Global Weather Gets Colder And Colder, Democratic Voters Think Opposite

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Hail and Hypothermia during warm season in the Rockies at 11,000 Feet | Sierra Club

Sierra Magazineis a typical global warming magazine.  Once upon a time, it was more about nature but in the last decade it has become this schizophrenic operation yelling about how our life styles are killing polar bears in particular.  I got one issue recently and on the back cover is a Subaru car ad, the front page ad is Caravan tour company about ‘Costa Rica Natural Paradise 9 Days for $1095,’ page 56 is Sierra Club Outings for going on trips, on page 14, ‘Escape to Sunny Spain!’ ad (note the ‘flee to hot places tendency here!).   Then there is the survival cartoon in a recent issue, click on the Hypothermia link above to see a bunch of global warmists begging to be picked up by a CO2 spewing truck to save them from freezing to death in a storm during the warm season in Colorado.


Typhoon Nuri to batter Alaska’s Aleutian Islands and will bring super cold to 90% of the US (LA being the only except, and maybe not even that!) which means our government should be paying attention to very cold bitter weather again this year instead of falsely claiming it is ‘the hottest year, ever’ again like this last year which was steaming cold.


Polar bear safaris: Tourists get close-ups with endangered species in open-top truck as the tourism industry tries to make money off of the ‘poor little polar bears, so cute!’ propaganda.  Just like whale watching, it does benefit creatures by making them pay off as tourist destinations.  But how can any global warmist justify this?


They are not only spewing out CO2 like crazy to move tourists in and out, the vehicles they use pour out air pollution toxins due to using diesel fuels.


Our Failing Weather Infrastructure – NYTimes:  Yes, NOAA is messing up with the weather stations and closing many down and there is no need for any of this anyways since computer programs are used to redesign the raw data uniformly cooling down the past and heating up the future to keep the hockey stick game going a while longer.


So what are our scientists planning?  Here is an example:  Could global warming SAVE mankind? Nuclear winter caused by a natural disaster would be reversed by pumping out greenhouse gases, study claims.  Greenhouse gases cannot save us from global cooling caused by volcanoes.  The thing causing problems is dust and chemicals in the upper atmosphere and CO2 will have zero effect on this.

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On climate, the Right is right – Global temperature update: the Pause is still 18 years 1 month | Watts Up With That? The above image shows that liberals who are all that is left, aside from black voters, of loyal voters for Democrats, firmly believe we are going to roast to death.  As global warming cools off more and more, there will be fewer and fewer people answering pollsters, saying they are Democrats if Obama and his buddies continue to raise CO2 taxes and shut down power plants in the Northeast and Northern states.


Latest Fraud From The Team | Real ScienceClouds Depress Satellite Warming Trend Says Study that claims they have to raise ground temperatures by 30%!  Yes, one third higher!  To make up for ‘too many clouds’ even in regions where there are no clouds.  This new excuse to cool down the past and heat up the future will be ruthlessly used and then broadcast to the increasingly small Democratic strongholds to convince people they are roasting to death.


Of course, the increasing cold is going to doom that enterprise but not before it kills the Democratic party and dooms progressives forever.


Ice Age Now tracks cold weather events in the world, events nearly totally ignored by our media which seeks out actively to highlight mainly hot weather stories:  Finland – Snowstorm causes massive power outage as the 2nd largest snow cover in Siberia in 47 years shows that cold weather is on the move, not warmer weather, Ski resorts in the Alps could get up to 5 meters (16.4 feet) of snow and this is after story after story about how skiers will have no more snow thanks to global warming.

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NOAA polar plunge – So cold its purple as the global warmists who work for NOAA admit it is going to be wickedly cold over much of the US except for mainly California.  NOAA is keeping up their near perfect record for mispredicting the weather:


Screen shot 2014-11-08 at 10.35.30 AM

Every year for the last twenty years, they have uniformly predicted warmer than usual for the Midwest and Northeast.  Invariably.  And are nearly always totally wrong.  How many more decades of utterly clueless forecasts will they be allowed before firing the entire staff?


The twelve month forecast shows a cooler south and always, for the entire year, a warmer upper Great Lakes and Northeast which will be hilarious…not.  I am tired of these false forecasts and any farmer using these will go rapidly bankrupt.  And the entire reason for these is for farmers and people working outdoors and for buying energy stuff like coal or wood or gas to heat or cool businesses and homes.


NOAA cannot be allowed to make disastrously wrong forecasts forever.  Someone’s heads must roll eventually.


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22 responses to “Global Weather Gets Colder And Colder, Democratic Voters Think Opposite

  1. e sutton

    I got into an argument at the gym with a friend/acquaintance over global warming a few months ago. I saw his car in the parking lot and made an off-the-cuff comment about the clean spot on his bumper where the Obama 2012 sticker used to be. He sarcastically asked, “So you’re for Tillis?”

    “No, ” I answered, “I’m just getting really tired of liberal democrats (used to be one myself, btw) spewing forth this nonsense about global warming.”

    “Oh, then you’re denying that the earth is heating up due to man-made activity and pollution?”

    “Yes, I’m denying that.”

    Then he dismissed me with a wave of the hand, “We’re just gonna have to agree to disagree!”

    To think that I had the unmitigated gall to question his “authority” just sent him thru the roof. There really is no reasoning with these people and their religion. I’m fairly left leaning, but understand and respect people who are right wingers. If you don’t like gays you shouldn’t have to be around them. Same with blacks or any other group. But lefties insist that if you are not one hundred percent in agreement with everything they say, you are an incompetent idiot. The dems are doing a stupendous job of alienating a huge swath of fairly tolerant, open minded people by shoving their religion down everyone’s throat. Just say’n. 🙂

  2. Christian W


    Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry.
    Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.

    In other words, close minded dogma is anathema to a “liberal”. These people are dogmatic believers, ie not liberals. The real problem is that the political center in the US has shifted so far to the right the “liberals” are completely fake. I have pointed out this phenomenon a lot of times.

  3. Jim R

    Haha, it’s doing a little thing called ‘winter’.

    Happens almost every year.

    If you don’t like it, move to a lower altitude/latitude.

  4. Luc

    Polar bear up close. very close. Also on UT is footage of a gal being attacked by a polar bear. maybe she wanted to join Tim Treadwell.

  5. Luc

    Oh those Polar bears [weight 1 ton].

    This is in the ‘I wanna be one w nature in the worst way’ dept.

  6. Jim R

    Yeah, polar bears — interesting creatures.

    So fluffy and cute. All they know is that you’re made out of meat, and are smaller than they are.

  7. wellwell

    My parents have travelled north to Churchill to see the polar bears – no one who lives up there believes in global warming.

    Here are some links posted elsewhere showing how contradictory and equivocal the global warmists are:

    Sahel to get less rain
    Sahel to get more rain
    Sahel may get more or less rain

    Plant methane emissions significant
    Plant methane emissions insignificant

    Winters maybe warmer
    Winters maybe colder

    Indian monsoons to be drier
    Indian monsoons to be wetter

    Great Lakes less snow
    Great Lakes more snow;2

    Finally, here is a funny video made by a Canadian comedy program suggesting that Environment Canada fudges its long-range forcast to give people hope in the middle of winter – perhaps this is what the NOAA is doing, Elaine:

  8. Peter C.

    Anyone biking/hiking in wilderness area at ground level much less 11,000 ft should have extra clothing and be prepared to shelter overnight whatever season it is.

  9. Jim R

    Meanwhile, back in on Earth.

    The total area of sea ice still isn’t quite getting back up to the 35-year average:

    There’s freezing going on in the Arctic, while melting season is just getting underway to the South. Bottom line is, only a few degrees of warming (or cooling) can make a dramatic difference in sea ice, because water is dramatically different at 33° from water at 31°.

    And, compared to the last 35 years, it is warming. Due to greenhouse gases. In the air.

  10. DeVaul

    This does not make any sense, Jim. Why is Antarctic ice way above the 35 year average if earth is warming? It just recently broke a record.

    And why are both scales called “anomalies”?

  11. Jim R

    THC changes.

    They are anomalies, because the ice area goes through a regular yearly cycle. More ice in winter, less in summer. The anomaly is the difference between that annual cycle and the ice cover on a particular date.

    Also, it’s based on an average over the last 35 years. Mostly because that is how long satellites have been able to survey it — it’s really hard to quickly survey a continent-size patch of ice with a ground crew, or even from airplanes.

    As for reasons to panic, it should be somewhere down the list after mechanized agriculture, farming away the topsoil, non-renewing fossil water supplies used for routine irrigation, overfishing everywhere, and the destruction of forests (which the CO2 weenies never mention, except as ‘renewable’ biofuel plantations [hint: they aren’t really all that renewable])…

  12. DeVaul

    Yeah, I agree with you about pollution and slash and burn being a greater problem than global warming.

    Yesterday, I saw a commercial for catfoot that showed (or claimed) that it was made from salmon. I thought, whoa, is that not a sign of overfishing? Do cats really need to eat salmon? Most do just fine with mice.

    We are going to kill every fish zone on the planet at this rate.

  13. Jim R

    I come from a science-y background, like Elaine. My dad was a college professor (biology), but not as famous as Elaine’s dad. Mom was into science too … she bought a house in Woods Hole in 1960, because she had a seasonal job there at the MBL. Just by way of introduction —

    In 2001, it was October, I was having a chat with our neighbor there. He was an old duffer then, said he was retired from the Fisheries (a branch of NOAA by then). He was a Catholic, and observed the custom of fish on Fridays. So, anyhoo, he said that when the Pope told Catholics to eat fish, it was a cheap abundant source of protein, when the economy was slow and beef was expensive (like 200 or 300 years ago). Now, he said (we didn’t eat fish, Mom wasn’t Catholic and hated fish except as specimens to dissect), now, a nice fish dinner was every bit as expensive as tenderloin steak at a restaurant.

    He went on to say that the Fisheries (which like the SEC, FDA etc. was a regulatory agency) scientists told the fisherrmen, back in the ’80s, that they were taking too much biomass out of the marine system, and the quality of the fishery would decline. But, he went on, big corporate entities, such as the ones that feature a cartoonish fisherman in yellow slicks on a box of frozen ‘fish sticks’, lobbied the government to allow them to continue using the driftnets and factory ships, and the Fisheries agency was ignored.

    And remember, this was 2001. Something like 85% of fish stocks worldwide were already gone. The cod population, after which Cape Cod was named, were down to a point where the fishing boats no longer went after them — in other words, almost extinct.

    We are converting every gram of biomass on the planet to human flesh, and before this is done, the Pee Tee Bee will have us eating dogs and cats. Mark my words.

  14. Jim R

    Oh, and as for that salmon catfood, there is a lot of industrial scale ‘farmed’ salmon out there.

    Instead of allowing the salmon to complete their natural life cycle and swim up the river to spawn, they trap huge numbers of salmon in these large pens out away from the coast. The salmon greedily eat any plankton that happen to drift into their pen (thereby removing even more biomass from the ocean), and support a lot of salmon parasites, which then infect the wild population.

    Well, the salmon business is a lot like the cattle business — where they sell the eyeballs and entrails and misc. for pet food, the salmon industry sells their scraps as well. Heads and tails and gills and whatnot. That’s what goes in your pet food.

  15. Luke

    ‘We are converting every gram of biomass on the planet to human flesh, and before this is done, the Powers that be will have us eating dogs and cats. Mark my words.’
    Gosh, so gloomy.

    ‘Mark my words.’ Okay, when?

  16. emsnews

    Not one first world country has a high birthrate. Much of the population boom there is from illegal aliens.

  17. Jim R

    2025. June. 11.

  18. Jim R

    Yeah, drinking and wandering the web again last night.

    The overfishing thing is true. … As for converting biomass, it’s more of a fuzzy sort of thing, since you don’t really have conservation laws like with physics and matter. Biomass is both created and destroyed, and goes through natural cycles.

    But there is good reason to be concerned about the rate at which we are destroying it.

  19. Luke

    This is what passes for journalism. Note the word ‘screw’ in headline.

  20. Luke

    ‘Much of the population boom there is from illegal aliens.’. I am not sure what ‘there’ refers to.
    In USA we have immigrants, wetbacks, their children and ‘chain immigration’ of relatives. Also refugees the UN ? sends us who get ‘freebees to the grave’.
    Oh, I almost forgot USA gets 70 million visitors a year adding to our environmental destruction.

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