Widdershins Black Magic By Frantic, Fearful Bilderberg Coven Members Is Nauseating


I went to bed early last night due to being rather worn out, taking care of my husband.  So I didn’t post last night’s news stories.  So here it is!  The desperate Democrats, not happy with just wrecking America, want to kill us.  This is why, when it was obvious to me and to Trump and to other sane people, when the coronavirus was dangerous, the Democrats pushed hard to tell everyone, there was no danger from the disease!  Now, they are screeching that Trump and I and others were the liars and they, the demon Democrats, were the truth tellers, warning us about the virus!


This is called ‘widdershins’ and is a basic part of black magic.  You do things backwards, you access the mirror world and up is down and in is out.  When I was a very small child and hit by lightning, I entered that odd world.  I was very scared.  Basically, I was dead, I wasn’t breathing.  I then imagined Pegasus came to fly me out of that upside down world and I began to breathe again as my father was yelling at me to breath.


So it is now: we are at the Doors of Death, the Three Headed Hound is howling and the madcap lunatics in the Bilderberg gang who practice black magic LITERALLY are frantically doing this right now, they are making reality ‘widdershins’.  I have often written about the black magic elements in the Bilderberg gang.


They really are believers in black magic!  It is astonishing.  I stumbled into this world of theirs via being hit by lightning.  Ever since the coven in Hollywood was formed during WWII and my father thwarted them in their desire to get into the Caves of Death in Germany where the secret rocket program was pursued, they hated my dad and wanted to destroy him.


Then I was hit by lightning.  Suddenly, they shifted gears and tried to ‘harvest’ me only that was a total failure because…I could ‘see’ them!  So every time we intersected, it went very badly for them all.  Now we are in the End Game: the black magic Bilderberg gang wants to use global deaths to gain power again.  Only, like with me, it is backfiring very, very badly.


Populations are extremely angry with the Bilderberg gang.  Right now, this very minute, the Bilderberg gang is renewing screeches about ‘global warming’ as the planet cools.  Lying about science, lying about basic facts of nature is how black magic is done.  But it is very hard to convince people who are freezing, that they are too hot.  Just like it is impossible to claim one is a doctor when one is killing patients, deliberately.

Note how Chuckie Schumer, a man who even looks evil, his sneering face and mocking voice, pretending to care about people when he openly hates humans…note how he openly lies!  In the past, he told his victims to not listen to Trump’s warnings about the coronavirus.  He ordered them to do stupid things so they will now die.  Now he whines about his own followers dying in New York!  Good gods at the gates of hell!!!


What a monster he is!  Humanitarian monsters are the most dangerous monsters.  But the mask is slipping.


Here is Biden just a few weeks ago, accusing Trump of ‘fearmongering’ when Trump was warning everyone about the coronavirus.  Now, this same inhuman little toad is claiming HE warned us and TRUMP did not warn us!  This is totally widdershins and the senile old coot knows he is lying and he happily lies because he openly participated in past black magic rituals in California and in Europe.

Another example of Schumer being totally evil.  He nakedly lies and shows no remorse.  He pays no attention when we point out his lies.  They are ignored.  Why?


Because the mainstream fake news owners and powerbrokers are also…Satanists who do deep magic rituals!  And then there is the Skull and Bones which we cannot escape.  I tangled with them all my long life.  I am an icon to them, my own ancestor, Henry Steele, is a founding member and taught them the magic!  These stupid fools don’t see the downside.  When they are hit by lightning, they die.


These fools think that playing black magic gains power.  All stories about black magic show clearly the downside: YOUR WISHES COME TRUE.  Just not the way the wisher wishes!  That’s the rub!  It always, invariably, backfires.  Wish for most humans would die?


Immediately, it is carried out…on the one wishing this!  Very simple process, I figured it out when only a small child.  Why they can’t figure this out is…darkly amusing to the Three Headed Hound and the Furies.  Actually, it amuses them greatly.

Society can’t run for six months this way.  The canary is out of the cage.  The bull has us by its horns.  It is darkest before the dawn.  It is now very obvious, the very old have a great deal to worry about here while young people are barely brushed by this disease.  We no longer have to be all isolated, it won’t stop now, all the shut down cities are still writhing in pain.  China lied about being cured, it is. surging again, there.


So there is no longer any point in isolating EVERYONE.  Just isolate the elderly.  Why this is being avoided by the Bilderberg gang is very simple: they want to terrorize us, crush us and destroy civilization for some horrible reason…OH….nope.  They want to live like kings and queens while using world resources, not share this with the serfs.

So, this is amazing news: the ‘doctor’ who convinced the Democrat fellow black magic monster to withhold life saving meds…is not a doctor.  Widdershins time strikes again!  Arrest the Chief Medical Officer and charge him with murder.  Ditto, his friend and boss, arrest them both.


As the disease spreads, everyone imitates the Chinese communists.  This will fail as it failed in China.  The Chinese statistics are fake.  The government lies.  There are now RIOTS in CHINA over this, people are literally freaking out and blowing up and the government there may collapse!


More widdershins: stupid NY Democrat governor Cuomo switches gears again and falsely accuses Trump of not saving NY.


Cuomo begs healthcare workers from other states to ‘come and help us’ after coronavirus death toll across the state of New York soars to 1,218 – an increase of 253 – as he rebukes Trump and says ‘this is not the time for politics’


Note how this stupid man yells that ‘this is no time for politics’ and then…attacks the President who has been doing as much as humanly possible despite the interference and open harassment by the Democrats.  This is typical widdershins politics.  Cuomo was punished by Schumer and Pelosi for siding with Trump briefly.  So he attacks Trump thinking that sneering and lying to Trump works.


The elites see the rising hurricane in Europe: stores are being openly looted.

Russian TV knows this.

The Bilderberg gang screeching at Trump is now full blast, they blame him for everything!  They, the liars, the fakers, are now yelling how Trump didn’t pay attention to warnings…every time Trump tried to temper their wild advice from advisors they would yell that the only way to stop this disease that only kills the weak or sick or extremely elderly is to shut down all civilization!  THIS IS INSANE!

Nancy Pelosi thought the disease won’t hit her in her exalted position.  Ditto the dark Prince of Wales who is now sick, the bastard.

So…the dark fear of these Bilderberg gangsters is…the power isn’t flowing towards THEM it is flowing towards Trump and in Europe, it is flowing towards right wing nationalists, not international ‘Global Warming’ Bilderberg gangsters!  This is blowing up in their faces, big time.

One sad fact about the above statistics: the people who are dying are mainly the elderly and the very ill.  Luckily for us and I do mean we are very lucky, it is not affecting young, healthy children.  Bless them all!  Mother Nature is a very cruel mistress.  Anyone tangling with her learns this the hard way.


Civilization has kept many, many people alive and now we have record numbers of humans on this earth.  The elites want us to freeze/starve to death so they can live very comfortably, they do NOT want a virus to do the culling job, this is way too dangerous.  WWIII would be unpleasant, too.


But starving?  Yes, that works just fine.  Never, ever has an elite starved to death during times of privation.

More than any country on earth has been accurately tested for this new disease.  So of course, the Bilderberg gang is running riot all over their media systems screaming, Trump has NOT tested anyone, and anonymous sources who always lie claim he didn’t worry about testing, etc.  This lunacy won’t end quickly, they have to throw the kitchen sink at the unsinkable Trump.


Fools will believe these dangerous people who lust to rule and kill and devour these fools.  But smart people will figure out the obvious.  I hope.  The alternative is to be destroyed by our elites who hate us, very much hate us.


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8 responses to “Widdershins Black Magic By Frantic, Fearful Bilderberg Coven Members Is Nauseating

  1. Kerry

    The news is lying.

    Yeah, they are doing Black Magic. I can feel it. At this point, most can feel it. We don’t need to have woo woo powers. In fact woo woo is the natural state of every human on this planet.

    They are trying to pass off a lie for an event that fell flat on its face.

    WHERE are the patients?

  2. Shawntoh


    Bravo, as always. I note this aspect as well…

    As humans continue to expand their footprint, by destroying more habitat with the expansion of human settlements, the jump of viruses to humans will continue– and, most likely accelerate, leading to more pandemics, like what we are experiencing now.

    It’s nature’s way of telling us, something’s wrong…

    As the band, Spirit, once said…

    Dig that and…


  3. China has been a civilization for a very, very long time. Longer than 99% of Europe, for example. Diseases start in the countryside and are very small and weak. What causes global epidemics is when one of these small population diseases, nearly always on the Great Plains next to urban China, get into urban China. Then it explodes across all trade routes to the rest of Eurasia.

  4. And this is nothing new! It started around 5000 BC.

  5. lou

    Denmark has passed an emergency law that allows for the government to force people to take a vaccine for coronavirus.

    Citizens who refuse to be tested for the coronavirus will face fines and potential prison time, and will be prevented from entering shops, grocery stores, public institutions and hospitals while also being restricted from using public transport.

    Here’s the kicker, the law also allows the authorities to force people to be vaccinated, even though there is currently no vaccination for the virus.

    With these mandatory vaccinations it is possible that they will also include the RFID chipping of people after all this is the perfect excuse “we need to get rid of the money because the virus spreads through the money.

  6. lou

    wiki–Steve Mnuchin.
    On the page it states SM is a Bonesman.
    and Jewish.

  7. About vaccines: they do not hurt. People attach all kinds of junk to the vaccine stories and there is lots of hysteria but it is senseless. I often say, I really don’t care if nonvaccinated people die. Their choice.

    But if this means disease run onwards and can mutate: YIKES. So I don’t support non-vaccination at all. I remember older epidemics! They are terrible as we can see today.

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