US Corporations Kill Thanksgiving Celebrations And US Workers

Teamsters Union

Teamsters UnionThanksgiving is a Federal Holiday that was supposed to allow workers a day off for feeling gratitude for living in America.  This holiday has been steadily eroded over the years by mega international corporations to the point, the holiday barely exists anymore.  When Thursday Vanishes on Thanksgiving – is one of many stories talking about how relentlessly Big Business and Big Media have been relentlessly waring on Thanksgiving and steadily eroding it to nothingness. But then, Native Americans Mark Day of Mourning on Thanksgiving: “We are vanishing, we are not conquered…as Indian as well as other casinos all remain open Thanksgiving Day.


TV entertainment continues to hammer away, too.  The Packers, Lions, Raiders and Cowboys will be playing football on Thanksgiving Day, for example. Even school children are being forced to perform on this day: Thanksgiving Day high school football game schedule and previews.  These are not emergency services we are talking about, this is ENTERTAINMENT and Xmas shopping!  The point is, the victims forced to work on what was supposed to be a Federal Holiday are usually not paid very much or even anything at all in the case of high school football males suffering brain damage on this holiday.

Pizza Hut manager was ‘FIRED for refusing to open on Thanksgiving’ shows the loving care the corporate masters have for this holiday.  The mad rush maintained on this day is deliberate.  The media giants blast away these ads which bring in huge revenues so people hear screaming hollering about ‘big bargains’ on this once-upon-a-time holiday and to outdo each other, these corporations stampede each other to see who can force their workers to toil from the middle of Thanksgiving to the Night of the Walking or rather Stampeding Dead as frantic consumers seek goodies offered so loudly on TV.

Some states are fighting back:  Strictly no bargains til Black Friday: How shopping on Thanksgiving day is BANNED in Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts.  Only by outlawing this insanity can this be stopped.  The Xmas sales already grossly deform our economy with wild swings towards spending for two months and then the rest of the year is a ‘drought’.  This flood/drought economic cycle is very destructive and it hurts workers at every possible level.

I have a screenshot of the Teamster’s Union webpage because they are trying to organize fast food and Walmart type workers.  Meanwhile, the US media owners who hate unions, hate labor, hate many American things we need to survive and love free trade, ZIRP Fed loans to bankers and spending money on foreign countries not here at home, the top offender in this is the New York Times and such.  Here is a typical media story about how US workers somehow don’t want to work for some bizarre reason:  Truckers face big labor shortage – Jun. 13, 2013.

There is no ‘labor shortage’.  There is a depressed working conditions coupled with really bad pay problem.  Like in all industries, the owners will whine that US workers are lazy, stupid and impossible and thus we have to flood into the country another few million foreign workers who will work for peanuts and endure long hours.

The 40 hour week has been killed by free trade, international bankers and Congress.  Now, everyone is being forced to work to death.  Overtime is being ruthlessly eliminated.  Truckers driving interstate commerce have a 80 hour work week because they have to sleep away from home often in their rigs and get very little compensation for this and have a 98% turnover rate in 5 years, namely, no one can do this for long.

They did bring this upon themselves.  They were hysterically pro-Ronnie Reagan the Union Buster.  They thought they were all brave, strong heroes who didn’t need no stinking unions and when the unions were destroyed, they thought they would rule the roost.  But the roosters who took over were the owners and bankers who reduced these once-proud men into chickens to be plucked and eaten by the wolves.

Recently, some right wing truckers tried to demonstrate against the black dude in the White House and have him impeached but…Truckers’ Capital Beltway protest isn’t a hoax, organizers say when no one showed up except a tiny handful of white southern drivers.  Never fear, dudes!  Vote for corporations and banks (Romney, anyone?) and What will happen to truck drivers when self-driving vehicles take over? won’t be a question.  It will be a reality.  Getting rid of pesky workers is the main prize for these guys.

The Teamsters nearly gave up on truckers for a while but are being revived as even the most dimwitted drivers who listen to right wing AM radio are now up against the economic wall and facing total annihilation.  Our political parties are in disarray.  And the shifting sands is causing many things to appear that looked dead.  I do hope the far right which is  very unhappy can understand the need for unions and civil rights and join us in fighting the international bankers and foreign powers who run Congress and steal our jobs, our credit, our country and so forth.

Now is time for me to go forth and cook my turkey.

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7 responses to “US Corporations Kill Thanksgiving Celebrations And US Workers

  1. e sutton

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving and thank you for providing yet another insightful article.

  2. Mike Gibbs

    wow!. Came at age in the 60’s…did not know people like you still existed…most, if not all intelligent of that time period either “sold out” or got “taken out”. Thank you for blunting the cynical that I suspect comes with old age;>). Peace be with you and yours.

  3. Luc

    ‘Recently, some right wing truckers tried to demonstrate against the black dude in the White House ‘ BHO is not ‘Black’. I get a kick out of how you spin ‘big biz is against the little man’ into ‘those right wingers,again, those truckers’…

  4. Gavin

    Elaine, you are wonderful.

  5. emsnews

    These goofy sales are murderous. Out of control. Violent. Thanksgiving was a ‘family and country ‘ day set up to bring us together, not a rampage of greed leading to mayhem.

    On the other hand, this is exactly what our consumer/capitalism/free trade country has become.

  6. Luc

    Even NPR announces ‘Black Friday’…so theres much media hype..and I listened to AM and the show was ‘Black Friday’ talk so I turned radio off.

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