Brave Brittany Pettibone’s Tommy Robinson Interview That Bilderberg Gang Tried To Stop

European Parliament on Right-Wingers Banned From UK – Lauren’s arrest to prevent her from entering Britain to interview Tommy Robinson.


As more and more countries build walls and raise fences to keep out terrorists and interlopers, the fake liberals who obey the Bilderberg gang demand no walls, not controls on terrorists.  I want everyone to see Tommy Robinson, the bravest man in England who is defying the Bilderberg gang in Europe, he talks about how they tried to break him in prison for ‘wrongthink’.  We are in the middle of a Kultur Kampf of epic proportions.  The left wants to impose pure Maoism on us and that is literal hell.


Pakistan Is Building a Wall to Keep Out Terrorists: ‘Simplest Solution in the History of the World’


The wall is not concrete, but consists of a comprehensive border system that includes two layers of 12-feet-tall barbed-wire fencing, surveillance cameras, solar lights, an intrusion detection system, and hundreds of manned forts and thousands of observation posts. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.


Another difficulty has been the lack of cooperation — and capacity — from Afghan officials. Afghanistan does not formally accept the border, and has resisted any formal demarcation.


Like Mexico, Afghanistan wants no borders.  Look at how liberals are attacking Trump over this very issue.  They need illegal aliens to vote illegally in our elections here.  Mexicans here even boast about voting in both Mexico and the USA but then Israeli Jews do this, too.


Both are wrong.  People who become citizens of the US are supposed to cease being citizens of other states and become Americans.  Now, the DNC wants this ended and have dual citizens who hate the country, our political system and want dictatorship by foreign powers.  In a nutshell, what the Bilderberg gang wants.


FBI Was Monitoring Florida Muslim Teen Who Stabbed Boy to Death in Name of Islam, Did Nothing to Stop Him for a Year: this news is infuriating.  Over and over again, we learn that someone who was obviously planning to terrorize this nation were let loose.  This began in 1963 when the CIA let a military man, Oswald, to defect to Russia, marry a Russian woman and then come back to the US to assassinate our President.


I knew way back then that this was ridiculous.  Anyone doing what Oswald did would be under very strict watch.  When I was a teenager, the government spied on me, tapped my phone, etc.  Why didn’t they do that with Oswald a mere four years earlier?


The huge spy superstate is ten times bigger now…and their ability to flag down and stop obvious terrorists is nearly 100% useless.  That is, they always fail.  But they are great at spying on citizens who say things the Bilderberg gang hates.


This is a thousand times worse in Europe where no one has any basic civil rights.  Tommy Robinson’s story illustrates how evil this socialist state situation is and why is is so dangerous to basic civil rights.


Tommy Robinson of British fame for confronting violent Muslim men in Luton and London, here he talks about how the entire State systems united in investigating everything and everyone around him.  Arresting family members and interrorating them, desperately seeking to find some financial flaws in Tommy’s business, seizing his assets and other forms of torment which mirror exactly what the Soviet Union did to any dissidents who dared to talk about reality:

The Tommy Robinson Interview That Got Brittany Pettibone Banned From The U.K. – YouTube


This video was made outside of Britain!  He and the reporter, Brittany Pettibone, was made in Austria because Brittany was arrested and held illegally when she came to Britain with a proper passport.


All this mirrors the Soviet Union exactly.  The deal with the people of Britain is, you get ‘socialism’ with a smiling face but Tommy has shown that the smiling face is a snarling wolf which attacks anyone who disputes any issues.  This wolf hates many Brits who voted for Brexit and it dearly wishes to teach these pesky citizens a hard lesson.


This man was put in prison for ‘wrongspeak’.  When in prison, the State put him with the roughest prisoners who were allowed to attack him relentlessly.  I come from a rather hideous and brutal background, too.  It changed me greatly and I ended up ‘the Housewife from Hell’ as the Daily News called me.


One either breaks or becomes heroically stronger when repeatedly attacked.  One either gives up or learns how to sail through hell.  I greatly admire Tommy Robinson.  He has learned how to fight in one of the deadliest duels: a battle against the entire Bilderberg gang. They are the ones orchestrating his repeated torture and his repeated battles as he wrestles with one of the ugliest monsters to be hatched by civilizations.


Here is one comment at Black Pigeon Speaks:


1st Amendment anyone…THIS is why we bled at Valley Forge and pummeled the British at Yorktown. THIS is why we have the 2nd Amendment and the Bill of Rights. Tyranny is raising it’s head in England. The plague of Islam has wormed it’s way into that country and fears free speech. Thanks BPS for all you do!


Right now, this very minute, all the SJW creeps in California are conspiring to prevent free speech by attacking anyone to the right of Mad Madame Mao and censoring them all.  A number of people are now suing Google and You Tube because of this blatantly political censorship.


This is an epic battle which is why I talk about it so much.  This is life and death.  The destruction of Europe is now vast and hideous to watch.  No one has any speech rights whatsoever.  Period.  NONE.  People are being arrested and charged every day for violating some censorship rule, rules that are not specific but very general.


Namely, in all these socialist states, anyone who steps over invisible lines triggers instant attack from the State.  This is exactly how the USSR was run.  People are finally waking up in Europe and fighting back which is why Poland is now being targetted by the Real Rulers who are furious that the People of Poland are refusing to host violent invaders who hate their culture and religion.

Working Class Hero – John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band – YouTube


Remember: anyone can be arrested for anything.  When I was a political power as a crazy teenager, I was arrested for jay walking!  The charges were dropped but they tried to get me on inciting a riot but that was dropped because even the cops said I did all I could to not egg on a riot.


Like Tommy, I realized the only way to survive was to keep a sharp eye on the politicians, not the police or others, the politicians were the key and that is who I fought in NYC and because they, not I, were all criminals, we got them arrested and put in prison or the grave.


It is not easy.  It is highly dangerous doing this sort of thing.  Tommy is a real hero, I could use the Constitution when duelling with the political powers.  They had to back down thanks to my lawyers.  Tommy has zero civil rights, no one in England has any because they don’t have free speech.


Anyone saying the ‘wrong thing’ can be arrested, harrassed, humiliated and bankrupted by the State.  This is disgusting, stupid and nasty.  The Internet is Freedom Radio, Radio Free Europe.  And this is why the left in the USA want to shut it down.  It is already under communist control in China.  They want that here, too.  These evil people are Maoists, after all.


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12 responses to “Brave Brittany Pettibone’s Tommy Robinson Interview That Bilderberg Gang Tried To Stop

  1. Melponeme_k

    The elites are not communist, capitalists, progressives, liberals, fascists or any other hopped up title they use to confuse the masses.

    I say again and again. These elites are Religious ZEALOTS. Everyone points out the evils of fanatical Islam, Christianity and Judaism but NO ONE ever discusses the religious insanity that our elites follow. All the tenets of every political insanity have their roots in this unspoken religion.

    Letting in millions of violent illegal aliens into Europe and the US is a MESSIANIC RELIGIOUS idea.

    Of what religion are these elites? Satanic? I’m beginning to question the Satanist angle. What I think is that there are two levels. The over arching elite heads are Luciferian which is a concept that really has no equivalent in regular religions. These elites are Astro-theological. They look to the heavens as proof of God’s existence. In this star religion, Venus or Lucifer is their most steadfast guide. It shines day and night, it represents the biggest influence on this planet. They believe that each planet is a titan with influences on earth due to their size, orbit paths and frequencies.

    Under these people are the Satanists and the Luciferians cynically use them to conduct the rituals needed to influence the energies of everyone on this planet.

    If there is an equivalent of their religion we can understand, that would Gnosticsm which is based in Neo-Platonism along with various other religious ideas.

    In this video, Manly P Hall discusses all the elite pet project ideas that include conservation, communism and one world religion. They always tell us what they think and plan.

  2. People who worship power are all Satanists. If they love money more than civil rights, if they want slaves and not free people, if they want power and glory while others die for them, they are one thing and one thing only: EVIL.

  3. Melponeme_k

    Of course they are all evil. But their creeds are varying. The over arching elite think they know the real god and have the real religion. They are illuminated and we are cave people.

  4. Tom W Harris

    The elites have no beliefs at all except that they don’t need us anymore. So they’re going to kill most of us. They’ll just spare enough of us to”fun the machines and do the paperwork” as George Carlin said. And as automation ramps up, they’l; need very few of us.

  5. Tom W Harris

    run the machines

  6. And Asimov wrote about that over 60 years ago. The Rulers of Solaria did exactly that and the planet ended up run by robots and zero humans.

  7. melponeme_k

    AI computers are a myth. A predictive programming fairy tale started by Asimov and pals. All of whom were funded by the CIA. The CIA ran all the early Sci-Fi magazines etc. Culture creation is the bulwark of control for the elite. That is why everyone must examine the ideas and concepts given to them through mass media in all its forms.

    The elites have very strong belief systems. That is why they do what they do. Not one of them is an atheist. Think about that for awhile.

  8. Lou

    Off topic, the 2 youths against guns are cousins.
    Crisis actors, being paid, Id assume,

  9. Mel, Asimov was WARNING us about the stuff our Real Rulers want.

  10. Lou

    As did George Orwell and many others.

    Now, even the Pope is whining about AGW.

    Obama said ‘Global Warming is our biggest threat.’

  11. melponeme_k


    Asimov was involved with the Hubbard, OTO, Theosophical crowd that were at the heart of the Science Fiction genre as we know it today.

    AI is a fairy tale. But the elites will sell us the idea that they have AI. Just so we won’t question the computers that will be in charge of our lives. If computers run anything, they will always have a first rule coded to them by the HIDDEN HAND. And that hand will be HUMAN.


    Orwell was part of the system. He was part of the Fabian society the same as HG Wells. Check out the Fabian Society, it will make your hair stand on end. Orwell wrote about what he knew.

    Fiction for many years was the earliest Mind Control project in human history. The elites made sure to police it so that it portrayed the history and fiction THEY wanted told. Lucky for us, they think they have to tell us what they are doing. Read any NWO biography or auto-biography, they crow about what they do.

    Interesting PDF link.

    Click to access Science%20Fiction%20and%20the%20Hidden%20Global%20Agenda%20-%202016%20Edition%20-%20Vol%201.pdf

  12. Everyone was in that group including my mother. I was the troublemaker for I was the one that was supposed to ‘foresee’ stuff and it backfired because I really could ‘see’ the future and they hated this like all humans.

    HAHAHA. This is why, when a mere child, I studied closely the myth of Cassandra. It depressed me greatly so I decided at age 11, that I would laugh at all this folly.

    And so it is: NO ONE wants to know the future! No one!!! It drives them nuts. And yes, I knew Asimov and he sided with me in these raging disputes I had with the magicians. He believed me. But this happened in 1978. That is when he decided to take my side.

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