Syria And Russia Shot Down Most NATO Missiles: High Level Defenses For WWIII

The British Daily Mail goes full warmongering, of course.  Britain’s rulers hate Trump with a passion and didn’t invite him over, not even now.  Trump doesn’t understand this won’t change with him cooperating in these stupid war games.


Refusing to wait for a proper investigation of the ‘chemical attack’ in Syria, even as the UN was discussing this matter, England, France and the US decided to do a sneak attack on Syria.  Syria and Russia were expecting this due to the US and NATO EU nations doing this last year the exact same way.  Russia now has the right to accuse NATO of an illegal attack on a sovereign nation.  Trump went along, yet again, with this nonsense, hoping the Bilderberg gang won’t destroy him.  Instead, he signed his own destruction by alienating his own voter base.


Since mainstream US news is utterly useless, I go to Russian news which is independent of any major power, they have a vested interest in reporting real news right now and yes, this is very interesting news and I bet no one at the Pentagon will understand this news story because they are deliberately dumb.  Syria intercepted many of 100+ missiles launched at its civilian, military objects – Russia — RT World News


The majority of rockets fired in Syria by the UK, US, and France were intercepted by Syrian air defense systems, the Russian Defense Ministry said. Russian air defense units were not involved in repelling the attack.


Two points here: Russia didn’t have to fight NATO.  This is good diplomacy, Russia can now go to the UN and accuse NATO of attacking Russians in Syria while Russia didn’t fight back.


The second point is, Syria could defend itself thanks to help from Russia.  This means Iran can do the same and Israel/Saudi/NATO dreams of bombing the hell out of Iran is now dead unless these lunatics don’t heed reality.


The warplanes and vessels of the US and its allies launched over 100 cruise missiles and air-surface missiles on Syrian civil and military facilities, the ministry stated.


Note the word ‘CIVIL.’  This means they lobbed missiles into cities.  Using the excuse of a handful of people killed by ‘chemicals’ of unknown origin means butchering thousands inside cities in retaliation: this is a war crime.


The strikes were conducted by two US ships stationed in the Red Sea, with tactical air support from the Mediterranean and Rockwell B-1 Lancer bombers from Al-Tanf coalition airbase in Syria’s Homs province, according to the statement.


The stupidity of all this is now obvious: neither Russia nor Syria chose to destroy these ships.  Again: at the UN this will stand in stark contrast to NATO aggression.


Syrian Al-Dumayr Military Airport, located 40 km north-east from Damascus, was attacked by 12 cruise missiles, the Russian MoD confirmed, adding that all missiles were intercepted by Syrian air defense systems.


Putin and his generals are going over the information with extreme interest. This tells them that they can destroy Europe and the USA in minutes in WWIII while both will be unable to hit Russia as much.


To repel the attack, Damascus deployed Soviet-made surface-to-air missile systems, including S-125 (NATO reporting name: SA-3 Goa), S-200 (SA-5 Gammon), 2K12 Kub (SA-6 Gainful) and Buk.


Russia did not deploy its air defense systems located in Syria to intercept the American, British, and French missiles.


This is a deliberate test to see if handing over these systems to Syria works.  It did work.


Earlier, the ministry issued a statement saying that none of the missiles launched by the US and its allies reached the Russian air defense zones that shield facilities in the port city of Tartus and Khmeimim Air Base.


If all this is true, Russia just won WWIII.  Stupid people might ignore this victory but I know exactly what it means.  It is also an advertisement to all nations being menaced by the Bilderberg gang…like CHINA…who has the best equipment for major wars.  India will be sniffing around, too.  And Pakistan.


Furthermore, Russia’s retalitory systems for WWIII lie hidden deep inside Russia.  All of these are set to fly over the Arctic to hit North America.  This resetting of the Cold War was a Bilderberg gang operation.  So welcome to reality, you lunatic idiots!  There is no way in hell any NATO missiles from Europe would disturb Russia now.


That was the plan: to hit Russia first, from Europe.  I wonder if millions of Europeans will march to demand an end to the warmongering by their rulers?  Nope…they march against ‘global warming’ which has utterly vanished.  The high temperatures for the next three days here in the Northeast are going to be BELOW freezing!  Mid April and below freezing during the day?  Global warming is long gone.


Here is how the Bilderberg gang views this military defeat:

The New York Times admits…and thinks they are punishing Trump by featuring this in their headlines, that he wanted to LIMIT US military involvement, not increase it.  To everyone ragging on Trump for doing what he is ordered to do: you try defying the Bilderberg gang and their massive propaganda machinery!


I know how harsh that world is…I often say, the prohibition on mentioning my name or actions has been a cloak that protected me all my long life.  Anyone in the spotlight has a hellish time if the gang hates their victim!


Right now, Assange is being prepared to be handed over to the Bilderberg gang in London to be abused in public.  This will backfire, badly!   


We are all sick and tired of females crying ‘rape’ long after having consensual sex with men.  I have seen this, first hand.  I am a real rape victim.  There are physical scars.  I had to be operated on twice due to damage from the rape!  There is no way Assange can be put in prison due to this fake rape…unless Britain really wants to ape dictatorships of the most evil sort like, say, Saudi Arabia.

The New York Times celebrates this war crime (as always) boasting about how great it is.  Then the second story by Ben admits these stupid strike ‘muddle the mix’.  That is Bilderberg talk for ‘we f..cked up.’  Since no one in Syria, not one Russian, not one Syrian, counterattacked, this means NATO committed yet another war crime.


This shows the high level of intelligence and control in Moscow.  Putin will not be spooked.  He is playing the Long Game.  He knows NATO is utterly unable to run another World War.  He knows they are fatally weak.  They are now under sustained attack from a vast army of millions of angry Muslim males who hate Europe, hate Christians, hate Jews, want revenge for all the wars that destroy their home states.


This huge army is congealing into a major force and is prepared to teach Europe a harsh lesson in how real history works.  This is a concerted invasion enabled by treasonous globalists who hope to use Muslims as tools for world domination.


This insane project is going to cause an internal battle inside NATO.  Already, Turkey is leading the millions of Muslims in Europe to fight NATO.  Last year, going into Syria to bomb facilities based on lies about chemical weapons, Turkey was on the side of NATO.


This year, Turkey is against NATO!  Turkey is now an ally of Russia and Syria!!!  How insane is this present bombing when looked at strategically: it is ridiculously stupid.



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64 responses to “Syria And Russia Shot Down Most NATO Missiles: High Level Defenses For WWIII

  1. Floridasandy

    Trump needs a lot of immediate blowback from us. It’s not our war and he promised America first.

    Erdogan is appearing more like a tyrant however and that doesn’t make Assad look good. Birds of a feather flock together

  2. Why do tyrants happen? I recall some entity called the CIA and NATO attacked Erdogan with guns, tanks and other war weapons and Russia saved him from a paramilitary coup.

  3. Christian W

    These S-200, and other air defense systems, are old Soviet stuff. They still work. Now Russia is going to give Syria and Iran much more modern air defenses. Pantsir S-1, S-300 and S-400. Hopefully they will give Lebanon some too, that would drive the Israelis into frothing rage.

    I don’t think the US, UK, France strikes targeted Russian installations. The French say they coordinated with Russia, the Pentagon says they did not. The evidence seems to be the AngloZionists stayed well outside areas Russia said to stay away from.

    Also Damascus itself was attacked. Just a few days after the terrorist bombs from Ghouta stopped falling on Damascus the US took up the slack.

    Putin was not spooked. He knew this attack was moronic and self-defeating. The trick for him was to avoid getting hit so he would have had to respond with force against NATO and start WWIII. He did this, for now. But there is only so much he can do. When the level of crazy in the US, UK and French governments gets out of hand totally then all bets are off.

    As for Erdogan and Turkey. Erdogan is a complete tyrant and Muslim Brotherhood fanatic. He and his followers are the real Islamists Elaine is talking about above. He is no friend of Russia or Syria. Russia just prefer to have him out of the NATO loop for damage control. Truth is nobody has done more damage to Syria than Erdogan and his Islamist thugs (FSA & ISIS) in this war. That is why Putin keeps him on a short leash. Erdogan is still supporting Islamists in Syria, but Putin has confined them to the North of Syria close to the border to Turkey.

    Assad’s Syria, like Lebanon, is much more European than Islamist, which is why the ‘moderate headchoppers’ (still directly supported by Erdogan), and Trump, is trying to destroy it.

  4. melponeme_k

    I’m not writing off Trump yet. The minute he loses his public is the minute they can do away with him.

    The man told Russia outright that the Bilderbergs planned to carpet bomb. And what do you know? The Russians were ready with anti-missile defenses.

    Trump is playing cat and mouse with the biggest criminals on the planet if not in history. If he could have attacked them full on, he would have done so already. He can’t do it. So he has to lead them around and wait for openings.

    Putin knows that Trump is in an armed camp. It is in his and his country’s best interest to keep a level head. Also there are hidden Bilderbergs in his country as well. He also has his hands full.

  5. Jim R

    Thanks @melponeme, for that.

    Trump is still the president, and he is the focus of endless “he needs to ___” essays, rants, speeches, and remarks from everywhere. And I suspect he will get the blame for the economic collapse that has been in the works since at least the Bill Clinton administration.

    It is going to be hard to drain the swamp, since the reptiles have been running it for most of our long lives. As Elaine mentioned in a recent thread, at least since they got away with the JFK assassination. Trump probably has insignt into the details of 911 as well. After all, he was a big real estate guy in NYC when it happened.

    But he can’t just come out and start arresting the perps, since he is completely surrounded by them in Congress and the Judiciary, as well as the MIC, the spook agencies and the “news” media.

  6. Look, people think ‘leaders’ run countries. They do not. They are run by various inside and outside forces. This can lead to great violence called ‘revolutions’ and ‘coups’ as well as ‘wars’.

    Many schemes cooked by elites backfire. This happens a great deal due to these clowns being mere humans. They secretly practice BLACK MAGIC to make things happen which makes it worse, no sane person looking at the history of gods would imagine humans can control gods.

    Gods tend to be Death Gods (Watchers). These creatures think humans are very funny and love to toy with them. Outwitting these entities is difficult. Why humans want to be associated with Death Gods has irritated me all my long life.

  7. Pete

    RT news:

    Lavrov: Swiss lab says ‘BZ toxin’ used in Salisbury, not produced in Russia, was in US & UK service

    OPCW did not report this detail!

  8. Jim R

    This insane project is going to cause an internal battle inside NATO. Already, Turkey is leading the millions of Muslims in Europe to fight NATO. Last year, going into Syria to bomb facilities based on lies about chemical weapons, Turkey was on the side of NATO.

    This year, Turkey is against NATO! Turkey is now an ally of Russia and Syria!!! How insane is this present bombing when looked at strategically: it is ridiculously stupid.

    Absolutely, Elaine! On a global scale, this is a strategic blunder and an abject failure and defeat. This has been coming ever since the coup against Erdogan failed. They might as well dissolve NATO on Monday morning, but in reality it will probably be reduced to a ceremonial role, they can march around Brussels in those spiffy nazi uniforms and pretend..

    I don’t recall where I saw it, maybe on the MoA blog, but the NATO base at Incirlik is already being vacated. Supposedly there have been big transport planes moving weapons and equipment out of the place, and not flying in replacements.

    These continuing strategic blunders have turned old enemies into allies across Asia. The Russians are making deals with, and joining the economies of China, Turkey, Iran, etc. all of which have religious, language, cultural, and even racial differences going back to ancient prehistory…

  9. ziff

    U are so lucky to have Trump , the show last night did very little harm , like the first attack they are designed to appease the war mongers , who seem easily appeased.

  10. Jim R

    One last thought — about Trump.

    I’m not a fan of his, could never stand to watch his TV show, and don’t care for his ‘managerial style’.

    But the greatest thing he is doing for America, and here’s hoping he keeps it up, is to shine a light into the dark corners of all these machinations. Obama was such a skilled huckster and glib liar that he worked perfectly with all the hateful deadly machinery of empire.

    Now with Trump, the media can’t even ridicule one of his tweets without also exposing the deep state / shadow government. And this is a wonderful effect. Even the average people watching network news are becoming aware that these are not wild Alex Jones type theories, but really how the system works!

  11. Moe

    Paul Craig Roberts

    I don’t usually pay much attention to PCR, but his latest missive is interesting.

  12. Syrian troops celebrate Russian missiles intercepting NATO missiles. And yes, this is actually a defeat of NATO. By refusing to follow the rules at the UN, they have shot themselves in the foot. Putin is laughing.

  13. Sunger

    Here is what “The Burning Platform” says about this-

    “Fuck all you Trump apologists and your worship of this fucking asshole. Now let me know how this is another brilliant move in his master plan to take down the Deep State. You naive dumfuks have been had by your beloved Q. I hope the fucking Russians teach our hubristic arrogant Deep State president a lesson. How do you feel now dupes?”

  14. Moe

    Just because The Burning Platform is a scumbag, sleazeball, soft porno website doesn’t mean that the author is wrong. (sarc)

    Trump could very well be ‘one of them’ but he could also be, as Elaine projects, besieged on every side and having to cave in to some demands to maintain his own momentum and of course, keep living.

    Should Trump turn out to be a Judas Goat or alternatively sell out his base, it could make for a very interesting reaction by his voter bloc. What will happen once they realize there is no genuine recourse at the voter booth?

    TBP is just another of those blogs that are incapable of interpreting any event or sequence of events in depth and alternative interpretation. Nuance is foreign to their vocabulary and conceptualization.

  15. shawntoh

    Elaine, it’s like you said to me recently about THE GATES OF DEATH. No, folks, I’m not talking about Mr. Gates and his horrible MS Operating systems that leads us there– no…

    Now Trump is racking up a huge Karmic debt, I fear, and meanwhile, here’s what I have to also say, on a related topic about a certain former Secretary of State who is setting a bad example for future women who want to influence America in service to our country–

    “The only reasonable thing for Ms. H. Clinton to do at this time to turn herself in at the ICC (which is the International Criminal Court). [Please see

    Why do I say this–? Maybe if she finally confesses and comes clean and throws herself at the mercy of the court, they may let her commit all her riches to help people who are poor and she must be of service to humanity to get rid of her delusional egoism by working the rest of her life like some female saint living on a low income and helping those less fortunate than her.

    Otherwise, she will PAY AFTER this life is over with– I don’t care what your specific spiritual beliefs are or what the categories (Christian, Muslim, Judaism, Buddhism, and so on).

    IMHO, it’s like this– A the Gates of Death, she will be held accountable and it’s gonna be bad news for her– no one, not even God, nor the Devil, or anyone else can undo the objective evil she had wrought upon humans in the past, the present, and let’s hope, NEVER again, in the future.


  16. The Gates of Death have two entrances: one for the powerful and one for the poor. The rest of us get to choose which Gate to enter when we leave this pleasant land of ours.

    I am very happy with my life, I had to go the hard road, not the easy road.

    As for me explaining the business of Trump NOT being a Bilderberg member: good lord! This is still top secret, namely, who is a Bilderberg gangster! They meet in secret and do NOT tell Trump what they are doing, no way in hell.

    So I do not blame him for being snookered by them all. He is what I call a ‘normal citizen’ who isn’t part of the CIA/Deep State/NSA/Pentagon/Skull and Bones/Bohemian Grove Club, etc. members.

    BTW, members of my clan were in the Bohemian Grove Club in California, it was founded by people who came West early on but who were not Spaniards.

    My family did all the black magic stuff! This is why we came to the New World and avoided Boston like the plague hundreds of years ago.

  17. As for blaming Trump for picking warmongers for the military positions: what on earth was he going to do there? If Rand Paul won the Presidency, I know they would have simply up and killed him and then ordered a general massacre of citizens to teach us a lesson.

    And we have only one course right now: to keep backing people like Rand Paul over and over again until this either wins or civil war breaks out. Look at the election maps: nearly all the non-DNC cities were for Trump in a huge way.

  18. Christian W

    Re: Erdogan and Turkey.

    Let me emphasize again that Turkey and Syria are enemies. Nobody has done more harm to Syria than Erdogan’s Turkey. Turkey occupies large parts of Northern Syria and Erdogan’s Islamist thugs have looted the Northern part of Syria’s Aleppo clean of anything useful, such as heavy industrial machinery. Pre-war Aleppo was Syria’s industrial center.

    Also don’t forget Erdogan made $billions selling Syrian oil stolen by ISIS to Israel and NATO.

    Over 1000 oil trucks on the ISIS-Turkey route.

    Hundreds more.

    Putin bombed the hell out of these.


    ELAINE: Christian, stop with the fake or OLD news. That was last year’s alliances. This year, Russia, Assad and Erdogan are united. I marvel as to how you refuse to read or worse, can’t understand basic information here. Spreading false stuff about what I post is very, very irritating and I will begin censoring you when you misrepresent things like you deliberately do here.

  19. Christian W

    As for the FUKUS strike on Syria.

    It was not only a win, but a clear Strategic victory for Russia and Syria. It proved that (among other things):

    1. US Gun Boat diplomacy is, if not dead in the water, at least on it’s very last legs.

    2. Only defenseless nations are easy targets

    3. Russian military technology is, in many areas, far superior to NATO (albeit still too limited in extent)

    4. The Pentagon actually did not dare cross Russia and limited it’s strikes according to Russian dictates. Of course General Dunford could not admit this publicly. At least some people with brains are still in involved at the Pentagon but…

    5. The Pentagon must have known this strike was entirely pointless and illegal, yet still they went on and followed criminal orders.

    6. You can rationalize this any way you want, but reality is the US is now officially ISIS’ and Daesh’s Air Force. The Islamist terrorists were extremely disappointed with the inefficiency of the attack.

    6. North Korea would be mad to disarm. Kim needs to keep developing his nuclear forces, OR, have China and Russia stand in as guarantors if he is prepared to give up NK sovereignty for Korean unification under Chinese/Russian stewardship (with the US forces leaving once and for all).

    7. The strikes unified the Syrian people even more. Even those native ‘rebels’ close to the Islamist camps see that you cannot trust the AngloZionists and a healthy unified Syria is preferable to a Libya scenario. Only to the complete lunatics and paid foreigners want to destroy Syria completely. Already some hard core fighters, native to Ghouta, joined the Syrian Arab Army’s forces.

  20. melponeme_k

    @Shawntoh and Elaine

    The elites know about judgement. They KNOW and they STILL go about their business. Why? FAITH. Their FAITH is that strong that they are convinced they are on the right path. As far as they are concerned, if a few of them have to take on Karmic debt to create the world in the image their god wants, well then they will take on as much debt as needed.

    They are convinced that to raise the rest of us up to the heavens, they need to subject us to the torture of the elements of the Alchemical Nigredo. The fires of suffering need to engulf us until we change our behavior. We change our behavior, their behavior will change. The next phase will begin.

    If we all collectively eschewed greed, lying, nepotism, addiction and cheating (myriad of other sins), it would be impossible for the elite to do what they do now. IMPOSSIBLE. Little actions count. I can attest to it. I’ve been actively trying to change my own behavior. To be more generous, to be more forgiving, accepting, compassionate and understanding. My default towards anger is something I continually struggle against. But I have to say, everyone around me has changed. People smile brighter and relax a bit more in my presence. They are more willing to talk and be themselves. And it isn’t because I’m now some kind of saint but because I’ve stopped constantly looking for fault in other people. Change is possible and it starts with the self. Then Justice will begin to prevail.

  21. Sunger

    Moe said- “Just because The Burning Platform is a scumbag, sleazeball, soft porno website doesn’t mean that the author is wrong. (sarc)”

    You are wrong wrong wrong.

    I don’t agree with them on most things but Jim Quinn is more in the mold of a conservative catholic than any sleazball, etc. And i hate conservative catholics. But he is right on some things.

    They are, in fact, way way WAY too religious.

    so you are full of baloney.

  22. Christian W

    If we all collectively eschewed greed, lying, nepotism, addiction and cheating (myriad of other sins)

    This is why Western civilization, especially the dominant American ‘culture’ swamping most of the West, is built on the bedrock of the mentioned sins, and therefore like to destroy our beautiful planet. Marketing is aimed at triggering responses to make us Consume more etc. for no other reason than the PROFIT motive (Capitalism).

    As you say, genuine spirituality is the anti-dote, not some facile New Age perversion of the real thing pushing Egoic fantasies, but genuine acceptance and Love (nobody can tell you what it is, you have to find out for yourself). The Elites are trying to warp this, as everything, and push us into Guilt (Global Warming eg), Fear, Shame, Anger, Despondency etc (Inferiority Complex) or Spiritual Mastery (Superiority Complex). Then they win again because we are back in the loop of Ego.

  23. Christian W

    @ Mel

    Speaking of Judgement:

    From the Economist cover 2017

  24. Nani

    A sigh of relief for now.. but for how long?

    Citing President Trump, Haley said that if Syria uses poison gas again, the US is “locked and loaded” to strike Syria again.

    “When our president draws a red line, our president enforces the red line,” she said in reference to Trump.

  25. Christian W

    Yes, when the Islamist terrorists need US air support all they need to do is cook of a chemical attack, there have been several real ones on SAA troops, or a fake media White Helmet hoas one and Agent Orange in the WH will order the US Navy to send in the bombs. Can’t have chemical attacks now can we.

  26. Mewswithaview

    What are the British and French leadership so interested in this? There may be domestic political issues they need to distract from but most likely they are at the end of Russian gas pipelines. From 2012:

    Syria’s Pipelineistan war

    They must surely realise that Assad has won this conflict so what is the motive for it’s extension? Do the chickenhawks in Washington want to avoid another Vietnam style defeat?

  27. This is all about ISRAEL and SAUDI ARABIA. Assad is not a Sunni Muslim, he is Alawad. The Sunnis are at war with all other Muslim groups which is why they are at war with Iran which is not Sunni, either.

    This is a religious war. The Jews don’t want Syria supporting the Palestinians, for example.

    Losing sight of these two entities and their deepest desires fools people into thinking the US and Europe are doing this for other reasons. There are no other real reasons, it is entirely and totally due to rich Sunnis and rich Jews wanting this and using the media and the internet to do this.

  28. Nani

    This warms my heart. Proud, brave Americans who says no to war and imperialism.

  29. Christian W

    The attack on Syria also about desperately needed money for France and the UK and US elites (the MIC), more power and money for Saudi Arabia and more power, land and water + oil and gas for Israel.

    The West needs Petrodollars in their banks and in the pockets of the corrupt elites and their servants (media, think tanks, MIC).

    Most of the Syrian government’s arrmy are SUNNI…

    It’s NOT a religious war. That is only propaganda from NATO, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Remember the Islamists are ALL fighting for democracy, freedom and human rights, right?

    All the talk about Caliphates, and virgins in heaven, and restoring Ottoman glory, is simply talk for simple minds. Same with declaring Israel the land for the Chosen people.

  30. Christian W

    Trump is using the Saudi desperation to survive as a business idea to sell more arms to Saudi and use up old US weapons stock. All good for business.

    War is the American business model.

  31. Christian W

    So: This is all about the US, UK, France with ISRAEL and SAUDI ARABIA. ie the AngloZionists.

  32. Jim R

    I just ran across this … 200 or so special ops from the US and UK were arrested in east Ghouta a couple weeks ago …

    According to the analyst, the UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) used in the area to attack Russian bases had Chinese processors and the Chinese could get hold of all the navigational data.


  33. Jim R

    … Chinese processors …

    They gonna go to war with the Commies and use Chinese processors!

    Ha ha ha!

  34. Christian W

    ISRAEL and SAUDI ARABIA are nothing more than outgrowths of US Empire, by now completely integrated into the very core of the US financial and military Empire.

    Trump thought he could kick Saudi Arabia, but found out he couldn’t. The MAGA fantasy is just nonsense on par with Caliphates etc.

  35. Mewswithaview

    At the core this is a religious war in the Middle East, the 3 main players are Iran (Shia), Saudi Arabia (Wahabbi) and Israel (Jews). Because there are substantial oil and gas resources in the region it has drawn in the United States and it’s allies and Russia and China, otherwise no one in power would give a damn about a civil war in Syria, just like they didn’t care about Rwanda. Since the powers that should not be benefit economically (money from oil) they will do the bidding of the people who control those even when that means a finql catastrophic conflagration.

    This attack was a serious defeat for the United States and it’s allies, the Shanghai alliance knows their tactics and can now neutralise them or substantially dampen their impact successfully. Gun boat diplomacy in now inoperative. All of the western powers did not follow their own procedures to sanction the attack and while these may be a formality in most instances they have now weakened their own hand within their own governments.

    I get that Trump is fighting off an insurrection against him by the Washington establishment (aka the deep state), the recent attack by Mueller is driven by nothing more than malice and a desire for revenge after the firing of McCabe. Understandably Trump is furious, however he let that rage spill over into the Syrian conflict and let off steam with cruise missiles. That does bode well, since Macron and May also joined in no doubt to cover up their political follies to distract their own electorate. The problem is the bastards will not admit their mistakes and will carry on making them until they are stopped.

    It’s way past time to take down Mueller and Brennan (CIA), these two are the used as the spear tips to attack Trump domestically. It’s time for real diplomacy to take over before this conflagration gets much worse. I don’t see it currently and with John Bolton as foreign secretary and that bumbling fool Boris Johnson in the UK, I don’t see a way out right now.

  36. Moe

    @ 24 Sunger

    To address your rebuttal, IMO The Burning Platform (TBP) IS a soft porn site: just take a look at it. If it doesn’t fit your definition of porn then our perspectives differ. I also qualified my original comment as sarcasm, which was meant to imply that anyone using such a platform to proffer an evaluative and insightful commentary was misguided at best and hypocritical at worst.

    Here in toto is the TBP offending comment: “Fuck all you Trump apologists and your worship of this fucking asshole. Now let me know how this is another brilliant move in his master plan to take down the Deep State. You naive dumfuks have been had by your beloved Q. I hope the fucking Russians teach our hubristic arrogant Deep State president a lesson. How do you feel now dupes?”

    Now that’s editorializing at its best (more sarcasm). It’s comforting though to know that I am in good company with other “dumfuks” on this blog. (You know who you are… 🙂 )

    I actually acknowledged the argument that the author made, that Trump could be a snake in the grass. I merely failed to use the hyperbole, invective and affirmative categorization that the editor did.

    And thank you for qualifying my assessment of TBP (or Quinn?) as non-nuanced, where you proclaim “…Quinn is in the mold of a conservative catholic” and “They are, in fact, way way WAY too religious”. That certainly fits my definition of lacking subtlety.

    Time will reveal if I am “wrong, wrong wrong” about Trump. It won’t take any time to evaluate TBP or the TBP editorial comment above: they’re tripe.

  37. Christian W

    @ JIm.

    The Brits were so pissed off by their defeat in Ghouta they pulled of the Novichuk farce 🙂

  38. Jim R


    Yeah, that’s what the article says. Maybe it’s true, but it still doesn’t make much sense. They novachucked this old, retired, used-up spy and his daughter, just because they’re Russian? Essentially civilians?

    And that was revenge for the capture of a bunch of actual warriors?

    But the thing I found funny was the processors. Over the last ten years or so, Elaine and others have talked about the utter stupidity of selling our technology to China. (note that this happened under Bill Clinton) … Well whaddaya know, here it is to bite us in the tender parts!

  39. Christian W

    @ Jim

    The Novichuk attack was part of a much larger attack that included kicking out diplomats from the UK and US. What is really remarkable is how naked and obvious it is in its stupidity. They are not even bothering to try anymore, the truth is what they proclaim it is reality be damned.

  40. ziff

    do you really think Trump was behind the fake gas attack ? He has to react , Bilderbergs , ‘white hats’ oragnize these things and give them media presence , he is forced to react.
    I notice now ‘ they ” have noticed how mild his response was , and are not happy. THEY’ are insane [or they want a gas pipeline ]

  41. Jim R


    I know, it’s as if they are following a script or something. But badly.

  42. Christian W

    ELAINE: Christian, stop with the fake or OLD news. That was last year’s alliances. This year, Russia, Assad and Erdogan are united. I marvel as to how you refuse to read or worse, can’t understand basic information here. Spreading false stuff about what I post is very, very irritating and I will begin censoring you when you misrepresent things like you deliberately do here.

  43. Jim R

    That sums it up nicely, Christian.

    But I think that Erdogan can see the trend, and that NATO isn’t going to help him, and Russia will. He may be called on soon, to do a few more favors for Russia. Of course that could change…

    The USA could also change — if some clever dwarf in the planning department decides. All of a sudden the Kurds might need to be protected! Watch to see if Trump mentions the Kurds in the next six months or so.

  44. Christian W

    @ Jim & others

    Here is the best best explanation with strategic overview I’ve seen so far about what happened in Ghouta and afterwards.

    Key points:

    – A US plan to take Damascus itself was foiled.

    – Russia saw through the US plans in the regions and squashed them before the US/UK were able to execute them. The US had planned a major advance out of Daraa+Jordan to reach the Ghouta camp, where they had Special Forces waiting.

    All of what Elaijah Magnier says fits with recent movements on the battlefields of Syria.

    – The Syrian forces were very suddenly moved south to Damascus from where they were mopping up FSA in the north.
    – ALL of the best Syrian units were represented in Ghouta. It was a HUGE operation by Syrian standards. They gathered the creme de la creme of what they had.
    – Recently the Russian and Syrian Air force attacked terrorist movements and gatherings in Daraa as reinforcements were being moved in from Jordan.
    – the US has long been gathering forces and equipment in Al-Tanf and Jordan + training Islamist cannon fodder.
    – this also explains the high number of US/UK Special Forces in Ghouta. I know a lot of them were caught in the Aleppo pocket, but it seems there were even more of them present in Ghouta now than in Aleppo.
    – The Novichuk drama was some weird kind of Plan B which would not have been needed had the US/UK/Israeli forces managed to reach Damascus. Had Damascus fallen the war would in effect have been over.

  45. OC

    The Syrians were using the 1960s, 70s and 80s Anti-aircraft missile systems against NATO:

  46. I will eliminate all Christian’s posts that attack me viciously and for no reasons.

  47. Moe

    OPCW chemical attack investigation to proceed.

    I predict that this organization will find weaponized-chemical traces but unable to ascertain the party that dispensed them. The only finding that would be of value would be absence of such chemicals. Fat chance: it’s not call ‘False Flag’ for nothing.

  48. Moe

    Found this comment on an obscure website (so don’t suspect it is trolling) but suspect it represents the viewpoint of a broad swath of Americans. We’re so screwed…

    Yes, we follow the Geneva Conventions and other international laws. We warned and enforced compliance against nations/terrorist groups using weapons of mass destruction. Yes, we have killed many in the middle east because they declared Jihad against the USA mainly because we support Israel’s right to exist; and they attacked the USA and it’s allies. No, we will not bomb South Africa because they have a civil war going on, however, if one side or the other used weapons of mass destruction, after warnings, we should bomb the hell out of them if they persist in using those weapons. The world governments decided what weapons are illegal and the USA signed on to it. The US and it’s allies usually act because they have the capability and courage to do so. Now, we could stand by and do nothing….and allow evil men to do their deeds, but evil only wins when people fail to act. The USA has not attacked anyone without sufficiently warning them to desist in evil conduct. That is my opinion. You are welcome to yours.

  49. Lou

    50–good for you. Here you are the Watcher.

  50. Christian W

    So the Light in America grows ever dimmer.

    @ Moe 52


    @ Jim

    Thank you Jim. All the best.

  51. Jim R


    See my comment #35 for more insight into how the Russians saw through the US plans.

    It also explains today’s headline that certain Chinese companies are being cut off from US technology exports (about thirty years too late). Chinese processors, hahaha!

    The empire’s planners are foaming at the mouth because some dozens of special operatives who were leading the terrorists are now cooling their heels in Russian custody. It doesn’t make the news because they weren’t supposed to be there.

  52. What irks me greatly is how the entire left from top to bottom have embraced the ‘Russians are coming! The Russians are coming’ nonsense straight out of the McCarthy era.

    This is disgusting and stupid at the same time. Meanwhile, these same leftists want communism!!! Talk about insane.

  53. Christian W

    @ Jim

    Guess it will take a long time before we know the details. The Russians let the ones caught in Aleppo go, but not these ones apparently. When the terrorists in Ghouta started to negotiate and surrender I wondered

    a. why the terrorists gave up so quickly and easily in Ghouta – these guys were supposed to be fanatic fighters gladly going to Jihadi heaven (Army of Islam) rather than face disgrace on the battlefield
    b. why they negotiated in the first place
    c. why the negotiations took so long in certain cases.
    d. as soon as the Syrian and Russians approached certain areas the terrorists just collapsed.

    It is clear that the Russians and Chinese are tired of the stupid games. The Russians are now hinting they will sell S-300 to Syria and Iran, a bone of contention Israel has long gnawed.

    The Russian counter sanctions, to de decided on in May, will hit core US industries, the farming sector, Big Phama, Boeing. Russia will stop selling rocket engines to the US and stop exporting rare metals, like titanium, that are needed for making planes etc.

    ‘Big Freeze’: Russian Counter-Sanctions Draft May Put Boeing ‘on Hold’


    Looks like Trump blinked when he saw the Russian counter sanctions.

    Trump Orders Postponing Introduction of New Anti-Russian Sanctions – Reports

    The Russians are also preparing to help the Syrian Army kick the US invaders out of Eastern Syria. This looks to be heavy duty stuff, either the US goes to full scale war to protect these forces or they negotiate a withdrawal. With a swivel eyed loons like Bolton and Pompeo in the White House a full scale war looks much more likely than negotiations. But I don’t think the Russians will allow themselves to be held hostage to insanity in the White House.

  54. Christian W

    China has had it too with the nonsense:

    Iran to Team Up With China on Nuke Development if Trump Kills 2015 Nuclear Deal

    As US President Donald Trump decides whether to reauthorize the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which he has long wanted to exit or renegotiate, Iranian authorities have announced they will be getting help with their nuclear program from China.

  55. Jim R

    @Christian #57

    a. The jihadi heaven story is bs. They are mostly mercenaries and riff-raff. There is no caliphate, no state, it is merely a criminal paramilitary organization.
    b. It was either that, or be shot by the SAA, backed by Russians.
    c. Probably some groups protecting their SAS/CIA ‘trainers’. They knew if they were identified, they probably wouldn’t be evacuated to Idlib.
    d. Their supply lines had been cut, since the SAA and Russians had gotten wind of their plans and moved massive resources to eliminate this pocket.

    You’ll get a more clear accurate picture from RT and Sputnik and the like than you will from CNN, etc. The empire’s stories are fuzzy and vague and lack details, because they are not grounded in reality.

  56. Remember: during ALL wars, the home states lie to their people. This is why going to news outside one’s home state is so important. For example, during the Vietnam war, I got real news from Bulgaria! Via shortwave radio, of course.

  57. Christian W

    Caliphate 2.0 incoming.

    Trump seems to think a Caliphate in Eastern Syria is a brilliant idea. Let’s just rebrand ISIS into ‘Arabs’ and have the Saudis pay for it all.

    Mumble mumble nationbuilding mumble

    US Wants to Replace Its Troops in Syria With Gulf States’ Militaries – Reports

    The Trump administration plans to replace American troops with Arab forces in Syria to stabilize the situation in the northeastern part of the country, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing American officials. According to the media outlet’s sources, Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton recently held a phone conversation with Abbas Kamel, Egypt’s acting intelligence chief, to see if Cairo was willing to contribute to the implementation of the plan.


    The Russians will have none of it (says Lavrov).

  58. Israel and Saudi Arabia want the non-Sunni Muslims crushed. Both hate them and are secret or not so secret allies now…but I see a hideous monster in the dark: the average Saudi hates infidels and the new rulers of SA are infidels now.

  59. Christian W

    Turkey declares once and for all: Assad regime must go

    Published April 12, 2018

    Ankara has insisted that Assad’s removal from Syria and the elimination of all terror groups are necessary for peace to be established in the war-torn country

    The time has come for the Bashar Assad regime in Syria to go, Turkish officials said yesterday after the deadly chemical attacks by the regime in the Eastern Ghouta and Douma districts, and the U.S. vowing to strike regime targets in Syria. “The Assad regime must leave Syria. This is not the first time the Assad regime has used chemical weapons. It has killed nearly 1 million people with airstrikes and barrel bombs,” Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said at an event organized by the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) in Ankara.

    Turkish Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli also said that Assad’s removal and clearing Syria of terror groups are two conditions that must be established for peace in Syria to prevail. “Clearing Syria of all terror groups and withdrawal of the regime. If these two parameters had been established by now, peace would have been established by now, and none of these [chemical attacks] would have happened,” Canikli said in a televised interview yesterday.


    Turkey is not much of an ally for Syria….

  60. Moe

    I have no idea how Russia balances its approach with the various players in the region. Lavrov must have developed persistent neck injury from shaking his head at the nonsensical antagonisms

    Ergodan is erratic, monomaniacal, and intent on grandiose expansion of Turkey. Israel is the perpetual outsider, preoccupied with self-preservation, regional domination and expansion as Greater Israel. The US role as violent interloper to consolidate/maintain control over this vital energy locus. Saudi Arabia and its nutso Wahhabist faction. Iraq now as recovering failed state after US invasion and destruction. Syria is easy in comparison, a secular state controlled or absent the Islamist crazy factions.

    It’s a good thing these states don’t have nuclear weapons. Oops, Israel does, reputedly gained from technology transfer from UK. Wonder how that’s going to work out in the end (Israel’s end: I can’t see it surviving long-term).

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