The Evil New York Times Supports Rapist Priests, Illegal Alien Invaders And Race Wars Based On Blatant Lies


Note how the New York Times makes it sound like ‘gay priests’ are ‘in a closet’ and ‘trapped’ when these men are all PREDATORS who seek out positions of power so they can RAPE CHILDREN.  Keeping this vital piece of information out of the story is how SJW creeps lie about reality while telling us, all sex is good if leftist radicals want sex of any sort no matter how depraved.


The GOP traitors are joined at the hip with the DNC traitors and these gangsters go to Bilderberg meetings like the recent one in Virginia.  They pretend to be one thing to voters and then vote against the wishes of voters and slowly but surely, they are being kicked out of office.


If a bunch of GOP traitors betray Trump…and stopping illegal aliens was a huge reason many of us voted for him…this will cook their own gooses and they know this, thus the need to pretend they are ‘reluctant’ rather than ‘treasonous.’


Our nation is under assault by foreigners waving foreign flags and screaming that they want to loot the taxpayers once they can park themselves here.  This is obviously an invasion.



Note how black ‘liberal’ Hollywood gangsters hate protecting our borders.  Note how mainstream TV entertainment venues are run by traitors who are, outside of some of the Fox people (fewer every year) are all Bilderberg co-conspirators.


The NY Times is a founding member of the Bilderberg gang right after WWII.  Notice how the NY Times today has zero mention of this big, big news:  The alternative news site, the Gateway Pundit, has all the stories the NYT is deliberately hiding:

The two actors/foreigners were hired by Smollett to create a race riot by making up a Trump supporter attack.   I hope Smollett is sent to prison for this and not get a mere slap on the hand.


There is zero mention of any of this at the NY Times.  Instead, the NY Times is celebrating how the New Far Leftists in the DNC-run Congress and DNC-run NY City are going forth to destroy the entire US economy.  You go, girls…show everyone how to run a country into the ground.


As NY progressives, led by the crazy Cortez, are fanning out to the rest of the nation (travel to DNC hell hole cities, that is) to boast about how to drive away jobs and increase welfare abuse, the NY Times staff and owners all live in this little bubble just like the SJW monsters in California and other DNC strongholds, life of a double standard with the seething base of illegal aliens and blacks filled with racist rage supporting the New Civilization…which hates the middle class and working class people.


President Donald Trump ridiculed House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff Friday for reports that he spent time with Fusion GPS Founder Glenn Simpson in Aspen.


“Now we find out that Adam Schiff was spending time together in Aspen with Glenn Simpson of GPS Fusion, who wrote the fake and discredited Dossier, even though Simpson was testifying before Schiff,” Trump wrote on Twitter, citing a report by writer John Solomon in a column for The Hill.


The DNC gang has blood on their hands. The Steele documents were frauds.  Congress wants to believe all frauds because it is now run by fraudsters who lie about nearly everything which is why they fit in well with mainstream media which does this nonstop, too.

Trump is also pulling their legs, too, which I find very funny.  I do not find the DNC and media giants attempting to create a race war.  I do not find DNC and media giants conspiring with hostile illegal aliens to help them invade America and attack our country from within.


That is treason, pure and simple and today, the traitors in DC and media are howling at Trump for finding money to build protection from invasions on our own borders while at the same time, screaming that we must build border walls in Israel and elsewhere.  This is pure treason.  Arrest them all.




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7 responses to “The Evil New York Times Supports Rapist Priests, Illegal Alien Invaders And Race Wars Based On Blatant Lies

  1. Lou

    How many priests are in prison?
    Meanwhile, for those who wonder about Buddhist monks,
    Why did it take “His Holiness” 5 years to react on his (friend) Sogyal Rinpoche as the sexual and abuse problems with this predator were already known in 2012?

    Dalai Lama has made no effort to get it stopped or to warn people, despite full knowledge.

    The ‘crazy wisdom’ practiced by the Dalai Lama crowd, which the documentary mentions, are practices given by Padmasambhava, a demon that lived 800 years after Buddha. (A demon is defined as a being who harms or kills others with spiritual means).

    @SuryaDas A demon is defined as a being who harms or kills others with spiritual means. Padmasambhava ordered his followers to kill religious people to ‘benefit them’, see e.g. page 52-53 in this book by the Dalai Lama crowd’s expert on Padmasambhava’s core teachings, Crazy Wisdom: You can find photos of the two pages of the book on this webpage:

    The Dalai Lama crowd’s expert on these practices was Chogyam Trungpa who is well-known in Buddhism and left behind that bad guy. Ozil?
    exual abuse, torture and killing was the order of the day in Tibet since the Dalai Lama crowd seized power, and he knows there are much worse out there: Chokyi Nyima (the Gomde centers) claimed in 2001 that ‘your children must die and your bloodline must be cut’ (destruction of genitals) if you pray to Buddha instead of worshipping him. He made the statement at his annual seminar in Denmark in front of 130 people as a ‘teaching’ from his throne. Shortly after, his senior students say, he claimed that he must ‘enforce this karma’ with spiritual means. The matter was regarding a young woman he had stalked for 8 years, since teenager, who refused to be his student or have sex with him. She had finally given up on requesting him to stop stalking her, interfering with her person and life with spiritual means, and had prayed to Buddha for help.

    Crime ≠ Politics 1 year ago
    @ Living in Samsara.
    ‘Tibetan Buddhism’ doesn’t follow Buddha but a demon, Padmasambhava, see description field. Use of demonic and conventional means for killing or getting sex is standard, not an exception, currently and historically. Check the historical records of Tibet.

    There are many wonderful and unique things in tibetan buddhism. Sadly it is also riddled with culture and patriarchy. I speak from experience of many years and worked with many high Rinpoches.

    I was groped by the Dalai Lama’s long time elderly cook (who seemed very grandfatherly) and also by a teacher who had been the Dalai Lama’s attendant for several years (who is now a teacher in eastern USA). On reporting it it was ignored (and you would be stunned by the lengths and threats they will go to to cover things up and save face!), I was basically made to feel like as I was a woman this is what I should expect.
    It is common in tibetan buddhism for young girls to be ‘given’ to Rinpoches as sex slaves.

    The ex attendant even asked me to come to the USA and ‘fill in’ while his long term crazy asian girlfriend was away (I told him where to go of course). It is my understanding that ‘crazy wisdom’ (which tibetan men seemed obsessed with), can only be practised if you are enlightened. We are apparently in the degenerate age which is true on all parts of the planet at this time and honestly this planet is not a great place to be woman.

  2. KHS71

    If you read the Kansas City Red Star you would not even know that the incident was a fake hate crime or hoax. Nothing today in the paper. Not even in the back pages. Instead they were focusing on the 1 year anniversary of the Parkland shooting. Numerous stories on that event. The Lame Stream Media have moved on to other stories. All the news that fits their views. The Kansas City Red Star is a pathetic paper. Notice I don’t call them news.

  3. timothy carroll


    Yeah…..and also, btw, it’s the one year anniversary of the shoot up at the synagogue. Seems the cause of that little dust up was some goy getting wise to the fact that Jews are behind the shenanigans we see coming down all around us for the past seventy years. Oh, and then there’s this:

  4. There is no excuse for mass murdering ANYONE. Racism/sexism/nationalism/class warfare, etc. are all excuses to kill. This is the opposite of ‘harmony’.

  5. Lou

    4–I dont trust the news. Too many false flags.

  6. timothy carroll


    Agreed……ala Chris Rock…..”I don’t necessarily agree he shoulda killed (them)…….but I understand…… 🙂

  7. Lou

    6–Mr ‘rock’ also said kill White people.

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