US Military Empire Expands Bases While Economy Collapses

Our President is out wooing the world which means signing more compacts and making more deals with nations that will undercut our sales in the world and litter the landscape with more US military bases defending people who we should not defend at all (that is, nearly every country on earth outside of China).  The Eurozone is falling apart internally and the US tries to prop the EU up just like Japan and this is really digging our own grave.  We can’t do it.  People have to face reality.  We are going to be bankrupt thanks to all of this generosity or grandiosity.


Just as there is AIPAC there is a lot of pro-Poland voters in the US and so Obama Hails Poland as Model for Arab Nations in Upheaval –  Which is on every level, an insane concept indeed.



President Obama held up Poland as a model for Arab nations undergoing political upheaval on Saturday, saying its peaceful overthrow of Communism provided lessons for Tunisia and other countries struggling with the chaotic aftermath of popular revolts.


On this trip, Mr. Obama announced that he would support efforts to admit Poland into the State Department’s visa waiver program, which would make it easier for Poles to visit the United States. Polish officials have criticized the United States for keeping Poland out of the program, even after admitting most other European countries.



The first move against a communist power was Tiananmen Square in June, 1989.  I helped organize ‘Little Tiananmen Square’ in front of the UN on the little side park owned by the Organization of African States which kindly let us use their property for a tent city.  Suddenly, all of Eastern Europe was on the move.  The Russian military was scaling back their bases and Germany gave the Kremlin financial incentives to do this including the building of the gas pipelines which the US didn’t want but Germany needed.


The Polish Solidarity movement was already suppressed.  Seeing the Chinese example, the workers went on a general strike and Russia didn’t crush it.  This caused people tired of the Iron Curtain to rise up and toss out their rulers.  In this regard, it was like the ‘Arab Spring’ except for some major, major differences.  The chief being, NATO didn’t bomb anyone.  NATO bombings came to Yugoslavia later.


Also, when Romania killed anti-Ceauşescu demonstrators, the US didn’t wink and nod as say, Russia would have sent in tanks like Saudi Arabia crushed Shiite demonstrators in Bahrain, for example.  And of course, the present Berlin Wall separates Palestinians trapped within a hostile anti-Muslim nation that is stripping them of human rights from fellow Palestinians trapped in ghettos walled in by the Jews.  This shameful series of walls are taller and longer than the infamous Berlin Wall.


One thing that alarms me here is how the US wins popularity contests by destroying our own economic situation.  For example, letting corporations park their profits overseas so we can’t tax them or letting in a flood of aliens who bid down jobs here.  Here is what happened when the United Kingdom joined the EU and let Eastern Europeans flood into England:  Polish population in the UK soars from 75,000 to more than HALF A MILLION in 8 years | Mail Online



Unemployment for Polish people was about 5.5 per cent in the first three months of 2011 against the UK-wide rate of 7.7 per cent.  An extra 367,000 people born outside the UK are now working in low-skill jobs, taking the total to 666,000 in the first three months of the year, up from 298,000 at the start of 2002.



And this is why Poland was so fixated on getting the right to enter the US with no passport checks.  This ‘open border’ business comes at exactly the same time our government is cracking down on our traditional freedoms and rights all because foreigners might terrorize us!  So, of course, the answer is to let everyone come in without being checked.  I marveled at the flood of illegal immigrants after 9/11 and the flaccid, la-de-la response of our own government.  In Europe, alarmed citizens of various countries want transit controls when it comes to floods of workers seeking labor, driving down wages nearly everywhere.


Here is an example, a story in the US media which interviews obviously illegal alien workers who are Grocery Store Workers Going On A Hunger Strike Over Stagnant Wages.  All businesses contract out jobs so they don’t have to pay a living wage or have unions.  These organizations hired to do contract work hire the cheapest labor which usually is illegal aliens.  This, in turn, increases their profits and drops wages below living standards expected by Americans before Reagan.


This, in turn, kills inflation but also is killing the illegal aliens.  Of course, fixing this properly means facing the fact that we have bad inflation due to too much credit creation at a too cheap interest rate!  The government and business love to pile on cheap debt so it grows and grows and this makes too much ‘money’ available so it has to either be parked in FOREX holdings or removed from circulation via having workers starve to death.


There is this childish idea that zero interest rates means lots of goodies for everyone since debt costs nothing.  But the contradiction here is obvious to me (is it to anyone else???): you can’t give zero interest money to workers or they will use it to buy things and it will immediately degrade in value to zero value.


The US and EU have been printing money via cheap loans like crazy so Swiss jobs may be lost as the franc continues its inexorable rise.  Everyone and I do mean everyone, in this world of ‘free trade’ has to destroy the value of their currency…in trade, not at home…so they can export goods.  This is because there is no gold standard for reconciling the value of trade goods.  Instead, this floating fiat currency game has been a struggle to pin the tail on the donkey whereby exporters seek to strengthen someone else’s currency so they can flood into that market and take over.



Swiss exporters are used to the safe haven franc gaining in strength in times of global economic uncertainty. But the speed of exchange rate fluctuations this time has hindered their efforts to dampen the effects of Swiss goods becoming more expensive in other countries.


Despite orders and sales increasing, margins are taking a hit, forcing many companies to not just source materials in the eurozone, but to also start buying more equipment outside Switzerland.


“If things do not improve we fear that whole production lines will be relocated abroad in the mid-term,” Ivo Zimmermann, spokesman for the Swissmem umbrella group of the mechanical and electrical engineering sectors, told



The US imports nearly everything we consume these days leaving only our war machine at home since we export bombs and death.  When I was a child, there were no real currency traders and it wasn’t a mega-billion ‘business’ but with the floating fiat currency system, it mushroomed.  The Swiss dumped the gold standard not too long after the US gave up its own gold standard and recently, both Britain and Switzerland Sold Off Their Gold Reserves.  The claim was, no one needed gold reserves anymore thanks to the vapid floating fiat currency system.


This gold was bought by Asians, for the most part.  Basically, gold has been ‘privatized’.  These were public owned reserves and now are privately owned reserves.  Gold shot up in price during the ZIRP flood of easy credit and part of this is due to various governments seeking some sort of counterbalance to the very unstable FOREX holding system.  Swiss who were horrified when their government privatized the gold reserves are increasingly annoyed about all of this.  The last anchor to future stability was tossed overboard.


Switzerland isn’t part of the EU.  Many of us are predicting an eventual break up of the EU.  I predicted this would happen due to the simple fact, all confederations fall apart internally due to lack of a central government system.  Here is Michael Hudson’s thoughts: Breakup of the Eurozone?



The internal contradiction (as Marxists would say) is that the existing mass of interest-bearing debt must grow, as it receives interest – which is re-invested to earn yet more interest. This is the “magic” or “miracle” of compound interest. The problem is that paying interest diverts revenue away from the circular flow between production and consumption. Say’s Law says that payments by producers (to employees and to producers of capital goods) must be spent, in the agregate, on buying the products that labor and tangible capital produces. Otherwise there is a market glut and business shrinks – with the financial sector’s network of debt claims bearing the brunt.


The financial system intrudes into this circular flow. Income spent to pay creditors is not spent on goods and services; it is re-invested in new loans, or on stocks and bonds (assets in the form of financial and property claims on the economy), or increasingly on “gambling” (the “casino capitalism” of derivatives, the international carry trade (that is, exchange-rate and interest-rate arbitrage) and other financial claims that are independent of the production-and-consumption economy.



Hudson has joined the anticapitalists who want money printing to replace capital.  This is increasingly common in US economic ‘thinking’ which is increasingly ‘wishful thinking.’  If anyone on earth tries to run a system with zero interest loans and with zero savings, what happens is, capital vanishes since there is no value to capital and what is capital?  One form it takes is ‘savings’ that is, a profit base which has to earn its value that is, it can’t sit inert or it dies.


Capital investment happens in various ways.  If workers can’t buy goods, investment in goods production falls and capital is parked elsewhere.  For example, it might be used to buy and hoard gold.  Right now, many top investment banks which were bailed out at great cost to workers, are parking their capital profits in gold reserves which sit totally inert in crypts.  When banks do this, it kills economic investment unless this gold is used as a capital base for lending.


NO ONE wants to buy and hold say, gold, and then lend the value of this holding to others for nothing at all.  It has to return some sort of capital profit.  Not everyone loves to save money so people who have no savings have to borrow.  They, in turn, have to pay savers to tap into the value of a capital base owned by these savers.  If a nation taps into other nation’s capital base in order to borrow money, they have to pay for this one way or another.


In the case of the US, the ONLY reason we get to sell our debt so cheaply is simple: our trade rivals want us to be a debtor nation and to not weaken the dollar due to buying up our own debt with our own central bank.  When the Fed did two years of ‘quantitive easing’ the value of the dollar did plummet which is why food and fuel cost so much today.  Our stupid wars also played a big role in increasing energy costs, of course.


The US no longer sees cheap imports.  The happy days from Reagan to Bush Jr where we could buy cheap foreign goods has ended.  Prices will be higher eventually as other governments can’t keep up withholding US dollars from circulation.  Costco Third-Quarter Profit Trails Estimates as Costs Climb …is a typical example.  Like Walmart, this cheap outfit flooded the US with mostly Asian goods.  Now, it is increasingly hard to keep prices super low.  So the capital base of the corporation is eroding as profits fall.


The only way a zero interest system can run is to strangle wages to the point, workers never, ever get to catch up with inflation.  If workers can circulate free loans via buying more stuff with more and more money, this eventually leads to hyperinflation as producers raise prices due to demand for goods.  When you can’t sell something easily, the price goes down.  If everyone is trying to get rid of their money as fast as possible and buys everything in sight, then the price goes up.


When lending became too easy in real estate, for example, prices shot upwards very rapidly.  When illegal aliens, prisoners in the pokey, never-do-wells who defaulted on previous loans all got big loans to buy property, they all merrily did this, buying multiple properties on top of buying properties that they could not maintain but hoped to ‘flip’ to other cheap loan recipients seeking to get rich quick.


The average American piled on debts onto their homes because credit was cheap and available.  This, in turn, led to increasing inflation across the board but whenever interest rates rose even a tiny bit, the economy would collapse since it was based on cheap lending with less and less production.  As cheap loans proliferated, jobs migrated to other countries because producers had to seek more profitable venues of production.


Japan is losing its own industrial base due to ZIRP borrowing costs.  To keep the yen weak, it has circulated less and less at home.  This keeps exports going but instead of investing the export profits at home, the weak yen that circulates less and less drives exporters to invest in other countries.  Exporters love ZIRP loans!  But this is strangling domestic production and now, Japan is so deep in debt, they can’t afford even a 2% interest rate so capital accumulation inside of Japan is collapsing except in one area: the FOREX holdings of the central bank!  There, it is ballooning.


Across Europe, in Japan, in the US, we are asked to fund foreign aid even as our own capital bases collapse and the FOREX game sucks all life out of economic systems as FOREX holdings increase more and more due to the ‘weaken your own currency’ games being played.  England is slashing social spending even while splurging on royal weddings, etc:  David Cameron defends aid spending at G8 summit.


Most ‘aid’ is in the form of loans.  Across the planet, most loans have been ridiculously cheap except for small nations in financial trouble.  Then, interest rates are suddenly quite punishing.  This causes a lot of anger because the ZIRP system used to bail out the exporters and bankers in the G8 nations is denied to poor nations struggling with economic chaos.  In the case of the EU nations going under, wild debt spending is now causing a constriction in credit whereby only the central banks get credit while being forced to cut credit to citizens.


They, in turn, are being forced to give up wages and pensions so that the labor becomes ‘cheap’ and thus can be exploited for export purposes or to hide inflation.  That is, the central banks can create infinite credit for each other only so long as the workers lose value, money, savings and even starve to death.  They have to be reduced in economic value to make up for wild credit creation for the central banks.


This is causing, in both Japan, the US and the EU, the elimination of the middle class:  After the crash: the pauperisation of middle-class America | Richard Wolff 



After all, government deficits and debts mean: first, the government is not taxing corporations and the rich; and second, the government is, instead, borrowing from them and paying them interest. So, the two parties quibble over how much to cut which government jobs and public services.


Yet, the tax burdens of US corporations and the richest citizens (what they actually pay) are significantly lower than in most other advanced industrial economies. Indeed, they are far lower than they were inside the US a few years ago. In the mid 1940s, the corporate income tax brought Washington 50% more than the individual income tax. Today, the corporate income tax brings the federal government 25% of what is taken from individuals. In the 1950s and 1960s, the top individual income tax rate in the United States (the rate paid by the richest citizens on all their income over about $100,000) was 91%. Today, that rate is 35%, a staggering cut in the taxes on the richest Americans, far larger than the cuts in anyone else’s tax rates. Half or more of today’s federal deficits would be gone if we simply taxed the richest US citizens at the rates in effect in the 1950s and 1960s. If we also taxed corporations in relation to individuals as we did in the 1940s, the entire deficit would vanish.


To preserve capital, the US government (and increasingly the other G8 nations) has removed taxes from corporations while piling it on individuals.  Even as the US courts give corporations more and more citizen’s rights such as overturning the 1905 prohibition to spend secretly in elections using corporate cash, citizens are losing their rights while being responsible more and more for government costs.  It is much worse when we look at how the government was funded in  1905.  That is, it was via tariff fees, etc.
No matter what we cut, tax cuts will bring us back into debt.  This is simple to understand: debt is ‘free’ so why not maximize it?  Why save money when it brings zero capital?  Instead, if you pile on free debts, you can have your cake and eat it too!  There is no limit to free debts but once one does this game, one has to prevent inflation no matter what.
In Japan as well as the US, the fiction of no inflation is collapsing as commodity prices shoot upwards.  In Japan, consumption of energy has been restricted to such a degree, the Japanese public is increasingly living as if this was 1911, not 2011.  Cool pillow cases offer new energy-saving option ahead of predicted power crunch – The Mainichi Daily News is all about how to stay cool without air conditioners.
This isn’t due just to Fukushima!  I reported in the last 10 years, how Japan has been restricting energy use by individuals for a long, long time.  Businesses use less and less air conditioning as the years go by.  People buy fewer and fewer cars as the years pass.  There are fewer car owners in Japan today than in 1990, for example. Car production for export shoots upwards while car purchases in Japan collapses.
Meanwhile, the US Says China Yuan Undervalued, But Not Manipulated.  The US can’t attack China for buying US debt or holding US dollars in FOREX accounts!  Japan does this!  So does South Korea!  No, the US has to whine about the value of the yuan but can’t do a thing about is so the U.S.complains : China’s Yuan Rise Progress ’Insufficient’.  Of course, Costco will have even a harder time selling foreign goods to Americans cheaply if the yuan goes up in value.
We can still buy Toyotas since the US agreed to help Japan drop the value of the yen.  But we can’t sell a single car to Japan due to lack of buyers there as Japan constricts the circulation of yen at home and restricts borrowing by consumers.  Paradoxically, this is strengthening the yen!  The only way to prevent this is to hold US trade dollars in FOREX accounts that sit totally inert.

From the above article:



The Treasury Department backed away from the “nuclear option” of calling China a currency manipulator, said Chris Rupkey, chief financial economist at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. in New York. The Group of 20 nations are “going to have something to say on the global imbalances later this year, so it is better to decide these matters in a world forum rather than for the U.S. to take unilateral action.”


Chris Rupkey is an American currency trader working for the Japanese.  These ‘global imbalances’ are due entirely and totally to the concept of a floating fiat currency.  The Chinese might terrify everyone by suddenly dropping this game and moving into a new matrix for world trade value.  This is the usual, ‘Beware what you wish for, ‘ sort of thing.  The only unilateral action the US can take is to declare bankruptcy.
I am not the only person alarmed with the Japanese ZIRP system:  Shirakawa Opposed to BOJ Underwriting Bonds – Bloomberg



“Underwriting government bonds by a central bank, which may not appear problematic at first, will lead to limitless issuance of currencies and cause rapid inflation and devastate people’s life and economic activities,” Shirakawa said. “The improvement of fiscal balance can’t be achieved by causing inflation.”




And here it all is from 2008 where I struggle to explain how gold, which doesn’t age or degrade or vanish, has a useful purpose as a regulator of both trade and international systems:  Money Matters: Gold As Regulator, Gold As Libra




All the central bankers like this little trick. It puts in a ‘floor’ so interest rates for the ‘money’ cranked out by the central bank doesn’t ‘fall’…NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY THEY MAKE OUT OF THIN AIR. This is, of course, inflation money. But the ‘interest’ that ‘accrues’ hides the true nature of this inflation until, get this, it flows away from the Fed or central bank and moves OVERSEAS. Many central bankers do this already and what do we see?


GLOBAL INFLATION! Oopsie! This is a nice trick like all the others but in the bitter end, the chicks hatched this way always end up flying home again and dropping bird dung on someone’s bald head. I went about the web, looking at mainstream economists and their take on this. They think it ‘works’ since the consequences are not instantly visible. Yup. This sort of thinking characterizes our entire economic brainiac class. It is very hard to get them all to understand, they have an obligation to look into the future and foresee the ultimate outcomes of various choices and systems set up today. And to do this, we have to look at everything all the time, without exclusion.


For we have global inflation. We have tremendous global speculation. And a lot of this is over things that are already ‘not real’. Ie: not gold, rice, houses, cars, timber, etc. The speculators are creating huge profit surges in interest rate games! Or selling and buying currencies while borrowing money and shifting that around, too! These various side games have grown tremendously fast in the last 35 years and now overshadow the ‘real things’ economy. Which is why we have madcap inflation.


Shockingly, gold has risen by 35X over 35 years ever since the US, the world ruling empire, dumped the gold standard entirely. Virtually no one made any money speculating about gold or the value of the dollar or what the interest rates would be in the future. After Nixon severed this Golden Gordian Knot, the financial system has unravelled. At all times, we struggle against hidden financial hazards. For example, during the fake ‘low inflation’ years, we thought we could produce money and play games that created money out of thin air, yet there was no inflation.



The floating fiat currency regime has created both hyperinflation and negative credit value at the same time.  The ZIRP system is feeding inflation fires while dumping cold ice on worker’s INCOMES.  That is dropping like a rock in all the ZIRP countries.  This is insane. Dangerous, even.  And note that the ZIRP nations are losing their industrial bases, not gaining them.  This is due to the need to stop inflation and to do this, one has to either hire illegal aliens and starve them or ship out jobs!


This is why zero interest rates don’t bring happiness.  It destroys whole societies.  Anyone peddling the idea that there is a zero interest solution to our credit problems is a fraud.  Or can’t think clearly due to wishful thinking.  It is a TRAP.  It is DANGEROUS.

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  1. MonkeyThoughts

    Lots of flavor in this soup.
    I’m looking at the artwork and need some help.
    Justice is siting on a pile of gold, not seeing cause of the hood. The ? dogs are guarding the pile.
    And she is topless? Is this to sell attention to the justice and war conundrum?
    Or just to see if anybody notices?

  2. Joseppi

    There really is presently a “zero interest solution” and all of us are engaging in it to some degree.
    Most people have zero interest in the deteriorating fiat financial system because they are completely and utterly trapped by this unraveling Ponzi currency game.
    This feeling of powerlessness causes a mental defense mechanism to either ignore the glaring problem or fervently embrace the status quo, tattered as it is, with illogical desperation.
    The rest of us are hoping, yep I said it, hoping in the extending and pretending of the ‘hopey and changey’ Obama/Bernanke regime, even though it will compound the eventual misery, we’re still hoping that it will continue just a while longer – Because we’re still unprepared for when the poop splatters on the fans of fate.
    The cognitive dissonance of ‘zero interest’, can only be overcome by our actions – our lifestyle changes towards self-sufficiency and productiveness – and through these actions, I think, will have catalytic effects on our family and friends who are still thinking that this really can’t possibly be happening.
    My question is – Will the stagnating wages and asset deflation, while there is commodity inflation of the necessities, make preparing for a future Black Swan collapse only a fantasy, like that of a passenger thinking of taking swimming lessons while on a sinking ship of state?

  3. if

    We let you into Afghanistan; buy our weapons: Russia to sell weapons to NATO

  4. Dupree

    Charlie swings. Notice that he refers to the “United Nations” airmen.

  5. Dupree

    I’m having a greater appreciation for the snake handlers of West Virginia. At least that don’t go bombing and they are only a danger to themselves.

    Let see the “Chinese belief system” trump this:

  6. t.shane

    see ‘worlds worst inflations.’
    Hung. c ’45, peng oe 5x 10^ power 22,
    DE 19 14 4 marks=US$1, ’23, 4 trillion =$1.
    til new re t. mark started ’23(partly
    backed by natural resources of DE).

  7. Dupree

    PressTV is reporting that a probe into bombings in Libya’s Misarahta fighting back in April revealed that the atrocity-committing Americans and Brits were responsible for the cluster bombings, not Libya as reported by Al Jazeera and the jewish press. Also graphic photos of the victims of the most recent slaughter of women and children in Afghanistan by US airmen.

    Now that Qatar’a Al Jazeera English reporting has been comprised with its lies and coverups of the atrocities committed by NATO and the so-called “rebels” in Libya, is the “Go to” source for fair and balanced reporting in the Middle East.

  8. Dupree

    Now that I’ve given up all hope, I feel much better.~Woody Allen

  9. payAttention

    Monkey, I do not know your simian background, however since Eugene Delacroix painted liberty leading the people as topless, European women swim in the sea uncovered. Yes that is your answer I believe. Now I have not been around for a while, however monkeys should stay in trees when adults are speaking.

  10. OC

    China is buying Japanese debt now – should China corner the Japanese Debt market, it gets to control both Japan and its US Dollar forex holdings. That means China controls both Japan and the Japanese stockpile of US debt. Sweet – two for the price of one…she could get rid of her own entire pile of US$ in the mean time and still get the use the Japanese stack to set off the collapse of US Treasury bonds. Brilliant!!


    ELAINE: I predicted several years ago that this would happen and more importantly, why it would inevitably happen. Trade with China and Japan is now very immense due to Japan moving many industries offshore to China.

  11. OC

    Sorry – meant to add that its remaining stockpile of US Treasury would be able to bail out Europe after buying Japanese debt with added possibility of getting a big vote as ‘invisible’ member in EU as well as a possible increasing in voting power within IMF and still maintain a grip on US treasury debts.

  12. OC

    Seems like a classic Chinese ‘Wei Chi’ or Japanese ‘Go’ move – one move with three to four deadly strikes at your opponent. U can counter one or two strikes but not three or four in retaliation. One wrong placement and u lose the entire game.


    ELAINE: Correct. Watching Go champions hammer each other is most instructive. Just one well considered stone can cause a sudden surrender. Actually, what interests me is how one is supposed to show intelligence by surrendering long before losing! If someone insists on playing to the bitter end, they are viewed as fools.

  13. Dupree. Love that quote by Woody Allen. It’s been a sad comedy watching the meltdown of America from Vietnam on. I woke up right around 1981 when I was in the service. Talk about blinded by the light. Sometimes I wish I had not taken the red pill.

    Elaine, if you find any good news out there, be sure to let us know.

  14. MonkeyThoughts


  15. Dupree

    AFRIKORPS teams up with AFRICOM


    …The 20-page “Defence Policy Guidelines” describe in previously unprecedented clarity for what purposes the armed forces may in future be used.

    First, the document presents a wide range of threats, which sees nearly every possible political world event as a potential external danger. In addition to “international terrorism”, there is also “terrorist and dictatorial regimes, radical changes upon their downfall” and “migration trends”.

    The Defence Ministry also appears to regard as a threat the uncontrollable and independent dissemination of information through new technologies, which have played a key role in the popular uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East.

    In that connection, the guidelines say “…irreversible changes in the field of telecommunications and information technology [lead] to the dissemination of often unevaluated information worldwide within the shortest possible time. This also opens up many opportunities for [spreading] misinformation by extremists and permits radicalization and destabilization”.

    Another threat arises “from the shortage or lack of supply of natural resources and raw materials” ―a concern that later in the document appears increasingly evident. Access to energy and raw materials should be secured using military force.

    In the paragraph on “risks and threats” it states, “Free trade routes and secure raw material supplies are vital for the future of Germany and Europe. The exploitation, protection of and access to natural resources, distribution channels and markets are being reordered on a world scale. Shortages of energy and other raw materials needed for high technology are not without consequences for the world’s states. Restrictions on access may provoke conflicts. Disruption of transportation and the flows of raw materials and commodities through piracy and sabotage of air transport are a threat to security and prosperity. Therefore, transport and energy security and related issues will continue to play a growing role for our security”.

    The field of operations is regarded as the entire world. The further away the army conducts war, the better it is for the security of Germany, according to the warped logic of the guidelines: “To ensure security for our country today means especially to keep the impact of crises and conflicts at a distance, and to actively participate in their prevention and containment”.

    The Bundeswehr should also contribute to strengthening Germany against its imperialist rivals: “The ability to deploy the whole spectrum of force enables Germany to make a political and military contribution that is in keeping with its size, and thus to secure especially its voice in making plans and decisions. Only those with the capacity for undertaking joint missions can help shape the Alliance”.

    Although Defence Minister de Maizière (CDU) had responded with reserve to the calls of Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) to agree to the deployment of the army at home, the defence policy guidelines foresee this. Significantly, they use the term “homeland security”. Following the September 11, 2001, attacks, under the name of Homeland Security, the US established a powerful security apparatus reminiscent of totalitarian states.

    “Homeland Security is a pan-governmental task”, according to the guidelines. “The contribution of the Bundeswehr to Homeland Security includes all the capabilities of the armed forces to protect Germany and its citizens on German territory”. This applies explicitly also to the “protection of critical infrastructure and during internal emergencies”.

  16. Dupree

    So the Europeans think that Gaddafi wasn’t using enough deadly force to stop the starving African migration into Europe through his borders.

  17. Dupree

    Is Gaddafi’s fate, as was his hero, the Lion of the Desert,Omar Mukhtar, what the US, Brits and Italians mean by the “endgame” in Libya?

  18. Dupree

    Al Jazeera reporter omits any reference to the murdered grandchildren of Gaddafi. The reporter did reveal that the father of the dead children was “known to drive a Ferrari and had been seen in bars while in Germany.”

  19. Dupree

    I woke up right after 1981 when I was in the service. Talk about blinded by the light.~shockuhzulu

    I awoke from my sleep in 1962 after only a few weeks in Tripoli. It was not too long after Ike had given the order to murder Patrice Lumumba down in the Congo. The Libyans were right on with that information. And they claimed in November 1963 that the Israelis were responsible for the JFK whacking. Didn’t know what to belive then, but it all seems to fit into the grand scheme of plundering Africa’s rich minerals and oil. Africa is such a beautiful place. I hate to imagine what’s in store for the people and the land. Some of the most productive farmland in all the world and the people are fleeing to Europe, leaving the Chinese and the Saudis to buy up millions of hectares.

  20. Dupree

    I previously posted this CBC interview with Larry Devlin who was dispatched by the DIA to “liquidate” Patrice Lumumba. At 5:30 into the interview he drops the bombshell involving Ike’s order. I never liked Ike.

    Expect more of the same as Libya becomes the beachhead for AFRICOM and Germany’s new Afrikorps to launch forays into Central Africa to protect Richard Adkerson’s copper, gold, coltan, cobalt, uranium…mining operations that his Freeport-MacMoRan bought from Phelps-Dodge just a year ago.


    ELAINE: Germany is against attacking Libya.

  21. Dupree

    PressTV reporting that NATO has extended the bombing mission in Libya to another 90 days and that UK Special Ops “kill teams” are on the ground in Libya. Also Libya is reporting that 718 civilans have died as a DIRECT result of NATO bombing, and another 4067 wounded from that bombing.

    No surrprise here:Ban Ki Moon advises against Gaza Flotilla II mission to Gaza.

  22. Wow Dupree you go a ways back. I was pre-school age when Kennedy was assassinated, so didn’t understand a thing. I sensed that all the adults felt something terrible had happened to America. My timeline for the beginning of the end of America starts in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve.

  23. Dupree

    PressTV reports that French lawyer/writer Jacques Verges is planning to bring war crime charges against Sarkozy for his actions in Libya.

    I hope that Verges has more luck bringing war crimes charges against NATO “toadies” than has Ramsey Clark.

    The reporter also claims that there is an alternative war crimes court to the Hague being created in Evo Morales’ Boliva.

  24. Dupree

    Sarkozy on Klaus:Funny, but in Czech. I saw the english subtitles dispalyed at one time.

  25. Dupree

    Another Sarkozy stab in the back of Vaclav Klaus but with english subtitles:

  26. Dupree

    Breaking News (10March2011, before the NATO no-fly zone)that ended up on the cutting room floor of the Blitzer/Amanpour-Rubin <Situation Room.

  27. Dupree

    Somewhat related to American empire in Europe:Letters Found In Loft Embarass War Criminal Churchill Lovers.

    I can still remember rummaging through the loft of my great-grandfather Bell’s barn and finding letters to him sent from his father in Ireland,telling him of the plight of the old folks back home and his concern for my gg -grandfather’s safety in America. There was also a document issued by the passenger ship The Conqueror, documenting the possessions he brough aboard for the voyage to Charleston.

  28. Dupree

    George Galloway just took a shot at Al Jazeera on a repeat broadcast on PressTV for not reporting the news in Baharain. He also nailed David Cameron to the cross.
    PressTV is reporting that the Crown Prince of Baharain is reaching out to the Pro-Israel lobby in the US. Not sure what that means.

  29. Dupree

    The Emir of Qatar is sending weapons into Libya and brokering stolen oil shipments from Libya.

    Can Al Jazeera EVER be trusted again?

  30. Dupree

    George Galloway nails Senators Norman Coleman
    and Carl Levin to the cross before aSenate committee investigation into the Oil-for-Food scandal.

    I suspectthat an oil-for-food plan is being worked out amongst the US/neo-colonials and the Emirs even today

  31. Dupree

    All you economic crystal ball watchers out there:How credible is the report that
    Strauss-Khan was about to “blow the whistle” on the absence of gold at Ft. Knox?

    Is the EU Times Europe’s equivalent to the NYT or the NYP?

  32. Dupree

    Why is it necessary to go to RT and PressTV to find the Real Situation Room?

  33. Dupree

    PressTV reporting attack on Yemeni junta. Prime Minister in critical condition.

    Also, British and French helicopter attacks on Libyans.

    And the big fool in the White House says, “To Push on!”

  34. Dupree

    PressTV reporting attack on Yemeni junta.

    That shoud be read, “protesters attack on Yemeni junta.”

  35. Dupree

    Urban Dictionary definition for

  36. Dupree

    Investgative journalist Wayne Madsen is on the ground in Trpoli.

    Madsen was the first journalist to “blow the whistle” on the Tom Lantos/Brian Lamb “Iraqi Baby Incubator Hoax” back in 1991. Nayirah” was hired by Hill & Knowlton–a Pentagon PR firm–to suborn false testimony before Tom Lantos’ “Human Rights Caucus” that she saw Iraqi soldiers throw Kuwait infants into the streets from their hospital incubators and haul the incubators off to Iraq.

    The dumb goyim bought it hook, line and sinker. “Nayirah” was later exposed as the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the United States.

    Ramsey Clark, Mike Gravel and Cynthia McKinney are to join Madsen next week in Tripoli.

  37. Dupree

    Remember Mike Gravel?

  38. Dupree

    PressTV reporting that Killary’s cruise missiles have taken out Libya’s State Communications network.

    The Chinese embassy as not been hit, yet.

    And it’s Mladic sitting in the dock at the Hague, not the POTUS and the U.S. Secretary of State.


  39. john

    actually it is not obama, this all G.W.Bush fault who sent our young kids for a war that US has nothing to do with, Why we have been sent IRAQ, so rich republicans gets more rich.

  40. Dupree

    “Bomber” Obama is the Commader-In-Chief and can order the removal of all occupation military forces from Iraq and Afghanistan!
    And, btw, these “young people” being sent to the killing fields are not conscripts, but are volunteers who enjoy their work and greatful for all the benefits that the Pentagon and the MICC have bestowed upon them.

    And Obama could halt all non-humanitarian aid to Israel, if he chooses.

    He chooses not to.


  41. Dupree

    From the floating situation room on the HMS President.

    Episode # 82 at 16.41 an interview with a non-embedded journalist talks about life in Triploi under NATO terror bombing.

  42. Dupree

    And thank you for being willing to widen your horizons beyond the American Beltway.

  43. Dupree

    The Lies of Lockerbie.

  44. Dupree


    The American Lies of Lockerbie.

  45. Dupree

    Great piece from Britain’s The Independent on the suppression of the truth and the peddling of lies by the Americans and their corporate media in the conquest of Libya.

  46. Dupree

    However, referring to Khaddafi as a ” brutal despot”–he is not–and to Saddam Hussein a “monster”–he was not– is, in itself, yellow journalism not unlike that practiced by the likes of NYT‘s Judith Miller/ William Safire and Brian Lamb’s mentors, The Weekly Standard‘s Bill and Irving Kristol.


    …It is all credit to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch that they have taken a sceptical attitude to atrocities until proven. Contrast this responsible attitude with that of Hillary Clinton or the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, who blithely suggested that Gaddafi was using rape as a weapon of war to punish the rebels. Equally irresponsible would be a decision by the ICC to prosecute Gaddafi and his lieutenants, thus making it far less likely that Gaddafi can be eased out of power without a fight to the finish. This systematic demonisation of Gaddafi – a brutal despot he may be, but not a monster on the scale of Saddam Hussein – also makes it difficult to negotiate a ceasefire with him, though he is the only man who can deliver one….

  47. Dupree

    But then, the dumb goyim well believe anything.

  48. CK

    But didn’t you see today’s news where the Iranians are requiring their prison guards to rape prisoners. We know this because some always truthful arrestee said so. All they omitted was the bulk viagra buying by the Iranian government. Probably because Viagra is embargoed.

  49. Dupree

    Was that from Steve Scully over at C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, reading from the pages of the NYT or the Weekly Standard?

  50. Dupree

    Calling Berlin..Calling Berlin.


    Just wondered if you’ve seen the list of “academics” who signed a petition to C-SPAN that forced that sniveling coward, National Press Club Fourth Estate awardee and founder of “America’s Public Forum(C-SPAN),” Brian Lamb, to cancel David Irving’s appearance on BookTV. C-SPAN’s Connie Doebele– in an effort to bring “balance” to an interview with Lipstadt on her book on the holocaust– invited Irving to record a taped response to the libelous and scurrilous attacks made by Deborah Lipstadt against him in her book.

    Such “notable historians” as Alan Dershowitz, Eric Foner, Ben Stein, Marvin Kalb , Michael Ledeen, Henry Morgenthau, III, Richard Pipes..and an assortment of bible college professors threatened a lawsuit if Lamb allowed Ms. Doebele to follow through with her invitation to Irving.

    Brian Lamb sacked Doebele and Irving’s appearance was cancelled. Lipdtadt went into hiding.

    I haven’t seen Doebele on camera since the sacking, but she may have been demoted to a behind- the -scene position at C-SPAN.

    The “list of historians” looks like a list of “who’s Who In World Jewry.”

    Is it any wonder that Irving refers to the Jews as the “Traditional Enemies of Free Speech?”


    ELAINE: As anyone can see here, I am totally OK with debates. I would even happily debate with Irving who seems to have trouble understanding the issue of what is slavery and how ethnic cleansing works. The Jews have trouble with this topic, too (can’t see themselves and how they ape the Nazis). I see in debates about slavery how unrealistic people are. Examples abound like ‘Why don’t slaves revolt?’ sort of nonsense. The idea that slaves CAN’T revolt is easy to understand when we look at the history of slave revolts (nearly all of which fail in a very bloody fashion, Haiti may have been the very first case of it succeeding in thousands of years of history).

  51. Dupree

    Correspondence between Irving, C-Span’s Amy Roach and BookTV Producer Connie Doebele before Doebele was sacked by Brian Lamb.

  52. CK

    @Dupree: Not sure where on the web I read the accusation.

  53. Dupree

    Traffic moving so slowly tonight, I thought I’d just shake Hammerhead’s cage

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