Democrats Hate Free Speech: DNC Will Block Fox News From Debates!


There is the usual firestorm of silliness online as mainstream Bilderberg media toils endlessly to defame and destroy Trump.  The latest scheme by the DNC to collude with mindless media giants to prevent Fox TV from televising DNC Presidential debates is typical of these demented Maoist wannabe organizations.  They don’t want any snarky commentary on these debates which I find very funny.  Free press, freedom of speech: two things leftist liberals hate with a raging passion.


This maniac need to censor and remove all opposition is typical of all despots.  Liberals are fakes now, ever since they embraced the Maoist demand for an end to free speech, the dumbing down of mainstream media is now catastrophic.


Trump is taking a great deal of delight, tweeting about all this and then watching the knee-jerk Maoists working in mainstream media replying to his tweets.  In the above thread, the fake liberals reveal their nastiness, hatred and irrationality nearly nonstop, thinking they are destroying Trump when they are merely making his case.


It is even more interesting to see that many of the comments to Trump’s tweets are howls about Trump’s sex life.  It is nearly nonstop ‘Trump had dirty sex with females’ over and over again.  Seems they are stuck inside some woman’s crack and can’t escape.


These same mavens support Clinton’s clit journeys and think that is totally OK.  Here is comedian Mark Dice joining in the fun, mocking the media mavens for howling at Trump about sex when they come from a sex cesspool, themselves:

And then Trump’s son joins the pity party:

Here is a cartoon from some publication run by the Bilderberg gang showing Trump being a sex fiend…ahem.  So, they now admit Clinton should have been impeached for his sexcapades?

They just don’t get it.  The same little bitches bitching about Trump sex are the ones who loudly said, Clinton sex is OK.  They also are the ones going to prison for rape, more and more, or getting fired due to doing dirty ditty stuff and then boasting about it.


The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) states that the proposal is “a dangerous solution to a largely nonexistent problem” and that its potential provisions “are more likely to stifle than encourage free expression and diversity of opinion.”


All of this is utterly insane coming from the party that demands we teach grade school children about deviant sex!  The DNC enables sex parades in all DNC cities.  They boast about how they support wild sex while at the same time, are courting Muslims who hate all this and I call this ‘utter insanity’.  Make up your minds, dear liberals!

And now on to Twitter’s boss: he lied to Congress.  Yes, he does spy on everyone and yes, his minions work hard to punish ‘conservatives’ while letting ANTIFA and Muslim terrorist organizations free reign.


Twitter CEO continues to lie about how much he and his employees spy on conservatives:


During his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience several days ago, Dorsey and his lawyer continued to lie about the reasoning and mechanisms behind their suspension policies. They also again claimed that the company only reads your direct messages when alerted to them by fellow users.


A series of undercover videos released by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas with Twitter brass proved otherwise, as two high-level executives admitted that the company has machine algorithms dedicated to sifting through your private communications and a legion of three to four hundred employees manually peeping into direct messages between users.


From last year’s Project Veritas video undercover reveal how Twitter employees really work:

In Pakistan, a Christian mother was put on trial for ‘blasphemy’ and sentenced to death but was pardoned…except now she is surrounded by howling mobs demanding her death and can’t escape from Pakistan!


Pakistan is an ally of NATO countries including the US.


Meanwhile, the DNC has radical Muslims as a wing of the party and has to toe the line and not speak out against this barbarism.


Last month, Ilhan Omar created fresh controversy by making an anti-Semitic comment implying that pro-Israel Americans had an “allegiance to a foreign country.”


Omar suggested earlier in February that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) was bribing politicians into supporting Israel and as a result was widely criticized as anti-Semitic.


She is correct about AIPAC.  But note how she is grinning ear to ear to see AIPAC’s biggest boss covering up for her for she wants to destroy all other religions and impose Sharia laws here in the US.


This is one shaky alliance!  It is also doomed.  The contradictions inside the DNC grow worse each day and the women’s movement has flown off the cliff, supporting Muslim suppression of females and at the same time, demanding that any man who claims to be a woman can then defeat women in competitions.  But then, they brought all of this upon themselves.


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5 responses to “Democrats Hate Free Speech: DNC Will Block Fox News From Debates!

  1. Petruchio

    “Free press, freedom of speech: two things leftist liberals hate with a raging passion.” They aint Liberals, Elaine. They are FASCISTS. Totalitarians. Nothing liberal about them AT ALL. these folks are Petulant, spoiled rotten rich kids who are Adult aged CHILDREN. I’ve said this before. People like this think of themselves as some sort of Super Elite; The Elite of the elite; the Best of the Best. But in reality they are Adult aged children who “ho” themselves to whomever wants to own them. Their parents failed them miserably.

  2. Tom W Harris

    FOX moos. Fuggeddaboudem.

  3. honeybagder don't care

    . . .she wants to destroy all other religions and impose Sharia laws here in the US.

    Wait….isn’t that defamatory


  4. Tom W Harris

    Actually she’s lying about AIPAC. But hey, you knew that.

  5. Moe

    It isn’t just the Democrats that hate free speech… Kids and Swastika Pong – De Droevig

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