The Little Lost Frog


Every year, I encourage toads and frogs to move into various homes we set up for them.  They eat insects!  This year, a very small, green frog was flushed into one of the water storage tanks that collects roof run-off water.  Once we noticed him swimming around, we put in rocks and pieces of wood so he could have a sitting spot to get some sunbathing and a place to hide.


He took up residence in his new home and at first, would jump into the water and hide under the rocks whenever we approached his tank.  But in a few days, he figured out that we were friendly monster creatures and relaxed when we came to visit.  This is why he allowed his photo to be taken.


The other day, we had some wild thunderstorms.  Water gushed off the roof and flushed the little frog out of his tank which he decided was his home.  We couldn’t find him after the storm and thought we lost him forever.


But my husband noticed a little bump on the rim of the upper tank and took a second look.  It was the poor frog, clinging to the edge, wondering how to go home again.  So we made a bridge out of stones and a few minutes later, off hopped the frog, making a beeline to his resident tank.  To keep him from being washed out in the future, we changed how the rocks were arranged so he can be above any flood waters.


My treatment of this frog who happens to be doing a great service for me, eating the larvae of mosquitoes and pesky swamp flies, is how a good steward takes care of the systems that make life comfortable and pleasant.  The frog, when he is happy, makes my life significantly better, too.  We work together.  I have the power to change the home of the frog and I could even kill him if I so chose.  But if I was stupid or foolish and alienated, frightened or killed this wild frog, I would  be punished by mobs of blood-thirsty insects!


So I take the time and energy to look after the frog’s private affairs and to insure he is happy, protected and I hope he (or she) prospers and has baby tadpoles.  Just below this frog home lives a family of toads.  They, too, eat bugs and they sit at night next to the garage light and eat to the point of being quite fat by midsummer.  I have set things up so they, too, have rock houses to hide in.  The same goes for all the garter snakes who live here, too.


When my cats catch the garter snakes, I take them away and release the snakes in the stone walls.  What annoys me the most about the way the entire planet is being run, our elites who have immense power and who periodically pretend to be worried about ‘global warming’ (the sun swatted us really hard last week!) or other issues, they still refuse to look after the rest of us.  We are treated like we are insects or germs.


During this election season, we see poor Obama and rich boy Romney both mouthing words and pretending to care about all us frogs but neither man gives a damn about any frogs, they just don’t care…at all.  And it shows.  We have the choice of two war mongers who want to erase our civil rights and bail out international bankers and increase the wealth of oil producers while all the rich jet set around the planet generating monster amounts of CO2 pollution.


They just don’t care if we are swept away by floods.  Or freeze to death in winter due to high energy prices.  Or starve to death due to high food inflation.  Or die of diseases.  It is all nothing to our masters who don’t look after our frog ponds properly.  Meanwhile, we are supposed to fight each other over tribal, religious or political variations that are almost meaninglessly small.  Aren’t we all frogs?  Must we kill or croak?


Now, on to the news:  Radioactive strontium detected in 10 prefectures ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


The ministry said that the highest detected level was in Ibaraki where readings of 6 becquerels per square meter were detected. A ministry spokesman was quoted as saying that radiation at this level has a negligible effect on human health, Fuji reported.


The government’s findings come weeks after the Tokyo Shimbun reported the Koto Association for the Protection of Children held a press conference in the Tokyo metropolitan government building on June 7, to announced the results of a survey it carried out, which showed high levels of radioactive cesium in an athletic ground near the Tobu sewage sludge processing plant in Tokyo.


The research, carried out by the association and Professor Tomoya Yamauchi of Kobe University, found cesium levels of 230,000 becquerels per square meter, an amount six times higher than the limit set for material leaving the radiation exclusion zone in Fukushima, Fuji reported.


The insane plan to burn radioactive materials and then let it passively move through the environment so that it is all radioactive is working.  The storyline that this won’t harm the Japanese tadpoles or their frog mommies and daddies is just so much elitist twaddle.  They are affected!  And it is bad.  And all this stuff is being concentrated in watery parts of nature there and the frogs of Japan are going to suffer tremendously over the next 100 to 500 years or longer.


Then there is the Dragon of China: it is struggling in this contracting world economy but being a capitalist communist nation with the world’s biggest sovereign wealth stash, all is well for China compared to the US or Japan:  IMF: China well-placed to respond to possible external shocks – Xinhua |


The IMF estimated China’s economic growth would moderate to about 8 percent this year and then rise slightly to 8.5 percent in 2013. Without further shocks to agricultural supply, China’s inflation is expected to stay in the 3-3.5 percent range this year and fall to 2.5-3 percent in 2013.


The IMF said China’s macroeconomic policies are geared to slowing growth to a more sustainable pace, and continue to be adjusted in line with evolving conditions. It considered China’s current fiscal stance as “appropriate” and monetary policy “consistent” with the authorities’ economic objectives.


See?  The elites love China.  It works!  The government is looking after Chinese interests and the game which the communists cooked up back in the 1980’s whereby they intended to lure in all the major industries into China due to cheap, well-educated labor, is working.  They told me back then, they plan to seize all foreign assets in China when the time is ripe.  And it is ripening well.  It WILL happen.


In the US which has decimated much of its own industrial base and relocated it in China, we have this silly headline:  As Romney, Obama spar over ‘you didn’t build that,’ small businesses add context.  Obama pointed out the obvious: the government is key to generating business.  The Chinese agree 100% with this idea and a huge part of China’s great success is due to intense government involvement.


Here in the US, we are supposed to imagine that little businesses are doing this magically, by themselves.  Do note that immensely rich, powerful bankers regularly are assisted by the government!  By trillions and trillions of zero interest loans!  Good lord!  THAT is what should be debated.  But isn’t.  Neither Obama nor Romney wish to point out this painfully obvious fact.


Lastly, the Rapid Ice Melt in Greenland Baffles Scientists.  WHY????  The sun last week lashed us directly with a blast of hot energy that of course, briefly caused things to heat up especially in the north polar regions which are having nonstop sunshine during this time frame.  Duh.


No mystery here.  The sun, if it ceases energetic actions, will cause the next Ice Age.  And that will be no fun in the sun, either.

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21 responses to “The Little Lost Frog

  1. Joseppi

    The story of the frog and the princess and prince who help it survive through the man-made storm could be a wonderful and timely children’s story book.

  2. Ziff house

    I too treat my frogs kindly , but they stay well hidden.

  3. JimmyJ

    Nurturing local ecosystems for critters is rewarding, and observing them is endlessly fascinating. Thanks for the interlude with your critters, Elaine.

    There used to be a cool show on one of our nature networks here in Canada called “Acorn, the Nature Nut”, with biologist John Acorn. He would observe and discuss critters in a format that was probably aimed more for kids but which was always fascinating for me. And in every show he and his musician friends would do a corny, nature ditty complete with costumes, music and lyrics relevant to the topic. Apparently you can still buy DVDs, here:

    Additionally our Knowledge Networks here in Canada broadcast the “Secret World of Gardens” with biologist host Martin Galloway. Each show is a treasure trove of excellent critter photography and relevant narration with a meditative hippy style and also with its own quaint, custom songs. Some info here:

  4. JT

    I thought this was cool…

    “Déchets radioactifs, onkalo a place for the fire to burn into eternity”

  5. Jim R

    For what it’s worth, the garter snake is a predator of frogs and toads.
    But of course part of a balanced ecosystem. You need everything.

  6. Ed-M

    Elaine, you’ll be getting some really wild thunderstorms again today! They’re predicting a derecho like the kind that hit DC. Be careful!

  7. Christian W

    Paraphrasing a famous haiku by Issa:

    Little frog fight
    to the

  8. Christian W


    The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt have jumped in bed with the Generals and the old Establishment. Tantawi looks likely to be appointed Defence minister by Mursi, and the new Prime minister, Hisham Kandil, is an old hand from the old cabinet. Hardly surprising.

  9. itrucker

    Nice to see the Sun get some respect. I could never figure out the loopy fascination with Mars.

  10. Paul S

    Elaine: two items. One, your comment re China seizing all industrial assets in China when the time is ripe. I recall hearing 3M CEO George Buckley speaking recently before a group of Minnesota legislators (and others) threatening to move 3M HQ to China(!). This is a regular routine with 3M. For the past 20+ years the company has been very focussed on eliminating jobs in the US, claiming 3M needs more tax breaks, subsidies, etc. Typical, right? I think Buckley knows full well if he does move 3M HQ to China the cackles of Chinese laughter will be audible all the way back to the US. Buckley is making an idle threat; he knows the Chinese can be MUCH more difficult to deal with than American politicians. Buckley–or his soon-to-be replacement– of course will never move 3M HQ to China. If 3M were to do this, the Chinese will have them right where they want ’em.
    Two, about the frog. A really strange thing happened. The day I read your post about the frog i had a similar thing happen to me. I drove into my driveway after returning home from work that night and in the cars headlights I saw…a toad! S/he was sitting right next to my garage door so I was able to spot him easily in the dark. I shooed him away because I would have run him over with my vehicle. I don’t often spot toads/frogs near my home so when I saw the toad in my headlights I shouted (to myself) Elaine! LOL. Kind of a strange coincidence, don’t you think?

  11. yv

    Thanks for your story, Elaine. Too often are wild animals seen as pests to be exterminated, and not as a part of an entire ecosystem. Per Daniel Quinn’s novel, “Ishmael”, we humans give ourselves the power to decide who will die and who will live.

    People see animals as nuisances but they only become a problem when their natural habitat is destroyed and they must cohabitate with humans.
    This story is a good example although I don’t believe they went through with it based on public uproar:

    If cities worked to provide habitats for pigeons and other “nuisance” animals then maybe they wouldn’t choose such places that create a problem to passerby. I do believe there is a balance to be found and that too often the response is to take the easy way out and wipe out the opposition completely. Those in power often become completely desensitized and lose any humane way of thinking. Why is that? Is it the idea that they must always think of what is better for the majority and screw the little guys?


    ELAINE: Pigeons love humans because they love garbage. Ditto, Raccoons, for example. The way to balance them is to have predators. There are far fewer pigeons in Manhattan once the predator birds moved into the city!

  12. DeVaul

    I agree with itrucker. How can scientists ignore the sun? Not one ancient culture ever ignored the sun. The only interest I see in the media is when they predict the sun will destroy something.

    I used to catch toads and tadpoles with my son at a pond outside the hotel where we stayed when I visited him in northern Ohio. He was so excited to catch one, and one time he rushed into the hotel lobby to show the staff a big frog we had caught. There were some people checking in, but they seemed to actually enjoy this unusual sight. The staff were always nice to us. They would hide plastic spiders I gave them in the spider traps my son set out before bedtime (made from old Quaker Grits cans).

    I wish I had a pond like that. It had a family of ducks living in the middle. They were hidden from view by the cattails and reeds. There was a hawk that kept watch over the pond, so they had to be very careful. This pond thrived because no one payed any attention to it.

    I hope your frogs thrive in their new home. I have many snakes, but no frogs that I know of. I put a bathouse up, but I cannot see if it is occupied.

    Do garter snakes eat chipmunks? I had chipmunks living in my stone altar out back, but now I see snakes coming and going.

  13. 90404

    ‘The elites love China’ ….I recall a page 1 L.A. Times story about ‘China/India’. The story was a puff piece to show what ‘progress’ Industrialized China had made over agrarian India.

    Someone with an Indian name wrote a letter pointing things out that the
    ‘official story’ had left out.

    Similarly Feinstein [or was it Boxer, whoever s married to Blum, of the Chinese sweatshops and 100M ? wealth] wrote about ‘Rights improving in China’, no mention in LA Times of their $ being made in China.

  14. 90404

    I recall 50 years ago how the Adirondacks had lots of Box Turtles.
    With more roads, buildings, pesticides and people I guess those days are gone.

  15. It’s great that you’ve made a frog a happy home. Frogs and other amphibians are approacing endangered status; there are not nearly as many around as there used to be.

    People, on the other hand, aren’t endangered enough. The planet is lousy with ’em. If youi want to get away from people for a while you really have to work at it. Perhaps that’s why you see less concern for that species.

  16. larry, dfh

    Progress toward becoming the third ember from the sun.
    But on a more positive note…

  17. larry, dfh

    Try: ‘’, ‘votes’, bill ‘513’.

  18. 90404

    Are yr cats killing many birds? If so they may be doing lotsa damage to yr
    local ecosystem.

  19. FireStar

    Where there are frogs there bound to be snakes as well.

    I don’t like snakes.

  20. tio

    In my old house (sold last year) I built a series of ravines, ponds & waterfalls which quickly became populated with frogs, toads, newts and fish (amongst everything else). The only issue I had was with the small piece of grass that was by the back window, I had one of those rotary mowers that needed a massive shove to get the blades spinning effectively before launching into the next strip of grass. Well .. sometimes what came flying out the front of the mower resembled a reptilian backed derivative, it’s a numbers game I guess.

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