Kiev CIA Coup Can’t Crush East Uprising: Troops Defect

The US media owners continue their endless ▶ Iron Butterfly – In A Gadda Da Vida drum banging for oil wars.  Forget the global warming garbage, what our rulers want is Russia, Venezuela and Iran’s oil profits!  The Ukraine Easter Egg is backfiring on our rulers because by attacking Russia’s oligarchs, this makes the country stronger, not weaker.  The US, which is run by vicious oligarchs, is being rapidly destroyed by them.  So Putin is stronger and our own government is weaker thanks to oligarchal powers.


The NYT has been since it began, a major Bilderberg player.  The editorials there are the official voice of the internationalists who want to rule humanity for their own benefit.  Today’s editorial is very clear that the Bilderberg gang fears Mr. Putin’s Power Play


What the world sees is an outrageous and highly dangerous power play. A report by the United Nations high commissioner for human rights says “greatly exaggerated stories of harassment of ethnic Russians by Ukrainian nationalist extremists” in Crimea were “systematically used to create a climate of fear and insecurity.”…It does mean that if Russia does not pull its forces back from the border and stop inciting secessionists in southeastern Ukraine, the trans-Atlantic partners — and in particular the Europeans, who have considerably deeper economic ties with Russia than the United States — must reach a clear and binding consensus on the next level of sanctions.


These must include far-reaching trade and financial penalties that will be painful and costly to both sides. It is imperative that Mr. Putin see a united front.


Here is my answer but I still don’t know if the censors at the NYT will let this appear on their crappy website:  Elaine Meinel Supkis Berlin, N.Y. Pending Approval

Yet another Bilderberg editorial!


The EU was created as a Bilderberg goal and it is well known that control of Russia is high on the list of things to do with this group of international rich.


Note also how they are relentlessly going after energy export nations that are not controlled by these elites. Russia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, etc. are targets of financial isolation and future coups or uprisings.


Meanwhile, NATO targets of expansion like Ukraine are seeing elected governments overthrown violently and then a violent suppression of the half of the country that voted for the deposed President with Brennan, our head of CIA, going to Ukraine to conspire with the coup!


And Russia is at fault? And the ‘world’ is against this? Eh? China is a major country sitting on the Security Council and they aren’t exactly demanding Russia be punished for resisting the EU/US coup in Ukraine.


Nor do the Chinese have any plans to ‘isolate’ Russia, instead they are signing energy contracts with Russia. Meanwhile, Germany will now collapse into economic chaos as Russian energy is cut off and has to be replaced with much more expensive energy from elsewhere.


Slate Magazine eliminated comments entirely but the NYT still allows this on various isolated spots but they recently redesigned the pages so these comments no  longer appear unless one clicks on this tiny, carefully concealed icon and then reads this cramped side bar that works very poorly when being scrolled down.


This way, they can still have the illusion of ‘reader’s comments’ while making it nearly impossible.  The number of readers and comments have declined severely since these stupid changes.


Frankly, most ‘liberal’ sites are getting tired of feedback from readers and don’t want readers to know they are not alone in being alarmed about editorial positions or censorship of the news, etc.


The US/EU attempt at crushing honest demonstrators after helping violent right wing fascists to overthrow the elected government there, is falling apart as Ukrainian troop defections escalate tensions in eastern Ukraine – The Washington Post


A line of combat vehicles flying Russian flags rolled Wednesday morning into Slovyansk, a city of 120,000 where separatists have set up road blocks since Saturday. One soldier named Andrei, speaking to the Associated Press, identified the men as part of the 25th brigade of Ukraine’s airborne forces that had switched to the side of pro-Russian forces. The troops in green camouflage and packing automatic weapons and grenade launchers received a warm welcome from local separatists, AP said. The report could not be immediately verified…


The U.S. and the E.U. are piling pressure on the Kremlin to help deescalate the crisis by removing support for pro-Russian separatists in east Ukraine.


However, Lavrov stressed that the only way out of the crisis was to push Kiev to adopt sweeping constitutional reforms that devolved more power to Ukrainian regions.


Armored Vehicles Showing Russian Flag Enter Kramatorsk, Slovyansk as Separatists seize Ukrainian armoured vehicles but nothing is learned from all this as Nato calls on Russia to stop destabilising Ukraine.  Ukraine crisis: Obama warns Putin that Moscow faces further action because Russia has troops ON ITS OWN TERRITORY and NATO which is way off to the West and has no treaty with Ukraine, masses troops on Ukraine’s borders and the US navy sails right up Putin’s nose.


My cartoon from yesterday should be in all US media but won’t, of course.


Small, weak states that play international politics with disastrous results continue to do this recklessly as today’s news shows:  Poland: NATO Must Ignore Russia, Send Ground Troops.  Right.  That will fix things good.


The same IMF austerity being imposed on Ukraine isn’t very popular in the EU:  ‘Never on Sunday’: Greece riots over shop openings end with tear gas, clashes (PHOTOS) — RT News which is Russian news, you won’t see news about this in the US.


The far right wing is, as in all depressions, rising in power as France’s far-right leader blames EU for new ‘Cold War’ | Europe | Worldbulletin News


“I am surprised a Cold War on Russia has been declared in the European Union,” French National Front leader Le Pen…”It’s not in line with traditional, friendly relations nor with the economic interests of our country or EU countries and harms future relations,”


Which is very interesting because Putin happens to be a right winger!  Duh!  He is a nationalist.  As are the coup in Ukraine only they are Nazi-types who hated Stalin so they hate all Russians.  But EU rightists recognize Putin as one of them which is correct.


The most right wing Nazi government in the ‘West’ is Israel.  But being Zionists means they have a different hate list.  They hate all other right wingers while being notoriously right wing, themselves.


Because of this, Jewish groups decry National Front election successes in France | Jewish Telegraphic Agency:


National Front candidates were elected mayors in 11 municipalities in the vote on Sunday — a dramatic increase over the party’s previous record of four mayors in 1997, the news site reported. A record number of French voters did not cast ballots….


“This result should sound alarm bells across Europe and indeed the world, that the politics of hatred are making a formidable comeback,” Goldschmidt said.


Goldschmidt can make this ridiculous statement because Zionist-owned media in the US will agree with him due to them being fascists who support Jewish Naziism.  Why are Jews, the ultimate ethnic cleansers today, so amazed at others doing the same thing as they are doing?  Have they no mirrors?


Paris Protest Against Hollande Turns Anti-Semitic – Jewish World – News – Israel National News


AFP reported that several thousand people marched through Paris in a “Day of Anger” against Hollande. Security forces used tear gas to disperse several hundred youths who lobbed police with bottles, fireworks, iron bars and dustbins.


The march was organized by a group of some 50 small and mainly right-wing organizations and, while it failed to attract bigger anti-Hollande movements, Kol Yisrael radio reported that it was attended by neo-Nazi movements and Muslim extremists.


Meanwhile, Israel police disperse riot at Jerusalem holy site as Jews steal more and more Palestinian lands and take over more and more East Jerusalem and steal more stuff all in the name of Jewish superiority and need to own everything for themselves because Gott Mitt Uns is Zionism.


The right wing fascists running Japan are running around alienating everyone as a high Gov’t official heads to Seoul for ‘comfort women’ talks where he will claim there were no ‘comfort women’ and Japan was freeing Korea not enslaving them 70 years ago.


This visit will enflame the Koreans even more since yesterday a Ferry sinks in South Korea, nearly 300 still missing nearly all of them high school children.  Emotions are running very high there right now and the last thing Japan should do is march in and announce they committed no war crimes.


By the way, the Bilderberg gang is OK with Jewish and Japanese fascism.  As they also support military police states and coups that crush democracy.

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8 responses to “Kiev CIA Coup Can’t Crush East Uprising: Troops Defect

  1. JimmyJ

    After all the Machaivellian sorrow sewing the imperial west has achieved in practically every conflict in the post WWII era the fact that average folks will blindly believe the MSM on this Ukraine conflict confuses me. The MSM must fulfill some inner need among viewers to be so readily accepted.

    I’ve noticed that often the ones that most readily believe the MSM are protestant Christian and originally bought into all the Bible studies they attended or watched on TV that mixed some amateur western geopolitics with religious studies. In this context Russia is always considered the height of evil with little discernment about Atheist USSR versus Orthodox Christian Russia. There’s virtually no understanding in this context of the Eastern Orthodox faith of much of Slavic Europe since many protestant churches teach that any form of Catholicism is equivalent with atheism as an insult to God.

    Really then, it’s clear that religious hatred (tribalism) is the basic need being met by the MSM warmongering. And the oligarchs know this, whether they believe it or not. History is full of examples of the powerful whipping up the peasants using religious hatred. The average folks simply want to see the destruction of those pesky ‘others’ since God will protect the ‘real’ believers anyway.

    There will be no public discussion of this in any media. The ‘subversive’ media won’t bring it up at all, because many of them are religious anarchists (despite the obvious contradiction) or outright theocrats. While avoiding outright Christian trumpet blowing, the MSM is using religious imagery because US Corporatism is a religion and they successfully spin this as being freedom, loving corporate (white Christian) democracy versus anti-corporate Russian tyranny. That the Russians are every bit as oligarchic as the US is entirely passed by in any critical sense by virtually any media. Other than here on Elaine’s blog of course.

    So much for the ‘New Convenant’. Advocates of WWIII will feel pretty stupid when Jesus turns His back on them because they advocated the destruction of so many humans. Assuming they have time to think about while scrounging for food amongst the ashes.

  2. DeVaul

    I agree. The church people who live behind my house will simply not accept “no” for an answer when my wife or I ask their daughter to stop trying to convert our daughter to their religion. My daughter is sometimes downright scared because of all the “bad” things that will happen to her if she cannot read about Moses (the latest problem) and a host of other people we never heard of.

    I thought about telling Dannielle some stories from Ireland that my dad told me and then have her go tell them to her friend, and if her friend refuses to listen, I would then complain about how she was being denied the right to know about Irish religion or some such nonsense.

    Of course, if I did that (my wife wants me to), the girl’s parents would no longer allow her to play with our daughter or hang out with us when we grill hot dogs and stuff by the fire. They have no tolerance for others, and they use their own daughter to try to convert others when all she really wants to do is just play. It is really sad because we cannot do much about it without hurting the little girl indirectly.

    I wish I could wave a wand and make the entire middle east disappear, but then billions of people would suddenly have nothing to argue about — then they might die from boredom.

  3. Christian W

    The average folks simply want to see the destruction of those pesky ‘others’ since God will protect the ‘real’ believers anyway.

    The split between ‘us’ and ‘them’, ‘me’ and ‘others’ is simply a psychological projection of an inner split in the individual herself. The ego can’t cope with it’s own imperfections and projects them on ‘others’ giving other people, races, nationalities (whomever the projection falls upon) the negative qualities the ego can’t embrace as it’s own.

    Eg. Fundamentalist Christians/Zionists have split their own minds into believing there is an external objectified God, an external objectified Paradise and they see themselves as individual subjects apart from God but in need of being blessed and approved by this God. Since they self identify as belonging to the group chosen and approved of by this external God because they have ‘surrendered’ to this God, it follows that they feel superior to people who are outside this chosen group. This superiority feeling enables them to feel entitled to judge other people – in extreme cases even to murder other people because the selfrighteousness that follows the superiority complex.

    This basic mechanism is present in everyone really, only in political groups, religious groups, political parties, the military, sports etc it often becomes clearly visible and crystallized. As you point out this is a psychological mechanism that is often played on and used by religious leaders, politicians and generals. In particular the more or less extremist varieties.

    For me this is where the liberal mindset comes in. Everybody are created equal, equality before the law, human rights and so on.

    It is easy to see how far removed the US government/the Zionists/Neocons and Bilderbergers/Oligarchs world wide etc are from those liberal principles.

    If the 1% insist on splitting themselves off from the majority there is an inherent conflict brewing. That is why they are both aggressively splitting off and aggressively preparing to defend themselves from the backlash. Obviously such madness creates the foundation for conflict, even armed conflict as people naturally will resist being taken advantage of.

    More for ‘me’ and less for ‘them’ is destroying the world.

  4. emsnews

    And all you have to do is tell everyone this story: a Christian adult and a Muslim child both arrived at the Gates of Death at the same time. Jesus was sitting in for Libra who was busy dealing with the other gods, so he got to judge who got to go to hell and to heaven.

    So, he asked the Christian who should go to hell, himself or the Muslim child.

    ‘Send that brat to hell, Jesus, I love you!’ cried the Christian. So Jesus sent the Christian to hell and sighed and said to the crying Muslim child, ‘I said before, bring the children to me, come.’ and they went to heaven.

    The Christians stood in burning hell screaming curses at Jesus. ‘Hey, a man of my own heart!’ said Satan rubbing his hands with glee.

  5. tfoth

    I dare you to not watch this one:

  6. JimmyJ

    Good story Elaine, thanks.

    I’m reminded that my Highlander Ukrainian ancestor immigrants to Canada converted to Canadian protestant churches rather than to Roman Catholicism, or even remain Eastern Orthodox. Being from Galicia they were from an area that was predominantly Eastern Rites (allied with the Pope) but being Eastern Orthodox were not allied with the Pope, having their own Patriarch or really no official head of church similar to the Pope politically. But I suspect the main reason for the defection was to fit into the local communities which were predominantly protestant immigrants as well perhaps to leave the contention of the various Catholic churches behind.

  7. JimmyJ

    The Diplomat blog addresses the role of religion in western strategy but projects an evil nature upon the east.

    “The supposedly Eastern way of war, then, looks satanic and thus wicked to Western eyes – discouraging statesmen and commanders from employing the unorthodox techniques Sun Tzu extols. Gentlemen, it seems, do not trick one another.”

    Indeed, but where are the gentlemen?

  8. emsnews

    Good catch, Jimmy! 🙂

    The unorthodox Orthodox Russians. How shameful they are, not walking into obvious traps like the ones we are in, our own traps being a huge la Brea tarpit of debt.

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