Yet ANOTHER Egypt Military Coup Paid For By Pentagon

Any time an Egyptian wins an election, there is disaffection in the streets just like here in the US.  Imagine if we had an election not won by popular vote but put into power by the Supreme Court?  We had BIG demonstrations and this was ignored by the elites.  The elites in the US were unhappy with the results of the Egyptian election so they were happy the losers kept up the demonstrations.


Egypt had an economic slump, too, just like most Mediterranean countries and no one is happy with that.  But huge, huge mass demonstrations in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, France, etc. etc. did not cause military coups because the EU military is owned by the US/EU elites who don’t want revolutions.  NATO troops are the Soviet-style occupation force in Europe.


As it is in Egypt.  90% of US ‘aid’ to Egypt goes to the military there.  They will install yet another general puppet like the last three and he will rule via fiat.  Egypt, like many of the Mediterranean Sea ‘nations’ (sic…there are no real sovereign nations there except for Israel) has a society with mainly one major city.  True, Italy has more than Rome but the great civilizing cities from Venice to Florence are all fading fast as globalization turns them into tourist ghost towns like our manufacturing cities.


When over 30% of the population and 50% of the urban population lives in the capital city, this leads to public unrest…London is very vulnerable to this as is Tokyo…being focused on the parliamentary houses to a degree we can’t see here since hardly anyone lives inside DC and this is deliberate!  The makers of the New Republic didn’t want any input from Parisian-style mobs so the center of power was put in this swamp area that was, back then, very hard to reach.


Controlling the unruly street mobs in Cairo is laughably easy.  The military will simply butcher anyone who dares resist the military ruler as we saw for generations previously.  There is zero need for the military to even collect taxes since they are mercenaries working for rich foreign powers.  And thus, after ‘restoring order’ will be slightly popular for the bazaar people and tourist people but the status quo will go onwards with Egypt playing the dumbbell to Israel and doing as bid.


Which is OK with Saudi Arabia which fears the Arab Street more than any dictator regime on earth!  And they wanted this coup and are also paying for it and this shows why letting military outfits become recipients of ‘foreign aid’ is so very obnoxious.  But then, no one wants to stop this!  At least, at the top.  So, we will get more Attas attacking like on 9/11 due to Egypt being turned into a footstool for foreign despots.

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27 responses to “Yet ANOTHER Egypt Military Coup Paid For By Pentagon

  1. Eso

    “….NATO troops are the Soviet-style occupation force in Europe.” You hit the nail on the head with that one, Elaine!

  2. Ziff house

    Not sure how US or anyone can control mass demonstrations .

  3. Christian W

    Colour ‘revolutions’. Erdogan has been complaining about the same thing happening in Istanbul with twitter campaigns used to lead and coordinate protests.

    Not sure about Morsi, he was a bit too in bed with the Islamists and had strong support from Qatar (Qatar doesn’t allow political parties and is deeply embedded in the New US World Order). Morsi’s problem was that he only had the Muslim Brotherhood way of doing things instead of being a government also for the more secular Egyptians. Morsi was also supportive the Sunni sponsored attack on Syria.

    I think this was a largely genuine uprising but the Egyptian Army was quick to take advantage. It will be interesting to see if the Egyptian people will manage to wrestle control back eventually or if another puppet will be installed.

  4. emsnews

    ANYONE demonstrating against the military coup will be killed.

    Take my word for this. I recall the French revolt of 1968 because I was part of it. I ended up, when the military tanks came into Strassbourgh, swimming the Rhine River to get back into Germany!

    I remember vividly the ‘clank/clank/clank’ of the tank treads on the cobblestone streets. Luckily, I was a good cross country runner and could leap over walls as well as an excellent long distance swimmer.

    This military coup is now arresting the party that won the election last year. This is a terroristic coup, a military rewriting of a recent election and a prevention of anyone running for office who belongs to the party that won the popular election.

    And on the comments at the NYT, the very censored as of today WP (the chief editor came back from his Bilderberg meeting and banned the army of people commenting against his editorials today!!!) as well as the silly Huff ‘n Puff Post, are all for military coups to fix elections.

    Disgusting but unsurprising to me.

  5. Christian W

    Yeah, and the people who want a real government representing everybody, rather than some tribal group or special interest group, get shafted again.

  6. Seraphim

    @Christian W,

    You are right to mention Syria. The truth is that the Muslim Brotherhood was put in power by the Americans with the clear aim to bash Bashar- al-Assad and to create an anti-Iranian Sunni coalition. Neither the Egyptian people nor the army were happy. Remains to be seen how happy the Americans will be.

  7. Ziff house

    Ok I stand corrected, US control thru $ army, of course, still there is that secular/ religious divide .

  8. Christian W

    Aye, a lot of the more secular women in Egypt were feeling they were being pushed back into the 7th century by the Muslim Brotherhood. (Does it sound familiar Elaine?). The MB were also going after a lot of artists and imprisoning writers etc for ‘heresies’.

  9. emsnews

    Except the military coup will give NO rights to women at all!!!!

    Period. Read my latest story. Do you imagine reading US news informs you about anything? I read Egyptian news.

  10. Christian W

    I agree that when the more secular people supported the Army taking over they did it out of desperation to get rid of Morsi and the Salafis. This may well have put them out of the frying pan into the fire. Up until now the Egyptian women have had a degree of freedom at least compared to Saudi Arabia but those freedoms were being pushed back by the new government towards… Saudi Arabian arrangements. I’m not sure the new government will be worse for women than Saudi Arabia, time will tell but in any case it doesn’t look good.

  11. Seraphim

    But this is the same military as in the time of Mubarak and then women had all the rights. The “democratically elected MB” is a BS. And the MB was supported by the USAIPAC. The Army might have even retained Nasserite nostalgias. That would be a headache for the promoters of the Arab “Springs”.

  12. emsnews

    Good lord! Look, the Salafis were WITH THE MILITARY COUP and are rivals of the Brotherhood guys!

    Secondly, USAIPAC did NOT support any revolution, this happened despite the US trying to prop up Mubarak.

    Third, Nasserite nostalgia doesn’t exist in the military of the US nor Egypt. The Egyptian army is a mercenary occupation force in the pay of the Saudi and Gulf sheiks and the US/Israelis. It doesn’t do squat unless those entities tell them.

    They couldn’t stop the anti-Mubarak movement which was bloodily suppressed until it toppled but the elections were a mess due to the ruling of the Mubarak judges that no one with an arrest record (all good opposition candidates were arrested at some point in the past) so Morsi was the default candidate.

    No, a Mubarak religious judge favoring the Salafists is running things! Talk about nasty.

  13. z house

    beggars can’t be choosers

  14. z house

    The sheer size of the protests makes this a quite democratic event i think, i heard an egyptian commentator this morning, they know about the military and feel that with their numbers the people are in control.

  15. emsnews

    HAHAHA, the people control the military???

    As if! History says the opposite. And the people will learn this lesson during the next year.

  16. z house

    yup, those that have the guns, but its been suggested that theres the ”our sons ” factor linking the military with the people. Still they have to deal with the fact they don’t produce enough to feed themselves.
    it does seem clear the MB don’t have support, not enough will act on princple to support them.

  17. Seraphim

    @ Elaine,

    Aren’t you a bit schematic? It is obvious that it was the political stupidity of the MB that provoked its demise.

  18. emsnews

    So, all the politicians who won actual elections in Argentina, Chile, Honduras, Cuba, Iran, etc and etc over the last 60 years all these elected people were stupid??????

    Hundreds of them? In Greece, in Spain???? All over Africa and nearly every Muslim country?????????? Come, now.

  19. z house

    we should be envious of their ability to mobilize in such numbers

  20. Seraphim

    I have to say that MB was not only stupid but also treacherous. The Egyptian people was the one not stupid and got rid of the impostors who highjacked the revolution with the backing of US. And notice that I did not say anything about Argentina, Chile, etc. The comparison is utterly irrelevant. And I noticed also that the ones who seem weary about the changes are precisely the US and Israel.

  21. emsnews

    Seraphim, you hit several wrong points here.

    Sadly. The US did NOT want the Egypt revolution and certainly did NOT want the Brotherhood to win and had to grind teeth when this happened and cooperated with the economic moves to strangle the economy and thus, cause people to riot.

    Ever hear of the infamous IMF riots????

    This is how the bankers get people to back coups and demand the elites be restored to power! And will be applied to us, here.

  22. Christian W

    I think you are correct about the analysis how the army worked against the MB by strangling access to gas etc. But the MB didn’t help themselves either by ruling for themselves first and foremost. If they had been more inclusive and open minded maybe they wouldn’t have alienated the rest of Egypt. The uprising was even more powerful than the one against Mubarak.

  23. emsnews

    They were BOYCOTTED while the other parties conspired…yes…CONSPIRED to bring it down. Egypt is now dangerously split.

  24. Seraphim

    It was known for long that MB was a CIA asset.

  25. emsnews

    Huh? On what planet?

  26. Seraphim

    By the way, ever heard of the famous Oded Yinon plan?

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