Stolen Spam And Monkey Pox: NY City Tries To Cope With Chaos


New York and California are the two worse states when it comes to politicians deliberately allowing crime to flourish and they punish citizens who fight criminals.  I want all the politicians on the left arrested because of this.  They are criminals!  Anyways, desperate stores are now locking down SPAM to stop thefts.  It gets worse, when they do open these plastic containers at the register, the criminals grab this and go out the door without paying.  We can’t stop them, it is illegal to stop blatant criminals now.  This is why we must arrest the real criminals, the DNC leaders.


“I don’t think they stop anything,” a store clerk named Iggy said about the anti-theft cases. “It’s security theater. If you really needed it, you would stomp on it.”  Just a few days ago, Iggy’s suspicion appeared to be well founded when a man in a black tank top bolted out of the store with a $38 electric razor after asking an employee to remove it from the plastic case.


In addition to the rise in crime, inflation spiked to 9.1% in June which the New York Post explained has created a market for thieves to sell stolen discounted goods to cash strapped consumers.


Inflation was caused by politicians, too.  They lied to workers, told them if their wages went up, they would be rich.  Instead, it created inflation.  This is the trap we are now in.  Wages NEVER catch up with inflation.


In NYC, our evil communist prosecutor in Manhattan is telling us, violent, criminal teenagers can’t go to jail no matter how evil due to being ‘children’.


Just three days earlier, the same troubled teen was arrested and released without bail for allegedly beating and robbing a stranger near Madison Avenue on June 21 when he was 15 – a case that Bragg’s office is prosecuting.


This gigantic baby is running wild now.  He now knows he can beat up and even kill a cop if he is under age 18 years.  Arrest the Manhattan DA.  He is the real criminal here.


“Our system must respond to children as children,” Bragg spokeswoman Emily Tuttle said in a statement.


When I was 16 years old, I no longer lived with my parents.  I was an ‘adult’.  This tyke is also an adult, he is doing ‘adult things’ so he is ‘of age.’


“Violence against our police officers is unacceptable, and given his age at the time of arrest, we consented to send the second case to family court as soon as possible, where he would receive the age-appropriate interventions and supports he needs while being held accountable,” the statement continued.


He needs support behind bars.  Not drinking establishments.  In jail.


The Manhattan DA was not aware of the teen’s April 12 arrest for possessing a .40 caliber handgun and a crossbow in Brooklyn – a separate jurisdiction, a source told Fox News Digital. Due to his age, the record is sealed.


Damn it, Brooklyn is in the SAME CITY.  I had to deal with this years ago.  The criminal justice system, under the DNC gang, always pretends to not know what is really going on.  They tried that with me and I tore into Mayor Beame and then Mayor Koch when they tried that stupid trick on me.  I did citizen arrests in all four boroughs.


Under the Raise the Age statute, part of the state’s sweeping criminal justice reforms, 16-and 17-year-olds charged with misdemeanors and many nonviolent felonies are automatically prosecuted in family court.


This ‘child’ is VERY VIOLENT.  This is absurd.


But the district attorney can lobby to keep a case in criminal court if the crime involves significant physical injury, the display of a firearm, a sexual offense or “extraordinary circumstances.”


The police officer was nearly strangled to death and took quite a beating.


“The DA clearly knew that they were prosecuting the same offender for a violent robbery,” he said. “If that is not an extraordinary circumstance, what is?  If violence against police officers is unacceptable, why ignore the violent robbery arrest. This isn’t accountability. This is lunacy.”


Yes, this is Democrat communists doing their usual tricks.  A comment to the article:



Now on to the global warming gangsters:



These stupid clowns should be arrested for fraud.  I want all the global warmists put behind bars and I don’t care if it is a cheap drink joint or a jail, they should be removed from the news stream.



He got it again.  This is the Common Cold germ now.


There is no vaccine for the common cold.[3] The primary methods of prevention are hand washing; not touching the eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands; and staying away from sick people.[3] Some evidence supports the use of face masks.[10] There is also no cure, but the symptoms can be treated.[3] Zinc may reduce the duration and severity of symptoms if started shortly after the onset of symptoms.[11] Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen may help with pain.[12] Antibiotics, however, should not be used, as all colds are caused by viruses,[17] and there is no good evidence that cough medicines are effective.[6][18]


The common cold kills the elderly and the people with cancer, etc.  This is normal.


The common cold is the most frequent infectious disease in humans.[19] Under normal circumstances, the average adult gets two to three colds a year, while the average child may get six to eight.[8][13] Infections occur more commonly during the winter.[3] These infections have existed throughout human history.[20]


Taking care of one’s health and eating right and sleeping right and not going to gay orgies, you will live fairly long.


The common cold is an infection of the upper respiratory tract which can be caused by many different viruses. The most commonly implicated is a rhinovirus (30–80%), a type of picornavirus with 99 known serotypes.[31] Other commonly implicated viruses include human coronaviruses (≈ 15%),[32][33] influenza viruses (10–15%),[34][35][36] adenoviruses (5%),[34] human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), enteroviruses other than rhinoviruses, human parainfluenza viruses, and human metapneumovirus.[37] Frequently more than one virus is present.[38] In total, more than 200 viral types are associated with colds.[4]


There is no vaccine to protect against the common cold.[60] Vaccination has proven difficult as there are many viruses involved and they mutate rapidly.[10][61] Creation of a broadly effective vaccine is, therefore, highly improbable.[62]


Speaking of gay orgies:


Even though the majority of cases back in May were already connected to gay male social venues, most media outlets not only refused to acknowledge it, they said doing so would encourage discrimination.


Yes, men doing very dirty ‘sex’ are once again, causing diseases.  This is due to the wrong part of the body used for pleasure.


“Charities Warn Against Stigmitization of Gay and Bisexual Groups Amid Outbreak,” declared The Independent. “Could Monkeypox Bring a New Wave of Homophobia,” pondered Slate. “Blaming Gay Men for Monkeypox Will Harm Everyone,” Scientific America foreboded.


They all get mad when the obvious happens.  Duh.  If they all used condoms, this wouldn’t happen but they dislike this so they don’t do this and then complain when the inevitable happens as always.


As a gay man of a certain age, this sounds all too familiar. Nearly four decades ago, during the earliest days of the AIDS epidemic, doctors and LGBT community leaders like Larry Kramer urged gay men to embrace safer sex practices once it became clear that HIV was contracted through sexual contact. Some did, but many others refused, citing the shame and stigma that could result from being singled out as a minority population. While the US government waited too long to sound the alarm, even as thousands died, the reluctance of some gay men to accept the facts of the virus’ spread also allowed the plague to grow faster.


Ground zero for AIDS was NYC.  I was in the middle of it all due to connections to the dance community.  It was horrifying, lost dear ones to that disease.


While monkeypox is not usually fatal (it leads to an unsightly rash and fever), it has this much in common with AIDS: political correctness may have hastened its status as a global health emergency. When a communicable disease arises, people deserve to know the facts: How is it spread, and who is mostly likely to suffer from it? Shying away from the truth helps no one.



The liberal newspaper, the NY Times, has a very long, boring article about the monkey pox while avoiding saying who is spreading this pox: gay sex parties.  They did this during the beginning of the AIDS virus mess. I knew a ballet dancer who had sex with Nureyev, the famous Russian ballet star.  He quickly died of AIDS which alarmed me greatly.  Due to this being all about gay sex in ballet, it was buried from view by the NY Times back then.  Now we have the exact same community with a new disease spread the same way: anal sex.


Talking about anal sex means talking about using condoms.  It is OK to do this if you use condoms but it isn’t as much fun when using condoms so gays don’t often if ever, use condoms.  Women also don’t demand condoms, either.  If a woman is on the Pill, she still needs to use condoms to protect herself because of the spread of sexual diseases.


All this began with the Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s which happened because of birth control pills and it became rapidly a disease raddled mess within less than ten years and has been roaring along ever since then.  My grandparents came from a generation that didn’t kiss the mouth at all due to fear of many diseases including the Spanish Flu.  My parents did kiss thanks to modern medicine but only had sex with each other.


The following generation didn’t do any of this and we got stuck with many diseases.  THE END.





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9 responses to “Stolen Spam And Monkey Pox: NY City Tries To Cope With Chaos

  1. qbutnoa

    UK housing market in trouble, BofE Scrapping affordability/stress test brought in after the 2008 financial crisis.

  2. qbutnoa

    Dutch farmer revolt gets mention in UK news, also, The Farmer Citizen Movement (BBB) is surging in the polls.

  3. TinaB

    Hey ems – are you a prude? You haven’t always been one – I mean you were a stripper. You do know that “straight” people have “anal” sex too – right? It’s not just “gay” people. Oh ya and they also have “oral” sex. Is that bad too?

    And most people have some sort kink don’t they? haha! You should check out YouPorn you might see your neighbors or cashier at the grocery store in a video! haha!

    And young people like to experiment – OH the HORROR!

    I guess it’s just the “missionary” position or better yet celibacy – not that it matters now you’re too old. Bummer!

    BTW, we are hard-wired to procreate – damn that Mother Nature she’s a slut!

  4. TinaB

    “I guess it’s just the “missionary” position or better yet celibacy FOR YOU – not that it matters now you’re too old. Bummer!”

  5. TinaB

    OMG! I just read the rest of your analysis – yikes – no kissing? Really? Maybe you should put on a hazmat suit just for precaution. Gawd! I’m laughing so hard while typing this!

    The “pill” is a horrible form of birth control. It is very dangerous to ingest any kind of chemicals to mess around with hormones and natural cycles. Especially for long periods of time. Period.

    Natural family planning isn’t that hard actually if you pay attention to your body and bodily fluids. Out of 28 day cycle there are only 6 days that a woman can become pregnant. So if you add one before and one after that’s 8. So you avoid unprotected sex during those days. Simple enough.

  6. lou

    Elaine, do you still believe FDR to be a good guy?

  7. Zeek

    The FRB Corp. is a criminal organization.

  8. Zeke

    What was the source of FDR’s wealth : hint: fDr.

    The Delanos made their wealth getting the nation of China addicted to opium.

  9. My family got rich via invading countries. How novel this is! NOT.

    Guess what? This is normal according to history!

    Now on to other matters: history doesn’t go away just because fools ignore it. It provides lessons. I remember all the extremely old people who hung out with my grandfather. My godmother was born before the Civil War, for example.

    They taught me many things. One thing they explained to me was why they never kissed each other’s LIPS. They kissed hands, for example. This was due to germs they feared thanks to epidemics in the 19th century.

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