The Neo-Liberal Economic And Nuclear Meltdown In Japan

The medical emergency within my own family has worsened so I couldn’t post yesterday and things may be interrupted here periodically as we cope with events.  I will write about the failures of our present medical system soon enough, though.  Now, on to international news:


The global catastrophe of Fukushima and the near-total annihilation of much of the upper east coast of Japan has evidently stopped the neo-liberal economic agenda of Japan.  Key elements of this system is an export-based economy, no unions with constantly dropping wages, cutting corporate and profit taxes while railing against the obvious deficits that are caused by these policies.  


So Kan Says Tax Cut May Be Suspended.  Japan has the world’s biggest government deficit compared to its GDP.  Before the miracle of modern neo-liberal free trade, most governments funded themselves via tariffs and fees.  Instead, this has been nearly eliminated and instead, working taxes have funded everything and this is obviously insufficient as we see in nearly all first world countries.


Instead, the neo-liberal free trade system has relied on ZIRP financing whereby governments create bigger and bigger principal due with virtually no overhead costs.  This, in turn, creates a future financial burden that doubles in size each generation and eventually will kill not just the economies of neo-liberal free trade countries but maybe, as we see in Japan, destroy the entire culture and maybe eliminate the people as an existing entity.


Japan is a harbinger of the total failure of this modernism.  Free trade has not given the people there a grand, pleasant life. Instead, it is causing terrible misery which only seems to get worse over time.  The rich get richer and the workers get poorer.  Japan still has some operational infrastructures which will probably vanish when the government goes bankrupt as it seems inevitable now.  The highways to the north and east of Japan have been repaired rapidly, for example.  At great cost.


This is one reason why the government can’t cut taxes the rich exporters pay.  They have complained for years that rich exporters in South Korea and Taiwan pay much lower taxes while providing even less social services than Japan and in order to compete with them and the export giant, China, they need to have as few social obligations as humanly possible.  This is the inevitable race to the bottom we see hammering nearly all first world countries today.  The misery caused by free trade policies are carefully hidden by government deficit spending but stopping the deficits is a top priority for many countries which are now exposing the catastrophe of free trade finances as social disorders spread.  England is wracked by these and the wedding of the useless Prince and his non-royal consort isn’t bringing the country together, the Crown fears angry mobs might disrupt the elites and very rich gathering together to celebrate social divisions and the rich lording it over the poor.


Since Japan’s government refuses to pay for itself via either taxes or tariffs (they restrict imports in other more creative but zero financial gain ways) the government has set the system on ‘everyone has to live on very little’ system which creates a corporate mindset that is quite vicious:  Grim living conditions add to misery of Japan’s nuclear plant heroes.


Yes, the Samurai heroes are living in what has to be conditions even the Chinese workers wouldn’t tolerate for very long.  They are being paid very well but only if they survive to pick up a paycheck.  The chances of that are diminishing.  Remember the gold hunters who were trapped far underground in Chile?  At least, when rescued, all they had to worry about was their psychological wellbeing!  The men toiling in this endless battle with elemental forces that continue to deteriorate whereby nothing is fixed, the struggle is to contain the catastrophe, is most dire.  Instead of turning them into heroes we have to turn them into humans.


Here are some of the sad facts:  Workers at stricken nuclear plant endure tough conditions :


Until March 22, they were given only one 1.5 liter bottle of mineral water per day. From March 23, however, with more supplies having arrived, they can ask for one more bottle, according to the official.


…Supper is also survival food item—dried rice and only one can of chicken or fish for each person. Boiled mineral water is put into the pack of ‘‘Magic Rice,’’ making it ready for consumption in about 15 minutes. The workers eat their meals quietly, though some say they want something a little better….The radiation level within the building is 2-3 microsievert per hour. They sleep in conference rooms and hallways in the building. To shield them from radiation from the floor, they cover themselves with lead-containing sheets before they put on blankets….Kaieda said that he had also heard that not all of the workers had been equipped with lead sheeting to shield themselves from the possibly radiation-contaminated floors while sleeping, and some were leaning against walls as they were unable to lie down on floors.


Good grief.  The miners trapped in Chile had better sleeping conditions and before the rescue brought them food and water, they had more water!  And once a small bore hole was made, they got plenty of food which was restricted only so they would stay slender for the rescue pod.  These Japanese workers are putting in 12 hour+ days while being starved.  Why on earth is this happening?


It is very expensive to pay people to deliver anything to the stricken power plant.  So…nothing is brought in, I am assuming.  Perhaps after this news story has filtered through the Japanese public’s eyes, they might pressure the slumbering government to wake up and do something.  Of course, the government is trying to feed many survivors of the tsunami, too.  The Japanese government is still presenting itself as the best on earth and the most advanced while in reality, it is reeling from these events and is quite incapable of doing ten things at once.

.朝日新聞社):Stricken nuclear plant faces staffing difficulties – English


A man in his 30s who is at a shelter within the prefecture once declined a request from the president of his company in mid-March to help lay cables at the plant. He said he couldn’t go because gasoline was not available at that time.


Having worked in the field for five years, the man confided that “nuclear power is scary because we can’t tell what’s happening.” But he said he is proud of having worked for Japan’s electricity supply and would accept the next request.


“We are in a position to get work from a subcontractor to TEPCO,” he said. “If we gain a reputation that ‘they didn’t come’ under these circumstances, what do you think will become of our job in the future?”


His daily wage is between 10,000 yen ($122) and 20,000 yen….At a shelter, the man has been waiting for a call from his employer “because there is no place to work here except at a nuclear power plant.”


Far from rushing into this cleanup, most Japanese workers are reluctant to go.  They are tempted by the high wages in a depressed society with constantly dropping wages.  But the high wages are no longer attracting workers because they have begun to figure out that this is a death sentence.  The faux environmentalists have been loudly trumpeting that false information that few or no one dies due to the grotesque and dangerous nuclear power energy systems but even poorly informed people are beginning to figure out that this is an insane and ridiculous storyline set up to fool people into doing things no faux environmentalist would  be caught dead doing.


I would think these people who claim nuclear power is safe would love to prove this by volunteering to replace these doomed workers.  I want them to also move to Chernobyl and become farmers and then eat what they grow.  Proof that nuclear plants are OK would then be forthcoming or we can win our side of the argument as we bury the dead ideologues who are disputing the dangers of nuclear power.


The faux environmentalists who support nuclear power or now, thorium 14 billion year half life power (YIKES) are falling silent as the vast, hideous catastrophe envelops not only Japan but the entire planet:  Japan finds plutonium in soil at stricken nuclear plant: this is very bad news since it means humans can’t live here for what?  Centuries?  Eons?  The timeframe is pretty long.  Terribly long.  I do say, we should start a pro-nuclear power colony here.


Each day, the worst of all possible outcomes continues.  The water being thrown at the nuclear fires had lots of salt and they have to now import ships filled with clean water because, as I predicted accurately, the salt is causing many problems (duh).  Despite all of this water, the nuclear reactions continue their merry way, this is their nature, after all.  So Expert fears full nuclear meltdown at Fukushima:



A nuclear meltdown happens when the fuel rods in a reactor core overheat and become molten. In truth, there is no technical definition of ‘nuclear meltdown’, which means even the so-called ‘partial meltdown’ already acknowledged at Fukushima’s reactor 2 could be termed a ‘nuclear meltdown’.



The core – which contains the nuclear fuel rods – may have melted through the bottom of the steel reactor vessel of reactor 2, and collected on the floor of the concrete shell – the ‘drywell’. Lahey says: “I hope I am wrong, but that is certainly what the evidence is pointing towards.”



The escape of radiation into the environment is the primary concern. This could happen if the molten nuclear fuel reacts with the concrete to form a radioactive gas. Unfortunately the secondary containment structure seems likely to have been damaged in a hydrogen explosion.  The highly radioactive water from reactor 2 has almost completely filled a tunnel leading from the building. It is only about 50m away from the sea.


Here is the problem that bedevils all levels of the nuclear power technology systems:  they can’t even define in a concrete, technical fashion, the type of events that may occur!  This is pure insanity.  A very, very, very dangerous system has no real terminology for its own processes?  I am flabbergasted but not surprised.  This has been a key element in the delusional thinking processes of all nuclear engineers and practitioners since day one.  They never, ever think through or build up proper linguistic analysis systems to define anything that is going on.  They are too in awe of the power, the system’s ability to do great things to understand the need to have true definitions.


For the very definitions are hellish.  They reveal the true nature of the systems which would scare anyone away from it in the first place.  Even with overt demonstrations of the destructive powers of nuclear/hydrogen systems, these are always minimized by the experts who delude themselves and by extension, everyone else.  This is why faux environmentalists have been desperately playing down the dire longterm effects of nuclear failures.  As well as the high cost to the environment from mining and transportation, etc.


The meltdown has some salient features the operators and government refuse to contemplate.  First, it has to be kept cool even as it creates endless pollution.  This has to be drained out and to where?  The ocean!  This is inevitable and the constant flow of toxic nuclear waste water flowing into the Pacific Ocean where it will disperse in dramatic ways will change Life On Earth for eons.  I do hope my prediction is proven false but so far, my track record is pretty good.  Alas.  I wish I was totally wrong about nuclear power but again, so far, I have been right.


Desperate measures are being cooked up such as Japan considers covering Fukushima with fabric to contain radiation but this is plain silly if there was a meltdown event.  Fukushima isn’t Chernobyl, it is a totally different and new event and thus, reveals exactly how many unknown factors there are at work within the nuclear power system’s processes.  We get to learn the hard way.  That is, things happen and then we struggle in vain to stop it from happening.  And the key here is, ‘in vain.’  Chernobyl still menaces the earth.  As will Fukushima.


The tsunami/earthquake damage continues to spread:  Power company says smoke spotted at another Japanese nuclear plant –


The company said smoke was detected in the turbine building of reactor No. 1 at the Fukushima Daini nuclear power plant around 6 p.m. (5 a.m. ET).  Smoke could no longer be seen by around 7 p.m. (6 a.m. ET), a company spokesman told reporters.


This is the plant further north of the first one that has blown up and melted down.  Like the previous events, we see a puff of smoke.  Steam rises.  The it blows up.  It might smoke for days before hopping to the next inevitable stage.  This is why, when the steam or smoke stops by itself, we can’t assume the dragon inside has vanished.  No, it is gathering more energy and strength for the next big event!  The occult nature of nuclear power is the worst part of it: we can’t see much of anything that is really going on and we can’t stop it, either, once it gets going.  And when it is the worst case scenario, we have no way of containing it as it goes on and on.


Video: EPA Reports Traces of Radiation Reach Ala.

Part I – “Fukushima – Undoubtedly the biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl” – A.Gopalakrishnan


Now on to the other disaster for the US and even Japan:  BBC News – China ‘to overtake US on science’ in two years.  China is running way ahead of schedule with their 50 Year Plan to overtake the US and bankrupt it, too.  The US has assisted in this process by committing mass social suicide.  Nearly every single choice of our elites and our government has made this country worse off in the future.  Our contempt for the Chinese has blinded us to a simple fact: they are eager to learn, they work hard at whatever they choose and they have leaders who can successfully foresee events.


I warned everyone around 35 years ago that importing oil would kill our economic system and it has.  It was the leading edge of our perpetual trade deficits.  It also is very volatile to produce and transport and it is the locus point for violent wars and it pollutes the water, land and air and…it creates global warming, too.  We had to retrofit our nation with renewable energy back in 1974 and here it is, the same problem today only much worse and virtually no US homes have any solar energy systems at all and China is producing the panels, not us:  President Obama to call for one-third cut to oil imports.


And how will we do this trick?  We have to import our solar energy panels from China, for example!  We are trapped and this trap was set off by the free trade neo-liberalists who have relentlessly stripped our nation of nearly all of our domestic non-Pentagon industries.  We should have solar power production plants in each US regional sector and start churning these out and installing them using Pentagon money.  This way, we end a great deal of oil use and coal, too, and employ Americans.  What is there to lose in this?  Nothing!  If we prevent the rich from profiting from this radical redesigning of our energy systems, all the better.


Note that the faux environmentalists stupidly fell for the rich people’s CO2 solution which was to tax air pollution and then sell the RIGHT to pollute to rich people who would then trade this privilege in this stupid and dangerous derivatives market…it makes my head hurt, how easily environmentalists were tricked.  No one should get rich off of retrofitting our nation so we don’t go bankrupt buying oil overseas.


One last rather odd and unpleasant story:  Dan Rather aide: Crew harassed by Israeli security | World news |


A crew for Dan Rather was harassed and humiliated by Israeli security officials, a producer for his show has said, accusing them of forcing the staffers to drop their pants for a strip search before seeing a Cabinet minister.


HAHAHA.  Dan and I had a big, big fight about 10 years ago.  He did a story about my family that had errors which I tried to correct and he haughtily told me that I couldn’t push him around and he knew more than I.  I warned him that he was headed for a big fall.  I was one of the people who investigated Bush’s AWOL efforts during the Vietnam War.  Dan wouldn’t put me on the news in 2ooo.  He said I was wrong.  Then, for some reason (ask the Bilderbergers!) he was instructed to carry the Bush AWOL story himself for Kerry.


He did and it was the false story I rejected in 2000.  Through a producer, I sent him a warning that he was being set up and he didn’t listen to me which is normal, few people believe anything I say.  He got hammered and I was grimly satisfied.  Now, he has a lesser job and wanted to interview the neo-Nazis running Palestine.  And they deliberately humiliated him, so surprise here.


They do this all the time.  Spitting in the faces of anyone who is goy is glorious fun for them.  This has a very bad ending, of course.  Now poor Dan Rather is being shoved into Helen Thomas territory.  Will he finally denounce Zionism outright?  I wonder.  I figure he will crawl in the muck a while longer begging for mercy, first.


All of these forces seem to be converging, by the way.  We are riding on a tsunami wave of history.  And the harbingers of war are part of this and the ‘business as usual’ on Wall Street is papered over just like before WWI.

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33 responses to “The Neo-Liberal Economic And Nuclear Meltdown In Japan

  1. csurge

    If you play with fire… you will get burned. A basic lesson that humans have failed and failed again to grasp. I’ve always been against nuclear energy, it’s THE most dangerous form of fire that exists.

    Yet humans in their folly think they can control it. It may be mean spirited, but I’m happy that the chickens are coming home to roost for the so-called ‘First World’. Now we see the true price of all their advancements. They sold tomorrow to pay for today.

    Someone should tell the Japanese, Americans and other Europeans the story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin. I’m sure all the Germans demonstrating against nuclear power know that story quite well…

  2. adamm

    It will be 100 years of Fed Reserve in another year and a bit. It seems that the 1913 pre WWI setup and the current events around the world, including withing the US; are similar. But they are not identical. History runs in spirals, not circles. The earth and solar system are on spiral trajectories thru space, for example. At quite a clip..btw. We must be entering “weird space”… right now as the leaders seem to have been affected by a type of “space madness”… which is evident in all the crazy and self destructive acts now ongoing. I cannot explain it any other way. Even self preservation of the species seems to be gone out the window. The main melt down seems to be in our minds; and our thinking power.

  3. melponeme_k

    We are watching a civilization meltdown on the scale of the Minoan catastrophe.

    The only other shoe to drop is for the big one to hit the West Coast.


    ELAINE: Totally so! It is tragic! And can destroy a civilization. And yes, Mother Nature is quite destructive when She does Her stuff. Forget human created gods. The essence of nature is more than sufficient for me. It is what we must respect and fear.

  4. if

    As a reminder the debt ceiling is $14,294,000,000,000.00. In other words, the total US debt just passed the debt limit – break out the Champagne! Now bear with us for a second: the most recently disclosued total debt was 14,211,567,662,931.23 as of March 28. This excludes the settlement of all of this week’s auctions which amount to $35 + $35 + $29 billion (including today) or $99 billion. Adding the two amounts to $14,310,567,662,931.23. As a reminder the debt ceiling is $14,294,000,000,000.00. In other words, the total US debt just passed the debt limit – break out the Champagne!

  5. Z

    There are some environmental costs with solar panels: it creates toxic waste. The toxic by-products are similar to those that are created by semiconductor production.

    But, of course, that has to be compared to the downside of other energy systems.


  6. larry, dfh

    The big science companies are all setting up research labs in China. Upper mgt. is only concerned w/self reward; as long as they’re paid well, loss of all intellectual property is just a cost of doing business. And all the time they’ll sing that tires old refrain: we couldn’t find the talent over here. Seems like the Mayan calendar is pretty much on schedule!

  7. igneous

    Hey Elaine did you know that in Germany the Green party have won elections in Baden-Württemberg und Rheinland-Pfalz because of the whats happening at the moment in Japan.


    ELAINE: I went to school in Baden-Wüttenberg (a beautiful region and I loved the Stuttgart opera!) and yes, they won and this is a rather conservative region, mostly rural.

  8. Hammerhead

    the neo-Nazis running Palestine

    happy that the chickens are coming home to roost for the so-called ‘First World’</blockquote

    The only other shoe to drop is for the big one to hit the West Coast

    Seems like the Mayan calendar is pretty much on schedule!

    Yes, it’s just another day at Elaine’s Little Shop of Horrors, where people come to express their cravings for death, their hope for the sky to fall, and of course that old standby, hating on the Jews. A circle jerk of pathetic, drooling backslappers.


    ELAINE: Do remember that I can censor people here. I am very tolerant. But people do push over the edge and then all their postings go into the Outer Darkness of the internet ‘delete’ realm.

  9. csurge

    Up yours, pal. I have absolutely no wish to see the world end. I’m just pointing out the bleeding obvious, just as Elaine does on a daily basis. Oh look! The governments lied about the extent of the Fukushima problem. What a surprise. The news is just getting worse and worse by the day.

    And yeah I’m mean. I’m mean because those bastards up north have been known to dump their nuclear waste in the waters off the coast of Somalia… my continent, shithead.

    And yeah, a very dark part of me would love to see them blow each other to nuclear hell and leave Africa out of it. They’ve caused so much suffering here, it would serve them right.

    However, that would be counter productive and we’d be effected just as badly as everyone else.

    So no. No I don’t really want to see it happen, okay?


    ELAINE: In the past, everyone, I had to sadly remove some commentators here because they ended up cussing each other too much. I know feelings can run high so please do try to restrain this, OK? It makes for a better place if we stick to ‘you are dumb’ rather than cussing. Thanks!

  10. floridasandy

    the deficits are caused by huge government overspending, not undertaxation.

    the more you tax, the more you pull away from development and job creation.

    i certainly agree with your free trade comments and “free trade” (such as it is) has not worked for us at all. if something doesn’t work, we shouldn’t be doing more of it…..

    you have astutely pointed out in many columns how american wealth is fleeing the united states to the complete detriment of the united states citizens.


    ELAINE: Totally wrong. Deficits happen because someone isn’t bothering to collect money to fund governments. The very, very, very best way to do this is via tariffs. And this is the tool everyone has cast aside!

  11. if

    @Hammerhead to cheer him up…
    The disaster is occurring the opposite way than Chernobyl, which exploded and stopped the reaction. At Fukushima, the reactions are getting worse. I suspect three nuclear piles are in meltdown and we will probably get some of it.

    If reactor 3 is in meltdown, the concrete under the containment looks like lava. But Fukushima is not far off the water table. When that molten mass of self-sustaining nuclear material gets to the water table it won’t simply cool down. It will explode – not a nuclear explosion, but probably enough to involve the rest of the reactors and fuel rods at the facility.

    Pouring concrete on a critical reactor makes no sense – it will simply explode and release more radioactive particulate matter. The concrete will melt and the problem will get worse. Chernobyl was different – a critical reactor exploded and stopped the reaction. At Fukushima, the reactor cores are still melting down. The ONLY way to stop that is to detonate a ~10 kiloton fission device inside each reactor containment vessel and hope to vaporize the cores. That’s probably a bad solution.

  12. Hammerhead

    No need to cheer me up, “if”. The gloom-and-doomers are you people here, and I am hugely enjoying myself mocking your crazed hatreds and fear-mongering.

  13. csurge

    lol. Whatever. Just look at that slime ball Sarkozy trying to make himself look good by trumping about higher nuclear safety worldwide. France is one of the filthiest, if not the filthiest, nuclear nations on earth. I don’t want to think about how much nuclear waste they secretly dump. The French are very good at living it up at the expense of others.

  14. emsnews

    Sarkozy should do the cleanup along with the LDP and Democrats of Japan. Have them all line up and replace the poor workers who are literally being worked to death there. Have these clowns sleep on the bare floor with a lead blanket. And one glass of water a day and no wine for Sarkozy.

  15. Hammerhead

    The ONLY way to stop that is to detonate a ~10 kiloton fission device inside each reactor containment vessel and hope to vaporize the cores. That’s probably a bad solution.

    Beautiful. This website is the gift that keeps giving. Some crazed guy publishing in a Hawaiian pot smokers’ rag paints insane worst-case scenarios, and of course the usual conspiracist/neo-nazi websites — from to, Stormfront and Vanguard News Network — eagerly lap it up. (Not to forget our lovely host Elaine.)

    I could go on but my day job at the Bilderberger command and control center beckons. Ha haha.


    ELAINE: We are getting our 12th big blizzard tonight. I have to snowplow not only my own place but other people’s places. Maybe you can come here and shovel snow for a few days. Great exercise.

  16. DeVaul


    So, what does it look like inside the reactors over there in Japan? What? You did not go there to help?

    I don’t understand. It is perfectly safe. Why not go there and prove us all wrong?

    You could send us photos back via satellite or YouTube. Bring a tripod and send us a pic of you leaning against the reactor core with a big smile on your face that says: “You idiots! It’s fine!”

    If you do that, I promise to scurry under a rock and live there in ignorant shame for the rest of my life.

  17. emsnews

    A nuke won’t fix a nuke plant meltdown. Very much won’t do it. Of course, the creators of these stupid nuke plants didn’t figure out how to stop a meltdown after it really began in ernest. They just said, IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

    Well, it has happened. Now we are effed up the yin yang, big time.

  18. Hammerhead

    DeVaul, nice example of the “strawman” style of argument (put words into people’s mouths, then attack them for what they never said).

    For an example of (mostly) rational argument from both sides of the aisle on what is happening in Fukushima, go to

    Be warned, though. Some of the comments and links there require better than a fifth-grade reading level.

  19. Clueless

    @ Hammerhead: Thanks for the link, very informative. Although one gets the distinct impression it is a site funded by GE’s public relations office. Why is that?

    That aside, please send my sympathies to the Bilderberger halfwits who have so wittingly imposed the nuclear menace on humanity to further their greed. They will live to see their progeny meltdown to their cores from their putrid, corrupted genes.

  20. Hammerhead

    Clueless, you are asking me why you got a particular impression? I’m not a mind reader, why don’t you tell us?

    Here is a Powerpoint slide show that explains what happened so far at Fukushima:

    All indications are that this is worse than Three Mile Island but orders of magnitude less bad than Chernobyl.


    ELAINE: This has been the nuclear power argument since day one. Each day, the nuclear catastrophe looks more and more like Chernobyl. Eventually it may be WORSE than Chernobyl since we suspect there has been a total meltdown.

  21. Hammerhead

    Long slide show tiring you out?

    Try this picture:

    The stats behind the pic:

  22. Clueless

    Hammerhead, you a bean counter? Very well, chew on this: “There is no safe dose of radiation since radiation is cumulative. Harm in the form of excess human cancer occurs at all doses of ionizing radiation, down to the lowest conceivable dose and dose rate.” ~ John Gofman, Ph.D., M.D. in Radiation and Human Health (New Scientist, Volume 82, Issues 1149-1161)

    “There is no safe level of exposure and there is no dose of radiation so low that the risk of malignancy is zero… the genetic risks, and especially those associated with recessive mutations, may be as harmful and debilitating to the human race as the increases of cancer.” ~ Dr. Karl Z. Morgan, director of the Health Physics Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in Sept. 1978 Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. (New Scientist, Volume 82, Issues 1149-1161)

    The late Dr. John Gofman, as both a physician and a physicist, was hired by the Atomic Energy Commission to investigate the effects of radiation on human beings. I have read all his books, and he has published an immense amount of material. He concluded that radiation exposure produces a direct linear correlation in the increase of cancer incidence. His findings in 1985 indicated that the dose of radiation allowable by nuclear plants (permissible radiation leakage) would result in an additional 16,000 to 32,000 cancer deaths each year. (
    These figures are for contained nuclear reactors not Godzilla melting down and spewing fallout plume all over the planet. The key point being “radiation is cumulative”.

    GE’s gift to man is not life through energy, but death through greed. They contribute slow death to society on a free ride, not paying a single dollar of taxes on the $14.2 billion profit they made lat year. (

    Save this as your wall paper, to remind you of how you get royally effed everyday

  23. Hammerhead

    Tell it to the World Health Organization, Clueless. But until you convince them to change their mind, I will prefer their opinion over that of the people you cite.

    Enjoyed the GE cartoon, thanks 🙂

  24. emsnews

    Due to radiation being invisible, people can be easily convinced that it isn’t dangerous. Paradoxically, people are also very scared in a nuclear fallout event because it is invisible.

    Due to its invisibility factor, over time, people get used to nuclear fallout and even as a huge tsunami of birth defects and cancer sweeps over the planet, people are told it is from other things.

    True, smoking cigarettes INCREASES cancer chances! But the core reason has been and always has been the rise in radiation in the environment since 1945.

    What is most sad is the wave of autism in babies: this is GENETIC and may be caused by nuclear fall out and other nuclear uses. Not vaccinations. For some sad, terrible reason, many helpless parents latched onto the false story of vaccinations, which save babies, as the cause, not nuclear radiation.

    So the destructive life choices increased, not decreased. We get even more autistic babies thanks to Fukushima while desperate, scared parents then expose their children to deadly childhood diseases.

  25. floridasandy

    i am sure that as a proponent of big government and big unions, you do feel that the government is underfunded but there are many of us who disagree with that assessment.

    how many americans think the money collected has been well spent?

  26. floridasandy

    Intuitively, its clear and simple, when funds are siphoned off to pay interest, less income is available to fund other expenditures.

    At the Household level this means saving for retirement, or taking vacations, or other spending and consumption.

    At a corporate level, debt service reduces free cashflow available to invest in productive assets and programs to grow a business.

    At the National level, debt service redirects tax revenues to interest payments, dis-enabling tax cuts or worthy spending on the public sector projects, however you choose to define worthy.

    the problem is the excessive spending.

  27. emsnews

    ZIRP borrowing doesn’t lead to great happiness, either. We see this clearly in Japan. It leads to tremendous government debt and a depressed economy.

    As for ‘big government’: there are good things and bad things with any government. Chaos, on the other hand, isn’t so hot, either. Letting businesses be unregulated is insanity. Having no government controls on imports is equally insane as we see with our immense trade deficits.

  28. I know arguing with zealots does no good, but I’m in the mood anyway. People like Hammerhead and people not like Hammerhead will never agree, because it’s a matter of pride you see. The world is a dangerous place and most importantly because there are people who have made it so. It’s not the world I wanted to grow old in, but it’s the only world I have right now. The proud and the paranoid will go on arguing while (as I have personally witnessed in the past several decades) life on earth gets increasingly more dangerous and tricky for the “average Joe.” Hammerheads need not worry, for their brain power will see them through whatever life throws their way.

  29. This pretty much validates what the WHO is NOT TELLING YOU. Time to send in the clowns!

  30. Clueless

    Nope, Greenpeace are not clowns!

  31. DeVaul

    @Sack of Hammers,

    PowerPoint presentations are for weenies.

    Where is the pic from inside the reactor?

    Tepco is offering anyone 5 grand to do a “jump in”. You can make 5 grand in one day taking supplies to the Fukashima Fifty and get that pic for us. You could also do a few more “jump ins” to pay your expenses.

    The Japanese have all declined.

    How about it, Hammerhead? Afraid to get dirty?

  32. Hammerhead

    Russia Today and Greenpeace, the usual suspects LOL… my time is too valuable to click on b.s. 😀

    Face it folks, this is going to blow over. Your hopes of apocalypse won’t be realized. The general public will turn pro-nuke again, if not soon then at the latest when there are rolling blackouts in major U.S. cities.

  33. DeVaul

    “Our hopes of apocalypse will not be realized”

    The Gulf of Mexico is dead and soon Japan will be too. We did not “hope” for this.

    “it will all blow over”

    Yes, that is what we fear.

    But you are right about one thing. Not being able to access one’s iphone will freak out everyone and to hell with planet earth.

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