Illicit FBI/CNN Roger Stone Raid Should Be Investigated

The CNN/FBI arrest of Roger Stone orchestrated by the SP Mueller is a police state action designed to intimidate the President.  A 6am raid of an elderly couple’s home with the excuse that Stone, who talked endlessly in the media about being arrested, ‘might destroy evidence’.  That is ridiculous.  He had plenty of time to do this, fully expecting this raid to happen.  It is all about INTIMIDATION.


The news that an elderly lady was forced to stand barefoot, outside, in her nightgown was concealed by the mainstream media which is all about how thugs should not abuse ‘women’ except if they support the President.


Then, all sorts of ugly stuff can happen to them!  They have zero protection.  The entire FBI should be investigated for this insane ‘arrest’.  CNN lied about not being ‘tipped off’.  They claim, ‘We had this HUNCH’ which is a bunch of baloney.  Here is a comment to the video:

Yes, ‘silent sirens’ were used lest two people over 70 years old, one of whom is mostly deaf, might wake up, run around and destroy ‘evidence’ in five minutes or less.  This ranks alongside the blundering, totally illicit and illegal paramilitary raid on what was supposed to be bin Laden’s home base overseas.


That raid was made even worse due to disposing the body…ILLEGALLY…into the ocean afterwards, supposedly.  Zero proof of that event.  It supposedly was done so no one could worship at bin Laden’s grave which was even stupider.  The excuses are many and the reality is, our government is often out of control and Trump certainly did not order this.


As a person who was menaced by politicians in the past who used a supposedly scary detetive from Queens to scare me out of doing politics in NYC, I understand this sort of abuse of power.  When I was a teenager in Berkeley many years ago, they arrested me for jaywalking which was insane.


I told the angry young people in the street to stand back and let the police embarrass themselves but instead, there was a riot which the mayor tried to blame me but I had plenty proof that I did everything to stop the riot, but people were angry that I was being arrested for political reasons.


Roger Stone’s arrest was a blunder.  This will go to court eventually ending up in the Supreme Court and I hope it does because it is in important civil rights issue.  The excuse for this arrest, supposedly Stone talked to Assange, is a free speech issue, too.  Nearly all comments to the CNN video were negative about the raid:

Here is the utterly irresponsible Washington Post talking about the dawn raid on an elderly couple:


Former federal prosecutor Paul Butler said the early morning drama is probably part of Mueller’s strategy to flip Stone, calling it “a visceral message: ‘Welcome to the criminal legal process. If you don’t want to be treated like this for the rest of your life, let’s make a deal.’


All bully operations ‘sends a message’.  When that detective rang my doorbell, I asked him what he wanted and he actually said, ‘I want to deliver a message to you.’  I then said, ‘Oh, you are with the Mafia?’  I intended to get on the phone with the former Mafia boss who lived on a ranch next door to my family back then.


‘People are angry with you, you better stop it,’ he said.  I said, ‘Show me your ID.’  He said, ‘No.’  I said, ‘You are under arrest’, he said I couldn’t arrest him so I stepped down the stairs and he backed up and then RAN.  I CHASED him.  This is how I discovered his car and got his ID and this led to his arrest when he went home.


The FBI in this case were basically doing the same thug thing and it is backfiring on Mueller.


Butler, now a Georgetown Law professor, explained that Stone — a key witness for collusion — must decide if he is more afraid of Trump than he is of going to prison.


Roger Stone has been all over the alternative media, talking about his arrest and abusive actions of the thugs sent to attack him and his poor, innocent wife.  Stone is not ‘afraid of Trump.’  He and Trump have discussed all this in the past, that all of Trump’s friends and family including his youngest child, will be attacked by the Bilderberg gang.


“Stone reportedly has held out, refusing to cooperate,” he said, unlike Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen who “flipped like a pancake almost as soon as he was in trouble” and now acts “like a more traditional snitch looking for a deal.”


Cohen is a cuck.  He didn’t stand up to obvious arm twisting.  He chickened out.  The mainstream media run by the Bilderberg gang is fawning over him now but he has to explain all this when he eventually goes through the Gates of Death and has to atone for all his sins there.


“If [Stone] testifies that candidate Donald Trump coordinated the release or deployment of the WikiLeaks hacked emails, that would be extremely incriminating for the president,” Butler said, adding that Stone’s steadfast loyalty to the president would actually make any incriminating admissions all the more credible.


They want him to lie about Wikileaks.  Trump had nothing to do with Wikileaks.  There is zero evidence so the FBI has to torture and abuse elderly people in order to scare them into lying.   This is the exact opposite of an ‘investigation.’


So, Stone refusing to be muscled into lying about Trump is ‘incriminating evidence’?  This is exactly how Nazi German and Soviet Union ran their courts: you were guilty if you didn’t plead guilty!  This is how Mao ran the courts in China, too! The fake liberals in the US have lost their minds.  This is pure evil.


Harvard Law professor Ronald Sullivan cited the same key difference between Cohen and Stone: Counsel for Cohen engaged in robust conversations with prosecutors and reached a disposition. From all published reports, it appeared Stone had no desire to engage in any such discussions.


Cohen would say the moon was made of cheese in order to save his own cowardly skin.  DUH.


He warned that “all citizens should be concerned” about Friday morning’s forceful arrest.


Absolutely.  No matter how elderly you are, the FBI will break down the door and trampled the garden and beat up your spouse and kill your puppies if you irritate the Real Rulers.


“It was a result of Stone exercising his constitutional right not to cooperate,” said Sullivan, who previously served as the director of the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia. “Given his age, the fact that he has a lawyer and that his lawyer has been in touch with the Special Counsel’s Office, it’s extraordinarily odd that they didn’t allow a client to surrender.”


Thus, the stupid excuse that Stone would ‘destroy evidence’ after being hounded by the Bilderberg gang for two years!  Wow.  This is proof that the move that morning was pure Nazi style thug intimidation, not legal at all and the Supreme Court MUST hear this case and rule on whether the FBI can do this at all.


I was just a legal child when I was abused this way years ago.  I just went on my merry way afterwards, I should have sued.  But no lawyer wanted to represent a hippie chick so I just went off and decided, a decade later, to basically take over the 78th Precinct in NYC and get them to cooperate with me.  It was tons of fun, all my arrests were legal and supported by the courts which is why NYC has stopped citizens from doing ‘citizens arrests’ these days.


Now on to another crime topic: this week I was attacked online by a scam artist who wanted my ID so they could attack my accounts.  I checked out the email’s origins:

I then called the chief investigator at University of Louisiana.
I tried using their email service to contact the police there but it doesn’t work at all, it caused my computer to crash!  What?  There is something pretty weird at this school.  A police contact number that acts like a computer virus?


So, I called the UL police investigator, Darren Zachary on Sunday which is when I got the email.  Left him a message.  Monday: the campus detective called me back and this is now being investigated.


The detective called me a second time to explain that the school was under sustained attack and that student ID and internet ID were stolen by someone overseas.  The computer experts at the school fixed things during the next day once they were alerted, it appears a number of people were attacked by the scam artist.


Fishing is a common computer problem.  This is why I always check out email addresses when I get anything.  It is very annoying, part of life.  The world teems with fraudsters!  Speaking of fraud:

This is insanity.  The sex information is vital to a child’s health.  Tracking this is vital for statistics.  The fad of deciding there is no such thing as ‘sex’ in children runs alongside the noxious push to have child sex legalized is the fringe of the leftist destruction of society and seeing DNC run states doing this garbage is terrifying.


Anyone can change their sexual orientation as adults.  But DNA is still DNA.  A great deal of medical process information has a DNA base!  Anyone telling doctors ‘I don’t know what sex my child is’ is insane.


My own child who was born with a birth defect affecting these organs still had xy chromosomes.  That is, the male sex.  Still has it though she is now a legal female.  And that is OK because the information of who and what she is is all properly cared for and her legal status is now ‘xx’ while her DNA is still ‘xy.’  And in any future medical situations, this dual information must be known.


There is no ‘gender neutral’ data.  It doesn’t exist.  The DNA of all mammals has the same sex differentials.  The innocent children born to crazy left wing nut cases should not be physically and psychologically abused, being told they have no sex differences at all.


My last story today is how cold it is.  Extreme, severe cold grips parts of the USA that were buried under a mile of ice each Ice Age.  People are literally dying due to this extreme cold.  So…here is the London Daily Mail carrying the latest global warming news cooked up by the crooks inside the Bilderberg gang:

Note the billion babies dying in tropical Africa of heart attacks!  Yup.  And Australia, they are keeling over dead constantly, too.  Sheesh.


The big killer in tropical regions are diseases as there is no harsh winters to clean up germs in the environment.

This story is fake news.  The prisoners are working, moving snow.  I shoveled snow much of my life.  You get really hot when it is just below freezing, shovelling snow.  Even when it is below zero, you heat up.  Standing still: you freeze fast!  Running: you get hot.


People die from being too hot when running or shovelling in a heat wave thus the need to have water nearby or better, much better, a hat with a big brim which is the sort I wear when working outdoors in summer.


This story was concocted by leftists to blame us all for whatever.

This is what does happen.  People who are not fit, can die of a heart attack when dealing with snow and extreme cold.  Unlike the story about warm weather causing heart attacks (heat stroke, yes) this is true: many people die of heart attacks in extreme cold weather.  Super cold like -50F is highly dangerous if you are not acclimated to the cold.


Europeans trying to go over the North Pole had this very problem: they were not habituated to the harsh climate.  Eskimos, on the other hand, have evolved to take extreme cold and has the culture to deal with it and had nearly no problem roaming thither and yon over the North Pole, summer and winter.


Below is the top story at the insane New York Times about how extreme cold is caused by global warming because it is hot in summer in Australia right now (duh).  How childish this is.

You see, if it is warm thousands of miles away, this causes it to be very cold in Chicago!  Easy.  Argh.  All Ice Ages begin in Hudson Bay.  When the super cold slides over the North American continent, this can end up as an Ice Age very easily.  Thus, the unease we should all have as the climate in Canada goes into a very deep freeze.  The NYT doesn’t mention that Siberia on the Pacific side is also very, very cold right now, too.


The Bilderberg gang is going to ride the global warming lame pony to the bitter end, aren’t they?




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12 responses to “Illicit FBI/CNN Roger Stone Raid Should Be Investigated

  1. Moe

    Re: Mark Dice video. This represents the extreme that MSM has reached in finding Trump associated with Russian influence. Brainwashing 24/7. One thinks the average individual might query that if true evidence would have been presented long ago, ergo, no evidence. Hey, maybe the populace may have reached this conclusion!

    Stone interview: Stone was the recipient of the excessive force used by US police/security forces for decades, it’s not a new phenomenon (though in his case it was purely for media effect and was politically motivated). Welcome to what the individual American has experienced for a long time.

    Stone is going to tough it out and should be commended, but he still doesn’t acknowledge his level of privilege since one can rest assured that the assault was well coordinated and for effect only, not they typical excessive and sometimes brutal assault.

  2. Moe

    Analysis by Dershowitz:

    “If there was no legitimate reason for the arrest and handcuffing of this presumed innocent defendant, what was the illegitimate reason? The illegitimate purpose of the arrest was to intimidate the potential witness — namely Stone — into not invoking his constitutional right to remain silent, rather than to testify as a government witness.”

  3. AT

    I think Stone’s biggest problem is the witness tampering charge. The lying wasn’t that material to any real information.

    Nothing there about collusion with Russia, however.

    Let’s compare known evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia, and then between Hillary and England?

    In his business capacity, Trump had discussions with Russian officials about expanding his business by building another Trump tower type building in Moscow. Unfortunately these were not completely broken off once his campaign began.

    The Trump campaign went on a junket to Russia similar to what the Russians provided for LaRouche and Stein.

    There is some suggestion that the Russians were somehow involved in getting the Clinton server emails to WikiLeaks and perhaps timing the releases to affect the tempo of the Clinton campaign further. There is no evidence this was coordinated with Trump, and they would have been insane to do so anyway.

    How about Hillary and England?

    Hillary had a $500,000 a plate fundraiser held by British nobility, Lady Rothschild, where the British noble ordered all present to give Hillary all the assistance they could provide.

    Hillary was given top secret intel from very high level active MI6 assets in the form of the Steele Dossier. (Intel that led to the execution of at least two Russians by Putin’s own admission.) The Dossier was designed to effect the election and to provide Hillary with a way to challenge the election if she lost, (according to court filings of Steele and his employer.)

    I think Hillary and England tip the scales of collusion there by a long shot.

  4. AT

    Connecting the dots the real problem here is between England and Russia.

  5. Jim R

    Tsar Nicholas II was married to Queen Victoria’s granddaughter. Dots connected! It proves that Trump is working for Putin!

  6. Jim R

    The raid should be investigated, but who is going to do the investigating? All of our investigators are busy turning over every rock looking for Russian spies, or trying to overthrow Venezuela.

    And, please don’t click on links in sketchy emails that go to unknown websites. You can pick up some serious malware infections that way.

    The sun so hot, we froze to death, Suzannah don’t you cry!

    (By the way, the Guyana ambassador phoned to congratulate President Adlai Stevenson IV on his victory in the latest nonelection — good luck, Adlai!)

  7. Tens of thousands of potential illegal aliens are now marching on the US as the DNC diddles and the GOP outside of Trump and Rand Paul, drools with senility…our nation is under sustained attack.

    Treason! I keep mentioning that all this is treason, the globalists want to destroy our sovereignty.

  8. Melponeme_k

    President Trump once read Russian Fairy tale books to his son Barron. Obviously THAT is collusion. Using these children’s books he discovered where Koschei kept his soul and then went on a mission to steal. The end result, he used it to win the election!

    And this is even BEFORE all those stories about him hanging with Baba Yaga and asking Vasalisa on a date. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    The only way these people can feel tough is if they menace young children and an elderly couple and use bully bats on peaceful protestors..

  9. Baba Yaga…HAHAHA…yup. We now have Babble Yugos running our media.

  10. Tom W Harris

    Is this an assassination threat?

    Sen. Schumer just tweeted this: “It’s past time for U.S. Intelligence Community leaders to stage an intervention with @realDonaldTrump”

  11. Schumer should be arrested.

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