After NO Investigation, Ukraine’s NATO Junta Accuses Russians Of Downing Malaysia Airlines

As we hurtle towards WWIII, we have rising chaos occurring in areas where the CIA and NATO are most active.  Surprise!  Today is full of war news as our ‘allies’ seek to drive us deeper into conflicts they cause.  The key news propaganda story today is the mystery of the Malaysia jet that just went down.  Of course, there are many interpretations of what happened.  Kiev deployed powerful anti-air systems to E. Ukraine ahead of the Malaysian plane crash according to Russian news.  Jet Brought Down by Missile, Officials Say even though they said this within minutes of the plane crashing with zero, yes, zero investigation. Meanwhile, Israel Opens a Ground Assault on Gaza deciding that killing more Warsaw Ghetto children is OK if you are Jewish. Krauthammer: Moral clarity in Gaza whereby Jews are allowed to be as violent as they wish while Palestinians are supposed to be disarmed and helpless so if they even raise a rock in defiance of foreign invasion, they are pure evil, naturally.  Zionism is clean as a lamb.


The US has decided stupidly to use terror, coups, kidnappings, assassinations, invasions based on utter lies and hysteria to generate many wars and lots of disorders that are growing worse and worse, not better.  Far from a safer world, we are plunging into the same morass that was WWI.  Here is the warmongering gang of criminals who work for the Washington Post hard at work, trying to drive us into WWIII:  Zakaria: Why is there so much global instability? which has to be the funniest Washington Post editorial today.  Why, oh why, is there ‘terror’ and wars?  Mirrors should not be used, of course.  Another Zionist in the WP zoo tries to explain another pesky uprising that the Saudis hate:  Zimmerman: U.S. ‘Yemen policy’ will fail


AQAP has not stopped trying to kill Americans since its establishment in 2009. It is behind at least three attempts to strike the United States — in 2009, 2010 and 2012 — and the terror threat that closed more than 20 U.S. diplomatic posts in North Africa and the Middle East in August 2013. In 2011, a year without an attempted attack on the United States, AQAP fielded an insurgent force in southern Yemen and declared an Islamic emirate in the territory it seized. While the Yemeni military pushed back, its operations ended before it eliminated all of AQAP’s ­havens.



Yemen’s victories against AQAP have been tactical and likely temporary. A military offensive this spring focused on havens such as the group’s mountainous stronghold in al-Mahfad, which straddles the primary route connecting Yemen’s south to its east. Yemeni troops hoped to disrupt an AQAP line of communication and remove access to training camps there. But during a similar Yemeni operation in 2012, AQAP appeared to retreat, only to launch a counteroffensive and later regain the territory. Recent AQAP attacks in the cleared areas point to a probable repeat performance.


Here is this Jewish Zionist’s solution:

Ultimately, and unfortunately, the only common elements in Yemen, Iraq and Syria appear to be insufficient U.S. assistance to an unprepared force — and probable failure.


This stupid Jewish man thinks that our attempt at overthrowing Assad will work!  And we must spend more money and shoot more missiles and kill more civilians in Syria and of course, bomb Iran, too and naturally, throw in Yemen as a side dish.  Hitler thought if he invaded everyone all over the planet he, too, would be happy and safe.  Instead, millions died thanks to this delusion.  Same with Japan’s delusions about enslaving all of Asia, too.


Ended equally badly.  Our many wars are destroying America.  Money we should be spending at home is being spent overseas doing noxious things that help no one.  And all this, on our future bills, this is pure I.O.U. to the very rich who refuse to pay taxes and want us to spend endless money on wars they think will make Israel stronger.


The noxious reaction to an airline going down is typical of our manic way of viewing the world.  No sane person dares says who did what or how things happen with NO investigations at all!  It takes many hours of hard detective work which we can’t trust to Ukraine which is attacking the people of its own nation in this region using planes, missiles and bombs.  Americans jumping to the propaganda will be fooled into another massive, ridiculous war which we will lose because WWIII will be fought in America via nuclear armed missiles which won’t land on Detroit which our own capitalists killed.


NYC on the other hand, is a target.

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9 responses to “After NO Investigation, Ukraine’s NATO Junta Accuses Russians Of Downing Malaysia Airlines

  1. I want to learn more about Nuke wars and targets. What should I read ? Anyone ?

  2. emsnews

    Read old Cold War science fiction stories. Tons of them are about WWIII.

    The targets are simple: nuclear power plants and military centers and of course, the headquarters of the NSA/CIA/US government.

    Israel can launch its own 600 nukes, too. Most of the planet will be hopelessly polluted, of course.

  3. Duski

    “Jet Brought Down by Missile, Officials Say even though they said this within minutes of the plane crashing with zero, yes, zero investigation.”

    Well, if they did it themselves, they know it was a missile, so no problem claiming it to world. Only they did it a bit too fast…

    Sigh… are these crazy guys really going to make world burn?

  4. luc

    ‘Israel can launch its own 600 nukes, too’. I understood that I. had 300-330 Nukes. Did I build more? I have wondered why Arabs had not destroyed
    Tel Avivs water supply.

  5. DeVaul

    Israel claims to have only 400 nukes, but since they lie about everything, it is a safe bet that they have many more. Remember, many countries supposedly had no nukes until it was revealed that we had parked some there secretly.

    I knew as soon as the UN decided to “convene” an investigation (Ghaza, anyone?) about a plane that should not have been in that area for any reason that this would be an excuse for war. The UN cannot investigate anything in a warzone, so its conclusions are already premandated.

    Here is my question: who would be stupid enough to fly over Ukraine? Was the plane off course? Did the passengers know they would be flying right over a civil war with ground to air missiles? What… the… hell?

    Rich people who have bunkers and private jets believe they can escape the carnage, and that the world will recover just fine afterwards due to “technology” and just because they believe it will, so yes, I would say there are people who actually want WW III, and that is why Putin is so careful in the face of obvious provocations.

    BTW, Putin could quote Bill Mayers and then invade eastern Ukraine with just cause, but he is not a crazy, warmongering jew.

  6. DeVaul

    Well, here’s the answer to my own question:

    It deviated 200 miles to the north from its normal route over Crimea. I am sure the passengers had no idea they were being set up to be murdered.

  7. JimmyJ

    @Matt: There is a FEMA document from 1990 with detailed state by state nuclear target points by map locations for all 50 states. This doc also lists other types of ‘disasters’ but hang in till you get to the state nuke target maps.

    Risks and Hazards, A State by State Guide, FEMA 1990 (PDF)

    Another doc worth looking at from FEMA, the Nuclear Attack Planning Base 1990, discusses in detail various nuclear attack risks and effects, here at FAS (HTML & PDF):

    Lots of Survivalist websites have nuke target and prep info with some examples below. Check the links pages at these sites for more info:

    US Action



  8. Being There

    You’ll like this:

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