Pope No Longer Will Persecute Gays, Will Persecute ‘Global Warming’ Unbelievers Instead

no one expects the spanish inquisition – YouTube

Pope Francis Says Church Should Apologize To Gays And Others It Has Hurt And Ask Their Forgiveness – the Pope is an activist.  Amazingly, he finally says something sensible!  The Church persecuted gays for over 1,000 years even when many inside the Church were very much gay.  There wasn’t mere persecution, the homosexuals running the Church were very much sadists and cooked up various evil tortures that were extremely sexual in nature as well as amazingly painful.  Now, the Pope wants to be forgiven for being part of this machinery of sexual deviant torture which is wonderful but he has to do more than apologize for this, he must examine this openly and denounce ALL the many, many crimes of the Catholic Church.


Not that Protestants were clean!  The religious leaders of that group did nearly the same but not to the same degree of depravity or length of time but still did it.  Many religions persecute various people for a wide variety of reasons: what you eat, wear, think, believe, how we sleep, our sex lives, everything can be run by religious fanatics and there are many cults out there that also demand their believers be socially isolated, etc.  Culture is built around religions.

But when religions go insane, they do this often on sexual issues, that is, when other troubles cause fear, hammering away at sex lives is often the psychological solution.  There is another cause for religious rulers to hammer away at innocent bystanders: the weather.  Whenever the climate goes colder, persecution of witches rises because someone has to be blamed for the foul weather.

holy grail witch scene – YouTube

The logic as far as religious fanatics is concerned is obvious.  The god or gods are pissed off at humans when the sun spot activity slows down and it gets colder on our little planet.  Since these god creatures are crazy and dangerous, it must be due to human sex activity which must be stopped and the sexual ‘deviants’ punished by humans to appease these strange gods that have sexual hang ups.


Luckily for people running religious operations based on phobic, murderous gods, punishing sex ‘crimes’ means getting to play sadistic, nasty, violent sex on the people who these various gods are angry about.  That is, gods hate humans who love each other but approve greatly sexually torturing these same people as punishment and making them scream and writhe with pain while poking them in various ugly ways.


Religions attract sado-maschists, the sort of children who tear wings off of flies.  These gods the sadists worship constantly threaten humanity with annihilation.  To prevent this, humans must sexually torture each other and hate each other and persecute each other and follow various rigid and often very unnatural rules of behavior.  If we slack off on obeying these many rules, all the planet will be destroyed.


The Pope: he now decides we don’t need to persecute gays and women. Hooray.  But now he wants us to suffer because the planet is colder than during the Minoan Warm Age and even the Medieval Warm Age, but for him, he wants the Little Ice Age again which was incidentally, the era when the most ‘witches’ were burned at the stake precisely because they were blamed for the increasing cold!  This Pope wants to persecute people because…IT IS WARMER!  He believes sincerely that humans are warming the planet and the cure is to make energy more expensive so people freeze in winter again like during the Good Old Witch Burning Days.


So he isn’t sane.  He is as crazy as the previous Popes.  He, like they, believe that foul weather of any sort is the fault of humans.  And that they must be put in their place with the Church, which houses its leaders in palaces with all services and food and money, must live in mud huts and freeze in winter and starve year round.  This Pope simply moved his desire to destroy us for our sins from one itchy topic to another.  But the end result is the same.


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27 responses to “Pope No Longer Will Persecute Gays, Will Persecute ‘Global Warming’ Unbelievers Instead

  1. Jim R

    Elaine, you need a maple seed, to ward off the Inquisitors!

    I think I explained it already, but if you have a maple seed, they owe you, bigtime!

    (it’s the Maple Seed Rebellion)

  2. Seraphim

    Bugger! Now people should apologize to the priests who loved little boys! And to the ‘sadists who cooked up various evil tortures that were extremely sexual in nature as well as amazingly painful’, the BDSM ‘community’!

  3. hblinken

    Jorge Mario Bergoglio aka Pope Francis–awarded the highest honor by the ‘Israeli’-settler, Jewish supremacist Bar-Ilan University and praised by the American Jewish Committee as a man who has “won the hearts and minds of many skeptical Jewish religious leaders”–is a Zionist plant and is absurdly pro-Jewish to a fault.

    Indeed, this Pope has declared that Holocaust Revisionism is “madness”, that not recognizing ‘Israel’ as a Jewish ‘state’ is “anti-Semitic”, that “inside every Christian is a Jew”, that Catholics need to stop attempting to convert Jews, and perhaps worst of all, that “a Christian can never be an ‘anti-Semite’, especially because of the Jewish roots of Christianity.”


  4. Melponeme_k

    When a little ice age happens, witches gotta burn. That is why I say and history says.


    Farage tells the EU they never had real jobs.

    And Scotland, Ireland bend over for bigger Slave drivers than England. Talk about cutting off the nose to spite the face. I guess the New Year’s attacks of Muslim radicals on modern women in Germany seems like heaven on earth to these two countries.


  5. Christian W


    Al Qaeda loots power plant in Northern Syria and moves it to Turkey. Lol. Erdogan is not only an Islamist dictator, he is a petty Al Qaeda and ISIS supporting thief.


    More, Erdogan and Netanyahu just became best ISIS supporting buddies.


    They also made a deal to steal Palestinian gas from fields in the Mediterranean Sea.


    Meanwhile, Hezbollah in Lebanon (Muslim) is defending a Christian border town that has been attacked by multiple ISIS suicide bombers. Hezbollah, of course, is branded a terrorist organization by ISIS supporting Israel.

    Following the nine terrorist attacks inside the Maronite Catholic [Christian] town of Al-Qa’a, Hezbollah deployed several commando units to the Ba’albak Highlands to beef up the security around the Lebanese-Syrian border.

    https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/hezbollah-deploys-commando-units-syrian-lebanese-border/ | Al-Masdar News

    Think about that the next time the FBI, or some other agency, let’s some “Islamist” (read Wahhabi Saudi sectarian) terrorist through it’s fingers.

  6. Petruchio

    “…the Pope is an activist. Amazingly, he finally says something sensible!” There is no reason to get excited Elaine. There will be no changes coming from the Pope or the RC Church. As for the Pope changing his stance on gays? The monster is merely changing his disguise. Underneath it is the same monster it always has been.

  7. Shawntoh

    Right on Elaine!

    When the rest of my family left, and when I was alone with my father as he was dying in the hospital due to cancer (he died in 2003) and he was still able to communicate with everyone from his death bed, I thanked him for leaving the Catholic Church. His response?

    He said one of many reasons left the Catholic Church was that he noted that they would NOT let women be priests!

    I was shocked because my father (being born in 1921 in America and culturally German-American reared) was very patriarchal but he was NOT racist and supported civil rights and he and my mother never uttered any racial epithets or held any racist attitudes towards any non-white people.

    While I’m not a part of the United Methodist Church anymore since I left it after being “confirmed” in the church at 13, though my parents weren’t happy with my decision to leave the church, I want nothing to do with organized religion due to the socially accepted insanity that they force on everyone as you have well pointed out, Elaine.

  8. tio

    “Numerous surveys indicate that the proportion of individuals who do not hold religious beliefs is steadily increasing and perhaps now represents the majority of the UK’s population.”

    When priests were pious and loans were recourse ..

    Poor old Percy.

  9. Christian W

    Looks like ISIS had enough of Erdogan’s two faced double dealing. Terrorist attack at Istanbul airport kills tens of people.

    No doubt the MSM will find a way to blame Putin…

  10. tio

    I am a teapot.

  11. Shawntoh

    Elaine, here we have some evidence that you were right all along about climate change.

    Note what the end of the article mentions, the lack of recent sunspots indicates that a mini-ice age is on the way!


  12. emsnews

    Yup. My father warned about this happening just before he died. He was censored. At ‘Whats Up With That’ website, if I mention this information, I am censored by the guy who runs the site because he doesn’t believe the sun controls our climate 100% at all times.

  13. Shawntoh

    Elaine, while I feared you would give that response, I’d rather face up to all this rather than be in denial about it. Life is real only when I can face the truth that people point out to me objectively that I have distorted.

    My deepest condolences to you (and your father) on the censorship and the brutalization of your views to limiting you to the role of being marginalized as a Cassandra-like individual when folks could be considering your views with seriousness and, for the sake of future generations especially, acting on your helpful recommendations and making the practical changes that could make a better future for all of us and all to come after us.

    Here’s some more bad news, I’m afraid, and I wonder what your father would have to say about this change in the jet stream mentioned in this article.

    This recent development comes across to me as being very troubling because I note that the conclusion concerns the aspect of the negative impact on the food supply due to changes noted by scientists in the jet stream.

    Look forward to your response to this development and thanks in advance.


  14. emsnews

    The jet stream did this all the time in the past, it is only in the last several dozen years we could track it.. And yes, we are going into a change in climate again, this is part of the 30 year cycle.

  15. Jim R

    If we couldn’t track it, how do we know it did this in the past?

    (heh, heh)

  16. Lou

    Elaine, I believe it is ‘Watts up with that’, yes?

    meanwhile in yr area–sort of,

    Ms Winfrey of new Haven CT being torn apart by dogs, and then dying …
    The dogs were American Bulldog Mix (mixed with what I don’t know, probably Pit Bulls)

    The owner of the dogs is named Dr. Hamilton Hicks, a Yale professor of Psychiatric Medicine. He is indeed a ‘Brotha’, which I suspected when the media didn’t run a photo of him. If he was white it would have been front page news, specially since Ms Winfrey, was black. That’s how it works in the US media, 2016.

    That’s not the end of the story. Professor Hicks will not be prosecuted for his dogs killing that woman, but he was bit as well in the attack, and at the emergency room staff found 2 pockets full of crack cocaine … a distinguished Yale professor of psychiatric medicine with 2 pocketfuls of crack cocaine. That’s what he is being arrested for.

    don’t send your kids to Yale, save $70,000 per year. Its a waste of money. Yale has been surrounded by the Ghetto for decades, now it is part of the Ghetto. Send them instead to South Bronx Community College; its free, and they will get the same ‘inner city’ experience.[via Kunstlers blog]

  17. emsnews

    NEW HAVEN — A 53-year-old woman who was mauled by two dogs last week has died, and the pets have been scheduled to be put to death, police said.

    No charges related to Jocelyn G. Winfrey’s death are planned for the dogs’ owner, Officer David Hartman said Tuesday.

    The owner, Dr. Hamilton Hicks — a resident psychiatrist with Yale Medical School — had licenses for the dogs, which were within a fenced-in area on June 20, the day of the attack. Winfrey was attacked at Hicks’ house on Ella T. Grasso Boulevard.

    “There was nothing illegal about the dogs,” Hartman said. “There was nothing illegal about where they were.”

    The dogs, Nomad and Pirate, are American bulldogs, according to the city’s Municipal Animal Control Officer Joseph Manganiello.

    Hicks, 36, has been arrested on a charge that police say appears to be unrelated to the attack: He had three bags of crack cocaine in his possession at the time of the mauling, Hartman said. He was charged with possession of narcotics and was released on a promise to appear in Superior Court in New Haven on July 1. His status at Yale could not be determined early Tuesday afternoon.

    The attack happened about 5:45 p.m. at 1519 Ella T. Grass Boulevard. Hicks told police that he and Winfrey had walked into the fenced-in area of his property of his property when both of his dogs turned on her and attacked.

  18. emsnews

    So, this clown was with his dogs and escorting this poor woman and his dogs attacked her? Good lord. It is insane!

    The story goes on: The neighbor, Brian Wingate, said he used a broom to try to help Winfrey. Neighborhood children threw rocks over the fence at the dogs, and one even threw a trash can.

    Hicks lay on top of Winfrey in an attempt to keep the dogs off her, but they started biting him, Wingate said.

    “The owner tried to protect her. He laid over her. He was trying to protect her,” he said.

    When police arrived, they found Hicks trembling, covered in dirt and blood, Hartman said. He had been able to get one of the dogs inside the house; he told officers the other was in the fenced-in yard.

  19. emsnews

    Yes, he is a young black male and graduated from U of Miami, the Party School. And yes, Yale hired him! HAHAHA. Graduated only two years ago. He also had THREE bags of crack on him! Yikes. And the two dogs were males which is highly dangerous. He was obviously very low on the ‘Dog Totem Pole’. Not an Alpha.

  20. emsnews


    The photos of the two killer dogs clearly shows they are PIT BULL dogs! Long legs, for example. Pit bull dogs and bull dogs are only 100 years apart in breeding, they came from the same 19th century british bull baiting stock.

  21. Petruchio

    “The story goes on: The neighbor, Brian Wingate, said he used a broom to try to help Winfrey. Neighborhood children threw rocks over the fence at the dogs, and one even threw a trash can.” Too bad nobody in this story is a gun owner. I’ll wager a guess and say that one slug each from a .357 Magnum would have stopped those vicious dogs. I can assure you that that type of option IS available in or near the Petruchio homestead. I certainly do NOT advocate violence, but in a life threatening situation such as the one described, it seems justified, imho.

  22. emsnews

    Putting down dogs is easy for us, too. when one of our bulls, the real one ton guys, broke his leg, we put him down with a shot to the head. A sad day for us, we loved Chips.

  23. Petruchio

    There are too many idiots out there who think it is perfectly OK to have vicious, unstable dogs who can turn on their owners–or other humans–to not be ready to protect yourself if need be.

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