that the ancient Greek artists fetishized a masculinized female form. BUT he also said this form was also recognizably female because the hips are big enough to match the huge shoulders they put on their female goddess statues. He even showcases the many types of female forms. ALL of them with big hips.

    The hips don’t lie.

    My shape could be a prime example of a masculinized shape. I’m short but my frame is sturdy. My shoulders and back are large. But my hips match the size of my shoulders lending a rather squat look when you aren’t used to recognizing the true female shape. By contrast my niece is long, tall and thin. She still has big hips. She doesn’t have shoulders that shoot way out from the body like a man or “SUPERmodel” (they like to use code MK ULTRA trigger words….SUPER is right. HAHAHAHA).

    Again, this is an agenda to damage us psychologically. Not only that they WANT men to be physically disgusted by the true female form. All men, are being taught to desire the teenage male body. A woman will never be as thin and “Svelte” (hah, what a word) as a teenage male. A woman, even a very thin one, will still have pudge especially in the stomach.. This Subcutaneous fat covers the body for reasons of childbirth. Men don’t have subcutaneous fat. This is why they have a sculpted look. That is male beauty not female.

  8. Melponeme_k

    ON the filp side of the equation. FTMS!

    Guys, did you ever work out real hard to get that V shape back they show off in male sports, actors etc?

    Did you ever wonder why it never looked as extreme? Even though you worked out EXTRA hard?

    You want to know WHY that never happened?


    You weren’t a female. That is a FEMALE trait. When I worked out, I would get that V shape in the back. It would give me that extra VA VA VOOM to my hourglass shape.

    Meanwhile I was trying to get that sinewy ripped looking arm which only males get when lifting weights. HAHAHAHAHA.

    Talk about how they mess us all up.

    Now in the video, the commentator will note what is missing in the pants. This isn’t an isolated case. Look at all the male stars, the real icons that they push on us. You’ll notice that all of them are missing a very important part of being male. HAHAHAHAHAAHA! They sure do have lots of camel toe, though.

  9. Ken

    Caving in on the border wall and the government shutdown was the stupidest thing that Trump could have done. He has destroyed any credibility he might have had for future negotiations, both domestically and internationally.

    What’s more, his base is deserting him. One hundred percent of the pro-Trump people I have talked to are very disappointed in him. They probably will not support him for re-election in 2020. The Democrats are smelling blood in the water, and Bloomberg is only the first of many who will now try to run against Trump in 2020.

    All of them will feel that they are assured of victory, if only they can get past the primaries. As shown in prior elections, the primaries are dominated by the political extremes. Trump will be replaced with a far left “liberal” socialist, because that is who/what will win the Democratic nomination.

    All because of one incredibly stupid mistake.

  10. Trump isn’t a dictator, he didn’t have full support in Congress. This is the way things work.

    OR don’t work. The system is breaking down, normally we have no real elections, note how close the elections are over and over and how voting is messed up…no uniform voting laws, for example…and this crippled system is causing chaos and the split between left and right is a grand canyon.

    The left is now very violent, too.

    People sitting at home have no idea how to fight this mess. I do have an idea.

    YOU HAVE TO GO OUT AND PROTEST. Duh. Nope. Note the French workers…

  11. Shawntoh

    In this regard, in the German Language, it is translated as…

    gefälschte Nachrichten…

    Or “fake news”.


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