Biden Sneers We Will Pay Super High Fuel Prices For YEARS Until Russia Leaves East Ukraine


Biden cheerfully said that gas prices will remain through the roof or higher from now on until the war against major fuel export power, Russia, is defeated in Ukraine.  We are going to spend a trillion dollars trying to kick Russia out of Eastern Ukraine which is Russian ethnic populations that hate and fear the Ukraine rightwingers who are now running Ukraine.  So we will have these high prices for at least two more years if we vote for Trump but ten or more years if we vote for Biden and or other DNC gangsters.  Which is it?  No wars like this end quickly.  Ask the Vietnamese!  Ask Afghanis!  The left wants wars, unending wars or disgraceful retreats.


Biden loves to blame Trump for everything and now he blames Putin for everything, too:



Biden is still trying unsuccessfully to get Saudi Arabia to sell more oil and gas:


Shellenberger also noted that…


It’s not clear that Biden appreciated the gravity of what Macron was saying. Before Macron could finish, Biden started to walk away, and interrupted him, as though he were in a hurry to get to the gabfest, even though Macron’s intel should change everything.


Biden wanders off all the time, he is brain damaged.  This damage is now totally obvious and the left pretends it doesn’t exist and this insanity will continue until the Republicans win enough power in the election to push through Congress the removal of this obviously mentally ill man from office.  What is much worse is, at every turn, Biden stops oil production or exploration or anything.  He believes we are too hot and we need to return to the wonderful Little Ice Age level of coldness.



So, while begging for more oil overseas, his gang continues to stop oil in the US.  This has been going on constantly now.    The insane story that we are now roasting to death is causing real deaths as more and more people are unable to access or use fossil fuels or anything else, for that matter:




Every ‘scientist’ on government payrolls in NATO countries keep predicting all Arctic ice was going to disappear forever due to ‘global warming’:



Young people born during the 30 warm cycle think that this weather we had while they grew up is ‘normal’ and that ‘global warming’ will ‘heat up the earth more and more forever’ while glaciers are growing bigger and thicker at both poles and many places have colder than usual weather.  Children raised by propaganda to fear normal warm weather are freaking out and doing more and more violent things to ‘stop climate change’ and here is the latest example:




At least they only vandalized the frame.  Next time, the painting won’t be so lucky.  One guy tried to destroy the Mona Lisa recently but bullet proof glass stopped him.  Now on to Rhode Island which is very ‘liberal’ and thus, quite insane.  They think it is too hot and so they will fix this by using only wind/sun and stealing electricity from NY as the solution to being slightly warmer than the Little Ice Age:


Virtue signaling leading to destruction in winter:


Rhode Island’s governor signed legislation Wednesday setting the most ambitious target in the nation to require the state to be powered completely by renewable energy.


The above graph shows how cold it is there in winter and winter is nearly half of the year.


The legislation accelerates plans for the electric grid to operate with 100% renewable energy, so the goal is achieved in 2033.


It’s the most ambitious timeline in the country — Oregon is the next closest state, with legislation that requires retail electricity providers to reduce emissions by 100% by 2040, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. There are currently 10 states with a 100% renewable portfolio standard or clean energy standard, with most timelines between 2040 and 2050, the NCSL said.


Most of the no-sun days in Rhode Island are in winter.  This is also when it snows/sleets/ice rain in winter, too.  So windmills will seize up like they did in Texas over a year ago.  I lived in NYC way back in the early 1970’s and on hot summer days with the sun shining, by 1974, many NY people had window air conditioners.  So we always had ‘brownouts’ in summer when the lights would dim and flicker and everything would stop.  Then we had no electricity at all for the entire city and the DNC voter base went out and burned/looted vast swaths of the city.


We no longer have that now but I foresee this happening again just like the terrifying ‘good old days’ of yore.


Australia voted for socialism little knowing the goal of all socialists is to starve/freeze as many people to death as possible:


Miriah DavisDigital Reporter
June 29, 2022 – 2:40PM

Mr Bowen outlined four key elements of the bill, which he said would help provide policy stability and certainty to the energy sector.  “Firstly, we will seek to enshrine in law our nationally determined contribution of 43 per cent emissions reduction by 2030 and net zero by 2050,” he said.


“Secondly we will explicitly task in law the Climate Change Authority to assess and publish progress against these targets and advise government on future targets including the 2035 target.


Australia sends its coal to China.  The nation down under is now on a death march off a cliff.  Recently, people wanting more welfare goodies voted the communists into power.  They stupidly think communists hand out goodies.  And they do…for a few years and then everything vanishes, nothing works, millions of people freeze/starve/roast to death and no communist gives a damn.  They all get well fed and comfortable while everyone outside their armed enclaves dies.


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14 responses to “Biden Sneers We Will Pay Super High Fuel Prices For YEARS Until Russia Leaves East Ukraine

  1. lou

    Is Sri Lanka a warning of what will happen here?

  2. lou

    Elaine has done her share of farm work. This years harvest = next years prices. YIKES.

  3. why did Micron even bother trying to reason with brandon ? he thinks he is a president ?

  4. shawntoh

    “Wahnsinn ist selten bei Individuen, aber die Regel in Gruppen, Parteien, Völkern, Zeiten.”

    — Herr Freddy!


  5. qbutnoa

    Shell, Mitsui, Mitsubishi will loose stake in Sakhalin-2 oil and gas project.

  6. lou

    4–Time is running out for western europe?
    winter is 6 months away.

  7. qbutnoa

    Minister Habeck warns the Russians will shut down the (already reduced) Nord Stream pipeline on 11 July. Western Europe is already using the winter gas reserves (I posted about it recently) to make up the difference and winter is 4 months away. Time is running out.

  8. The EU is totally ruled by the Bilderbeg gang. The gang says, we will all ROAST to death so why bother with energy in winter?

    Winter won’t happen! This, of course, it worse than ‘let them eat cake.’ Freezing people to death usually motivates them all to burn down palaces and government buildings to warm up.

  9. lou

    In UK, old people freeze to death or starve. Immigrants to the front of the line. Its race based. kill whites.

  10. Petruchio

    @#11 lou: Absolutely right!! It’s time to ID the people who started all this “Let’s kill White People stuff”. They need to be horsewhipped. One would think such a self hating dogma would NEVER gain any traction in a White People’s Country. But it does! Then you note the Media in the USA is owned by a tiny group of people of the same ethnic group. Ditto to the Movie/TV Industry. The LGBTQ movement has a forum. And the Media and Industry owners get to promote whatever hatemongering they like.

  11. lou

    13–earlier this week, Elaine posted Im a stupid racist. and anti jew.

    AT LEAST YOU GET IT, Pet. are you in alaska?

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