High School French Kid Put In Prison This Week For Linking To Charlie Hebdo Parody Cartoon

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This cartoon enraged the terrorists who murdered the staff of Charlie Hebdo.

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THIS parody cartoon showing a member of the Hebdo staff being shot by Muslim terrorists was NOT celebrated by the Bilderberg gang, nor was it held up as a fine example of a meaningful parody (the pen is NOT mightier than the sword, after all) and it is equally violent and offensive as the first cartoon but with one gigantic difference: the poor French high school kid who simply repeated this cartoon online to laugh about it, was arrested, immediately tried with no rigor, just a fast appearance with no lawyer before an angry judge and SENT TO PRISON.


I have pointed out in the past that the hypocrisy of the whole Hebdo business in France with warmongering NATO leaders proclaiming peace and love and free speech was a huge, honking pile of ‘merde’.  Which is French for ‘shit’.


The warmongers in Congress continues to make hay about how they love violent, ugly anti-Muslim cartoons:  Members of Congress to raise pencils in support of Paris – CNN.com celebrating ‘freedom ofspeech’ which does NOT exist in France at all.  This is AIPAC-owned Congress that has decided we need a multi-generational war with all Muslims.  The same Congress encouraging Orthodox/Catholic wars in Eastern Europe in between Muslim/Christian wars in the Balkans.


Religious wars are the worst wars since there is no surrender, just a fight to exhaustion.  Our Founding Fathers in particular were quite loud about how dangerous religious wars were and wrote to each other while rigging up a government, worried that we would fling ourselves off this sort of cliff.


In my own lifetime, the Catholic/Protestant wars in Ireland which my own Steele ancestors participated in (they invaded Ireland in 1600 and beat up the Irish and stole lots of land there) continued during my own lifetime with The Troubles and these continue to this day, For Northern Ireland, Wounds From ‘The Troubles’ Are Still Raw – NPR video.

▶ The Day the Troubles Began Part 1 – YouTube

1968: I was in Europe and late that summer, I was arrested at the East German/Czechoslovakian border by the West German state police and deported to the US where I organized against the Vietnam War and continued to irritate the CIA no end.  It was a fun year for me, I was a teenager and not an adult which made it more fun.


This takes me to what is going on in France today, most of the people being arrested for speech crimes are CHILDREN.  Young children:

France begins jailing people for ironic comments | The Electronic Intifada


It may seem surprising that French authorities can charge and jail people so quickly. These summary trials and long custodial terms are the result of a change in the law last November in which the charge of “defending terrorism” became a criminal offense subject to fast-track trials.


Last week France’s Human Rights League said that when the change in the law was being debated, it had “demonstrated that it would be ineffective for security, dangerous for liberties and damaging to the credibility of the justice system.”


The cartoons that irritate the Muslims are causing riots and rage across many countries from Indonesia, Pakistan, parts of Africa, the Middle East, Turkey, etc.  It isn’t local, it is international.  The endorsement of the right to make obscene and obnoxious anti-Muslim cartoons while arresting teenagers for making fun of the identical ‘good’ cartoons is racism, religious intolerance and totalitarian.


So, you can make fun of Muslims with violent, murderous pictures mocking them as humans and wishing them dead…while doing the identical cartoon with a French publisher being treated the same lands you in a secret court and prison is totalitarianism.  Below is a partial list of who has been arrested for this in France in the last several days:


A 14-year-old girl charged with “defending terrorism.” She allegedly shouted at a tram conductor: “We are the Kouachi sisters, we’re going to grab our Kalashnikovs.” Cherif and Said Kouachi are two French brothers authorities say carried out the Charlie Hebdo attack.


A 21-year-old was caught without a ticket on a tram, and subsequently sentenced to ten months in prison for allegedly saying, “The Kouachi brothers is just the beginning; I should have been with them to kill more people,” according to Amnesty International.


In the northern city of Lille, authorities suspended three school workers for allegedly refusing to observe a moment of silence in honor of the victims of the attacks, and then justifying their action. One is being charged with “defending terrorism.” The accused denies that he refused to respect the minute of silence, but said he did “debate it with colleagues outside work hours.”


In Paris, one man who was drunk and another who suffers psychiatric problems were jailed for fourteen and three months respectively for “defending terrorism” for comments they made. A third was jailed for fifteen months and the court ordered that their sentences begin immediately.


In Bordeaux, police carried out a traffic stop. A very drunk 18-year-old passenger in the car allegedly hurled abuse at the police and made comments sympathetic to the Charlie Hebdo attackers. She was charged with “defending terrorism” and sentenced to 210 hours of community service. Prosecutors had asked for a four-month jail term.


In almost every case where a name is provided, those arrested would appear to be of North African ancestry – suggesting that France’s crackdown is quite targeted.


Donetsk shelled as Kiev ‘orders massive fire’ on militia-held E. Ukraine — RT News as NATO hands over billions of dollars and weapons to Ukraine’s fascist rulers so they can kill 25% of the population or drive them out.  This is classic ethnic/religious cleansing and the US pays Jews to do this in Palestine, billions and billions of war money given to them for free with 98% of Congress voting for ethnic cleansing while wailing about racism and war.


N.S.A. Breached North Korean Networks Before Sony Attack, Officials Say – NYTimes.com: this is from our lovely rulers who claimed that North Korea was attacking us online when actually the violators are the US, not NK.


Spurred by growing concern about North Korea’s maturing capabilities, the American spy agency drilled into the Chinese networks that connect North Korea to the outside world, picked through connections in Malaysia favored by North Korean hackers and penetrated directly into the North with the help of South Korea and other American allies, according to former United States and foreign officials, computer experts later briefed on the operations and a newly disclosed N.S.A. document.


This information that shreds the propaganda story put out by the US that NK was an evil interloper is thanks to SNOWDEN who is still in Russia and who releases information as events unfold.  He did this and the US which waves pencils at Muslims screeching ‘free speech’ wants to put Snowden in prison for life for releasing important information about our secret government that is illicit, illegal, antisocial, violation of sovereignty, etc.


Time to throw up.  Retch..


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44 responses to “High School French Kid Put In Prison This Week For Linking To Charlie Hebdo Parody Cartoon

  1. Nous sommes hypocrites! (We are hypocrites – for those who do not know French – Elaine I now you know)

    Our free speech is OK. Yours is not.

  2. Christian W

    Thanks Elaine. I was going to link to those cartoons but you beat me to it. It’s all very depressing isn’t it. The second cartoon, mocking the retarded Charlie Hedbo cartoon, was originally published by Dieudonné’s (who I have mentioned earlier) camp. Dieudonné is a thorn in the side to the French Zionists and heavily persecuted.

    The US is waging almost total global war now; Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, Ukraine etc etc etc. The US dare not attack China directly but the US strategy to controlling China is to take control over all the energy routes (including from Russia). .

    Indirectly Israel just announced they have taken control of France after the Charlie Hedbo attack.


    Israel has humiliated Biden and Kerry in similar ways to show who is boss.

    Also on the topic of religious wars the intra Muslim war sponsored by Saudi Arabia is tearing the Middle East apart.

  3. Shawntoh

    Elaine I’m sorry to be off topic here but could you address this –they are saying they are going to cut SSD by 20%! It’s gonna happen either this year or the next. This is crazy! I’m living month to month as it is! Please tell they won’t get away with it. Please, please! http://www.troutmanlaw.com/is-a-21-percent-cut-in-ssdi-benefits-coming-in-2015

  4. vengeur

    You know, there is really no difference in the way the people were herded into WW1 and what is going on now. There is NO DEBATE on the warmongering insanity with respect to Russia. I found ONE mainstream article questioning what is going on, which is a miracle in itself: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/perhaps-you-missed-it-were-at-war-with-russia-2015-01-20

  5. vengeur

    “What concerns me even more than these undocumented charges (against Russia) are two especially ill-conceived, if not overtly confrontational, pieces of legislation passed by the Congress in December.

    The first is H.Res 758 passed on Dec. 4, which, among other charges, accused Russia of having invaded Ukraine again without providing or referring to any sort of evidence photographic or otherwise…

    The Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014, or S.2828, was passed by the Senate on Dec. 11. This goes even further than merely condemning Russia and authorizes the distribution of both lethal and non-lethal military aid to Kiev, including sniper and assault rifles, mortars and shells, stinger missiles, anti-tank missiles, night vision goggles, radar systems and a host of other hardware items.”
    So our honorable Senate does these things at Christmas time when nobody is watching and gets NO MEDIA scrutiny at all! Just another country where we are pouring in weapons.

  6. vengeur

    Liberals have grown so accustomed to insulting and mocking religion and followers of religion. No big deal. Problem is, in France a few obstinate folks refuse to obey the PC ban (de rigueur in the US) of declaring Islam and it’s followers a insult (as irreverent parody) free zone. And anybody who knows French folks knows they can be the most obstinate bleeps in the world, when they want to.

  7. e sutton

    Well, apparently the newly elected Republican Congress is getting ready to bitch slap our Beloved Leader. Boehner had a kanipshun after Obama’s SOTU speech and decide it was time to ask our real president from Israel to address Congress. I’m not sure if this is even being reported in the states yet, but here:


  8. e sutton

    Oh, and get ready to have some real life negro savagery come down on you, like, real soon:


  9. emsnews

    Sutton: the GOP is OWNED BY AIPAC. They are inviting our ‘real president’ just like last time they did this with many standing ovations.

    THEY ARE TRAITORS. Clearly traitors. But then, the DNC is the same.

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  11. Brendan Monroe

    Really? You can’t see the difference in the speech of a few cartoonists who made fun of Mohammed, and people who are arrested because they are actually calling for people to replicate the gunmen’s acts or to carry out said acts alone? Sorry, but that isn’t protected free speech at all, not even here in America. It’s a call to violence and that would get you in trouble almost anywhere. The cartoonists never said “death to Muslims” or called for people to kill muslims, or even terrorists, don’t be asinine. Nearly every example you cite is of an individual calling for more killing or saying that they’ll kill more. What should the government then do, ignore it?

  12. Christian W

    @11 Brendan Monroe

    Your argument is nonsensical. The Charlie Hedbo cartoon on top is mocking the Muslims killed by General Sisi’s snipers because their holy book didn’t protect them against the bullets of the assassins. The second cartoon (the one offensive to French authorities) is mocking the stupidity of the Charlie Hedbo cartoon, and the mentality behind it, by holding up a mirror.

  13. Brendan Monroe

    If the boy did get arrested for drawing a cartoon, then yes, that’s outrageous. But let’s not forget that there is a difference between being arrested and being killed. The cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo, you might forget, were also at one time brought to trial and charged with hate speech, but they were acquitted. So they too did at one time face possible jail time. Nearly every other case brought up by the author though is completely different. Two “sisters” say they’re going to get guns and kill people? What the hell did you expect the police to do, really? And verbally abusing the police? Give me a break. These things aren’t comparable.

    The author of this hack piece really reveals his true colors though when he called the democratically elected government of Ukraine “fascist”. I live in Ukraine, so I know what I’m talking about when I say that the fascist party in last year’s election received less than 2% of the vote. The author is so rabid in his anti-Americanism that he’s just slurping up Russian propoganda now. How about doing some actual research before writing an article?

  14. emsnews

    Really? So the fascist coalition has no power? You got to be kidding me.

    And it WAS a coup in every sense of a coup. Having an ‘election’ after a coup while killing people protesting the coup is not democracy.

  15. Jim R

    At Ukrainian blockposts in Donbass, they are handing out propaganda leaflets warning of… propaganda… #Ukraine pic.twitter.com/DG3vEdoTmi— Graham Phillips (@GrahamWP_UK) January 23, 2015

  16. Brendan Monroe

    There is no “fascist coalition”. If you’re so sure that there is, how about providing some evidence beyond what Russia Today is telling you. I’m on the ground in East Ukraine and I’m telling you what the people here have told me, and that is that the threat from within Ukraine is from Russian separatists and their supporters within the Russian government.

    As for that leaflet being “propaganda”, give me a break! That is some pretty weak propaganda pal! How about translating the leaflet before casting it in some evil light. All it says is beware of Russian lies and that’s exactly what’s happening. What would you advise doing if a foreign force were working within your country? It’s amazing that the Ukrainian government hasn’t taken more drastic measures than they already have. Does that mean everything they do is right? Of course not, but they’re a hell of a lot more in the right than Russia! It’s their damn country! Keep listening to what Putin is telling you.

  17. Brendan Monroe

    Regarding “fascist coalitions,” Putin is cozy with pretty much every fascist party in Europe! From Hungary’s Jobbik group of right wing nuts to Marine Le Pen’s Front National. The leaders have been to Russia on state visits and consider themselves personally close to the President. He may be many things, but an enemy of fascism Putin is not.

  18. emsnews

    You should understand that fascism is rising everywhere as it always does during depressions.

    Pretending that the coup in Kiev wasn’t a fascist coup is childish. You don’t mention the religious war aspects of this because Europe has this all over the place.

    When Yugoslavia broke up it was along ethnic/religious lines and these continue to cause tension and distress and there is fascism there due to this aspect.

    In Germany, France and other nations they are falling into disruptions and disorders due to religious warfare/anger/ethnic cleansing desires.

    This is UNIVERSALLY a huge problem and is in the US, too. Riots and destruction due to ethnic tensions has been rising rapidly in the US as aliens pour in illegally, making things even worse.

    And fascism always rises when economic conditions cause everyone to take sides against fellow citizens fighting for shrinking pieces of the economic pie.

  19. Brendan Monroe

    How was the coup in Kiev a “fascist” one? What do you call a fascist coup? Did the fascists support getting rid of Yanukovych? Yes, but so did many other political parties and many individuals who aren’t fascist at all. Again, you provide no evidence at all for these claims and you’re now changing your argument from “the Ukrainian government is fascist” to “it was a fascist coup.” The Ukrainian government isn’t fascist, period, because Ukraine has a very recognizable facist party, Svoboda, which received less than 2% of the vote in Ukrainian elections. Poroshenko’s party is not “in coalition” with them.

    As for the rest of your comment, yes, fascist, right wing parties are gaining support across Europe (including in Russia) but that is an entirely different argument. What does that prove anyway? That Ukraine has fascists too? In fact, the fascists in Ukraine have far less power here than they do in Hungary, France, England, even Germany. So again, your point is…?

    I am aware of the causes of this new found right wing support, but once again what does this have to do with anything we’re talking about? The immigration system does have to be reformed, particularly in Europe, which is where the problem is. As for your absurd argument that ethnic tensions have been also rising in the U.S. due to illegal immigration, you are quite mistaken. The ethnic tensions that exist in the U.S. right now have nothing to with illegal immigration as the players are whites and blacks who have all been here for generations. None of that is over “religious differences” or illegal immigration. That’s a uniquely European problem at this point.

  20. Lou

    Brendan must live in a bubble.

    As for your absurd argument that ethnic tensions have been also rising in the U.S. due to illegal immigration, you are quite mistaken. The ethnic tensions that exist in the U.S. right now have nothing to with illegal immigration as the players are whites and blacks who have all been here for generations. None of that is over “religious differences” or illegal immigration. That’s a uniquely European problem at this point.


    google ‘how many are raped by illegals’.

  21. Jim R

    Brendan, I see that you have been in Kiev for two weeks now, and know everything there is to know about the Ukraine.

    About a year ago, there was a coup. Throwing molotov cocktails from behind piles of burning tires does not make an election. And forty or fifty percent of the population you purport to serve from voting, does not qualify as an ‘election’ either.

    Fascist because of the calls for ethnic purity, or whatever. Fascist because it places direct control of public policy in the hands of a few corporations and plutocrats, rather than responding to any public input. And finally, fascist by goose-stepping down the street waving banners of a guy who collaborated with Hitler in WWII. Not to mention the wolfsangels and hackenkreutzes and skinhead supporters.

    And, although the Pravy Sektor and Svoboda lost the election, they still mysteriously ended up with important appointments to various policy-enforcement arms of the Kiev junta. Like the ‘punitive’ battalions that continue to shell the Lugansk and Donetsk oblasts’ residential neighborhoods.

    Communist party candidates were _banned_ from the election and rousted out of offices and parliament. Despite the fact that in that part of the world, Communists were quite popular. So no, not a democracy. Fascist.

    It has all the hallmarks of the coup that overthrew the elected government of Chile in 1973, and installed the widely-recognized-as-fascist Pinochet.

    And, I hope you don’t believe every leaflet you see plastered to a lamp post over there.

  22. Jim R

    “And OMITTING forty or fifty percent of the population you purport to serve from voting, does not qualify as an ‘election’ either. ”

    Edit to the above.

  23. Brendan Monroe

    I don’t know what exactly you’ve been using to check up on me, Jim, but I live in Kharkiv, not Kiev, and while I recently returned two weeks ago from spending the holidays in the U.S., I lived in Kharkiv for a year prior to that. So at least get those facts straight.

    I love how everything is so black and white for you. The man who you’re accusing Ukrainians of supporting, Stepan Bandera, is not looked at as a hero by the Ukrainians I know, the vast majority of whom support territorial integrity from Russia. However, the issue is blurred because during the Second World War if you lived in Ukraine you were quite simply either pro-independence and against Soviet influence or you were with Stalin and for the suppression of your own people. The people in the former category were offered assistance by the Nazis who of course were looking for all the (presumably non-Jewish) help they could find in helping them defeat the Soviets. So it’s not as simple as they support a man who fought with the Nazis and are thus bad. It’s, they support a man who fought for independence for their country and accepted Nazi help in doing so. It’s not black and white. Ukrainians who today are proudly independent should not be accused of being fascist. I have lived and continue to live in Ukraine. I doubt you’ve even once been here. So rather than continuing to slurp up the Russian propaganda how about coming and talking to the people on the ground? You probably also believe that Crimea should also now be considered a part of Russia, which makes you closer to being a Nazi then the vast majority of people here. What exactly would you advise when a significant portion of the country has been taken over by murderous bandits? You really want to take the side of a human rights abusing nation like Russia?

    Lou, the article you linked above is laughably different than the reality in Europe. The “dreamers” in the U.S. are fighting for citizenship, yes. And I am supportive of them getting it. But to say the U.S. and Europe are in the same boat is preposterous when, as mentioned above, the ethnic tensions in the U.S. haven’t led to violence on remotely the same scale as they have in Europe. And that largely has to do Muslim immigration, of which the U.S. doesn’t yet have a problem with.

  24. Jim R

    Ah, so you are there to defeat the evil Putler.

    And to defend the Walmart Empire. Just don’t dare call it Fascist.

    And of course, we all know WWII was a dreadful time there. Locals had to choose between Stalin and Hitler.

    What concerns me is that this will ramp up to WWIII. That’s all. You won’t get any warning, the lights will just blink out as the electric grid goes dead. Bzt.

  25. Brendan Monroe

    Don’t make assumptions, Jim. I despise American politics likely just as much as you do. Obama has proven to be as bad as Bush, which shouldn’t surprise as they’re all the same corrupt bastards. I don’t want WWIII any more than you do, but I’m not about to advise that the rest of the world just capitulate and let Putin take all of Ukraine either. Sounds a lot like WWII actually… It will take him invading Poland before any one actually gets involved. And you seem willing to just stand back and let him have at it.

  26. Christian W

    What on earth makes you think Putin wants the Ukraine, let alone Poland? You are just spouting russophobia. Ukraine is a basket case to start with. He hasn’t really even acknowledged the break away Russian parts yet. Putin has done nothing at all, EVER, to make a move to “get” Ukraine. The ones who have been doing their best to “get” Ukraine is the US… go figure.

    How come people think Putin is on the offensive to build a Russian Empire when, unlike the US, he has only ever fought defensive actions on his own borders? Defensive actions sponsored by Israel and the US I might add, Ukraine being but the latest.

    It’s the US who wanted to “get” Crimea for it’s own uses. It’s the US and Israel that sponsored the madness in Georgia. It’s the US that sponsored the Al Qaeda in Chechnya. It’s the US that wanted to “get” at Russia, not the other way around. It always mystifies me how people can somehow turn the whole narrative around in their heads. It is the US that is the aggressor here, as in so many other places world wide, not Russia.

  27. Christian W

    Defensive actions sponsored by Israel and the US I might add, Ukraine being but the latest. Should read: Defensive actions against aggressive operations sponsored by Israel and the US etc

  28. Jim R

    Brendan, I just followed your link and looked at some of your social network posts … and saw that you were in Florida a couple weeks ago. Sorry, I didn’t really dig any further to see where you were before that.

  29. emsnews

    People make up stuff all the time.

    The wars in Europe are all about ethnic identity politics aka, ‘fascism’. What is ‘fascism’?

    It is ‘binding together people who are the same’ according to the Roman fascists who invented this ideology. What is funny in that is how barbarians took over even Rome and ended up ruling everyone in the empire, too.

    Then one barbarian saw ‘Jesus’ and forced all the Romans to dump their own gods entirely and join the new religion which the former fascisti Romani rulers worked very hard to suppress and kill off.

  30. Brendan Monroe

    Putin has made no moves to try and get Ukraine, Christian?? Really? Wow…

  31. Christian W

    If Putin had wanted Ukraine he would have gotten it, just like he got the part he actually wanted and would never give up, the Crimea, which was mostly Russian to start with. The fact is he has stayed out of the mess in Ukraine (apart from supporting the break away republics with arms and military know how to defend themselves from Kiev). Putin even suggested a federal solution to the situation there that the US turned down of course.
    I’m sure Putin was only too happy to leave the lunatics in Kiev in the lap of the West.

    If you can provide evidence for the contrary I am all ears.

  32. Jim R

    Look at a map: Russia big, Ukraine not-so-big. If Putin wanted it, he could easily have it all the way to the Polish border by now.

    So yeah, really.

    It really seems to be full of English speakers with American accents now … very strange for a Slavic country.

  33. Christian W

    Ukrainian soldiers rescued from beneath the rubble of the airport in Donetsk had solar powered ebooks given to them by US Christian Dominionists, how freaking bizarre is that? A US General recently gave medals to wounded Ukrainian soldiers, pretty much like Victoria Nuland was seen giving cookies to thugs on the Maidan square.

    It is US freaks that are pushing for war with Russia, not the other way around.

  34. Jim R

    ^^^ what CW said. Fact, not propaganda. Whether RT is reporting it or not is irrelevant.

  35. Brendan Monroe

    There’s plenty of evidence to the contrary, and better yet, it’s not evidence only coming out of Russia. Putin isn’t an idiot, and he realizes that if he were to launch a full on military invasion of Ukraine (as he said, taking Kiev in 2 weeks if he wanted) the West would absolutely intervene. He’d have to be delusional to try it. And are you kidding me? Putin would love to have Ukraine! He’s made comments saying Ukraine is essentially Russian territory. What about the remarks he made to the Polish Prime Minister saying essentially that he’d leave Western Ukraine to Poland and he’d take the eastern half up to Kiev. But no, that wasn’t on Russia Today so you probably didn’t know about it. That’s why the only thing keeping Putin from launching a full on invasion is fear of Western retaliation and further isolation of Russia on the international stage. The sanctions put on Russia have been working, and, timed to coincide with the decline in oil prices, they have left Russia teetering on the brink of depression. And things this year are only going to get worse for them. This does of course make Russia more dangerous because it makes Putin more desperate, the question is just whether he is crazy enough to openly provoke the west and if you’ve been following the non Russian news channels the last few months that’s exactly what he’s been doing, what with Russian subs detected in Swedish territory and Russian jets violating Norwegian and British airspace. Putin is playing a risky game.

    I love how you just wipe off Crimea like it means nothing. “Oh, Putin doesn’t want Ukraine, he just took Crimea but that means nothing, he doesn’t want the rest.” And you make no mention of the fact that his taking Crimea is far and away enough reason for military intervention as it violates pre-existing territorial agreements signed on to by Russia in the Yeltsin days. Putin is behaving just like Hitler in this way. Oh, what’s Crimea, we’ll just snatch it the same way Hitler snatched Austria because, why, the Austrians welcomed Hitler with open arms too! What bullocks.

    Ukraine full of English speakers with American accents, Jim? First off, we’ve already established this. You aren’t in Ukraine so how the hell would you know? You know, just because Russia Today says it doesn’t mean it’s true. You probably slurp up the BS syrup from Fox News too, don’t you?

    There are at least 9,000 Russian troops fighting in Ukraine at the moment. This was in fact reported by the Russian channels as a consequence of the dead shipped back home and the questions that resulted. You think Putin has no control of where his troops go and what they do? Then you’re an idiot. Putin is very smart in how he’s doing this, but he’s also crazy which makes him so dangerous. By no means does he intend to stop at Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

    You like Putin so much, why don’t you move to Russia and see how you like life there? It seems you already watch their news programs.

  36. Jim R

    Ukraine full of English speakers with American accents, Jim?

    There’s you, for starters.

  37. emsnews

    Maybe we are talking to Nuland! 🙂

  38. Brendan Monroe

    Haha, oh yes. And I’m here direct on CIA business too 😛

  39. Jim R

    Nah, the old South had a word for guys like him:

  40. Christian W

    A quick response to some main points.

    1. The etymology (root) of the name Ukraine goes back to something like “Borderlands”. Borderlands of what? The Catholic Church in the West and the Orthodox Church in the East. The Catholic Church has been trying to subjugate the Orthodox Church under it’s own rule for a thousand years.

    2. Kiev is the birthplace of the Rus, ie the Russians. That is what Putin is talking about when he says Ukraine is essentially Russian territory. The difference between the Russian and Ukrainian languages are minimal, to the point it is not hard for Russian speakers to understand Ukrainian – it’s basically a matter of dialect (95 % similar someone said). I bet there is more difference between say Norwegian and Swedish and those languages also share the same roots.

    3. The difference that is stressed by the Kiev crowd in these matters is that they see Kiev as belonging to the West (ie Catholic Europe) ignoring the fact that the Orthodox Russians in the East feel they belong with their brother people in Russia.

    4. If you look at the split today you see this exact conflict goes back a thousand years and more. What is today Catholic Poland used to rule the Western part of Ukraine. In fact back in the day it was the Catholic Polish aristocracy that invented the serf system and subjugated the formerly Orthodox farmers under their rule. Eastern anti-Semitism has it’s roots from these days as the tax collectors bringing in the loot from the Orthodox farmers were Jews.

    5. An excellent example of the roots of this conflict is when Alexander Nevsky defeated the Teutonic Knights (The Pope’s shock troops, today the Azov Brigade :)) in 1242. The Pope in Rome demanded that the Orthodox East bend the knee before the One Ruler in Rome (note that bending the knee exactly what Washington is demanding Moscow to do today. Putin and Russia will be the enemy of the US as long as they are free and independent )

    6. Alexander Nevsky faced a two front war. In the East he had the Mongol Golden Horde and in the West he had the Pope and his henchmen. What Nevsky did is interesting. He made a deal with the Mongols (paying tribute in this case) and defeated the Catholic invasion in battle. This goes back to Putin’s strategy. Make a deal with the East (China) – for support in the case and defeat the American sponsored invasion in the West.

    7. I brush over Crimea because expecting the Russians to give up Crimea without a fight is as utterly ridiculous as expecting the US to hand over Texas or California (or both) to Mexico. It is just another example of American “do as we say, not as we do” propaganda to pretend that Crimea was not Russian in historical and practical terms. In fact about 80% of the population in Crimea is has Russian roots so it is not difficult to understand they voted to belong to Russia. There was not even a need to manipulate the vote. Of course the US tried to scream a little about the Tartar minority (original population I believe) but that found no traction since the US doesn’t give a shit about minorities unless it suits it’s interests (ask the Native Americans about that).

  41. Jim R

    Good history, CW. This lecture series was posted in another forum, and I found it informative:

    Covers most of a millennium. The lecturer is not the best, but the material is all there. It explains some of the place names in the Ukraine, and some of the terminology … currently, of course, we have the latest ‘color revolution’ and a determined effort to create a failed state by the empire of chaos.

    I think our friend Brendan was trying to give Guantanamo back to the Spanish Empire, and got lost looking for them. He’s obsessive about territorial integrity, you know.

  42. Christian W

    Wow, here is an American mercenary, in Kiev Ukrainian combat fatigues and weaponry, caught on camera in Mariupol.

    I saw some guys I believe to be American mercenaries in the Azov Brigade (the Nazi shock troops) in a combat situation on youtube as well. I’ll see if I can find the footage.

  43. Jim R

    Here’s a ZH article with both the short clip and the longer story it came from:
    “Out Of My Face Please” – Why Are US Soldiers In Mariupol?

    Be careful reading it, though. Lotsa Putler-lovers on there. Brendan might disapprove.

  44. emsnews

    History is a swampland.

    We can’t escape but can slog through it. Learning from it is important but what most learn from history is PAIN.

    Everyone suffers sometime! Somewhere. Or perhaps not so much if you are from the ruling elite clans like the Normans, we mainly pestered and killed each other while others had to look on in dismay and pray we didn’t trample them with war horses charging hither and yon.

    When going elsewhere to kill, people oppressed by us would sigh with relief.

    Europe is a huge potstach of historical messes that criss cross each other and all have been trampled into the mud once, twice, many times. Sores fester and wounds gape open at the slightest touch.

    Which makes US meddling so insanely dangerous!!!! Stop it!!!!

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