Rio Talks Promise Corporate/Rich Nations Giving $513 Billion To Save Environment

When we look at some of the biggest environmental disasters since the end of nuclear testing has occurred not once but twice: Chernobyl and Fukushima, we see no reaction from the elites about stopping nuclear power.  The environmental disasters caused by US and Israeli phosphorus and depleted uranium bombing also is being ignored, too.  Instead of outlawing both, the US and Israel are enlarging the use of both and are strengthening their nuclear arsenals as well as building more nuclear production systems.


So looking at the true horrors we face that are military and nuclear in nature, we have the spectacle of seeing the latest fake environmental meetings going on that focus on anything BUT these two menacing, deadly, dangerous monsters.  We are in a situation whereby the entire world can be rendered a deathtrap for all humans and most living things due to WWIII breaking out between the nuclear armed giants of the earth.


So here is the queer news from this latest attempt at saving the earth while doing absolutely nothing useful:  UN Reaps Sustainability Pledges Worth $513 Billion in Rio – Bloomberg


“These huge numbers give a sense of the scale and growth of investment going into sustainable development,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, said at the conference late yesterday. “They are part of a growing global movement for change. Our job now is to create a critical mass, an irresistible momentum.”…Much of the work detailed by the UN yesterday already has begun, including projects backed by PepsiCo Inc. (PEP) and billionaire Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room, and $2 billion in support from the U.S.


Pepsico sells some of the most toxic drinks in the non-alcoholic world.  Branson flies jets all over the world mainly moving vacation people from cold places to hot places.  Both entities are causing CO2 and or obesity problems due to their systems.  Far from saviors of the planet, they are part of the problem.


The record of governments delivering on promises like the ones they’ve made this week is “very poor,” said Bjorn Lomborg, a professor at Copenhagen Business School and author of “The Skeptical Environmentalist.” He said the pledges reflect efforts of companies to take advantage of government incentives they expect to flow due to the recommendations set out in Rio.


“The reason lots and lots of businesses are in Rio is they’re rent-seeking,” Lomborg said in an interview. “They’re looking for huge potential subsidies for everything they produce.”


EXACTLY.  This is why I am so angry.  Eager people wishing to save our lovely planet are conned by these elites into thinking these goofy meetings, these deals will save anything at all.  If anyone was even slightly serious about saving us, they would enforced the TOTAL disarmament of the Security Council nations.  Then, Iran can disarm.  Furthermore, the outlawing of civilian-killing war tactics should be uniformly applied and not only applied to third world petty dictators captured by NATO.


If only we can have real environmentalism!  This means, of course, doing something about the equatorial population explosion.  Of poor rains and withered harvests | Al Jazeera Blogs illustrates what is going on.  Burkina Faso, for example, has one of the highest birthrates on earth.  It has a huge overpopulation of the southern Sahel desert and the humans have basically stripped it clean of nearly everything.


The UN and other agencies ship in food supplies to this fast-growing population in a desert and it grows faster than ever.  Unlike China, India has done nothing to curb population growth.  Myanmar’s Rohingya forced back to sea is another al Jazeera story about Muslims being chased out of Burma by Buddhists, for example.  More groups with a high birth rate.


First world nations are extremely stressed out by events.  The credit bubbles that popped first in Japan and then all over Europe and the US and now beyond have stressed out populations who face slow strangulation and higher fees, taxes, school debts and inflation.  The efforts to save humanity are not saving humanity but have been hijacked by the very rich ti make themselves richer.  And to buy islands in ‘Paradise’ as Bronson and others are doing more and more.


Here are some videos showing the new scourge in Japan: black slime that is extremely radioactive: Local Official: “People in Tokyo, the black substance is here!” — “It’s on the roof, on the asphalt, on concrete… Everywhere on all surfaces” (VIDEOS)

藍藻 佐野SA – YouTube

黒い藍藻 福島市小倉寺 23μSv – YouTube

Nuclear Refugees 「原発避難民」the people of Iitate Village 飯舘村の皆さん, 一年後 – YouTube

Radiotrophic fungus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

福島県の放射能情報一覧Radiotrophic fungi are fungi which appear to use the pigment melanin to convert gamma radiation[1] into chemical energy for growth.[2] This proposed mechanism may be similar to anabolic pathways for the synthesis of reduced organic carbon (e.g., carbohydrates) in phototrophic organisms, which capture photons from visible light with pigments such as chlorophyll whose energy is then used in photolysis of water to generate usable chemical energy (as ATP) in photophosphorylation of photosynthesis…


These were first discovered in 2007 as black molds growing inside and around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.[1] Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine showed that three melanin-containing fungi, Cladosporium sphaerospermum, Wangiella dermatitidis, and Cryptococcus neoformans, increased in biomass and accumulated acetate faster in an environment in which the radiation level was 500 times higher than in the normal environment. Exposure of C. neoformans cells to these radiation levels rapidly (within 20–40 minutes of exposure) altered the chemical properties of its melanin and increased melanin-mediated rates of electron transfer (measured as reduction of ferricyanide by NADH) 3 to 4-fold compared with unexposed cells.[2] Similar effects on melanin electron-transport capability were observed by the authors after exposure to non-ionizing radiation, suggesting that melanotic fungi might also be able to use light or heat radiation for growth.


… The exact biochemical processes in the suggested melanin-based synthesis of organic compounds or other metabolites for fungal growth, including the chemical intermediates (such as native electron donor and acceptor molecules) in the fungal cell and the location and chemical products of this process, are unknown.


What this means is, the debris being burned all over Japan are sending out ashes that are highly dangerous and this falls to earth, is washed into various places where it accumulates and then it is ‘eaten’ by these mold organisms that become very radioactive this way.  It is suggested that back before there was oxygen in the atmosphere when the earth was young and full of chemical environments hostile to oxygen-based life forms, the earliest ‘living things’ fed directly off of the radioactivity of the early sun and very hot earth.


Then, when the new atmosphere formed after oxygen-expelling life forms created a barrier to extraterrestrial radiation, the overall radiation levels of the surface of the earth fell significantly so the creatures had to live off of other materials.  Now that humans stupidly are reproducing the earth’s earlier hostile environment, these are resuming their previous lifestyle quite happily, I would guess.


One would imagine, as the Pacific Ocean is flushed with radioactive materials, as everything falls apart in Japan and as the levels of pollution of all sorts of nasty chemicals, depleted uranium weapons waste, acid rain is also very bad of course, as well as the exit of humans from the countryside and flooding into the increasingly huge cities that look like lunar landscapes when seen from space (that is, over 90% roofs, roads and such leaving a grey/brown scar when seen from space).


How do we fix any of this?  CAn corporate America fix this?  The creators of this are going to fix this while hopelessly unable to fix any of their banking messes created 100% by human agents, namely, themselves?


Of course not.  Nor is there any intention of stopping ethnic cleansing and religious warfare, either.  Nor any desire to make anything ‘green’ except the paradises designed to entertain the elites.  This is just too sad to see.  Too damnably stupidly sad.

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12 responses to “Rio Talks Promise Corporate/Rich Nations Giving $513 Billion To Save Environment

  1. Christian W

    You can add Agent Orange to the list of environmental horrors. John Pilger reports some 4.5+ MILLION children in Vietnam are affected. You know how it works, the government/coorporations will simply deny, deny, deny (“the dangers of nuclear radiation is overrated”, “reliable scientific evidence indicates that Agent Orange is not the cause of serious long-term health effects” “Depleted Uranium is safe to handle” etc etc), buy the lawyers and bend the Masonic/careerist judges.


    “In 1970, a US Senate report revealed that “the US has dumped [on South Vietnam] a quantity of toxic chemical amounting to six pounds per head of population, including woman and children”. The code-name for this weapon of mass destruction, Operation Hades, was changed to the friendlier Operation Ranch Hand. Today, an estimated 4.8 million victims of Agent Orange are children.

    Len Aldis, secretary of the Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society, recently returned from Vietnam with a letter for the International Olympic Committee from the Vietnam Women’s Union. The union’s president, Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa, described “the severe congenital deformities [caused by Agent Orange] from generation to generation”. She asked the IOC to reconsider its decision to accept sponsorship of the London Olympics from the Dow Chemical Corporation, which was one of the companies that manufactured the poison and has refused to compensate its victims”


  2. ‘Carbon War Room’ Egads!
    And China did lower its population, by killing 70 Million adults and countless infants. Needle thru the heart. According to some reports its US taxpayer money [thru UN/ PParenthood] that funds the killing.

  3. ‘Pepsico sells some of the most toxic drinks in the non-alcoholic world. Branson flies jets all over the world mainly moving vacation people from cold places to hot places.’
    THANK YOU, Clearly the narrative here is Corporations are Good [no, they are powerful] and Corporations will save us and the environment.
    Have you written about the UN? Its history? why it exists?

  4. melponeme_k


    Not true

    The US can barely support its national forest and park programs much less take on a campaign of secret murder of Chinese citizens and infants.

    And since China is the only reason why US money is worth anything, I doubt they need our funding for anything.

    China has a strict family planning rules because they know they cannot support billions and they don’t want those billions to riot.

  5. Peter

    No need for anymore Godzilla movies…seems quite tame compare to mutant radiation sucking fungi.

  6. Joseppi

    Lots of wild activity around the storage pool of Reactor 4

  7. DeVaul

    Well, 90404 has gone on record as saying that he wishes China had more people than it already does. Great.

    Yes, Chinese parents often killed their infant daughters so that they could have a son instead, but Chinese officials often looked the other way when farm families openly had more than one child. It was just understood that 3 people could not run a farm.

    By the way, what proof do you have, 90404, that 70 million Chinese were murdered by having needles stuck into their hearts by… government officials? Who did this? Can you give us some details?

    Also, why do you think it would be good for China to have an additional 100 million people (70 mil plus their children)? Do you realize that if China had a fleet, it could invade the west coast and take over half of the US with its 100 million man army? Is that a good thing for us?

  8. Christian W

    That reminds me of when in the 1970’s Finland sent a delegation to China. Mao asked how many inhabitants Finland has. 5 million was the answer. “Oh, so you are almost in threat of extinction then!” said Mao…

  9. DeVaul

    That’s hilarious! Did he really say that?

    (I hope the Finns NEVER go extinct).

    My all time favorite foreign comment from our enemies was when Kruschev was visiting America and the president was showing him all the latest appliances for kitchen use (toasters, mixers, blenders, etc.) and presented them as a sign of the triumph of capitalism.

    Kruschev remarked in his Russian voice: “These are mere gadgets.”

    I love that quote. It is what America was all about. Gadgets. If he were alive today, he would laugh and point out all the people walking around with plastic things stuck to their ears or held in their hands while they walk or drive. He would feel totally vindicated even in spite of the failure of the communist revolution.

    How do you create a nation that values human contact, family, nature, and memories more than gadgets? I don’t know, but I wish I did.

  10. The Canadian environmentalist/scientist David Suzuki is possibly more critical of the Rio conference than you are, Elaine. He’s been campaigning on these issues for most of his adult life. I guess he’s understandably fed up.

    “Meanwhile, as in 1992, civil society represented by youth, indigenous people, the poor and disenfranchised, environmentalists, and social justice and peace activists are clamouring to be heard halfway across the city from Riocentro where official delegates are meeting. It’s as if the two groups were from different planets. They appear to be incapable of speaking to or hearing each other. I remember Germany’s father of renewable energy, the late economist and politician Hermann Scheer, saying that the obstacles to sustainability are not technological, economic or social but psychological. Here in Rio he is being proven correct.”

    “The official delegates at Riocentro operate from a worldview in which humans are at the centre of everything and the biosphere is a resource to be exploited as we wish, except now with more environmental responsibility.”

    “In contrast, the civil society attendees see that the biosphere is our home. It is the source of our atmosphere, water, food and soil. It is a complex web of life of which we are a part.”

    “Sadly, delegates at Riocentro cannot possibly incorporate the demands of civil society because of this fundamental clash in values and perspective.”

  11. Christian W


    I don’t know if he said that, but I find it funny (and an interesting perspective) as well =)

  12. melponeme_k…

    How much money has the USA given away?
    To Israel? Foreign Aid is 1% of the budget, BUT OVER 50 YEARS..OR MORE.
    The Marshall Plan, why did FDR not just give US businesses tax breaks for going there and giving people work?
    In the history books I read, Stalin was given plates to print US Money or Bonds after WW2, FDR helping ‘Uncle Joe’.

    Hillary in the 90s wanted us to pay 8 Million $ for a program to ‘teach third world women to read’.
    How much has the USA paid for dues at the UN? etcetcetc.

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