ANTIFA Gang Broke Down Metal Gates To Private St. Louis Community To Harass Mayor

The ANTIFA gang that invaded the private property owned by an association, it turns out the gang bashed in the gates and knew they were breaking into the neighborhood and should have been arrested except no Democrat wants to arrest any ANTIFA attackers no matter how illegal their actions.  Arrest them all.  This is turning rapidly into a war, not a little event but then, NYC in 1977 finally was at war, too, nonstop for months.


The gang of thugs attacking the home of the mayor tried to attack a pair of lawyers who were at home, the rioters were very threatening.  Seeing how these mobs destroy entire cities, the lawyers took pro-active actions.  Here is a photo of the gates they deliberately destroyed:

This action was 100% illegal.  The intention of the gang was also illegal, they wanted to swarm all over a house and intimidate an elected official who displeased them.  This is also terrorism.  They could have gone to City Hall to demonstrate.  But lately, starting four years ago, leftists invade private properties to menace people they dislike.  This is utterly illegal and if done in DNC-run states, they are allowed to do this but no one else can do this since there is this iron clad rule: Democrats have no rules, everyone else has to toe the line or else.

By the way, even in New York City, all lawyers are allowed to carry guns.  I was once at a meeting with four lawyers in Brooklyn when one of them gave me some trouble so I told him, I would deal with him so he pulled a gun on me, so my lawyer drew his gun and then the third lawyer laughed and drew HIS gun and I yelled,  ‘Hey, I’m not allowed to have a gun, too!’  And everyone laughed and the hostile lawyer did what I wanted him to do in the first place and we all went out and got drunk.

The foolish, very stupid, quite female mayor of Seattle chickened out.  The criminals destroying the city marched to her home to torment her and she still did nothing.  This, in stark contrast with the man and wife in my previous story who took out their guns to stop the marchers and rioters.  The mayor should be removed, she should resign due to being too cowardly to manage the city.  Seeing she is chicken, everyone will come flooding in again.


‘Chop is an idea…’ snarls a man who wants to destroy cities!

More videos now about the shoot out last night towards dawn:

There were TWO shoot outs last night in that hideous slum.  The female mayor and her female top cop should both be removed from office for gross incompetence.  Ditto in spades for de Blasio and Cuomo in my state, they need to resign or be hauled off and not allowed near any citizens in the future.

Leftist terrorists attack Washington Arch in Manhattan with red paint last night.


Vandalism is running riot in DNC cities now.  It is nonstop.  It won’t stop until people are either arrested and not released or people are killed.  Ditto goes for the many riots we will see.  Cities that surrender to riots, DIE.  Those that suppress rioters…thrive.  It is a very, very simple formula.


The two suspects — a woman dressed in all white with a white bow in her hair and a man in a black shirt and black shorts — fled on Citi Bikes, law enforcement sources said, noting there was surveillance video of the 3:20 a.m. incident.


The early 20th-century statues — one of Washington as the nation’s first president and another depicting him as general of the country’s Revolutionary War forces — bled red as they dripped with the still-fresh paint just before 8 a.m.


These insane vandals will not stop, they love doing this when a civilization collapses.  They are too stupid to see that URBAN people are useless to RURAL invaders because…invaders always come from the dirty, unruly, harsh, violent hinterlands when empires collapse.  Seldom do any urbanites survive, they can’t flee, the rural populations will kill them.  This is a brutal fact of life.  History is crystal clear about this.


Urban looters who are raised on imperial welfare schemes are useless at surviving the collapse of an empire due to being detached from real responsibilities that is, to protect the children and females of the invading barbarians.




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3 responses to “ANTIFA Gang Broke Down Metal Gates To Private St. Louis Community To Harass Mayor

  1. Rob

    And in chess …

    Last week, John Adams, an economist who represented the Australian Chess Federation in 2015, revealed he had been contacted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) radio station in Sydney to comment on the matter of racial controversy in chess, because white always moves first.

    “If you are worried that the game of chess is racist, please take up Go, where black moves first, instead of looking foolish by wasting taxpayer money at a state broadcaster to ‘investigate’ it!” Kasparov wrote.

  2. Watch the Japanese anime ‘Hikaru no Go’ it is online if you google it. Great anime. They will attack chess now because virtually no females and few if any ‘blacks’ outside of INDIA which has GREAT chess geniuses…they invented it, after all…but no African blacks so it is ‘racist’ except Indians are champs in that game…the world is going nuts.

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