Ruble Super Strong Euro Weaker


The banking games by the EU and US was supposed to weaken Russia and destroy Russia’s currency and…the reverse is happening now.  What a bunch of Bilderberg moron mess these clowns created!  They won’t admit it in public but the truth is slowly emerging: the ruble is stronger and stronger and the euro and dollar weaker and weaker.  Boom!  Destruction in the ‘West’.  The ‘East’ laughs sordonically.


Kopylov explained that the strengthening of the ruble is due to the fact that it is now based purely on exports and imports, and its value is determined by its purchasing power parity (PPP). The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimated the Russian currency’s PPP at the end of 2021 at 29.127 rubles per one dollar. According to the Big Mac Index, that rate stood at 23.24 rubles to the dollar.


The expert also noted that prior to sanctions, the artificial weakening of the Russian currency was supported by capital outflows. Thus, in 2021, net exports (the excess of exports of goods and services over imports) amounted to $122 billion. Those foreign exchange proceeds were used to purchase foreign assets, he said.


The NATO nations are led by lunatics who don’t or can’t understand basic modern capitalist economic systems.  Russia is a CAPITALIST system and the EU in particular, is a pale copy of the Soviet system which went bankrupt and Europe is going rapidly bankrupt, too.


The US is being systematically destroyed by communists on the left, too.  Now on to Elon Musk who is causing the entire left to have a collective heart attack as he systematically is destroying Twitter now that they declared war on him:



So Musk announced he is a Republican and is supporting Trump.  Another Trump victory.  Here is a typical school board meeting in places where Democrats rule:


This video above is horrifying.  The mother struggles to read the  obvious PORNOGRAPHY her daughter was ORDERED to write about and this was interrupted by the School Board leaders telling her, she is violating rules by saying dirty words her YOUNG daughter was forced to REPEAT as well as read.


When the mother pointed this out, they punished her and ordered her to leave now or be arrested!  Arrested for repeating school assigned porn, of all things.


Now on to overseas, this time, in Australia which is also run by leftists who are evil and insane:  The Australian Museum wants ‘everyone to be welcome’ so they let a sexual predator play in the children’s playroom in the musuem while dressed in hyper-sexual depraved gear that is inappropriate in any public setting:



My jaw dropped.  That ‘man/woman’ is dressed like in a whore house.  This criminal was not arrested, indeed, anyone demanding this sex offender leave the kindergarten would be arrested, not the pervert.  This insanity is getting worse and worse each year as leftists push sex abuse as ‘normal’ more and more.


So now, on one can talk about a child’s dinosaur museum because the museum is OK with sex offenders abusing little children in their facilities.  Arrest the people running that nasty museum.  Now on to Dr. Peterson dumping Twitter because of leftist abuse:



The professor condemned the swimsuit issue that featured a fat female wearing the ugliest swimsuit ever made that made her look bloated and crooked.  Saying this is ‘ugly’ is considered a crime by leftists and Twitter staff and the entire US government run by Democrats.  YUCK.


Now on to my nearby neighbor, Spokeswoman for the GOP, Elise Stefanik who is under sustained attack now, too:


We now know there is plenty of baby food only it is going to ONLY illegal aliens, NOT CITIZENS.  A simple solution: arrest all the Democrats who orchestrated this, arrest Biden, arrest the VP who is in charge of the border and is allowing invaders to come and then feeding and caring for them while starving US babies born to citizens…ARREST THEM ALL.





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6 responses to “Ruble Super Strong Euro Weaker

  1. shawntoh

    I don’t think and feel they are clowns. They are criminals.

    I feel bad for the real average clown out there–after all, they only make around 48k a year at the start of their career. But the PR problems are legendary…

    Universally, clowns have an important role in society but this name-calling of them is so unintentionally disrespectful to all the really good and useful clowns. As for those criminals, I see them this way…

    I see them more as little French Bulldogs throwing a tantrum!

    Instead, as the song says from Broadway in NYC, “Send in the Clowns”… (In NY State, a clown can make $66,379 a year*).

    Don’t bother, they’re here…



  2. Nina

    Annual inflation rate in the UK jumped to 9% in April, the highest level since 1982, prompted by rising prices for electricity, gas and other fuels, motor fuels and second-hand cars, in another sign consumers’ living standards continue to squeeze.

  3. Nina

    Inflation in Austria reaches its highest level since 1981 for the second month in a row

  4. Amigauser

    Russia is a looting economy, where the top tier of society tries to get it’s money out of the third world economy, and place it into property in New York, London or Tel Aviv .

    The value of the ruble is meaningless, if it’s value is not supported by world class manufacturing economy, something Russia is certainly not, since for 30 years it’s been systematically looted.

  5. lou

    4–and what does that make Z [plays piano w penis] and his connection to Bidens /Pelosis etc?

  6. Russia is a HARD PHYSICAL STUFF economy. Energy, minerals, food.

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