New NY Mayor Attacks Police!


Many New Yorkers. terrified of the collapse of law and order, were tricked into voting for a black man who was someone in uniform. The hope was, he would back the cops. One month into office sees multiple police murdered or shot and crime getting even worse than under de Blasio!  So what did Adams do?  Why, he attacked the cops and warned them not to be mean to violent, out of control black criminals who are systematically destroying all DNC hell hole cities!  Arrest Adams!



We are seeing civilization collapse as millions of urban blacks and now Hispanics being encouraged to take to a life of crime.  No punishments at all!  No one is allowed to defend themselves from raiders, looters, thieves, rapists or even murderers.  All get to run riot nonstop!  This is rapidly backfiring now that even stupid NY liberals slowly figure out that Trump was right and they are stupid.  But more have to be looted, raped and killed before the rest of these liberals take appropriate actions that is, call for Giuliani to return and save their sorry asses.


Now on to the other news today: liberals hate truck drivers who are protesting draconian vaccination laws in Canada but the revolt of the truckers is now coming to the USA.  We will see empty store shelves, too, if this is popular.  Truckers have many complaints against Biden starting with the doubling of the cost of fuel.


Meanwhile, in Canada, the fake liberals who are really communists whine that Putin, who isn’t communist at all, is sponsoring all the trucker uprisings:


All this is having an effect now.  The premier of Saskatchewan has decided to break with Trudeau and is now returning back to normal activities!  A huge victory for the truckers.



More and more states are reforming election laws after Biden and his Bilderberg buddies screwed up our elections via mail in ballots sent to millions of illegal aliens and other people who are not allowed to vote.  Now we return to normal that is, everyone has to show ID when voting.



One interesting comment:


Amazon supported mail in ballots for a presidential election but yet said no to them when it came time to vote for a union. The reasoning: vote integrity. Let that sink in.


Funny how all systems run by our rulers we have to show ID but not for voting!  This is lunacy and they know this but mainstream media peddles ‘no ID voting’ nonstop and the entire DNC which has been turned into an anti-American criminal gang, wants no ID for obvious reasons.  They can cheat easily this way!



Biden and his communist buddies are worried sick that anti-communist Putin will cross Ukraine’s borders while they conspire to let armed violent invaders enter our country openly and punishes anyone who tries to stop this invasion.  This has a name: TREASON.  The scandal of brazen border jumping has citizens very alarmed.


Now for a tempest in a tea cup:



He was a ‘star football player’ only he was not a star student.  Talking about why he suddenly quit school when a freshman is hidden from view by mainstream media.  The relevant point here isn’t his ability to throw balls, it was his lack of intelligence which is common in football players due to head injuries.



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13 responses to “New NY Mayor Attacks Police!

  1. Zeke

    ‘ …. George Conway said it was already clear from a legal standpoint that the vice president’s role in that setting is merely ceremonial, “but sometimes we want to make laws even clearer so that even semiliterate psychopaths have a chance at understanding them.”’

  2. shawntoh

    So what?

    Y’all are simply amusing yourself to death at best, being a wiseacre at worst with the gods at the gates of death laughing loudly into the universe at your antics (as EMS has noted in past posts from her NDEs).

    I’m no sage and no spiritual master. I am the living dead that the corporate machine didn’t get away with destroying completely in the 1980s, 1990s, and into the early 21st Century…

    I am the daily walking wounded with a ghastly psychic scar inside that will never heal. I’m glad people cannot experience it or they would go mad and die like me if they could perceive it directly. I like how G_d protects you in that regard!

    As for all of you and your imaging of reality that’s suppose to be according to your impressions… Well… as Charles Bukowski would note…

    You never had “it” and you never will.


    I leave you with a contemporary of EMS, Mr. Todd Rundgren, who wrote some great pop songs of the ’70s, most notably… “Hello, it’s me”. But this one below describes what I have become and I am a Metal Rat according to Chinese astrology! Ha!

    “It’s like a normal Times Square day on 42nd Street
    I feel like trashing some windows and crunching some feet
    I watch society crumble and I just laugh (hee hee)
    They soon will see what it’s like to be the other half
    But I’m trying
    Said I’m trying to forget
    And it ain’t happened yet
    I must of woke up this morning with a bug up my ass
    I think I’ll just haul off and belt the next jerk that I pass
    My old man says I’m just a stoned little punk
    But he keeps himself a pistol and he’s always drunk
    I know
    Something’s gonna give
    Pretty soon
    I know it
    Something’s gonna give
    I want to live
    I want to mess thing whole world around
    Go on and poison all the water, use up all the air
    Blow your stupid heads off, see if I could care
    Put me down but don’t blame me for what you did
    ‘Cause inside everyone is a heavy metal kid
    I was a sweet little kid once
    Now I’m a full grown crank
    And when I die I’ll probably come back as a Sherman tank
    I know that I could make this world so peaceful and calm
    If I could only get my hands on a hydrogen bomb”

    Memento mori

  3. When you vaccinate several billion people any and all sorts of medical events suddenly are attached to the vaccination. These medical events are of every possible sort and thus, have nearly nothing in common except they happened.

    This is the problem with examining cause and effect and it takes time to tell what is really happening. Anti-vaccination people freak out all the time when anything of any sort happens no matter how little there is true cause and effect.

  4. snoosebomb

    10 , the bilderberg news

  5. Kerry

    The truck Convoy is no more real than the mayor of NYC. All are characters. They use them to represent energies to push us to the rubber band’s limits. Then laugh when they watch us careen from the rubber band like BAT’s out of Meat Loaf hell. They control the direction of the fly/flight.

    All of this mimics Weimar Germany Communys vs the Brownie Girl Scouts. They will give us an anti-christ, Hilde being and everyone the world round will LOVE it. Because it will speak “truth” and use the oppositional force to push the controller agenda dressed in working class colors. He/She/IT will bash the skulls of illegal aliens and give us the mark of the beast.

  6. Kerry, YOU might not be ‘real’ but trust me, these truckers are 100% real.

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