Columbia University Researchers Discovered Safer UVC Lights Can Kill Influenza Germs

Fewer than 200 views of this on You Tube!

In 2018 comes this story about how ultraviolet light to prevent diseases spreading:

This news from two years ago is being TOTALLY IGNORED this month.  I didn’t stumble across it, no, I used my brains to think about how to prevent this disease from spreading and thought, ultraviolet light might work and then googled this idea and yup…it DOES WORK.  So why is no one talking about this?  UVC lights are much safer than UV lights which have to be handled with great care.


MONDAY, Feb. 12, 2018 (HealthDay News) — As a particularly nasty fluseason rages across the United States, scientists have found a powerful new disinfectant that makes “light” work of the virus.  Researchers say a certain spectrum of ultraviolet light — called far-UVC — easily kills airborne flu viruses while posing no risk to people.


But he believes “the use of overhead, low-level far-UVC light in public locations would be a safe and efficient method for limiting the transmission and spread of airborne-mediated microbial diseases, such as influenza and tuberculosis.”


Hello, why isn’t this being discussed?  Are doctors unaware of this?  The answer is…YES.  The government is not talking about this, either.  The new, safer form of ultraviolet light that doesn’t cause damage when used on humans is a new thing.

Oddly enough, there are plenty of stories from 2018 and no more…the testing stage for this new spectrum of ultraviolet light that doesn’t damage skin or eyes is continuing?  I do not know.


Dr. David Brenner led the team researching this topic:


Radiation is very much a two-edged sword — used in the right way it has revolutionized modern medicine — such as through CT scans and as a cure for many cancers. But radiation used in the wrong way can be harmful. To maximize the benefits of the many different applications of radiation, we need to understand exactly how they affect us — from our DNA to the whole person.


My ex-husband was treated with radiation at the research center, he was a human guinea pig because he had fatal melanoma but then, he survived!  And became a footnote in the history of the research into cures for that form of cancer, this was back in 1974 and he is still alive, today.


I direct the Center for Radiological Research – now more than 100 years old– at Columbia University Medical Center. I started my career in theoretical physics — applying quantum mechanics to radiation therapy.


At high radiation doses, radiation therapy is one of main tools to we have to cure cancer, and we are constantly looking for ways to make radiotherapy more effective and with less side effects. We’ve worked a lot on improving the radiation treatments for cervical cancer and for prostate cancer, and right now we are really excited about the use of charged particle radiation therapy in the fight against pancreatic cancer. The clinical results for carbon-ion therapy from Japan look really promising – but we don’t know how it works – and so we are determined to take advantage of all the facilities at our Radiological Research Accelerator Facility (RARAF)to find out the mechanisms of how carbon-ion therapy may be curing this deadly disease.


Most of our work is with ionizing radiation – x rays, neutrons, alpha particles, carbon ions, but there are many other different types of radiation. Over the past six years, we have been working on a very exciting new approach to killing drug-resistant bacteria – superbugs- , as well as airborne viruses such as influenza, using a unique type of ultra-violet light. We have always known that ultraviolet light can efficiently kill all microbes, but conventional germicidal ultraviolet light is hazardous to our health, causing skin cancer and cataracts. We have identified a particular wavelength of UV light that has the best of both worlds – it’s safe and it kills microbes – including superbugs.


Why isn’t this in the news?  Am I the only human aware of this?  Impossible!  There has to be some sort of glitch here and so far, I have not found it.  Is the research showing that this doesn’t work?  It isn’t appearing in google searches.  Another mystery here.


Here is another article about UVC lights also from 2018:


Airborne-mediated microbial diseases represent one of the major challenges to worldwide public health1. Common examples are influenza2, appearing in seasonal3 and pandemic4 forms, and bacterially-based airborne-mediated diseases such as tuberculosis5, increasingly emerging in multi-drug resistant form.


A direct approach to prevent the transmission of airborne-mediated disease is inactivation of the corresponding airborne pathogens, and in fact the airborne antimicrobial efficacy of ultraviolet (UV) light has long been established6,7,8. Germicidal UV light can also efficiently inactivate both drug-sensitive and multi-drug-resistant bacteria9, as well as differing strains of viruses10. However, the widespread use of germicidal ultraviolet light in public settings has been very limited because conventional UVC light sources are a human health hazard, being both carcinogenic and cataractogenic11,12.


Right now, people are buying UVC lighting to prevent influenza.  But this is dangerous, can lead to cancer and eye damage.


By contrast, we have earlier shown that far-UVC light generated by filtered excimer lamps emitting in the 207 to 222 nm wavelength range, efficiently inactivates drug-resistant bacteria, without apparent harm to exposed mammalian skin13,14,15. The biophysical reason is that, due to its strong absorbance in biological materials, far-UVC light does not have sufficient range to penetrate through even the outer layer (stratum corneum) on the surface of human skin, nor the outer tear layer on the outer surface of the eye, neither of which contain living cells; however, because bacteria and viruses are typically of micron or smaller dimensions, far-UVC light can still efficiently traverse and inactivate them13,14,15.


So, more information:  a filtered excimer lamp is what works.    Here is an astonishing video from the creators of this new system of lamps, right at the beginning of the epidemic:


Excimer lamps are quasimonochromatic light sources operating over a wide range of wavelengths in the ultraviolet (UV) and vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) spectral regions. Operation of an excimer lamp is based on the formation of excited dimers (excimers), which spontaneously transiting from the excited state to the ground state result in the emission of UV-photons. The spectral maximum of excimer lamp radiation is specified by a working excimer molecule (see table below).

Radiation is produced owing to the spontaneous transition of an excimer molecule from an excited electronic state to the ground state. Excimer and exciplex molecules are not long-living formations. They rapidly decompose typically within a few nanoseconds, releasing their excitation energy in the form of a UV photon:

emission of an excimer molecule:

Rg2∗ →τ Rg+Rg+hν(UVphoton),

emission of an exciplex molecule:

RgX∗ →τ Rg+X+hν(UVphoton),

where Rg2* is an excimer molecule, RgX* is an exciplex molecule, Rg is an atom of rare gas, and X is an atom of halogen.


I wonder why this isn’t being discussed.  I am amazed, actually.  What is going on here?  I just found a company that now makes this ultraviolet light systems and here is their posting from yesterday at their website:

COVID-19 shows disconnect between scientific and medical professions

Credit Bill Gates for stating years ago that the most important war we people on earth face is the war with germs12. However, a professor of biology Paul W. Ewald in his book “Plague Time”, states ‘If the true culprit is not suspected, we have little recourse for controlling it.’ In 1990, he put his prediction in print; “We will fail to see a recurrence of a pandemic influenza with the kind of lethality that characterized the 1981 pandemic.”  The Spanish Flu killed a lot of people because it was highly infectious and because large groups of troops and people suspected of the disease were put in the same quarantine space together.  Now, in 2020, we have repeated the same situation; quarantining people suspected of having been exposed to the disease in hospitals, cruise ships, and barracks without any proactive measures to limit its transmission.

Today’s news quote doctors talking about coughing and sneezing as the major pathway for CoV disease transmission.  Otherwise, they imply that asymptomatic people must be transmitting the disease, missing the critical feature discussed by many technical articles over the last 5 years.  In his 2002 book Plague Time, he states that ‘evolutionary perspective is still foreign to most influenza researchers.  Those germs of the present that best convert our bodies into their own propagation will be the germs of the future.  Surprisingly, neglect of the germ’s-eye view of the world …. extends to medicine as a whole for most of history.’  Germs want to use the food of their hosts for their own reproduction, but to compete for ‘survival of the fittest’; they want to reach as many uninfected members of the society’.

Last year, a number of technical articles reported that many bacterial and viral pathogens are emitted in aerosols in every exhale2.  They can range from a few to over 1000 per breath.   Articles as early as in the 1960’s suggested reasons for influenza and infectious diseases spikes during the fall and winter months.  In 2006-7, two articles reviewed aerosol transmission of influenza A virus3,4.  Last January 15, a new article5 proved that when the relative humidity (RH) drops below 25%, aerosols that humans exhale with each breath can remain airborne for over 3-6 hours.  When the RH is above 65% (Spring and Summer season), these aerosols will last less than 15 minutes in the air, significantly reducing infection availability.  This same article found through testing that the common influenza only took 3 viral particles (in a 1-micron aerosol bubble) to reach the lower part of a human lung to cause an infection.  The disease was most serious if it reached the lower respiratory tract instead of impacting the intranasal area.

It appears most do not realize that we see examples of how this can occur each year in New England.  It is known as steam fog when a cold breeze flows over a warm lake, the warm water evaporates in the low RH air to form very small aerosols.  This also takes place in our lungs with each inhale and the tiny aerosols that form will contain viral particles or bacteria of a sick patient.  We see the result of this by watching football players exhale at a cold game when the aerosols freeze and turn white in the very cold air.

Plague Time reveals that the most durable pathogens make for the most dangerous.  Paul cites that the smallpox virus was viable out to 13 years and may be longer because the researchers ran out of viral samples.  Technical papers show that virus containing aerosols can be transmitted by people days before any noticeable symptoms occur.  But any disease can produce extremes in virulence ranging from pathogens controlled by body defenses to pathogens resistant to those defenses.  A recent report from the UK showed that children with underdeveloped immunity systems can become transmitters of the disease without showing symptoms.  Isn’t it possible that a person with CoV virus could transmit viral particles for a period of time, and after a period of no transmission begin to transmit the disease weeks later with a different virus strain that beats the body’s defenses?  How often has the medical community checked for this condition?

Most important, however, is the mention in the earlier review3 of the protein binding site (alpha 2,3) for the current H5N1 avian influenza virus.  Humans have many more alpha 2,6-linked sialic acid receptor sites making them a poor host for this virus.  But it requires just a change of 1 or 2 amino acid substitutions to become the H1N1 pandemic strain of 2018 virus and for it to bind preferentially to the alpha 2,6 site.  The problem is, we don’t know what strain will exceed the 2% mortality ratio of the current CoV.  When a higher mortality rate strain develops, there will be little human immunity to the new virus.  We have an example of this in Plague Time.  The myxoma virus wiped out 95% of any infected rabbits in Australia in the 1950’s.   Most likely, the major human pandemic will begin during the late fall lasting through early spring on each continent as it goes around the world.

The medical community needs to share the mortality and morbidity facts with the technical community.  We need these numbers and facts to help best understand the true culprit and how it works.  Dr. Lee’s death doesn’t fit the demographics that are currently being presented.  Medical transparency is the key to getting this right and using this information to find a solution(s).

In order to prepare and prevent potential pandemics, we must look to the Achilles heel of our society and how diseases spread so rapidly.  Global public transportation6(PT) in 2017 carried 53 billion passengers for an increase of 9 billion in 5 years.  In the US, APTA (American Public Transportation Association) says it transported 38 million per week or 10.1 billion in 2017.  At a 2% infection rate, Americans would get sick at almost 4 million per week or over 32 million is just two months!  Health care facilities would be overwhelmed.   All forms of PT move people in tight quarters locally and around the world in times short enough for bacterial and viral incubation without detection or symptoms.

Airplanes all have low relative humidity during flight which means everyone on board is potentially inhaling aerosols from every passenger on the plane.  Analysis of the commercial airliner that brought the SARS passenger to Canada in 2003 showed that people in 5 of the 7 separate plane air flow sections became infected during the flight.  This was done by considering exhales as the major transmission source and not the coughs, sneezes, or personal contact.  To make matters worse, the United States Air Force, in a weapon of mass destruction study7, showed that HEPA filters do not effectively capture very tiny viral particles.  The filters began to pass live viruses as soon as they were introduced into the incoming air stream.

Like the computer hardware designer and the software developer, cooperation and respect by both technical researchers and the medical community will achieve the greatest progress towards protecting humanity.  We may have reached the time in pathogen evolution that the best evidence (like astronomy) relies on correlational evidence.  A method is required that can quickly and visibly detect the present of viral and bacteria pathogens in the exhale breath of people (and animals).

In order to be proactive in preventing disease transmission, Paul mentions a “decisive technology” is required.  I believe from all of my work that it is the Excimer Wave™ Sterilray lamps which are destructive enough, fast enough, and easiest to commercialize.  These have been demonstrated to have single-pass capability achieving destruction of over 9,900 viral particles in 1/8 second (~80,000 per second) as the air passes the lamp.  The Excimer Wave™ wavelength is shown to rupture the sidewall of bacteria and segment spores as well.  One lamp in a room canister should prevent all the occupants from inhaling enough measles virus from an infected person because of its ‘kill on the fly’ capability11.  Similarly, lamps in the ventilation system of all public transportation vehicles (airplanes are most important) will provide the maximum degree of protection to all riders and is the only proactive means for reducing airborne bacteria and viruses as they are introduced into the air by human exhaling.  A EWS lamp on buses that completely change the air every minute would keep the air clear of any pathogenic viruses.  These lamps have demonstrated over 30,000 hours of continuous operation.  And as Paul states; “decisive technologies are not only better; they are also cheaper”.

All references in this article are found on the web site in a white paper about public transportation.  Plague Time was first published by First Anchor Books Edition, January 2002.

Instead of protecting us, our Rulers are attacking us.  The far left is particularly doing this instead of doing the right thing including cleaning up cities they control.  No, they want diseases to spread otherwise they would stop making all these diseased messes all the time.

As I pointed out yesterday, the knee jerk reflex of the Bilderberg Democrats to anything Trump says or does is now backfiring on them all.  Congress has cut funding to anything Trump does except for the industrial/military complex.  No money at all for guarding our borders, for example, when Trump announced he found funds in the budget to move over to the coronavirus work, the DNC went nuts accusing him of not finding $5 billion under the couch!  Then they doubled down, howling about how Trump isn’t stopping the disease, pronto, with zero help from these Congress creeps.


When many in the world are closing borders to stop this disease, the DNC continues to demand open borders, the DNC candidates for President demand open borders.  This is utterly unhinged from reality.  In Europe, the Bilderberg gang ordered all countries to keep borders open and not stop mass movements of people and this is now causing the coronavirus to spread across all of Europe.

Panic has set in, stock markets worldwide are heading downwards as people freak out.  Many global activities are in trouble now.  The Olympics, which are rapidly losing interest with the population due to crazy liberal schemes to replace nearly all female athletes with men who still have their penises and simply make their hair longer, now the Olympics probably won’t happen in Japan since the bulk of the audience who will supposedly come for these games would be coming from mainly China…yes, the Olympics are now impossible.

For all of Japan has locked down.  One of the largest population of very elderly people are in Japan.  As I mentioned earlier, the vast bulk of the people who die of this virus are the elderly.  This disease can strike down younger people but the vast bulk of these survive the sickness.  Japan has a vanishingly small birth rate now and already the population is dropping due to old age citizens dying off.

I am presuming the ridiculous government of Japan, like the equally insane one in France, is refusing to learn any lessons from history.  Far from it, they have doubled down on policies guaranteed to make things much worse.  The government is terrified of losing the few children they already have due to disease so they suddenly shut down all the schools yesterday.


This, in turn, will create a crisis in Japanese families.  A number of women now work when their children are in the upper grades in schools.  Now, they have a problem at home.  The children won’t be saved if the parents have to leave every day and then come home, spreading germs.  Unlike much of the US, for example, the vast majority of the population of Japan lives in just four city regions with the vast number of these in the Tokyo region.


Europe is the opposite of Japan but with the same declining population due to the younger generation which lives mostly in a few cities in each country, opting out of building families.


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10 responses to “Columbia University Researchers Discovered Safer UVC Lights Can Kill Influenza Germs

  1. Zeke

    This highly technical article about UV-C light and the earlier one about temperature and humidity effects on the virus are interesting and worth further consideration.
    They may be additionally attractive because they are relatively economical and rather readily available.
    Even these may not be a panacea and may contain unintended consequences. E.g., is it the UV -C light that kills the virus or the ozone that the UV-C creates?
    ” ….. PECO uses safe UV-A light instead of harmful UV-C light. This prevents any ozone from being produced ….”
    Still, it may be a trade off worth making.
    As to why these possible remedies are not be promulgated, maybe, in a capitalist system, there is not enough profit in it. It would require government action or non-market action, to bring in the human factor and override the capitalist impulse for profit.

  2. Jim R

    200-nm UV is strongly absorbed by air.

    But just about any UV will kill germs. And you can get UV-A out of a cheap commonplace LED source. No need for those fancy excimer thingies.

  3. Kerry

    “As to why these possible remedies are not be promulgated, maybe, in a capitalist system, there is not enough profit in it.”

    Perhaps. I would say it is more likely that the Families in charge are fighting over which of them will be able to take full patent ownership and development of the technology.

    Remember we have no free markets. We don’t have a capitalist system. We have monopoly oligarchy controlled by not more than 20 families.

  4. CK

    So Amazon on UV-C lamps:
    Quel Surprise a bunch of similar products most are unavailable.
    As for anything on Amazon related to Sterilray, excimer lamps or excimer lights; quel even more surprise, nothing.
    So how much is one of their units, well the answer to that is that you have to dig three layers deep through the PR to get to an email form to send off to them to wait for them to answer. But they do have a youtube channel.
    And the one product that looks like it could be used in a home, is currently under redesign and will be available sometime 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2020.
    Not very useful.
    However, a humidifier and keeping the house a few degrees warmer seems like a good idea. Also avoid hospitals.

  5. First off, the regular UV light are DANGEROUS. The ones I am discussing here do not harm the skin nor the eyes. THAT is what is revolutionary.

    The people running this new business are inexperienced. I just had a very long conversation on the phone with them about how to market and develop their company and its products. They were very excited to discuss this and we talked for more than an hour and exchanged already, in three hours, a dozen emails, too.

  6. Zeke

    Kerry @ 3

    “Remember we have no free markets. We don’t have a capitalist system. We have monopoly oligarchy controlled ….”

    I actually agree. I didn’t want to open up another line of disagreement – because I think most commenters at this site do actually believe we live in a free market capitalist economy.

    Just look what is happening today. With stock prices falling, ‘investors’ are clamoring, demanding still lower interest rates from the so called “Federal Reserve Bank” to prop up stock market prices.

    How is that free market capitalism? It isn’t. It’s a totally manipulated market to rig stock prices higher.

    Plus, the talking heads on MSM act like no one is harmed by that. It is theft. Theft from wage earners and from people with money in banks. I think it’s a little too difficult for the average commentor to understand so I leave it go.

  7. Rob

    A friend with a premmie baby had a air ionizer as a necklace on the baby to neutralized the charge of those ‘aerosolized’ airborne nasal droplets; the idea being it would cause them to drop to the ground.

    Also, those of us with water ponds know to add to their filter a UV light stage to kill bacteria. 🙂

    That would be nice if they installed that device on airplanes. Every time my son takes a trip with airfare, he catches something.

    BTW, Home Depot was sold out of masks. The worker there said it was due to people sending them to China.

  8. Yes, after the Hong Kong flu, I was extremely aware of avoiding dry winter air. I felt it quickly! This system here is a great compliment for this sort of disease environment. I wish I had it 50 years ago!

  9. snoosebomb

    hmm , how to use , apply light , then go about , get exposed

  10. snoosebomb

    good for hospitals though

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