Democrats Deliberately Destroy Cities In Order To Cement Vote Controls Via Illegal Aliens And Welfare Voters


Many years ago, I lived right next door to the 75th Precinct in the 76th Precinct.  We had the overflow of the criminals (all black) from the out of control side of Brooklyn.  I decided to go deep into the 75th Precinct to give speeches in churches, how to run street patrols and work with the police and interact with the police, politically.  This was very dangerous because one day a young man whose name is Al Sharpton came to my speech and yelled that I was the KKK.  So a minister came and stood next to me and announced, ‘I am the Grand Wizard!’  Everyone laughed and Al ran away.


Due to bad schools I couldn’t fix, I fled NYC.  The city continued to die.  Giuliani fixed NYC and made it much better but his work was denounced by Democrats who took power back and utterly destroyed the city now.


It was once known as New York’s “Killing Ground” — and amid a surge in Big Apple crime, Brooklyn’s 75th Precinct has again scored the dubious distinction of being the city’s bloodiest.


Yes, it was deadly back then and is deadly now.  This is 100% the responsibility of irresponsible Democrats.  They create this mess every time they gain power.


The 5.5-mile area, which covers East New York and Cypress Hills, has recorded the most shootings so far this year — with 48 shootings in which 56 victims were hit, according to NYPD records.


Guns are banned so naturally, only criminals have guns now.


The 75th is the scene of so much gunplay that even veteran cops can’t say which part is the most dangerous.


Hell, all of NYC is now ‘dangerous.’  This is 100% a DNC result.


“Asking for the worst block in the 75th is like asking for the best pizza in New York — you have too many to choose from,” one NYPD source said.


And the bullets are flying again across the 75th this year, with shooting incidents up 26.3% through Sunday, compared to the same period last year.


People voted for the former cop thinking he would stop this carnage.  Instead, he increased it because he comes from the 75th Precinct and he is ‘one of the hood.’


In an even more ominous sign since the start of the summer heat, shootings actually doubled — up 100% — over the previous 28 days, compared to 2021.


It isn’t just the 75th Precinct in Brooklyn.  This is how all black ‘hoods operate:


Idle youth who want to be rap stars lead dangerous, stupid lives and usually die young after impregnating endless silly young girls who dream of collecting welfare money.  Ending this cycle of self destruction will be hard, four generations have done this suicidal life choices and it will continue as long as the government funds this.


Stupid young thugs are a real pressing problem but far, far worse are criminals in our government using their powers to enrich themselves at our expense.  DNC House Leader Pelosi is a prime example:


CROOKS GET CAUGHT: “Something Needs to be Done!” – Former Dallas Fed Chair Says Pelosi “Appears to Have Taken Advantage” of Insider Information (Video)


The DNC loves corruption.  I helped get a bunch of NYC DNC politicians behind bars and not for free drinks, many years ago.  Except for the President of Queens who committed suicide, the DNC talks about honest government but are utterly and very cynically corrupt.


They are also liars.  Their latest lie is, we are not in a recession.  I agree, actually.  We are in a STAGFLATION.  This is even worse than a mere ‘recession.’  This is Jimmy Carter territory.


Biden is brain damaged.  The White House communists worked hard to make the above video which was spliced together in a very insane way.  It makes Biden look as if he never blinks.  But the video is made up of a dozen 2 to 3 second clips of him struggling to give a simple though full of lies, speech.  The man is definitely brain dead, the latest bout of covid is doing him even more damage.


Arrest him, anyways!


TRUMP WAS RIGHT: German City of Hanover Shuts Off Hot Water after Russia Again Reduces Gas Supply








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3 responses to “Democrats Deliberately Destroy Cities In Order To Cement Vote Controls Via Illegal Aliens And Welfare Voters

  1. TinaB

    Aawww poor donnie! He is toast – right wing media has dumped his ass!

    He’s being sued by Capital Police Officers! Hallelujah! A “defendant” for the REST OF HIS PATHETIC LIFE!
    Donald Trump: Three decades 4,095 lawsuits

    “An exclusive and ongoing USA TODAY analysis of legal filings across the United States finds that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and his businesses have been involved in thousands of legal actions in federal and state courts over the past three decades. They range from skirmishes with casino patrons to million-dollar real estate suits to personal defamation lawsuits.”

    Maybe donnie should try following the law himself. He and ems (his most dedicated cult member) love to wail about “law and order” but not for him! Of course not!

    Biggest crook in the history of the USA bar none! What a disgrace to your country! He’s SO NASTY! You can smell the stench from miles away! Fat, sweaty, greasy, slurring, unidentified noise maker!

  2. TinaB

    Just for the record ems I will remind you every single day that because of YOU and YOUR ILK’s refusal to believe the scientists warnings you did NOTHING to prepare for the catastrophic weather events coming our way and therefore YOU will be the cause of the death of millions.

    Time to take the advise that you give me and “off yourself”. I am not HARMING anyone but YOU ARE!

    I am curious why you keep repeating that same mantra over and over? Do you think I didn’t understand the first time? Or is it for the “slow” readers here at your site?

  3. Zeke

    Are you a paid agent of the RNC?

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