Blacks Yell ‘N…er’ Nonstop Whites Are Severely Punished If Do The Same


Blacks decided in all DNC run cities that using the word ‘n…er’ is OK.  This strange turn is particularly hideous because the word is supposedly ‘derogatory’ but blacks love shouting this magic word nonstop, all the time.  All, while telling us, this is a very evil word.  All black experts go to great lengths to avoid talking about why blacks love to use this magic word, nonstop, in movies, songs and on the streets.  Punishing white people who are surrounded by nonstop hollering ‘n…er’ by blacks is very cruel.  It is also unconstitutional.  We still supposedly have ‘freedom of speech’ but it has vanished long ago.



Rap guys love this word.  What they love the most is, anyone white who uses this magic word is punished, instantly.  So this encourages them all to use this word as much as possible, at the top of their lungs.  They have a thousand excuses for shouting this magic word but the real magic is, how it is a tool to punish people who are not black.  Oh, the joy of destroying someone for using this naughty, common word which is the favorite word used in black neighborhoods.



So, when blacks are tagged with the word by anyone, they play the ‘victim’ even as they are quite happy to make money, shouting this magic word, nonstop.  What is worse is, all words created to describe ‘Subsaharan Africans’ becomes a ‘dirty’ word.  ‘Negro’ is a Latin word for ‘black’.  I grew up hearing ‘black’ because the Black Panthers loved calling themselves ‘black’.


Now, this is evil, too.  All words describing the skin color of Subsaharan African genetics is considered ‘evil’ over time.  This is so pathetic.  Does anyone ever use ‘Negro’ anymore?  No!  It was decided 60 years ago, to be ‘evil.’


The Rap Analytics website claim to have solved the dirty word debate with its “Profanity Explorer,” which is said to offer up “a comprehensive visualization of profanity in Rap.”


According to Rap Analytics, it has looked into “10,000 songs from over 150 artists between 1987-2013.” It averages a rapper’s total word count with how much profanity they’ve laced into their bars. It’s explained that the site measures various assemblages of profanity, organized under the following categories: N-word, Shit, Fuck, Ass, Sexual, Homophobic, Misogynistic. There’s also a miscellaneous category that includes words like “piss,” a few racist slurs and loaded terms like “sucka.”


It’s added that the “N-word is the most popular profane word” in the study, and apparently accounted for close to one per cent of the total words used in 2012 alone.


Yes, it is used nonstop…but only by radical blacks and people in our ghettoes.  The usage of ‘smart/family intact blacks in all commercials is backfiring, too.  It is increasingly irritating  white customers and alienating these while lying about the true state of black consumers.  This new, bizarre dual world set up by liberals is collapsing now.  Pretending blacks are family oriented and married and whole is totally at odds with reality and everyone knows this.


And this will cause a reaction that is building rapidly.


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13 responses to “Blacks Yell ‘N…er’ Nonstop Whites Are Severely Punished If Do The Same

  1. lou

    I will post the n word [Elaine is a coward].


  2. Nina

    I can not sympathize with a man who uses such foul language in front of a child. It is indeed a ugly word, and even if it is used by some rappers and gangsters, that should not be an excuse for others to use this on any black person as they see fit.

  3. make it a joke , the issue will disappear

  4. qbutnoa

    There is talk of replacing natural gas with coal. The problem is the coal is imported from Russia and that stops (sanctions) in 10 days.

  5. TinaB


    “This nation is scorching in a heat wave and wildfires, yet it’s returning to planet-baking coal

    Dimitris Mitsaris opens his garage door and the smell of fermenting grapes emerges, as the first morning light bounces off dozens of steel tanks. Mitsaris and his family live here, in Agios Panteleimonas, a mountainous village of just 800 residents in northern Greece, and have made their home into a small winery. “I don’t even have electricity here yet,” Mitsaris says with a laugh.

    It’s funny to Mitsaris because just until December last year, the 40-year-old had spent 17 years of his life working the coal mines for the state-run Public Power Corporation (PPC) to keep the lights on in people’s homes. He finally gave up coal for wine, understanding that the fossil fuel was on its way out.
    Mitsaris, whose father also worked in coal mining, bought 44 acres of vineyard. But he’s now wondering if he made the right choice — coal here is refusing to quit.

    “I’m afraid about the future,” he said. “I have two young daughters to bring up.”

    Coal is the most polluting of fossil fuels and is the biggest single contributor to the climate crisis, and Greece had been trying hard to wean off it. But the country — alongside other European nations — is delaying those phaseout plans in response to the energy crunch, which has turned into a full-blown crisis since Russia launched its war on Ukraine.

    Just a year ago, Greece was confident it could close all existing coal-burning plants by 2023. It planned to build one last coal plant this year in the wider region where Mitsaris lives, Western Macedonia, which generates more than half the nation’s electricity. The new plant, Ptolemaida 5, would in 2025 then run on natural gas, another polluting fossil fuel, but one that is generally less carbon-intensive than the lignite, or brown coal, found in this part of Greece.

    That whole timeline is now up in smoke.”

  6. qbutnoa

    Italy struggles to stop German migrant rescue organization Sea Watch (NGO) dumping migrants from Africa in its ports.

  7. Tina continues to pollute the earth with her CO2. She adamantly refuses to stop. All her insane buddies refuse to stop this. I want them to stop, now, not when they die of old age. Save the earth! Cease breathing, you hellions.

  8. TinaB

    It is very curious to me why all these maga cult members like ems are so obsessed with “sex”. It’s like they are repressed or something or they have some, what the church told them is sinful, dark “secrets”. I will leave to Freud to figure out.

    donnie and his cult members are truly the epitome of “snowflakes”! They just run like little chickens when someone stands up to them. Like Josh Hawley – fist pump then run like a little bitch! I’m giddy with glee!

  9. Petruchio

    Everybody nowadays talks about all of the Black Anger American Blacks are feeling. As a way mostly to justify groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM). Here’s a question worth asking. WHY, after all these years of Affirmative Action and taxpayer money going to Blacks AND all the Preferential Hiring in the Movie/TV industry portraying the Blacks as “just like Whitey”. This is clearly a False Image; 80% of Black Women give birth as Single Mommies. Black males love Black Women so much all black, males EVER want to do is date and impregnate White women. The leading cause of death among American Black males is Homicide. Homicides committed by Black males. So…why is there not just a tiny bit of gratitude by Blacks towards Whitey? WHY is just the opposite happening. Blacks are even angrier against Whitey now than in the 1960’s, 1970’s? We as a Coubtry should do absolutely ZERO for Blacks. Let them sink or swim ALL on their own.

  10. Zeke

    ‘Let there be Love’.

  11. Kerry

    The controllers like to follow astrology, mostly called astro-theology. That was why in the 60s they pushed that whole Age of Aquarius stuff.

    The age name is given by what constellation is rising during the spring equinox. Currently it is still Pisces but we are close to the age flip. Close enough that astrology followers look upon the time we are in now as the cusp when the energies of both ages are in play.

    In the next age, both Aquarius and it’s co-ruler Capricorn will rule. Both represent Saturn. Supposedly the current power structure will fail and lead to something new. Obviously the current power structure doesn’t want to fail. They have been perverting psychology and energy in order to keep a stranglehold on power. Some say they have been perverting everything since the Age of Aries.

    In Astro-theology, the continents representing Aquarius and Capricorn are South America (Aquarius) and North America (Capricorn).

    In essence, according to this star theology, the time of the United States is ascending not descending. But the controllers don’t want this to happen. They pushed the US forward during cusp time to spoof the coming energies. Now they want to kill it and spoof China back into leadership.

    This ties into why they are pushing black people in culture. They think that since the US is Capricorn earth sign they can use black people as the energy of the age. But this is untrue. The next age is an air age and the people who carry the energy of that age are the Native Americans of North and South America.

    There is more to it. But lately I don’t care about the “religious” fundamentalism of our controllers. But that much should tell you why they attacked South/North America, why they destroyed Native American communities, why they push the Native/Mestizo population towards illegal alien status and why we get popular culture we do.

  12. Jim Harmon

    Might as well start selling Klan hoods on yer site.

  13. Yes, black KKK hoods.

    Racism is a huge problem in the DNC black community. They are openly anti-integration and really want segregation. Leftists ignore this or worse, celebrate this.

    Today, no one sane wants to live in any city run by black politicians on the left. No one. This would be suicidal. And worse, it is suicidal for blacks to live in black run cities, too!

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